Term 1 Week 6

Important Dates

Important Dates 2022

Friday 18th MarchSAPSASA  District Swimming
Wednesday 23rd MarchBook Club Orders Close
Mon 4th to Thurs 7th AprilParent/Teacher Interviews
Thursday 14th AprilLast Day of Term 1
Friday 15th AprilGood Friday
Term 22 May to 8 July
Term 325 July to 30 September
Term 417 October to 16 December

Principal's Report

Dear Families,

Term 2 Week 2 is NAPLAN— National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. All students in these year levels are expected to participate in Reading, Writing, Language Conventions and Numeracy assessments. Angaston Primary School will be doing NAPLAN online. All test aspects will be completed using school desktops/laptops. The only paper component of NAPLAN will be the Year 3 Writing assessment.

Year 3 & 5 students will be involved in a NAPLAN Online trial on 23rd March. The purpose of the trial is to check the ‘technical readiness’ of our IT infrastructure. The trial test is not marked.

Students may be withdrawn from the testing program by their parents/caregivers. This is a matter for individual parents/caregivers in consultation with the school. Some students with significant intellectual disability and/or those with significant co-existing conditions which severely limit their capacity to participate in NAPLAN may be exempt. If you are considering withdrawing your child or believe that your child should be exempt from NAPLAN testing, please contact me at the school to discuss your concerns before the end of this term. We expect all students to sit NAPLAN, so attendance is very important. NAPLAN should be taken seriously by students with their best effort given for all components of the test. The best way you can help your child prepare for NAPLAN is to let them know that NAPLAN is just one part of their school program, and to urge them to simply do the best they can on the day. This week Year 3 & 5 students will receive a NAPLAN Online – information for parents and carers note, as well as the NAPLAN Online privacy collection notice. Any concerns please contact me at the school.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher Interviews will be held Week 10 from Monday 4th April to Thursday 4th April. Details will be sent home soon so parents have plenty of time to book an interview. If times do not suit you, please negotiate an alternative time with your child’s class teacher. Some teachers are happy to negotiate alternative times including mornings or have phone interviews. Interviews are an important avenue for sharing your child’s progress in relation to academic and behaviour standards, as well as letting you know what they need to focus on for term 2. They are also an opportunity for you to discuss any concerns or issues that may be affecting student progress. At this stage we are expecting to hold face to face interviews but please be aware this is subject to change pending COVID-19.

Governing Council

The Angaston Primary School Governing Council annual general meeting was held on Tuesday 8th March. The Governing Council now consists of the following members:

Dan Killey (Chairperson), Adam Forbes (Deputy Principal), Shari Davidson (Secretary), Leon Pendergast (Treasurer), Kym Taylor (staff rep), Carly Clarke, Kate Gabel, Kate Thorn, Kylie Wilshire, Rob Blythman & Alina Gransbury. Thank you to retiring members Yuka Endersby and Darlene Morrish for their support and contribution to the school over many years, and a warm welcome to our new members Leon Pendergast, Rob Blythman, and Alina Gransbury.

Whole School Assembly

Week 5 saw the first outdoor whole school assembly hosted by Room 10/Darmody and Rm 5 Hall/Argent. It was great to see the students sitting together, as well as seeing parents/carers in attendance. Weather permitting, we will continue to host assemblies outside until COVID restrictions are lifted.

Encouragement Awards

Congratulations to the following students who received Encouragement awards at the assembly:

Max C  - Demonstrating the school values and being a great role model.

Rouille G  - Having a positive attitude to school and taking pride in her learning.

Louis L -  Excellence in science – making positive contributions to class discussions/activities.

Skylar G - Successfully managing additional classroom responsibilities.

Cohen M -  Working hard with reading – excellent start to the Premiers Reading Challenge.

Brianna T  - Working hard with reading – excellent start to the Premiers Reading Challenge.

Emma E  - Always producing work to a high standard.

Stephanie S  - Working hard. Listening to instructions and completing her work with care.

May K  - Working extra hard in phonics even when it gets tricky.

Flynn T -  Being extra helpful and kind to his friends in class.

Gracie C  - Writing interesting descriptive sentences & being a fabulous class helper.

Ethan F - Having a fabulous attitude to learning and trying all new tasks.

Mia K  - Quietly assisting other students & showing kindness & respect to everyone.

Henry M  - Enthusiasm for learning. Positive outlook, and for including others in groups & games.

Claire D -  Working Hard – writing a descriptive orientation that includes place, time, and setting.

Dylan M -  Working Hard – writing two descriptive orientations from two different perspectives.

Leia P  - Persistence – working super hard on phonics.

Liam H - Being kind, working hard and leading by example. Hannah F Being kind, working hard and leading by example.

Charlie E  - Working hard to focus on learning and making consistent positive choices.

Ivy M  - Working Hard to produce a wonderful piece of artwork.

Arlo L  - Working Hard to produce a wonderful piece of artwork.

