Term1 2020 | Week 6

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News from the Principal

Welcome to the 2nd newsletter for the term.

I am extremely happy at the way a very high portion of the school has settled into the new year. Change is always difficult. Staff have been working extremely hard to establish routines and set clear boundaries for the year ahead. I would also like to acknowledge our amazing SSO’s who continue to influence the learning of all students.

The introduction of Read, Write, Inc. has begun with students in the very early stages of learning how this program supports their literacy development. We are encouraged that this work will improve students personal growth and improve their learning progress.

A number of site improvement projects have finally moved to the tender stage. The COLA (covered outdoor learning area) is currently in the first week of a 3 week tendering process. We are confident that this project will come in on budget and be completed during this year. We also recently won a grant to completely re-mesh the surrounding school fence. The current state is extremely poor and unsafe. This project will be completed this year. Special thanks to Mychelle Franke (Council member) for her support in obtaining this grant.

We are also excited about completing a sun shelter which will be erected over the drink fountain outside the Stem Learning Centre. This will keep the stainless steel fountain out of the direct sunlight. The sun used to heat this fountain to extreme temperatures which could possibly cause injury to students that use this facility.

Bryan Rotherham,


Senior Leader Literacy

Last week all of our staff were trained in Read, Write Inc during our student free days.  This means that Rooms 1-6 began this program on Monday and Rooms 10-12 will be starting to implement the Language and Literacy and Spelling programs.  So far the students are enjoying the new and engaging way that we are teaching reading and writing.

To run this program effectively Rooms 1-6 are undertaking the lessons at the same time, this allows for student movement so that all children are working at their ideal level.  This may mean that your child moves to another class/teacher for this time.  We will continually assess students and rearrange groups according to the data we collect.  Students who are behind their peers in Rooms 10-12 will take part in the Fresh Start program with Mrs Lesses. Positions in this group will be assigned after assessments have been completed.

If you have any questions regarding this program please speak to your teacher or make an appointment to see me.

Thank you

Jodie Turpin

Senior Leader Numeracy

I have been given the opportunity to attend the Orbis Numeracy R-3 project in Adelaide alongside David Miller.  This involves attending a series of numeracy trainings run by the Department in partnership with the University of Melbourne. 

One of the topics discussed in the first trainings was Maths Anxiety.  Maths Anxiety can have a huge      impact on student achievement.  Whilst we often look at it from the point of view of students, parents and teachers can have maths anxiety too and It is easy for us to transfer these feelings to learners. 

How can we reduce maths anxiety?  By recognising our own mindset we can deliberately present a more positive view of maths.  In the classroom we can use mindfulness activities. Regular exposure to maths on a daily basis, in the classroom and in the real world, can help students to see the connections between maths and everyday life.  When we are cooking,   shopping, or doing other activities with our children, we can talk about the maths we are using.  By     working together to reduce maths anxiety, we can help our learners be successful in Maths.

Mrs Kleinrahm


Student Wellbeing Leader News

Family Night

There has been a change of date for Family Night, it will be held on the 18th of March at school from 4:30 till 6:30pm. There will be loads for the kids to do and all staff will be available for parents to talk to. We will have wet activities on the oval with the weather permitting so please bring a towel or change of clothes for your child. We will also have a free sausage sizzle available for families and drinks will be available to purchase on the night as well. Look forward to seeing you all.


Congratulations to our SRC group this year who have stepped up and are running the PALS program every Tuesday and Thursday. It has been very successful out in the yard at recess and lunch time.

 The SRC have decided on the first fundraising event for this year. They have chosen to raise money for the school with a Crazy Hair and Pyjama day which will be held on Wednesday the 1st April. Please support this event by ensuring that your child participates and brings in a gold coin donation.

 Becc O’Neil




Diary Dates


Monday 9thAdelaide Cup Day Public Holiday
Tuesday 17thHarmony Day
Wednesday 18thFamily Night
Friday 20thWorld Down Syndrome Day
Wednesday 1st
Crazy Hair Day and PJ Day
Thursday 9th

Last day of term. 2.10pm finish

Friday 10thGood Friday

What's Happening in ........

......Room 5?

In Room 5 we have been exploring a range of famous artists and the particular techniques that they are well known for. Two of the current artists we have looked at are Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. We observed the artworks and discussed our views of the art and why we believed it is a popular art type. Students then created a portrait using Picasso’s style using oil pastels to show various textures.

Currently we are focusing on pop art and using repeated pattern and images. Students traced their hands, coloured these in and then glued them onto 4 different coloured pieces of paper. We are then going to use black paint to create a 3D effect. Over the next few art lessons we will be exploring various art effects that can be used to  create depth, texture and shadow.


Community Informaton


During their Design and Technology learning in Semester 2 of the 2019 school year, Room 4 focused on sustainability of materials, and how materials can be reused in different ways. After seeing an example of ‘Bottle cap Murals’ during this learning, they became interested in the idea of making a mural out of bottle tops and decided they wanted to make one themselves. This led to an Art and Design based unit on colours, patterns and how they are used when designing a piece of artwork.

Students worked in groups, and individually to practice these skills before coming up with a final design idea. They made a draft of their bottle top mural and then put their final Mural work together. The Mural that Room 4 designed and created can now be found above the windows near the kitchen area of the STEM Room.

We would like to thank all those who collected and brought in their bottle caps for us to use during this project. The 2019 Room 4 class did a great job and should be proud of the work they created!

Miss Smith

STEM Mural


Our fabulous STEM Café, managed by the wonderful Sandra, is a Governing Council run service funded entirely by sales made by our school community, so it relies solely on your support.

We would like to encourage all families to continue to use the STEM Café for all your yummy lunch and recess needs.

A reminder that the canteen is open for lunch orders everyday and recess on Thursday and Friday.

Have you tried our delicious slushies yet? Our current flavours are Cola and Peach and Mango.  They are only $2 and are perfect for the warm weather.


We are still collecting plastic bottle tops for Lids4Kids, an organisation that collects plastic bottle lids to be recycled and turned into 3D plastic prosthetic arms for kids. We would appreciate your assistance by washing and drying the lids before donating. Donation boxes (sorted into colours) are located just inside the library door. We appreciate your support.

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