St Andrews PS Newsletter

28th of February 2020

Principal News

Wow - What a fortnight!! While the weather's certainly been up and down, it's been all hands on deck here, learning and enjoying all that our little school has on offer. We've had our first Echidna Council Meeting, Bike Ed classes, SWPBS awards, our Info Night. We welcomed Ryan into the 2/3 classroom and our new P/1 teacher, Jen Birch, to the team and congratulated our teacher Nat on her special news - a baby due in August!

We've also had lots of parent volunteers in - gardening, sorting through all of our library books, reading in classrooms and more. If you'd like to join us, just see your teacher!

Throughout the last week we've 'unveiled' our new retaining walls and finally been able to access our paths again. Chan and the STEM trolley being most relieved we think! You may have also heard that we've had a lot more trades in this week. We've got a whole lot of security upgrades going on over the next few months. Michelle will be getting an office upgarde as well as the school getting new doors, locks, PA and more!

The classes are well and truly in the thick of Term 1 learning - practising and developing new skills through personal goals and continuing to strengthen their classroom bonds. All classes are now also having weekly Respectful Relationships lessons. If you get questions at home about getting along, safety and understanding and accepting ourselves and others, this might be why! If you'd like to know more about the lessons they can be found online here

You'll see below that we've put the call out for new school council members. This is an invaluable role within the school and we look forward to welcoming passionate parents who want to help us make the best school for our community. 

Lastly, just a reminder that fees, including music fees, are now overdue. If you have not made a payment or scheduled a plan, please come in and see Michelle early next week. 

Our Captains excitedly painting out SWPBS Echidna

Dates to Remember

Upcoming Events

Friday Feb 28thFees dueAll 
Friday 28/2 - 20/3Bike Ed on FridaysP-6
Monday March 9thLabour Day - NO SCHOOLAll
Wednesday Mar 11thSchool PhotosAll
Thursday Mar 12thCoffee and Chat with HayleyAll Parents Welcome
Thursday Mar 12thSchool CouncilNew & existing Members
Thursday Mar 19thCurriculum Day - NO SCHOOLAll
Friday Mar 20thBullying No Way DayAll
Wed Mar 25thSushi Obento LunchAll
Friday Mar 27thLast Day of School2:30pm finish

Assembly Dates

Friday: March 6th, March 20th

2020  Term Dates

TermStart DateEnd DateLength
Term 129th January  (Wed)27th March9 weeks
Term 214th April (Tues)26th June11 weeks
Term 313th July18th September10 weeks
Term 45th October18th December11 weeks

Curriculum Days 

  • Thursday 19th March
  • Thursday 7th May
  • Friday 24th July
  • Wednesday 25th November

Classroom News

Bike Education

On the 28/02/2020 the whole school did Bike Ed with a guy called Alex. He does Oz ride and he goes around teaching school kids about bike riding.

Today he went through the basic skills of bike riding! We learnt about the different braking types – the front emergency brake, the back brake to slow down and the double handed quick brake. We did a bike check to make sure our helmets were on properly and checked the different parts of our bike. We learnt to check A for Air in tyres, B for Brakes, C for our chains and D for drop to see if it made any strange noises.


My highlight for the session was the Give way activity where we rode in a figure 8 and we stopped at a Give way sign and when it was clear we rode off to the other cone I liked it because we had to follow the basic road rules it was SO FUN!


My highlight for the incredible session was also the Give Way activity!!! I liked it because it was the most active activity! It was so incredibly FUN!!! I also liked it because it was kind of getting us ready for driving cars. I can’t wait to do it next Friday!!!!

Tom F and Lumi

Photos of our fun!

What's happening in STEM?

Last week we looked at a natural disaster that can take you high up into the sky! Have a look at what we did on the S.T.E.M. blog: 

にほんご Japanese @ STAPS


Students have returned to the Japanese class with their continued enthusiasm for learning about the Japanese language and culture.

Year 4/5/6 students have been looking at the だる(Daruma), a famous Japanese doll which symbolises good luck, resilience and persistence. They have created their own Daruma poster with a wish which are on display on the library window. Next they will use the Daruma story to assist with setting goals in Japanese this year.

Year 1/2/3 students have been learning about theじゅうにし( Juunishi), the Japanese Zodiac Animals. They have discovered what zodiac year they are in Japanese, they ask each other what zodiac animal they are in Japanese, they write the Japanese animals in ひらがな(Hiragana), Japanese script, and match the English with the Japanese through a range of activities such online interactives, playdough, peg games.

I look forward to meeting the Foundation students, when they begin attending STAPS on Wednesdays.

Sushi Obento Lunch – Wednesday 25th March

Students will have the opportunity to order a Japanese Obento or Sushi Handrolls from Ogawa Japanese Café in Diamond Creek. Order forms will be available soon. 

Our Japanese Lessons

Echidna Council

Yesterday we had the first SRC meeting of the year. We talked about what was good in the classrooms like all the classrooms were happy playing together in basketball and having lots of fun with beyblades. One of the things we decided is that we'd like to move to the front of the school to play. We also talked about a fun day for this term. Some of the ideas were a dress up day, math day and lots more. After lots of discussion we decided to have a dress up day! We're going to have a... See our poster below. 

This term we are also focusing on how we can make writing more engaging for students. We all thought that nobody really likes handwriting so we wanted to change that. The students want to have a bit more of a voice in what they're writing. They want to be more engaged in writing and want longer writing projects and the chance to publish the work. We're going to work with teachers this year to keep talking about possible changes. 

Kelly - Student Voice Captain

School Council Elections

Dear Parents,

 School council elections are now open.  There is six parent positions available.  Nomination forms are available from the office and you can self-nominate.  Nomination forms must be returned to Hayley by 4pm on Tuesday 10th March.  If we receive more nominations than there are positions available, there will be a ballot.


Please consider volunteering your time for school council.  We meet twice per term.  It is a great way to gain a better understanding of our school and to be involved in shaping its direction.  There is more information available on the notice board.

 If you have any queries please feel free to speak to Hayley or me.


Mel Bartlett

Community News

STAPS FAIR - Sunday 26th April 11am - 3pm - St Andrews Hall

The PFA are having a great time organising our school fair. It is looking to be a really fun event. We’ve managed to secure a grant that will pay for a blow up obstacle course, laser tag, photo booth and materials for the Men’s Shed!

 If you haven’t done so already check out the helpers roster and pop your name down if you can help out on the day.

 Also if you have any vouchers or goods that you would like to donate for the Silent Auction or Lucky Ducks they can be left with Michelle at the office.


2020 PFA