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St Patrick's Marist College

Newsletter Number 8 - 5 June 2019

From the Principal ....

Happy Champagnat Week to everyone in our Marist community.

Today, (the 6th of June) we welcomed families and friends to our Champagnat Day Mass. We were very fortunate to have Father Epeli Qimaqima celebrating Mass with us today. Father Epeli was a Marist student growing up in Fiji. He spoke so eloquently and with obvious joy of his connections to the Marist family and the profound impact his education had on him as well as sharing his wonderful insights of Marcellin and the Marist story.

I take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in making today and this week so special. Mr Moussa, Mr Scanlon, Ms Andrews and Mr Paton were here from 6:30am this morning. I thank Mr Paton for his organisation of Mass. Ms Andrews and our band and musicians, most of whom are Year 12 for the wonderful music this morning. The Tech Crew and Mrs Lyons for ensuring everything went smoothly and to Mrs Ledesma and the support staff for their work behind the scenes.

I share with you my address to the College community today:

As Champagnat Day was approaching, I began to think what is Champagnat Day really about. Why do we celebrate our founder Marcellin Champagnat every year.  It is not like we are unaware of who Marcellin was, his story.  We are often reminded of Marcellin, his values, his attributes, his courage, wisdom, his struggles and challenges, his leadership, commitment and hard work, how he planted the seed of Marist education that has flourished and spread across the world. At the start of Year 7 we learn his story, our story. Our new staff participate in Footsteps, learning about what it means to be Marist and a Marist educator. In fact, for each of us every day, here at the College, we are reminded by the visual representations around us, in our words and our actions, we are purposefully Marist. There is no doubt Marcellin was visionary, a person of deep faith, that challenged the norms, his words and letters still make sense and are relevant in education over 200 years later.  We celebrate our story every day in the way we live out our story.

At the same time, I was attending the NSW Catholic Schools Principals conference, where we gathered for Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral.  As we waited quietly, sitting in a pew and my eyes wondered, what a truly beautiful church, the stain glass windows, the architecture,  there was a lovely feeling of peace, a real sense of God’s presence, this incredible sense of it's rich history. I began to think about all the people that had sat in the same spot that I was sitting.

How many people have sat in the spot, what were their stories, why were they there, in what part of Australian, Sydney history did they live in? So many people have passed through the doors of St Mary’s. Regular Mass goers, lunch visitors, tourists, visitors for ordinations, weddings, funerals.  Each of these people make up the story of St Mary’s, of Sydney, part of the Australian story. When we celebrate Australia day, we are not celebrating an event, we are celebrating our story as a nation, the story of all people, in all its glory, but also in it’s failures, how we have learnt and moved forward. In the same way the Marist story is a people story, not a person story,  not one person’s story, everyone Marist has contributed to the story, to our story.

When we celebrate our annual Champagnat Day at St Patrick’s Marist, for me, for us all, it is arguably the most important day in the College’s year. A day when we remember the founder of all Marist Schools and the brother’s who began our school at Harrington Street in the Rocks: we value greatly their legacy. We are indebted to the men who had the vision that led to the creation of the school back in 1872, and all those men and women who have contributed to the leadership and vision of the school since.

None of the education for which the school has become known would have happened without the foresight of Marcellin and the leaders of our school, who set out with the express intention of developing a school which provided an excellent faith based education originally for boys and then for boys and girls, an education that seeks to lead people in the way of Mary, to make Jesus known and loved, to help every person grow to their full potential. We owe them a great debt of gratitude. Without them this outstanding school simply would not exist and this is why we must honour them on Champagnat Day each year.

We should never take Champagnat Day for granted, or see it is just simply another school event. It is extremely important for the school for a number of reasons:  it is a day on which every Marist worldwide celebrates who we are, our origins and our journeys. It is a wonderful feeling of solidarity, all part of the same family tree, of the connections to our Marist brothers and sisters everywhere. It is a day in which we celebrate achievement. Our many achievements, individual and collective throughout our history; it is an important occasion for the whole school to be together, to do things together, and to remember that we are an important and strong community. The whole is stronger than the sum of its parts. We celebrate every single person, every student, every teacher, every staff member, parents, families and friends who have been part of our school’s history from 1872 until today. Every moment, the good and the bad, have created our ever evolving story.

