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23rd September 2019 Term 3 Week 10

Address: 158 Katoomba Street Katoomba

Phone:     4780 6800



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A Message From Mr Geerligs

Dear Parents Families and Friends

This week’s Gospel reading (Luke 16: 10-13) challenges us to move away from focussing our efforts only on money, but more on focussing on others.  It is so important to remember that our life is just not ours alone, but is influenced by so many others. As we influence so many other people, we need to ensure that our impact is positive.  This Friday at the Gold Award assembly, our Mini Vinnies will be giving our local St Vincent de Paul chapter a donation of money. This has been raised by our students at the school. This money will be going out to help those in need within this area.  So many of you have helped so many people in Katoomba through your generous donations. Relationships with others and with our community is a key to happiness. St Canice’s community is certainly made up of very generous people - thank you.


Mr Mark Geerligs    Principal


Mass Times

St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Parish

Parish Priest Fr Carlos Walker         Assistant Priest Fr Omar Mazzega

 Presbytery Contact  Ph: 02 4782 2804

                                         Fax: 02 4782 6090


Mass Times

Friday: Katoomba 12 noon Mass

Saturday: Katoomba 9.30 am Mass Saturday Vigil: Leura 5pm Mass

Sunday: Wentworth Falls 8am Katoomba 10am Leura 5pm

Rosary: Monday Katoomba 8.30 am, Tuesday Leura 4.45pm,

Wednesday Wentworth Falls 9.30 am, Friday Katoomba 11.30 am.

Saturday Katoomba 9 am.



Stage One Excursion to Taronga Zoo

Our Stage One Students have made their way to Taronga Zoo this morning with much excitement.  Their wonderful teachers have planned a full day of exploration and fun activities.  The children will arrive back at school between 3:30 & 4pm, 

Stage 2

Stage 2 have been learning about Heat as a form of Energy in their Science lessons this term.  They had a wonderful time constructing pizza box ovens to capture the sun's energy and scientifically test cooking cheese, chocolate and marshmallows on two different materials; paper towel and aluminum foil.  Of course the other highlight of the practical was the eating of their experiment materials at the end!

Visiting in the Classroom

We appreciate parents and carers who volunteer their time to help in the classroom, however we ask that you always sign in on and out at the front kiosk.

As part of our work health and safety policy it is vital that all persons in the building are accounted for.

Afternoon Pick Up Arrangements

All messages for change of pick up arrangements need to be made by phone no later than 2:30 pm.

Messages need to be made by phone as email is not always a reliable method, please do not leave a voice message, we ask that you continue to phone until answered directly by a staff member.

Students need to be collected by 3pm.

Teacher's are no longer on duty and have meetings and commitments after this time.

Morning Arrival

The school bell goes at 8:40am.

We ask that all children arrive by 8:30 am.

We understand that parking is a problem, please utilise the Lurline street entrance or Katoomba street as alternatives. It is parents responsibility to ensure supervision into the school grounds, so please allow adequate time especially in wet weather conditions to avoid being late to school.

If you do arrive late, children must be signed in at the front office by a parent or carer, they will then be issued a late pass,  It is then expected that the children walk to class on their own to encourage independence and to avoid disruption to the class lessons.

Your assistance to encouraging your children to be at school on time will avoid disruption to their classes.

School Holiday and Term 4 Return Dates

This Friday 27th September is the last day for Term 3.

Monday 14th October is a Pupil Free Day as it is a Staff Development Day.  There will be no supervision for children so please make alternative arrangements.

Children return to school for Term 4 on Tuesday 15th October.

We wish all families a safe and happy holiday.

School Uniform


Term 4 will resume with students wearing the summer school uniform.

School uniform is compulsory and we ask that all items be purchased through our supplier “The School Locker” to keep colours and styles consistent.

 If your child is not in uniform on a particular day, a written note needs to be sent to the class teacher.  

 We have a “No School Hat No Play” Policy, please ensure your child brings a clearly labelled school hat to school everyday.

 All items of uniform should be clearly and regularly labelled with your child’s name.

Lost property is located in the area outside the conservatorium.

St Canice’s uniform maybe ordered at any time throughout the year by visiting the secure online store at


The School Locker is located at The Grove Homemaker Centre 2-18 Orange Grove Road, Liverpool NSW

Opening hours are 9am—5pm  Monday-Wednesday & Friday

Thursday 9am—7pm and Saturday & Sunday 10am– 4pm

           Phone 02 8796 2100 Email:

Student Bus Travel

The bus company has recently contacted the school regarding the use of Student Opal Cards.  The Opal card is a “tap on” and “tap off” system.  The data gathered from tapping on and off determines the demand for that particular bus route.  Therefore if a student doesn’t tap on or off, then the system doesn’t count that child as a passenger.  That incorrect data could cause a change to services. We ask that all student's are reminded to use their opal cards when using the bus.

My School Lunchbox

My School Lunchbox delivers every Monday & Friday. My School Lunchbox is offsite with orders being placed via Payment is made by credit card or PayPal. Simply browse the menu and select the desired food and drinks. My School Lunch Box exists to ensure kids receive the healthiest, fresh lunches in a convenient way.

Mrs Friend’s Preschool Reading Group


Preschooler’s and parents are welcome to join Mrs Friend's Preschool Reading Group in the library every Tuesday morning for a fun story reading session from 8:40-9:00


History Preserved - Mount St Mary's Gate

Please see the attached link to read the article recently published in the Blue Mountains Gazette.

CamBROdia 2020

Over 11 exciting days in January 2020,

Mr Wedesweiler and his son Gabriel are travelling to Cambodia for Catholic Mission’s Ride and Stride.

If you would like to help by donating to this worthy cause, you can sponser CamBROdia  using the following link.

All funds raised will directly be used to support life changing projects within Cambodia.


Attendance Matters

One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is an education.Coming to school everyday ensures continuity of learning. Students forge great friendships by coming to school everyday.

Missing school means missing out on play, laughter and the social bonds that help children to feel fulfilled in their school life.

You can help your child be the best that they can be by getting them to school and on time every day.

Please let us know if you require assistance with getting your child to school on time, we are here to help.

Miss Elizabeth

Attendance Family Liaison Officer.


Here Is The Scoop!


September 27, 2019 8:30 AM


St Canice's Primary School

More information

This Friday is Mufti Day and we are having an "Ice Cream Day" to celebrate the last day of Term 3 2019.

We will start the day with bubbles on the playground.

At Lunchtime we will be serving Ice Cream Cones at our Ice Cream Stand.

After lunch the children will be creating Ice Cream inspired art.

Miss Elizabeth


If you would like to volunteer at our school, this is what you need to do:

Log in to

Hover over “Our Schools”    and select Parents as Partners     Scroll to Volunteer Training     Select Volunteers or Contractors

Step 1 – Complete either Volunteer or Contractor Form

Step 2 – Complete Training Module

You will receive a confirmation email once the forms have been submitted.

Parents and close relatives of a child who volunteer do not require a WWCC.

A WWCC is required if

  • A volunteer is part of a formal mentoring program.

  • Where volunteering involves intimate personal care of children with a disability.

Volunteers are not parents or close relatives.

Maths Challenge


Australian Childhood Anxiety Treatment Study


NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services October Holiday Activities


Student Banking is Every Tuesday


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