Virginia Primary School Newsletter

Issue 19, 18/11/2019

From the Principal

Day for Daniel - Thank you

Thank you for supporting 'Day for Daniel' by wearing red and bringing gold coin donations. As a school we raised $267.80 which will go towards the 'Day for Daniel' fund so we can continue to support them with providing schools with valuable resources in educating students on keeping safe.

Casual Clothes Day - Thank you for supporting Bush Fire Appeals

We also want to thank you again for the gold coin donations on casual clothes day which will be going towards the NSW and QLD bush fire appeals. We raised an amazing $422.

Pupil Free Day (Friday the 29th November)

Whilst pupil free days provide some down time (or family fun time) for students, the same can’t be said for teachers. On Friday the 29th of November we will be having our Annual School Improvement Process day. On this day, we will review what has happened this year in terms of student achievement and well-being to plan for 2020. It is the final part to a process that takes place throughout term 4. As a school we pride ourselves on continuous improvement and dedicating a day to improving what we do, I believe it has been crucial for our improvement in academic results.  

OSHC is available for families who need it. Please ensure you have made a booking so OSHC can organise correct staff to student ratios.  

Reports/ Class Placement/ Teacher Notification/s 2020

Reports will come home on Thursday, Week 9. Accompanying the report will be notification of your child’s class in 2020. In our final newsletter in week 9 we will officially introduce new, welcome back, thank and farewell existing staff.

Assembly (this week)

At this week's assembly WALKATHON prizes will be drawn (JP and M/UP most raised and Rebel Sport Voucher winners). We also have more times table award winners and representatives from Woolworths visiting to present our 'Earn and Learn' goodies. It would be great to see as many families as possible there.

In our last school assembly for the year in Week 9 we will farewell our Year 6 students moving to middle schooling and our graduating Year 7's.

2020 Enrolments

We have been looking at student numbers and class structures for 2020. As we are zoned and have a significant increase in parents wishing to enrol their children here, it would help our planning if you could notify the school or front office of any changes for next year (if you are moving etc.).

From 2022, all Year 7 students will be attending high school. We will continue to have Year 7's up until this time and are confident in the quality of program we offer. We are aware that some secondary schools are offering Year 7 placements now and understand that if as a family your high school of choice is offering a placement you may want to transition your child. If this is the case, can you please let us know as it also supports us with planning.

Also, if you know of any families considering enrolling at Virginia for next year, could you please let them know to contact us as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help.

'Virginia under the stars' - whole school concert (6/12/2019)

Our concert date is locked in, we are hoping you have blocked out your calendars! Classes have begun preparing for it.  


We are always taking on feedback and trying to improve every aspect of school operations (bit by bit). One of the bits of feedback we have received is trialling the concert on the asphalt to help with acoustics. Last year we trialled it on our basketball court after feedback from the previous year. It seemed to be a successful move with great feedback (even after having to postpone due poor weather). We also added other food items to the menu, as well as sausages, egg and bacon sandwiches and waffles, we included spring rolls and souvlakia (shaslicks). We will once again run our BBQ prior to the concert (5pm) including class stalls where you will be able to purchase a range of different items.

Please see below for the range of different items that will be available through class stalls:

- Games stall

- Frog in a pond

- Zooper Doopers

- Pop Corn bags

- Lolly bags

- Cupcake decorating

- Chocolate toss

- Reindeer cookies

- Honey Joys

- Chocolate crackles




  • All Covered Beauty (Eyebrow tattoo voucher valued at $450)
  • Bitz and Pieces
  • Classic Cafe Virginia ($30 voucher)
  • Cookie Monster Adelaide ($50 voucher)
  • Elders Virginia (sprayer, gloves and measuring jugs)
  • Empire Cafe  Two Wells (voucher)
  • Hibberd family (jumper leads)
  • Mrs Lewis ($30 Hoyts voucher)
  • Kiss Me Love Me – Lina Egberts (lipsense  products and hamper)
  • Lush Nails - Mel Ciola (x2 $50 vouchers)
  • Sole Savers Virginia ($30 voucher)
  • Steve Allan's Mechanical (voucher for a service)
  • Stoller Australia 
  • Think Water (Irrigation controller, irrigation pump and 2x soaker hoses)
  • Jonalissa Burrows (Tupperware)
  • VAST Fitness Virginia (voucher)
  • Virginia Garden/ Nursery Centre (x2 $50 vouchers)
  • Virginia Pharmacy (hamper)
  • Zerella Fresh (fresh food hamper)