Today we recognised those members of our community that have demonstrated the qualities we seek in all Marists. I congratulate all the staff and students who received the Marist Service Award and our Year 9 Junior Leadership team.

What remains the same for us and for all Marists, are the values that we continue to aspire to live by and our teachers’ passion and commitment to live out our vision.

Marcellin’s strong mind and clear vision was accompanied by a deep compassion for those around him. As I said earlier, there are numerous letters to brothers and others, where you can see the blend of his strength and compassion. He remained compassionate and merciful even when somebody else had clearly done the wrong thing. The early brothers attest to this compassion and also to his good sense of humour.  Today I pray and hope that Marcellin can inspire all of us to be better people. May this strength of mind and gentleness of heart be the example that we as teachers and parents are to the young people entrusted to our care and may this example mould the lives of our students to become modern Marists whose hearts are transformed by Jesus.

Working Bee:

Last Saturday we held our working bee. I would like to sincerely thank the families that came along and did some very heavy work along the boundary fences along Kirby Street and Kissing Point Road. Your commitment and generosity is very much valued and appreciated.

Mrs A. Hay

Assistant Principal - Innovation, Teaching and Learning


Each year, teachers have a professional learning day which supports the various learning strategies of the College. This year the Staff Professional Learning day will be on Monday, 26th August. This has changed from the previously advertised date of Monday, 22 July 2019. Please amend your calendars accordingly. The 26th of August is a pupil free day and the first day of school for students for Term 3 is Monday, 22 July.


The next Parent / Student / Teacher Interviews for Years 7 to 9 will occur on Monday, 1st July from 9.00am to 3.00pm in the La Valla Centre and continued on Tuesday 2nd July from 4.00pm to 7.00pm.  Parent / Student / Teacher Evenings are held twice a year to ensure that there is an opportunity for parents, teachers and students to discuss their learning, refine their strategies, reset goals and refocus engagement. The Parent / Student / Teacher interviews are compulsory to attend and students must attend in full College winter uniform.


Initiated by NESA, Year 10 will need to undertake a minimum standard test in Reading, Writing and Numeracy. The test was to be held on 3-4 June, however the NESA web browser restrictions means that all students will need to complete the test on a laptop only.  Laptops will be supplied to students next term for the test.


Thank you to all parents who attended the Parent Forum on Study Skills – I will make the resources available soon. Parents are encouraged to establish clear routines after school for students to engage with further revision; homework or assessment preparations. Students do benefit from working in an open space, well ventilated and lit. Students can access all their Google Classroom work via the family computer to allow for supervision. 


Each year as part of the NESA process of Curriculum Review, two learning areas engage in an audit. This year our English and Language faculties partook in the review and were highly commended for their quality of learning programs, assessments and processes. I congratulate Mrs Dunston, Ms Gray and Ms Graham for their leadership during this process and the support of the English and Language teams.


After some issues with the transition to online NAPLAN tests, the Year 7 and Year 9 students have successfully undertaken their NAPLAN tests. I thank Miss Hagarty for her work in organising and supporting students throughout the process. Students who experienced significant ICT issues were offered the opportunity to resit the affected test. We await the results in Term 3.


On Wednesday, 19th June we invite parents and students of Year 10 to our annual Information Evening in the new learning space adjacent to the La Valla Centre (C127). Here each Subject area will be presenting and answering any questions regarding their subject areas. This will take place from 5.30pm to 6.30pm.  At 6.30pm everyone will gather in the La Valla Centre for an Information meeting on the process of choosing Stage 6 subjects.

Mr Jason Scanlon

Assistant Principal - Innovation, Teaching and Learning

Assistant Principal - Mission and Wellbeing

Champagnat Week

Marian Blue Day - 'Family Spirit' Celebration

Being Marist is evident in our community when both staff and students responded to the call of food and toiletries for the Jesuit Refugee Service.  Our Marist community here at Dundas has so far donated over 1850 items and goods are still pouring in, demonstrating their generosity and family spirit.  Congratulations to Mr Moussa and the Social Justice group who collected, counted and sorted the items. 

Renumbered Buses

From 28 April the following bus routes will be renumbered. There will be no change to the timetable, number of trips or route operated.

  • M40 Bondi Junction to Chatswood will be renumbered to route 340.
  • M41 Hurstville to Macquarie Park will be renumbered route 410.
  • M54 Parramatta to Macquarie Park will be renumbered route 550.

