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2020 eNewsletter | Term 1 | Week 6

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Upcoming Events

Date Event


10/3/2020             Responsible Pet Program K-2

13/3/2020              Active Inclusion Sport Day   

13/3/2020             Stage 3 Boys Open  Cricket Knockout  

12/3-9/4/20         ScopeIT

17/3/2020             P&C Meeting (SaCC Centre 6pm)

20/3/2020             Harmony Day Canteen Meal Deal

20/3/2020            School Photo Day

24/3/2020            Cross Country

2/4/2020              P&C hot Cross Buns Delivery

8/4/2020              P&C Easter Raffle

Click the button above to view our school calendar. PLEASE NOTE: All dates are subject to late change. Also please be aware of payment dates on permission notes, as no late payments will be accepted.

School Awards

Merit Awards

KN- Callen W, Olivia C, Kai T.  KS- Ayden M, Audrey T, Indianna B-H.  KT-  Bosten W-E, Emmy D-G, Melody L. 1B- Levi R, Anita P, Hunter K.  1P- 1R- 2D- Michael S, Yian H. 2P-  Grace H, Joshua M.

Principal Awards

KT- Ariana C.   2D-  Ann D-G.

Avatar Awards

2P- Brodie F,  Chloie H.  5B-  Penny C, Amber M.

Principal`s Report

It is already the end of week 6 for school and it seems we have only recently started. Please keep in touch with the calendars regarding the events coming up this term particularly the School Photos 20/3 and also the Easter Hat parade and P &C fundraising activities. Mrs Calverley and the leaders are also coordinating a fundraising event to support and sponsor Koalas from the Port Macquarie hospital. More information will be sent home very soon how we are supporting these beautiful native Australian animals who have been badly affected by the recent bushfires. 

 Successful Zone students

 I wish to make special mention of a couple of children who were successful at Zone trials. Cash Sippel went to AFL trials this week and has been selected to attend the Sydney North trials later this term. This is a wonderful achievement for his first attempt and we wish him the very best. If successful at Sydney North trials, Cash  will then be competing in the state championships. A superb achievement. Mia Akhurst our school captain has demonstrated her all-round skills in the pool. Mia attended zone swimming this week with our other students and was successful in three events. She came 1st in the 50 m 11yrs and 100m Open Freestyle, and also came 2nd in the 11 yr  50m Butterfly. Mia will now attend Sydney North trials at Homebush later this term. This is an exceptional achievement and no doubt those early morning sessions have paid off….well done to both Mia and Cash. 

 Planned Maintenance Works 

Dear parents/carers, please be advised of the planned works below. This has been coordinated by the departments asset management unit. Upcoming planned maintenance works at Wyong Public School will require the removal of asbestos containing material.Testing conducted by an independent hygienist has confirmed that the material is bonded asbestos, which means it is attached to other material such as cement or vinyl and cannot be crumbled by light pressure. This material will be removed in accordance with the Department of Education’s Asbestos Management Plan and SafeWork NSW regulations. All work will be completed by licensed and accredited asbestos removalists, and monitored by occupational hygienists in strict accordance with all applicable legislation, regulations, policies and guidelines. The material is scheduled to be removed early evening on Tuesday 10 March 2020. No asbestos containing material will be removed during school hours. Testing will be completed to ensure the site has been fully remediated. We will keep you informed if further material is found which requires removal. The health, safety, and well-being of the school and the local community is our highest priority. Please be assured that the removal of this material will not pose a risk to the local community. Thank you for your cooperation during this important work.  

Health – Whooping Cough

 There have been some confirmed cases of Whooping Cough this week across year 4. We ask that you read the information below and adhere to this if your child presents with any symptoms. Keep coughing kids home and see your GP.Whooping cough (also called pertussis) began increasing across NSW towards the end of 2018, especially in children between the ages of 5 and 14 years. NSW Health anticipates that this increase will continue into 2019.School-aged children who are infected with whooping cough usually experience a troubling cough that can persist for months, but they rarely get severe illness. However they can spread the infection to younger siblings and other more vulnerable people, who are at higher risk of severe disease. Whooping cough can be a life threatening infection in babies.What can you do to prevent whooping cough?

  • Make sure vaccinations are up to date for all family members
  • Be alert for symptoms of whooping cough
  • Keep coughing kids home, to prevent them spreading the infection to others, and see your GP to get them tested for whooping cough
  • For more information on Whooping Cough and vaccination visit the NSW Health Website(https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/whoopingcough/Pages/default.aspx)You can also find out about other important infectious disease alerts by visiting the alerts page(https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/alerts/Pages/default.aspx).    

