Macedon Primary School Newsletter

2 March 2022

School Values: Respect, Responsibility, Creativity, Integrity, Teamwork

Principal's Report

Dear parents and carers,

I wanted to acknowledge and thank our whole community for their commitment to keeping our school safe and open during term one.  We hit the halfway mark of the term on Friday this week and so far things have been relatively settled.  Thank you to everyone who has been completing the rapid antigen testing with your children and providing masks for our 3-6 students.  A special thanks must go to those unfortunate enough to have COVID in their house.   Thank you for reporting these cases to us promptly and for keeping your children at home and keeping us all safe. 

2022 School Council

I would like to thank and everyone who contacted me and expressed interest in the 2022 school council.  I am please to announce the 2022 school council.

Justin Sawyers – School Council president

Ben English - Parent Representative

Sam Evans – Parent Representative

Sarah Turner - Parent Representative

Charley Leader - Parent Representation

Mark Bichan – Parent Representative

Julie Monk - Parent Representative

Karren Baker – Staff representative

Ginny Tulloch – Staff representative

Matt Forrest – Executive Officer

Friendship Lessons for our Students - URSTRONG – Friendology

As we move further into the term, we continue to provide our students with opportunities to interact with the Friendology curriculum.  This week we focussed on the concept of self-compassion, teaching students ways to treat themselves like a best friend.  Please visit to activate your free parent membership.  You will find supporting articles, video and prompts to help you open a dialogue with your children about making and maintaining healthy friendships.

Digital Technologies and STEM

We have recently acquired a 3D printer for the school which will be living in our library.  Daniel Garcia our STEM teacher has already fired up the printer and has walking our year 5/6 student through some designing thinking and 3D modelling. Please see the report and photos in a report below.

Daniel has an overview of what your children are doing and the website below and feel free to contact him if you have any questions or would like to support the program -

Student Wellbeing Resources

Olivia Desormeaux our inclusion leader and I and going to be sharing some links to relevant articles, podcasts and content that may be of interest to you around parenting and supporting your child’s wellbeing.  This week we’re starting with a podcast from renowned paediatrician at the royal children’s hospital, Dr Billy Garvey.  In this conversation, Hugh van Cuylenburg of the Resilience Project and his co-presenters Ryan Shelton & Josh van Cuylenburg discuss Dr Garvey’s role in supporting wellbeing in children at the RCH.  He shares some of the common messages he tells parents and while the content is serious it is a lot of fun as well.

Kind regards and Sampai jumpa (until next time)


School Crossing Reminder

We are so fortunate to have two school crossings with supervisors on Smith Street and Carrington Street. We ask that parents and children use these designated crossings at drop off and pick up times.  If your children are riding their bikes to school unsupervised, can you please remind them to use the crossings. We have had reports of parents and children cutting the corner at Margaret Street. Please lead by example and use the school crossings.

Important Dates

4 March - Clean up Australia Day

14 March - Labour Day holiday (student free day)

18 March - House Cross Country whole school Tony Clarke Reserve

1 April - District Cross Country (selected students)

8 April - Last day of term 1 (2:30pm dismissal)


26 April - First day of term 2

29 April - House Athletics (Year 3 - 6) Dixon Field

13 June - Queen's birthday holiday (student free day)

24 June - Last day of term 3


11 July - First day of term 3

13 September - School photo day (TBC)

16 September - Last day of term 3


3 October - First day of term 4

1st November - Melbourne Cup holiday (student free day)

2 November - 4 November - Year 3 & 4 Camp - Weekaway Lancefield

18 November - 21 November - Year 5 & 6 Camp - Howqua

5 December - 6 December - Year 1 & 2 Camp - Lady Northcote 

20 December - Last day of the year (1:00pm dismissal)

Masks are mandatory for Year 3 - 6 / RAT Program

Please be reminded that masks are still mandatory for year 3 - 6. 