This information will be listed on from Sunday 14 April and help you plan ahead.

Mrs J. Stewart

Student Services

2019 Leader Profiles


Christopher 'Chris' Saad is the 2019 Xavier House Captain.  After moving to St Patrick’s Marist in 2015 while in Year 8, Chris became an active member of the College’s social justice work.  He has continued this spirit through to his senior years, participating in Lenten appeals and other fundraising initiatives throughout the school.  

As well as his social justice work, Chris is known for his position in the MCS Rugby League team which he held in his junior schooling. His passion and love for the sport is something recognised and appreciated by his peers.  

He is proud of his Lebanese culture and plays the drums regularly for the students in Wiyanga, the High Needs Support Class. Chris is an outstanding member of the St Patrick’s Marist College community.  In his final years at school, he will endeavour to be successful in all aspects of schooling and extra-curricular life.

Written by: Katrina Astalosh

Online Safety Information Guide for Parents

Click here to view booklet

Time Online - Guide for Parents / Carers

Click Here for Tips and advice on helping your child have safe and enjoyable experiences online

Instructional Leader / Learning Coach

Term 2 has been a busy term with many College priorities continuing to be embedded. Our 2019 Literacy strategy of PALS (Purpose, Audience, Language, Structure) continues to assist students in developing their reading and writing. The 2019 Literacy group of 12 staff across the RE, HSIE, TAS and Science departments are doing wonderful work and we have already tracked significant growth through those targeted student populations.  Recently we were highly commended at the CEDP Cluster Meeting of schools for the work we are doing with Literacy and the gains were are making. A particular area of recognition is the way in which we are using metacognitive strategies to ensure students know and understand success criteria and can reflect deeply upon their own writing, as well as the writing of their peers. This approach embraces the work of Lyn Sharratt (educational academic and CEDP associate), by exploring the Gradual Release of Responsibility framework, John Hattie’s (Professor of Education and Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute at the University of Melbourne) effect size research and Dr Michael McDowell’s (CEDP associate and Superintendent of the Ross School District, California) growth and achievement framework, for the explicit and scaffolded teaching of literacy through an action research based approach. Thank you to those staff who are working with me on our literacy goals. I would also like to formally welcome Ms Stephanie Thompson to the Literacy team. Stephanie is our College Librarian who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in teaching English, HSIE and has also has recently been awarded a PhD in children’s literature. She has accepted the position of Literacy Mentor Coach, further assisting staff with Literacy resourcing outside of the classroom, as well as the delivery of explicit teaching for improved literacy outcomes within our learning spaces.

There has been a range of Professional Learning experiences for staff this term, including partnerships and mentoring programmes with our CEDP associates; Mr Michael Dennis (Mathematics: working with the Mathematics and Numeracy teams), Ms Kate Kelly (Literacy: working with Literacy and R3 in Diversity) and Mr Peter Blanch (Science: working with our Science faculty in supporting them with Surface, Deep, Transfer Project Based Learning). We are making great gains in these areas across the College and it is exciting that our staff have these opportunities provided to not only improve student outcomes, but build upon their own understandings of contemporary, evidence based best practice. I would also like to acknowledge Mrs Catherine Thompson (Leader of Learning: Diversity) and Chanel Basha (R3) for their preparation and delivery of the Term 2 Twilight, Diversity is the Norm. This learning helped staff to understand the importance of developing and implementing student profiles in order to effectively apply adjustments in their classroom practice.

This term has seen the opening of our much anticipated Co-Teaching learning spaces. This pedagogical direction brings together the strengths of Project Based Learning, Solo Taxonomy, Differentiation and Growth Mindset through a targeted embedding of ‘Collective Teacher Efficacy’ - the highest effect size of John Hattie’s internationally celebrated meta-analysis’. The power of Co-Teaching also centres around targeted differentiation, with teacher analysis of a range of student ability and achievement data in order to purposely design learning. This is a model that addresses interventions necessary to ensure student growth, as well as extension for the Gifted. We currently are releasing this pedagogy through 3 purpose built, double spaces for 180 students in preparation for our new building for Yrs 7-10; to be opened in what we believe will be 2020. I thank the staff who have been trialing these new learning spaces and experimenting in the various ways they can be used. As part of the Term 2 evaluation of Co-Teaching, I ask that you would please complete the attached Google Form. Your perceptions of the learning in these spaces and your son/daughter’s experience of Co-Teaching during our first launch term is an important aspect of our review and thus your feedback is greatly valued.  If you have any further questions, please also feel free to email me at

Ms K. Maish

Instructional Leader / Learning Coach

Business Manager


Another massive THANK YOU to the parents, students and staff who volunteered their time, equipment and truck to help us out during the working bee.  Your hard work is greatly appreciated. Despite the cold morning start, the weather was on our side and it turned into another social opportunity.

