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2023 Term 1 Week 5


Term 1, M-F - P-6 Gymnastics Programs

Term 1, Thursdays - THERAPuppy Visit

March 1 - Responsible Pet Ownership Visit (P-2)

March 6 - PPS Parent Forum

March 15 - March 27 NAPLAN Testing Window

March 21 - Harmony Day

March 21-23 - Year 6 Young Change Agents

March 28 - Enviromentors x Eco-Schools Program

April 7 - Last day of Term 1

Principal's Message

Dear Parents and carers, 

Welcome back to 2023 for all our students and families.  I hope you had a wonderful summer break and are ready and recharged for another busy year of learning experiences here at Punchbowl Public School.  A special welcome to all our new families, especially our kindergarten students, who have made an amazing start to their schooling, and our preschoolers who are engaging in their outdoor learning in our beautiful preschool environment. We have several new staff members  who have started with us this year and we warmly welcome them to our school community. 

In our classrooms, we have hit the ground running and I am super impressed with the way our classes have settled into their new class routines and expectations.  We are safe, respectful learners at all times and in all places across the school day. 

So many of our initiatives have already begun this term, including our ‘Respect’ program, gardening, our visiting THERApuppy and gymnastics.   

Our SaCC has also begun strongly with many programs beginning this term including Go4Fun, Learning Club, Kids Create and parenting programs and play groups.  

In 2022 and continuing into 2023 the school will be focussed on the NSW Curriculum Reforms.  The new curriculums will give students more time to focus on key learning areas so that they can acquire a deeper understanding of central concepts.  It will ensure students develop strong foundations for learning, life and work in a complex and fast-changing world. 

In 2023, the K-2 English and mathematics curriculums are being implemented in our classrooms.  Teachers will have this year to familiarise themselves with the 3-6 English and mathematics curriculums.  Science and Technology, PDHPE, HSIE and Creative Arts will progress through a period of consultation and release this year. 

To support this familiarisation and implementation, our teachers with the support of Assistant Principals, and Assistant Principal Curriculum and Instruction, are involved in high-impact professional learning.  This learning is collaborative and supports the unpacking of the curriculum and how best it can be taught to meet the needs of the students at PPS. 

More information for parents and carers can be found online.

To begin the year, we will be putting our use of Class Dojo and SeeSaw on hold. When using third-party applications for the 2023 school year, the Department of Education recommends department-approved applications in the first instance. This is a new direction for the use of these apps.   

Schools can currently access online learning tools provided by the department free of charge, such as Google, Microsoft, Canva and Adobe. These applications have enhanced security and data management which meet the standards required by the department. 

We will continue to use Skoolbag, Facebook and emails to communicate important information with parents. IParents and carers are always able to phone the school office for information to support their child at school.  This may involve passing on a quick message, explaining and absence or requesting contact with school staff, including the class teacher. 

The school can be contacted for urgent matters on 9750 5055 or for non-urgent matters on  

It was great to see so many of our families at the Welcome BBQ and Classroom visits on Monday afternoon.  This term, we will be holding Parent Forums to improve the communication between home and school on the many ways the school supports teaching and learning. Our first one for 2023 will be held on Monday 6 March in the SaCC room. Keep an eye out on Skoolbag for more information. 

I look forward to another year of teaching and learning alongside our teachers, students and families. 

Donna McGeary 


Community BBQ and Classroom Information sessions

Our Community BBQ and Classroom Information sessions were attended by lots of families on Monday and it was pleasing to see and hear people ‘Learning Together’. A huge thank you to Kathy and her canteen team who cooked and served over 500 delicious sausage sizzles for afternoon tea.

If you haven’t completed our feedback survey please take a moment to do so by following the link. We appreciate your time and value your feedback.

THERAPuppy visits

The students at Punchbowl have been learning about the rules of having a puppy join our school community and have loved sharing their learning space with the school dog. The school dogs have met most students and from next week will be spending more time in different classes throughout the morning. 

Remember the school dog visits every Thursday and will be ready to greet you at the gate. Get to school by 9am to make sure you get to say hello to the school dog. We promise to have some special ‘paw time’ for our parents too. 

Term 1 SaCC Planner

Download a the SaCC Planner for Term 1 and contact Asenati Mareko on Asenati Mareko 0439487865 for more information. 

Preschool & Early Intervention

Our preschool children have generally been able to settle in happily this term and are learning about how to be friends and play together, how to share, have fun and belong to a new community. They are also learning some of the school’s rules and especially how to be “safe, respectful, learners”, which are the schools’ “Positive Behaviour for Learning” (PBL) goals for all children attending Punchbowl Public School.  

Preschool is all about learning through play and the children are working hard at playing with the new, different and varied toys and equipment provided at Punchbowl Preschool and the Early Intervention Unit. Some children were able to celebrate Valentine’s Day as well!  

We can’t wait to see how they all grow and learn as the year progresses. 

Early Stage 1

Kindergarten students are off to a flying start to the year! They have been coming to school each morning with smiles on their faces, excited to learn with their peers and teachers.

Quality teaching and learning is well and truly underway in the classrooms, students have been learning about classroom expectations and how to be PAX leaders.