The latest announcements regarding the relaxation of masks does not apply to Primary schools. We have had a delivery of masks from the education department, if your year 3 - year 6 child doesn't not have an exemption, they will be required to wear a mask.

The RAT (rapid antigen test) Program will continue until the end of term 1. We handed out the next lot of RATs to studentson Monday. If your child(ren) didn't receive the test or if you require more, please contact the office. We ask parents to continue to test their children twice a week, for example, Monday and Thursday. There are still cases presenting in the school and we thank you for your cooperation.

From the office

Family Invoices

Thank you to the families who have returned your family invoice notices. If you could please return these to the office ASAP it would be greatly appreciated.

Collecting students early for appointments

We understand that there will be times when you need to collect your child from school for appointments or other reasons. We ask that you call or email the school prior to the time so we can have your child ready at the office.  Often the children are not in their classrooms and if we know in advance that you are collecting your child early,  we can have them at the office ready for collection. Our email address is or phone number is 54261518.

Bell times / recess / lunch times

8:50 am         Bell signals as a prompt for the commencement of the school day. Students are encouraged to enter the classroom from 8:50 am to organise their belongings and workstation for the day.

8:57 am         Music commences as a prompt for students to assemble outside of their classrooms.

9:00 am         Bell signals the start of the school day.

11:00 am       Commencement of morning recess

11:27am        Music commences as a prompt for students to assemble outside of their classrooms.

11:30 am       Bell signals the end of morning recess

1:00 pm         Bell signals lunch, students eat lunch inside

1:10 pm         Bell signals students can go outside for lunch break

1:50 pm         Bell signals 10 minutes until the end of lunch break

1:57 pm         Music commences as a prompt for students to move to their classroom ready for the afternoon session.

2:00 pm         Bell signals the commencement of the afternoon session.

3:30 pm         Bell signals for dismissal for the end of the day.

The dismissal time for the end of term 1, 2 and 3 is 2:30 pm and 1:30 pm at the end of term 4. 

Working with Children Check

All parent helpers at Macedon Primary must have a valid working with children check. It is free for a volunteer check, please apply online at you have a valid working with check and have yet to provide it to the school, please email a copy or come into the office and we will take a copy.

Camps, Sports, Excursion Fund (CSEF)

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund helps ensure that no student will miss out on the opportunity to join their classmates for important, educational and fun activities. School camps provide children with inspiring experiences in the great outdoors, excursions encourage a deeper understanding of how the world works and sports teach teamwork, discipline and leadership. All are part of a healthy curriculum. CSEF will be provided by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families to cover the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities. If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. A special consideration category also exists for asylum seeker and refugee families. The allowance is paid to the school to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions or sporting activities for the benefit of your child. The annual CSEF amount per student is $125 for primary school students. Contact the school office to obtain a CSEF application form. If you received CSEF last year, please note that you must complete a new CSEF Form for 2022 and return to the office by the end of February. 

Conveyance Allowance

Parents have primary responsibility for transporting their children to and from school. The Department of Education (DET) provides financial assistance in the form of a conveyance allowance to help families in rural and regional Victoria with the cost of transporting their children to their closest appropriate school. The conveyance allowance is a contribution towards transport costs and is not intended to cover the full cost of transporting children to and from school. The allowance is an acknowledgement of the often limited government-provided transport infrastructure available outside metropolitan Melbourne. A conveyance allowance is provided to a student on the basis of individual eligibility.

To receive a conveyance allowance individual students must meet all of the following criteria:

1.      Attend a school/campus located outside the Melbourne Urban Growth Boundary.

2.      Attend the closest appropriate school/campus. For students attending government schools, this will be the closest school appropriate to the age and gender of the student (e.g. primary, secondary, single sex).

3.      Reside 4.8km or more from the school (shortest practicable route calculated by school at time of application from the student’s home to the school attended).