We managed to totally clear along the fence line from the bus bay down Kirby Street to the corner of Kissing Point Road. It looks fabulous again!  We also started clearing the fence line along Kissing Point Road from the corner up to the lights at Sturt St.  

Pizza arrived just as we finished packing up.


As part of our regular WHS compliance, we will be conducting either an evacuation drill or a lockdown drill sometime within the next few weeks. We have new staff and students, new demountables in use, re-located classes, basketball courts being repaired and A block about to be demolished, so some classes are in new rooms and some access ways have been temporarily closed off. These emergency drills are simply a routine practice to ensure all students and all staff are aware of our emergency procedures, know what to do and where to go.  Our procedures are designed to keep students and staff safe while emergency services deal with the situation.

In the unlikely event of a real evacuation or lockdown being required, parents will be notified as soon as it is practical to do so. If your child’s stay is extended beyond the regular time, you will receive information about the time and place that you can pick up your child. Please ensure that your contact mobile numbers and email addresses are up-to-date.

It is vital that students DO NOT CALL parents and parents:

  • DO NOT to come to the school. Students will not be released during an emergency, until it is safe to do so. You may be compromising your own safety and that of staff, students and emergency services officers;
  • DO NOT call the school. This may tie up phone lines that must remain open to continue to liaise with emergency services;
  • DO NOT call student mobiles. A lockdown requires silence to not alert an intruder to the presence of students and staff in classrooms.


A reminder that School Fees are now due unless you are on a payment arrangement.  Fees can be paid by billpay at the local post office (most are open on Saturday mornings, too), credit card over the phone or by EFTPOS or cash at reception. Please consider your child’s personal safety and do not send large sums of cash with them.

Occasionally students/families need to pay for optional activities, representative sports uniforms, bags/hats/ties, formal, replacement diaries, etc. Payment for these can be made via credit card over the phone or by EFTPOS at reception or cash/cheque can be put into a sealed envelope with student’s name, homeroom, amount and what it is for, on it. Students are to put in drop box at student counter. These are not collected by teachers.

If you are paying in cash, it would assist us greatly if you could put correct money in envelope. We are not able to give change immediately. Students have to be called back to office later in the day to collect it, thereby interfering with their classroom learning. Teachers who organise an activity would advise the cost.


Our Uniform Shop is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays (before school and during recess and lunch breaks). We sell schoolbags, sports bags, hats, Junior & Senior ties and representative sports uniforms. We also sell good-quality second-hand uniforms.

Recently some of our suppliers have increased their prices.  We will adjust our prices as we receive new stock.  The costs of the uniform items are:

  • School Bags - $65;  Chiro Bag - $95;  Sports Bag - $15
  • Senior/Junior Ties - $20
  • Hats - $15 (This will increase to $20 from Monday, 17th June).
  • Soccer / Rugby shorts - $30;  Cricket Shirt - $35;  Netball Shirt / Skirt - $25; Representative Socks - $15


We accumulate lots of uniform items, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc. Please ensure your child’s name is on their belongings so that if found, we can call them to office to collect.

Ms V. Fraser

Business Manager

Rock of Ages - College Musical

26th - 29th JUNE

The College Musical is almost here! 

Comprised of almost 100 students on stage, the Rock of Ages Musical includes a cast of extremely talented leads, an enthusiastic chorus, talented dancers and not one, but TWO, live student rock bands!  Together, they have been learning lines and singing their hearts out, rocking out with new choreography and working on making their characters come alive.  Costumes have been prepared, sets are being constructed and wigs are being styled - that’s right, 80's hair is back and bigger than ever!

We are really proud of this cross-curricular collaboration, with Visual Art students labouring over visually spectacular scenery and props, our VET Entertainment students planning and organising the back stage operations, lighting and sound production, the VET Construction students have been building sets and stages and our VET Hospitality students are planning the delicious catering for each of the performances.