Be sure to get your tickets for only $1 each. If you need more we have some in the front office, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Virginia Primary and Social Media

With the growing increase of families communicating and keeping up to date through social media, we would like to remind families that we do have social media pages for our site. These are not a 'closed group', make sure to like our pages. All our threads are closely monitored,  please be mindful that inappropriate comments will be removed. 

We  only post photos of students where permission has been granted on the Permission Proforma which was filled out upon enrolment.  Although a great way to share what is happening within our school, with these pages being open and anyone can follow, we understand parents may be hesitant. If you would like to grant, remove or check your permissions, please come to the Front Office and speak to one of our Office staff. 

You can follow us on Facebook 

  • Virginia Primary School
  • Virginia Preschool
  • Virginia OSHC 

We also have an Instagram page 

  • virginiaps_sa

We also have Skoolbag updates. If you have any thoughts on what you would like to see more of, please don't hesitate to touch base with us and we will see what we can do.

Reception Ready

Over the next few weeks our preschoolers will be transitioning to Reception. As part of their transition process, our Reception teachers will visit the preschool and the students will also visit the Reception classes. We will also host a ‘Reception Ready’ parent evening where we will share the usual ‘nuts and bolts’ of school life as well as how parents can support with Literacy and Numeracy learning at home in a targeted way. The parent evening will take place on Wednesday, November the 27th from 6:00 to 6:30 pm with question time to follow.

Car park safety

Please help us by supporting us with the following;

- Reduce your speed, there have been some instances where we have had cars moving fairly quickly through this area.

- Never reverse more than you have to. Little people can be hard to see, we are yet to have any issues and want to keep it this way.

- DO NOT parking in a disabled car park unless you have a permit!

- Making sure you aren’t stopping in the traffic zone to drop a child off, you need to park your car in an allocated space.  THANK YOU!

Term 4 Calendar


OSHC fee increase - ADVANCED NOTICE (repeat from Wk 3 Newsletter)

Dear Families,

 We are writing to inform you of increases to our fee structure.

At our recent Governing Council meeting we discussed a combination of factors which have lead to the increase, some of which include the increase cost of excursions and incursions, having to pay for a new bus service where we previously used the Two Wells bus at a lower cost, increase cost in food and a wage increase for staff in line with enterprise bargaining agreements.

 As a service, we have absorbed many of these costs, however, to continue to provide and maintain a high quality service without running at a loss we have had to increase fees. In making this recent change, we reviewed our fee structure with surrounding services to ensure we were remaining not only competitive, but in most cases cheaper and more affordable for our families. The last increase in fees took place in June 2018.  

Increase in fees will take place as of and including the 16th December 2019 for Vacation Care. For Before School care and after schools Care the fee increase will take place on 27th January Term 1 2020.


The fee structure will be as stated below;

 Vacation Care - currently $48.00, as of the 16th December 2019 fees will be $54.00

After School Hours Care - currently $15.00, as of the 27th January 2020 fees will be $18.00

Before School Care - currently $9.50, as of the 27th January 2020 fees will be $12.50

Families will still be entitled to CCS from Centrelink.

We would like to thank you in advance for your support and understanding. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our OSHC Director, Nisha Ahrens on 8380 9292.


Kind Regards,

Nisha Ahrens


Notice of Materials and Services Charges 2020

We seek to notify our school community that fees for 2020 are set at the prescribed sum of $244 approved by Governing Council.

This amount is in line with the School Card payment. Please see below a copy of the DfE approved Watermark for 2020 Materials Services Charge of $244 for Virginia Primary. The schedule of fees is an indication of the breakdown of funds received by the school and how these fit into the schools budget.

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