Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School Newsletter

Term 4 - Issue 2. 08th November 2019

Dates to remember:

Monday 11th November

  • Remembrance Day Liturgy 08:30am

Wednesday 13th November

  • MacKillop Orientation- 2020 Grade 7

Thursday 14th November

  • Transition museum excursion 

Wednesday 20th November

  • Mother Teresa Open Day. 5:00pm 

Friday 22nd November

  • Principals morning tea to follow assembly 

Friday 29th November

Grade 1/2 excursion to Woolworths

Grade 4/5/6 excursion to Woolworths

Friday 6th December

  • End of year Mass - 11am
  • Xmas concert 5:30pm

Monday 9th December 

  • Year 6 mass 6:00pm

Thursday 12th December

  • Students finish

MTCPS Prayer

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers,

‘If you can’t see the stars twinkle in the night sky, it doesn’t mean that they have disappeared. They’re just behind a blanket of clouds and you will see them shine again.’

As a growing school we have been faced with many challenges including continual enrolments of new students, employing new staff, purchasing resources, setting up our policies and procedure from scratch and setting up the iLearn Centre.  We have much to be proud of in the work that has been done but as with any school there are areas which we can certainly improve. We value student, staff and parent input. Last year, we introduced readings in the morning which was somewhat successful. This year we have found that it has not been as successful. Upon listening to the input of students, staff and parents we introduced play before school. Students are allowed to bring handballs to play in the morning. We are also looking at more days to open the library other than Friday. 

 Parents as Partners

Thank you to all of the parents who attended our meeting on Monday. Moving forward in 2020 we are going to keep our Parent’s as Partner’s model however, we are going to designate the first Wednesday of each month to meet. Meeting time will be from 7.00- 8.00pm to allow parents a more suitable time to attend.

2020 Intentions

Please confirm 2020 enrolment intentions by Friday, 8th November. Classes are filling up very quickly, particularly in Transition to Year 3.  Priority will be given to those families who have confirmed return for 2020 and new students who have already enrolled.

End of year School Concert/Awards night

As we move into Week 5 of Term and with only four weeks left of our school year, we would like to remind parents of upcoming events including Year 6 Graduation and End of Year School Concert/Awards.  Friday – 6th December 5:00pm-5:30pm BBQ, 5:30pm-6:30pm- concert and awards.

Our end of year concert/awards night will be an opportunity to celebrate our first year as a Transition to Year 6 school at Mother Teresa Catholic Primary. Each class will perform a Christmas song and we will present awards for the following areas;

1.       Class Awards

Chief Minister Awards

Spirit of Mother Teresa Award

STEM award

2.       Individual Awards

Overall Spirit of Mother Teresa Award

IT Award

Scholarship Award – MacKillop

Peace and Happiness

Jo Martorella

Deputy News

Exciting times as we near the half way mark of the term.

 Canberra Camp

On Wednesday, we had a meeting with the parents of current Year 4/5 students seeking feedback on a Canberra Camp in 2020. A proposed itinerary was shared, along with other camp options closer to home. The attendees were enthusiastic, offering additional ideas and raising questions. Details will follow shortly including confirmed cost, itinerary, flights, accommodation, payment support and more. We will work through the year to try and find ways to off-set the cost for parents.

We will now settle into a two year cycle of Canberra, followed by Batchelor, or another local camping option. The two year cycle will allow students alternatives and also provide greater opportunity to pay for the Canberra trip.

 End of Year Activities

We want to confirm dates for rapidly approaching end of year events:

·         On Wednesday 4th December, students will have an hour with their 2020 teacher and classmates.

·         Our Christmas Concert will take place on Friday 6 December, beginning with a barbeque at 5:30pm, followed by Student Awards and our Christmas Concert at 6:00pm. We invite you all to attend what will be a wonderful night.

·          The Year 6 Graduation Mass will be held on Monday 9th December at 6:00pm in the iLearn Centre. A shared meal will be held afterwards as we celebrate our first group of graduating Year 6 students.

·         Semester Two reports will be sent home with students on Wednesday 11th December.

·         Students finish for the year on Thursday 12th December.

 2020 Intentions

Mrs Martorella and I are continuing daily enrolment interviews for incoming students. There are still a number of families who have not signalled their intentions for 2020. We urge you to do so at your earliest opportunity as our classes are rapidly filling up.


Brett Wilson

RE Report

Dear Parents and Carers,

 Thank you to all those who supported Socktober. We raised $162 for Catholic Mission. The students had great fun wearing crazy socks and supporting a worthy cause.

 Last Friday, Bishop Charles Gauci visited all classes. The students enjoyed interacting with him and asked lots of wondering questions. Bishop Charles was very impressed with the students. 

On Monday, we will celebrate Remembrance Day with a liturgy at 8:30 am. All are welcome to attend.


God Bless,

Justina Fernandes


Inquiry Learning Spaces

We are establishing Inquiry Learning Spaces and need some help with resources. As an environmentally aware school we hope to stock our spaces with reused, re purposed and recycled items. Items being donated need to be safe, clean and suitable for use with students from Transition to Year 6.

You can help us by donating any of the following items. Mrs Robson is most keen to accept these from you.

Things made of Metal:

·         Bowls, cups, plates, old cooking utensils (spoons), strainers, nuts and bolts, old tools (spanners, shifters, screw drivers - not rusty or damaged), lids off jars, toy cars, trucks

Things made of Wood:

·         Bowls, plates, spoons, cotton reels, small boxes, buttons, curtain rods, dowel, off cuts from decking, off cuts of pine or natural wood, wooden toys, pegs, placemats

Things from the environment:

·         Polished rocks, gems, jewels, gum nuts (ant and pest free), pinecones, beads

Things made of fabric: (Washed and clean)

·         Scarves, ribbons, scraps of fabric, string, wool, cotton string, netting, bandana’s, towels, wadding, cushion covers, sequins, pompoms, netting, burlap, hessian, large shirts and dresses, lace, shoelaces, table mats, raffia,

Things made of plastic:

·         Beads, bottle tops, gems, jewels, fishing line (clean), sand toys, pvc pipe off cuts, ping pong balls, bubble wrap, play animals, spools (wiper snipper/fishing line)

Things made of ceramic

·         Small tiles, crockery, dinner plates, canisters, mirrors (safe for student use)

Things made of Paper and Cardboard

·         Tubes (no toilet rolls please for hygiene reasons), mapping paper, telephone books

 From Mrs Robson

Inclusion Support Teacher

Finance News - 2020 School Fees

Please find attached a copy of our 2020 school fees

Finance News- 2020 ELC/OSHC/Vacation Care

Please find attached a copy of our ELC/OSHC/Vacation Care fees, effective May 1st, 2020.

Cultural Group - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students

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