They have been busy identifying sounds, counting, sorting, investigating and developing many other important skills for their future learning and development.

We look forward to seeing the achievements of the Kindy students this year. 

Stage 1

Stage 1 have been reading the text ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle.

Dayana – “We have learnt about narratives and informative texts. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a narrative because it tells a story and informative because it explains the life cycle of a caterpillar.”

Charlie – “We have been learning about nouns and verbs. Nouns are naming words and verbs are actions.”

Mounia – “I have learnt how to retell the main events in a story.”

1 Eels worked in small groups and used playdough to recreate the main events from the story. Have a look at the photos to see the scenes they made!

NAPLAN 2023 for Year 3 and Year 5 Students

Please see attached the testing schedule for the upcoming NAPLAN tests for Year 3 and Year 5 which will be taking place from Wednesday 15 March - Monday 27 March. 

What if my child is absent from school on NAPLAN days? Where possible, we will arrange for individual students who are absent at the time of testing to complete missed tests on Friday 24 or Monday 27 March. .

What can I do to support my child?Students are not expected to study for NAPLAN. You can support your child by reassuring them that NAPLAN is a part of their school program and reminding them to simply do their best. Some familiarisation and explanation of NAPLAN is useful to help students understand and be comfortable with the format of the tests. Teachers will ensure students are familiar with the types of questions in the tests and will provide appropriate support and guidance. 

If you have any questions or concerns please speak with your child's teacher.

Stage 2

This Term Stage 2 have been trying to do our best to make sure our lines are amazing before the bell for each of our sessions. Making sure we are seated before the music stops before school, after Recess and Lunch. 

On Monday of week 5 we had our welcome to 2023 information session. It was great to see so many parents attend. Our parents tried doing some words their way, and it was great to see them try so they could ask their children questions and learn to try it at home. We also cannot forget to mention the delicious sausage sizzle as well. Thanks to everyone who made the afternoon possible. 

K/6 Owls & K/6 Kookaburras

Kookaburras and Owls have had an excellent start to Term 1. We welcomed Omar, Issa, Adam and Ariz to kindergarten this year. All four students have settled into Kookaburras quite quickly which is very pleasing to see. Mrs Olympia Xiros is our new support unit teacher on Owls, and I want to take this opportunity to welcome her to the team. The teaching and learning in both classrooms have well and truly begun. Our students enjoyed their first session in the garden with Miss Clare and Miss Lee and used the summery plants to make their mothers a Valentines heart. Our students are participating in gymnastics this term and they are thoroughly enjoying it. 

Stage 3

This term, Stage 3 students have undergone training and successfully become Peer Support Leaders. The program places students at the centre of their learning, empowering them with skills and strategies to be successful leaders. This year, the leaders are providing engaging lessons to students from Year 1-Year 4 about anti-bullying. The lessons aim to support youngers students build resilience, develop empathy and gain a sense of responsibility.

The first lesson was a great success. Well done Stage 3! 

Community Language - Arabic

Dear parents and carers, welcome back to 2023. We're pleased to report that the students have had a smooth start to the year and are doing an excellent job of learning and retaining their Arabic language skills. In Stage 1, the students are currently learning about the concept of individuality and self-expression. To help reinforce this, they are learning the Arabic words for body parts through the popular children's song "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes," or as it is in Arabic "رأس، كتف، ركبة، رجل",  which the students have thoroughly enjoyed learning and performing with actions.


Students in Stage 3 are learning about the Darug and Eora People, who are believed to be the original people of the Canterbury Bankstown area. They lived in the area for thousands of years. The Darug are also the largest Aboriginal language group living in the area. Here are some interesting facts students have gathered.

Huda (5 Positive): I learnt that Tedbury was a leader. He lead the resistance against white settlement. This means they tried to stop it. 5 Positive.

Salsabila (5 Positive): I learnt that in Canterbury Bankstown there was a 1000-5000 year old painting. This was found at Undercliffe.


Stage 2 students are learning about feelings through fascinating picture books. Here is what they had to say:

Kassem (4 Respect): I felt surprised when I heard the story Room on Our Rock by Kate & Jol Temple and Terri Rose Baynton. The story was interesting because it had two meanings. When the story was read the first time the seals were being rude. When you read it the second time, they were being nice. It was really cool how the meaning changed when the book was read backward.

Umaiza (4 Respect): I like courage because courage lets you take hard risks.

Maria (3 Optimism): Courage is like when you push yourself not to be scared.

Musa (3 Optimism): I liked how the meaning of the story changed when the book was read back to front. The first time I heard the story it made me sad because the seals were selfish. The second time I felt happy because the seals were being kind.

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An important message from the school office

Dear parents and carers

Parents will now receive an email where they can give permission and pay for school activities online. Please check your emails for instructions on how to complete this process online.   

If you have recently changed your email address please make sure you provide these updated details to the school. 

Contact the school should you have any questions. 

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Saver Plus is a financial education program for families and individuals on a tight budget to develop life-long savings habits.

The money from Saver Plus can be used towards education costs such as uniforms, textbooks, laptops and extra-curricular activities such as sport or music.

More information and program eligibility criteria can be found at  

Download the flyer for more information, email or call 1300 610 355 

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