National Day of Action Against Bullying

The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence is on Friday 18 March 2022. This year, we celebrate 12 years of action for Australia’s key bullying prevention initiative with the theme ‘Kindness Culture’. The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence is an important day in our school calendar to join schools across Australia to say ‘Bullying. No Way!’ Together we can make a change. Everyone has a role to play for bullying prevention. Kindness Culture promotes inclusiveness, respect and community belonging. The Kindness Culture theme offers an opportunity to learn about kindness, demonstrate kind behaviour, promote inclusiveness and respect.

Harmony Day 2022 falls on Monday 21st March. This day honours the cultural diversity of the country with the theme ‘Everybody Belongs’ and concurs with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Harmony Day preaches the message of inclusiveness, acceptance and belonging for all Australians, regardless of their cultural background.

Over the next two weeks students will be participating in a range of classroom and yard activities to promote both ‘Kindness Culture ‘and ‘Everybody Belongs’. We will start by promoting the anti bullying message followed by a whole school pledge at our next assembly. Bullying is Never OK! - YouTube – this clip is just one of many that may be used to discuss bullying with your child.

“If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction.” Martin Kornfeld

South Pacific School Aid

This week I have the privilege of delivering a load of books and Teacher Resources to a wonderful organisation, “South Pacific School Aid” in Adelaide.

This volunteer organisation collects, repairs, sorts and packs books to be generously donated to less fortunate schools around the world.  The dedicated group of volunteers believe that ‘education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world’ and now, more than ever, I absolutely agree!

At Angaston Primary School we have the most wonderfully resourced school library.  Sometimes our resources become out of date or are replaced with newer, more current texts and teaching practices.  Each year when I stocktake the library it is my job to ‘weed’ what we no longer need.  It is great to have a destination for these resources where they will be well used and appreciated.

Thank you to the teachers who have also joined me in donating personal Teacher Resources and stationery to this cause.

Nicole Taylor

Teacher Librarian

Nat's Notes

What a few weeks it’s been .. everyone has settled into our new school year amazingly considering all the disruption and uncertainty. These times have certainly tried us all but as a school community, I think, we are doing just fine. Yay! 

Handball Volleyball (Go Levi and Chase) has started again in the yard which has thrown my 12 square career (thanks for your patience Fynnan, Amelia, Poppy and Destiny) out of the window .. I still manage to spread myself around but question whether I am truly championing the one sport.

We have started our well-being classes on Thursday afternoon and I had my first group through baking damper - the team spirit was awesome and the boys gave it a big thumbs up.

I’m so lucky .. I get to spend a lot of time with our kids - and seeing them “as they are”, “doing their thing”. It makes me so happy when I see the kids in the yard helping each other - no matter their age or their year level. A big shout out to Samantha (Year 6) for helping out our younger year levels find friends and being a buddy to the new students during her lunchtime. These are the values we, as parents and teachers love to see in our kids - Be Safe, Be Kind and Work Hard are our values at APS and Samantha you showed all three on more than one occasion - thank you.

As we head into Harmony week in a couple of weeks - take time to ask yourself “what can I do to make a little difference to someone’s world” it doesn’t have to be much - sometimes just a smile or a simple “good morning”.

Peace and sparkles 


Pastoral Care Worker 

Collaborative Rangoli by Mrs Darmody's Year 5/6

Year 1 Valentine Day Messasges

Book Club 2022

All students have received a Book Club catalogue.  You can order either online  or through the school.

Visit to order electronically. Your order will be linked to the rest of our school's order. Or alternatively students can return completed order forms and money to the letterboxes for collection.


Material & Services Charges 2022

Thank you to those families that have paid the Materials & Services charge of $303 for 2022. The Materials and Services charges are due by 18th March 2022  to avoid debt recovery action by the  Department for Education. Applications for School Card assistance are still able to be made so please apply online at under the heading Education and Learning, Financial Assistance. Please contact the Front Office if you require any assistance.

Payment can be made:

·          via the school bank account BSB 105-021 Account number 104147940 - using your family code or invoice number as the reference.

·          via Cash, Cheque, Eftpos or Credit Card at the Front Office between 8.30 – 9.30am and 2.30- 3.30pm.

·          via Credit Card over the phone between 8.30-9.30 and 2.30-3.30pm.

Any current Direct Debit Payment Plans will continue.


Please contact Kim Oag on 85642215 if you require any further assistance.

School Card 2022



Mandatory notification training is now available. It is called Responding to Risks of Harm , Abuse and Neglect-Education and Care..

We call it RRHAN-EC for short.

Everyone needs to update their training by 31 December 2021.

When you have completed the new RAN , forward a copy to the school to update your details.

This is a requirement for all staff and volunteers.  

Uniform Shop

The Uniform shop is open Monday & Tuesday 8:45 to 9:00am and Thursday 2:45 to 3pm. Purchasing of uniforms outside of these hours during the term is not available, including hats.

Order forms are also available from the Front Office.


Angaston Primary School

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