We invite you to come along for a night that will have you laughing, singing and dancing along to some of the big hits of the 80s, including “The Final Countdown”, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and “Don’t Stop Believing”.

Performances are on the 27th, 28th and 29th June at 7.00pm. Tickets are available now from Trybooking ( and based on the schools’ previously successful musical Hairspray in 2017, this one will sell out - so get in fast!

Ms T. Andrews

Leader of Learning - Performing Arts


Mindfulness Meditation

As part of Wellbeing Week, students were offered the opportunity to participate every morning in Mindfulness Meditation. Many students from different year groups took time before school to try mindfulness for the first time. It only took roughly 5 minutes, however the impact on the students were evident. Most felt calm and relaxed leading into their day. Plenty of students were 'repeat customers' and came regularly. As a result of this, Morning Meditation will now occur every Thursday morning at the completion of Breakfast Club at 8:30 am. I urge all students to give it a go and see how it impacts their start to the day. 

Mr S. Belcher

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 12

Year 10


A reminder that Year 10 Parent Teacher Evening is on the next Tuesday, 11th of June. It is compulsory that all students attend with a parent or guardian. 


Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Brent Saunders talks on safety, partying and consent are scheduled for Periods 1 to 4 on the Tuesday, 11th of June. Students are to bring all books and equipment for their scheduled lessons as students will be accessing the talks at different times during the day. 

Mr D. Berner

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 10 

Year 9

When people come together as one, friendships bloom, connections form and positive change begins. It is well documented that exercise is one of the most effective ways to improve mental health. As part of Wellbeing Week students were given the opportunity to take part in a Wellbeing Walk. It was the perfect opportunity to meet good people, in a beautiful environment and move together. Thank you to the students who took part, I know I felt better for it!

Mr P. Quigley

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 9

Year 8

The last few weeks have been extremely busy for Year 8 students with every subject having an assessment due. It was nice seeing so many students taking advantage of 'Keeping Track' on Wednesday afternoon.

Over the last two weeks in our Pastoral Care lessons we have been focussing on resilience. To build resilience we need our students to see their self worth, so we focussed on our self talk and made some affirmations for ourselves. We also looked at identifying our emotions and controlling our impulse reactions. We focussed on looking at different scenarios and identifying three different responses before reacting.

I would like to congratulate all our Year 8 students who have received their Bronze Award and a special congratulations goes to Sara-Maree Wakim who received a Silver Award for her Commendations.

Our students have also been involved in a Sports Participation Program each week. Two students from each homeroom receive an award and go into the draw to win a pizza lunch at the end of each term. I encourage all students to get involved in sport and participate in our Marist way.

A big congratulations goes out to Mikayla Nelson of 8 Chavoin, who competed in her first ever international competition, the Oceania International Novice Figure Skating Competition. Mikayla represented Australia in the 13-15 year old division along with people from the Philippines, Great Britain and New Zealand and placed 6th, what a massive accomplishment!

I would also like to acknowledge Lauren Pagano this week, who found $50 on the bathroom floor and handed it to the office. It was great to see this incredible act of honesty in today’s world.

Remember this week is Champagnat Week. We are collecting donations for the Jesuit Refugee Service, please help those less fortunate than us. We celebrated with a shared lunch today (Wednesday), our Mass on Thursday and our Champagnat Day celebrations on Friday.

Enjoy your Queen’s Birthday long weekend and stay safe!

Mrs N. Padden

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 8

Year 7

Year 7 are to be congratulated on their participation and school spirit shown during the Athletics Carnival in Week 3. It was fantastic to see the smiles and laughter from our students throughout the day. Well done to Tara Newby (7 Xavier) who broke the 400 metre record for her age group.


Parents and Year 7 and 8 students are reminded that “Keeping Track” is running throughout the term on Wednesday afternoons from 3:20 pm - 4:20 pm in the library. All Year 7 students are welcome as long as they have returned a permission slip to myself. Keeping track gives students a great opportunity to complete homework/assessment tasks, collaborate with peers and also seek help from various teachers/student leaders. If students are attending these sessions they are asked to be mindful of all students undertaking study.

Looking forward to Champagnat day celebrations on Friday!

Mr J. Hornby

 Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 7

Wellbeing Week


Throughout Wellbeing week, students were given the opportunity to partake in Mandala colouring during break times.