    Selective High School Placement Test

    The Selective High School Placement Test will be held on Thursday 12 March 2020 from 9.00am to 1.30pm.Unless parents have made special arrangements with the High Performing Students Team to attend an individually allocated test centre candidates from this school have been sent to Wyong High SchoolAlison Rd, WYONG NSW 2259.Go to https://education.nsw.gov.au/public-schools/selective-high-schools-and-opportunity-classes/year-7 to find:Test centre allocations by public school.A map of test centre addresses under the heading 'The test'.The bulletin, Test information for parents and students.The bulletin contains very important information about the test and should be read carefully.


    On Tuesday 18th February, Mrs White and Mrs Calverley had a wonderful day taking our 2020 WPS debating teams to Mannering Park PS for a whole day debating workshop.The two teams learnt a lot about the specific positions within a debate and how to accurately rebut the opposing teams. We look forward to seeing the success these two teams will have in the upcoming debating season.

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    Other School News

    Kinder Report

    What an amazing few weeks we have had up in the Kindergarten rooms. We can’t believe that we have been at school for just over 6 weeks already.

    Lots of things to look forward to before the end of the term as well.

    K-2 students are lucky enough next week to have the Responsible Pet Program come out to our school again to teach us all about how to be safe around dogs. 

    *Easter raffle tickets have been sent home with each student at a cost of 50c a ticket. Hot Cross Bun order forms were also sent home. If you need more tickets they are available in the office.

    *The Easter Hat Parade will be held on Wednesday 8th April in the hall starting from 9:15am. Kinder/Infants teachers would love any donations of Easter craft things to help go towards the creation of Easter Hats, which we will be making at school.

    *School Photo day is coming up on Friday 20th March. Envelopes have gone home with students with price lists etc and orders can be placed online. If you are after a sibling photo of your children, these envelopes can be picked up at the office. Don’t forget to look photo ready on this day and come dressed in the current school uniform- not sports uniform. As Kinder generally go first, we ask that you are on time as the photographers are on a tight schedule.

    Kindergarten will also be involved in our school Cross Country before the end of term. A note will be coming home soon to outline the event and dates/times.

    There are a lot of things happening so keep checking our school website, class dojo and other communication sources for upcoming events and happenings. 

    Swimming Carnival Attendance

    This year we went to extra efforts to encourage our primary students to attend our swimming carnival. Even if they weren’t swimming, it is still important to be a part of the day and cheer on fellow competing students.

    Students who returned their permission notes on time were entered into a Lego raffle draw. Congrats to our winners who happened to all be boys! And thank you parents for supporting this school event by returning so many notes, we had great attendance this year

    Sydney Roosters Visit

    Last week Stage 2 and 3 were honoured with a visit from Sydney Roosters player Freddie, who came to talk to the students about playing as a team and respecting others. Thanks for your visit Freddie!

    School Photo Day 2020: Friday 20th March

    This year the students will be having their school photos taken by MSP Photography. Notes will go home soon and as a parent, you can then go to the MSP Photography website and order the photos directly.



    Parenting Ideas Advice

    P&C News

    Hot Cross Bun Drive

    Once again we are holding the hot cross bun drive through Bakers Delight Wyong  Order forms have been sent home and are due back Monday, 24th March 2020. There are spare order forms at the front office.  

    Easter Raffle

    The annual Easter raffle will be held on Wednesday, 8th April 2020. Raffle tickets have been sent home and  are 50c each or $5 for the book with all money and tickets due back on Monday, 6th April 2020. 1s tprize is a family pass to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. We will be having a donation day on Friday, 27th March 2020. Every donation will go into a draw to win a big egg.

    The Snack Shack Canteen is celebrating Harmony Day

    The Beach Early Learning Centre Wyong

    At the Beach Wyong previously known as Young Academics we promote a flourishing curriculum that supports children's diverse needs and interests. We collaborate with families and incorporate our local community into our daily curriculum through providing extra curricular activities such as Happy feet and a Free karate program. We provide 5 meals a day which are approved by a dietician and nutritionist. We are open from 7am-6pm. We cater for children 6 weeks-6 years, we are located in the old wyong court house building and would love to invite you for a tour. Address: 17 Alison Road Wyong Phone number: 0475455456Email: director.wyong@thebeachearlylearningcentre.com.auCentre Director - Ashleigh Williamson 

    Ashleigh Williamson

    Friends of Wyong Public


    Central Coast Health

     We have a NEW webpage for Kids and Families which we update each fortnight with news/ information about current health and wellbeing matters.

    To access this page , click on the link below.