4.      Be of school age (between five and 18-years-old at the time of application), and a resident of Victoria.

5.      Be enrolled and travelling to school three or more days per week.

Students’ circumstances can change during their school years (e.g. moving residence or changing schools). Change of circumstances affects eligibility and a new application must be submitted with each change of circumstance. If you are unsure if you are eligible for Conveyance Allowance please contact the office.

If you received Conveyance Allowance last year, please note that you must complete a new Conveyance Allowance Application Form for 2022 and return to the office ASAP.

Conveyance Allowance applications must be lodged in early March, therefore the Conveyance Allowance Application Forms must be received at the office no later than Friday 4th March 2022.

(No late applications can be accepted).

Have a lovely week,

Julie and Emma

Student Achievement Awards

The following awards will be presented at our weekly assembly on Friday at 3:00pm.  The assembly takes place outside the John Curtin Building (JCB). Parents are welcome to attend.

1/2BT - Crystal K - for amazing retell of Josephine Wants to Dance.

1/2BT - Sidney Mc - for her excellent retell on Josephine Wants to Dance.

1/2BT - Isabella M - for her excellent efforts in writing!

1/2CS - Ida S - for displaying our school values in class.

1/2CS - Issac M - for his beautiful reading and star effort in class.

1/2CS - Isla FS - for being a maths 'chance' superstar in class!

1/2CS - Eloise M - for being a maths 'chance' superstar in class!

1/2TT - Isabel G - for beautifully illustrated work and great writing.

1/2TT - Seb L - for an awesome week of learning last week.

3/4MS - Archie T - for the effort he puts into his work and for the entertaining ways he enters the room in the morning.

3/4MS - Zara G - for the concentration and effort that she puts into her work. Well done!

3/4MS - Josh M - for his positive approach to all learning tasks. Well done!

3/4GS - Monique P - for her excellent expression in her reading.

3/4GS - Rupert R - for his wonderful contributions to friendology.

3/4VW - Patrick S - for a fantastic effort at persuasive writing.

3/4VW - Isaac B - for being a kind and helpful class member.

5/6AB - Evie McG - for always being involved in everyday learning and sharing their thoughts.

5/6AB - Jasper C - for being an excellent leader and organsing our computer for learning.

5/6MS - Cody E - for his focused attitude during numeracy time.

5/6MS - Jessica F - for her dedicated and conscientious attitude towards learning.

5/6RC - Polly S - for using her initiative to prepare for assembly at home.

STEAM - Harry N - 3/4GS -  for being Mr Garcia's IT support person, by that I mean helping others when they got a little stuck today.

Sports Award - Flynn R - 1/2BT - for fantastic listening and catching skills.

Art Award - Billy S -1/2TT - for being brave and determined in Visual Art.

Art Award - Lachie G -FKH - for excellent focus during Visual Art.

Digital Tech Update

This week in Digital Tech, Grade 5/6 students got to test-drive our new 3D printer as part of their current projects on Design Thinking, in which their goal is to create their own unique product that will solve a problem for a person or group in need.

Here we see Lucy and Madison's explorations in 3D with some characters they have created. 

Students have been learning about CAD (computer-aided design) additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping techniques, all very big words I know, but also, very fun! (and hopefully, making them future entrepreneurs and millionaires - just don't forget my 10% cut...)

Mr. Garcia

District Swimming

On the 23rd of February, some of our students went to the District Swimming Sports at the Sunbury Aquatic Centre. The race categories that the students competed in were freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, the 4 x 50 metre relay and the 4 x 50 metre medley. Everyone did a fantastic job in their races. The people that came 1st or 2nd in their races and made it to the Division Swimming Sports are Sienna R, Flynn L, Abbie C and the 12 year old girls relay team (Phoebe M, Hannah R, Abbie C and Polly S). This will be held at Melton Waves Leisure Centre on the 17th of March 2022. Thank you to all our parents and teachers who helped out on the day and came to cheer everyone on, and well done to everyone who participated.