Mandala circles are spiritual symbols symbolising the universe in Buddhism and Hinduism. Mandalas have concentric circles that grow outwardly and these represent harmony and fullness with universe and mind.

Colouring mandalas can promote relaxation, calm the nervous system, invoke positive energies, provide great stress relief, spark creativity and refreshes the brain.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing activity and are keen to continue a weekly club throughout the year!

Mr J. Hornby

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 7

Key Learning

Year 9 English Incursion

“Words, Words, Words”

On Tuesday the 4th June, students from Year 9 were treated to a performance by Bell Shakespeare, "Words, Words, Words". This performance was held in the school library for Year 9 students who are currently studying Romeo and Juliet. Bell Shakespeare is an Australian theatre company that performs Shakespeare in a dynamic and accessible way throughout Australia.

"Words, Words, Words" was a lively celebration of Shakespearean drama, one that was both highly entertaining and informative. The acting trio cast a new light on Shakespeare with their comedic skit that brought Shakespearean language to life. The production showcased Shakespearean language by incorporating a medley of key moments from Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet, performed in an engaging and dynamic way. The modern take on Shakespeare made his language easy to understand, while remaining true to his language and style. Students were taught about different language devices in a variety of Shakespeare's plays, and the performance showcased the timeless nature of Shakespeare by teaching students how many of our everyday phrases were actually coined by Shakespeare.

Afterwards in class, students were given the chance to reflect upon and discuss their experience of the performance. The performance was highly engaging and informative for the students, and will certainly be one that they will remember.

Miss C. Burns

Teacher Education Student
English Faculty

Library News


Important information for all students:  The Way we Print at School has Changed

Please read this information so you know what to do when you need to print. An email has been sent to all students with this information as well as a step-by-step printing guide with pictures.The following information applies to all students EXCEPT students with iPads. Students with iPads will need to visit the library and use the printing laptop to print - follow the instructions on the card next to the laptop.

All other students, please note that you can now print from your own laptop by following these instructions. Your file must be in one of the following formats for printing:  PDF, JPG, Doc, Docx PDF is the best file format.

  1. Go to the iPrint Portal.
  2. Enter your school username and password.\
  3. Follow the prompts to print your file. Remember to check if you want to print in colour or black and white. (A4 Colour 50c/page; A4 Black and White 10c/page)
  4. Visit the library and tell the library staff you have sent printing to the printer. The library staff will check your name, the file you have sent, and confirm the cost of printing.
  5. The library staff will then give you the printing and take payment. You may collect printing from the library when the library is open before school and during breaks. You may not collect printing during class time. Students are reminded to plan ahead when printing their work so that they have time to collect it from the library.

Extra Curricular



The fifth round of the CSDA debating competition was held at St Patrick's on the 31st of May. Coming off of a forfeit win in round 4, our debaters were ready and raring to go for another night of discussion and argument.

It was a successful night for many of the teams, all winning except for the year 11s who were just edged out by their competitors. The year 7 and 8 teams discussed "that our parents do too much for us" whereas the year 9 and 10 teams debated "that environmentalism is more about appearance than affecting change" and our senior teams argued over the topic "that we are too critical of failure". The year 12s were especially happy with their win, extending their undefeated streak to 5/5 debates.

With one more round until the finals, I wish all our teams good luck and with it being away from school, I would like to thank all of the teachers who have come to watch or adjudicate for us while we have hosted.

Katrina Astalosh

Debating Captain

St Pat's Movie Club

What do you think is the greatest movie of all time? 

DC vs Marvel - Who is really superior? 

Should Disney be remaking their classics or coming up with new films? 

Is Robert Pattinson the best choice for the new Batman? 

Could Jack have fit on the door with Rose in Titanic?

Is Netflix taking over Hollywood?

Is television taking over cinema? 

Was Snape a tragic hero or too full of vengeance? 

Miss Basha thinks she is above superhero movies - is she right?  If you feel strongly about any of these questions then you should definitely join St Pat's Movie Club! We will meet in Break 2 Tuesday Week A to have passionate discussions, look at iconic movie scenes, and play film-related games. We are looking for students who love movies and love talking about movies from all grades to join our club.

Miss C. Basha and Mr D. Moussa

Community News

Holy Name of Mary Parish - Trivia Night

Trivia Night - Saturday, 29th June from 6.30pm.

Registrations can be completed through the parish office (Wednesday - Friday).