St Bishoy- Imagine

August 2019

Important Dates

Thursday 5th September- Year 3 and Year 4 Excursion

Fri 13th September- Athletics Carnival

Tues 23rd September- Yr 12 Graduation Mass

Thur 26th September- Primary Jump Off Day



Year 8 COS have been building models of a church.

Year 9 Science

Year 9 have been learning about light and how our eyes use light to send messages to our brains. 9.2 completed an eye dissection to examine how our eyes process light.

Career Corner

We would like to congratulate our Year 12 Students for the achievement of getting a conditional early offer into Notre Dame and Torrens University. They are:

-          Silfa Alhamwi (Notre Dame and Torrens University)

-          Samuel Boshra (Torrens University)

-          Raneen Shamon (Torrens University)

-          Rami Shamon (Torrens University)

-          Abhishek Singh (Torrens University)

S. Narouz

Year 2 Science

Mrs Sant conducted a lava lamp experiment with Year 2.

Creative Arts

Mrs McNally had Year 3 create colour wheels. 

Legal Studies Excursion

Year 11 and 12 Legal Studies students went on an excursion to the Supreme Court of NSW. The students had the privilege of meeting with the Honourable Justice Lucy McCallum, a justice from the Court of Criminal Appeal. Her Honour provided students with inspirational advice on the legal system, the study of law, and each student from St Bishoy College took the opportunity to ask Her Honour a question about the Australian legal system. The students also witnessed a murder trial as well as a number of bail hearings. It was an incredibly valuable experience for the students and I was proud of the level of maturity they displayed on the day. 

Students from Japan

We had the pleasure of hosting a group of students from Japan! Our students had a great time getting to know them and learning about their culture. 

Research Excellence Award Excursion

Joseph Gobran, Salwa El Chami and Ana Maria Guirguis went on an excursion with Mrs Ishag to Mt Druitt Tafe regarding the Research Excellence Award. 

2019 TAFE NSW Excellence Awards recognises outstanding student achievements. The awards acknowledge determination, resilience and leadership - identifying those who achieve outstanding academic results, who provide significant contribution to their professions, and who exhibit exceptional personal qualities.

Year 10 Science

Year 10 students were looking at herd immunity and whether it is important to immunise everyone in a population.  They found out about vaccination thresholds.  For example, in a measles epidemic, 94% of the population has to vaccinated in order to control an outbreak. 

Book Cafe

Check out these photos of the High School Book Cafe. Mrs Keenan, Mrs Mc Guinness and the SRC organised the event and the students had a great time.