Austin B and Polly S

Middle Gully Roster

The Middle Gully roster has now been finalised for term 1.  Parents or carers are welcome to come and help at Middle Gully from 2:00pm on a Thursday afternoon. Please sign in at the office as a visitor and make sure the office have seen your double vaccination certificate and current working with children's check. If you have younger children with you, please make sure they are adequately supervised and please,  no dogs.

March 3 – 3/4VW 

March 10 – 1/2TT and 1/2BT

March 17 – 1/2CS

March 24 – 5/6MS

March 31 – 5/6RC 

April 7 – 5/6AB

If you have any further questions or would like to become involved, please contact Mr O -


Hot Cross Buns / Sushi Day

We are so excited to be able to start having fundraisers and special lunch days again. We are offering hot cross bun deliveries for the rest of term 1 and a sushi day on the 31st of March.

Orders are available through QKR! Orders close on Tuesday mornings at 9am for delivery on Thursday afternoons between 3:00-3:30pm. 

We are also holding a PFA Sushi & Hot Cross Bun lunch on Thursday 31st of March.

Orders are available through QKR! Orders close on Tuesday 29th March No late orders will be accepted

If you would like to help volunteer with either of these activities, please fill out the forms that were sent home earlier in the week or email the office. If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca on 0418504809 or see her at the Carrington Street crossing.

Tesselaar Bulb Fundraiser

The PFA are running a blub fundraiser with all proceeds going to the school. All families should have received a catalogue with the details. If you need a catalogue, please contact the office. 


Orders will be sent directly to your home address. 

Products available to order until the 15/04/2022 unless sold out prior

Thank you for your support!

World's Greatest Shave


My name is Evie McGregor.

I’m in grade 5 at Macedon Primary School and on the 18th of March I’m doing the Worlds Greatest Shave.

Last year in 4CS, we were talking about charities & fundraising & we got onto the topic of The Worlds Greatest Shave.

I thought it was such a good thing to do & then found out we have had Leukaemia in our family….So that was it, I decided to do it!!!

It would mean a lot if you could donate to help support this great cause.

Wish me luck!!

Evie McGregor

Outside School Hours Care

Welcome back for 2022!

Spaces are filling up for OSHC.  Most spaces are taken up by permanent bookings and we are unable to book casuals in (they will have to be placed on a waiting list).  If you have a permanent booking and do not need the service for After School please advise the program as soon as you know, preferably before 11.00am on the day so we are able to give that space to another child.  For Before School, please call before 6.30pm the day before or email the service on

Late cancellation fees apply if your child’s place is cancelled after 11.00am.  Further, if you do not cancel your child and they do not attend, fees may still apply.

Fee increase for 2022

Our rates for 2022 are: $16.00 for Before School Care (7:00am - 8:45am) and $23.00 for After School Care (3:30pm - 6:30pm). All you need to do is call the school 5426 1518 or email to book.  If the unexpected happens and a casual booking is required within 24 hours, please contact the school via phone, we cannot accept walk-ins after school.  Please note that enrolment forms need to be completed at least one business day before the first session of care.

Please pay through the school via Direct Deposit, using the following details (not BPay):

Account name: Macedon Primary School

BSB: 063-840

Account: 1003 4330

Vicki, Helen, Karen & Marie.

Guitar Lessons at Macedon Primary

Aaron Moar has been providing Macedon Primary students guitar lessons for a number of years, he is pleased to advise he is back in 2022 and is looking forward to meeting some new young guitarists next year. Please call Aaron on 0438 177 764 or email 

The Ranges Music Network

The Ranges Music Network is excited to bring it's unique brand of inclusive and accessible Group, Individual and Ensemble-based music education back to Macedon Primary!  Music has kicked off from Feb 7th -- including the MPS Band on Wednesdays after school -- but you can sign up any time.  Visit to learn more and enrol.


Community News

Macedon Primary School

Macedon Primary School acknowledges the Wurundjeri people as the traditional owners of the country upon which we learn and work. We recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community and pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.