Virginia Primary School Newsletter

Issue 17, 17/10/2019

From the Principal

Welcome Back

Welcome back to Term 4. We hope you had a restful school holiday break. I'm pleased to say that learning begun seamlessly in all classes this week, with children settling very quickly into normal learning routines. I have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of work I am seeing in classrooms.

This time of year is always the busiest, we will endeavor to ensure we keep you as informed as possible.

2020 Enrolments

We will soon begin to look at numbers of children and class structures for 2020. As we are zoned and have a significant increase in parents wishing to enrol their children here, it would help our planning if you could notify the school or front office of any changes for next year (if you are moving etc.).

From 2022, all Year 7 students will be attending high school. We will continue to have Year 7's up until this time and are confident in the quality of program we offer. We are aware that some secondary schools are offering Year 7 placements now and understand that if as a family your high school of choice is offering a placement you may want to transition your child. If this is the case, can you please let us know as it also supports us with planning.

Also, if you know of any families considering enrolling at Virginia for next year, could you please let them know to contact us as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help.


Can all donations please be finalised at the front office by the end of week 3 so we can organise prizes which will be presented at the Week 6 assembly.


The Daniel Morcombe Foundation was established in honour of Daniel Morcombe to make Australia a safer place for children. It was founded by parents Bruce and Denise after their son was abducted and murdered in December 2003 while waiting to catch a bus on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The aims of the Foundation are to educate children and young people about how to stay safe in physical and online environments and to support young victims of crime. Daniel’s story changed child safety in Australia and the determination and dedication of his parents has inspired the entire nation.

The red t-shirt Daniel was wearing the day he went missing has become a symbol of child safety awareness. Every year, thousands of people dress up in red for an annual National Day of Action for Child Safety, held on the last Friday in October: Day for Daniel.

Due to swimming in week 2, our school will be hosting a Day For Daniel Assembly in week 3 on Friday 1st of November. We are asking for everyone to wear red on this day and bring along a gold donation which will go to the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. We hope you will all support us in teaching our kids to keep safe.


Keeping Kids Safe

The Keeping Kids Safe Resources have been created in memory of Daniel Morcombe to help keep other children and young people safe. Every year new resources will be developed and released. Our teachers will be sharing them with their classes throughout the week.

Keeping Kids Safe Resources

The resources are written for a diverse range of students from prep to senior years and the suite contains over 20 videos and activities. They are best used as part of a comprehensive whole school approach to personal safety education and are aligned with the following:

> Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)

> Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum > Health Promoting Schools Framework

Recognise, React, Report

Swimming & Aquatics for 2019

Swimming forms for Reception - Year 5 were sent home Friday week 8

Swimming will take place in week 2 of term 4. Forms have been sent home early to give families time to get forms & payment back. Please ensure all paper work is filled out correctly and signed. Students with health/medical plans must have current plans and MUST have their OWN medication with them for the week clearly labelled with their name. 

Yr 6/7 Aquatics will take place on Thursday 24th October. These notes/forms have already gone home. Please ensure all paper work is filled out correctly and signed. As with swimming, students with health/medical plans must be up to date (within last 12 month period) and medication must go with the student on the day. 

If you have any queries, please check in with your child's teacher or our staff in the Front Office.


World Teachers’ Day

Friday the 25th of October is World Teachers’ Day. We are lucky at Virginia, and I feel privileged to work with such a fantastic teaching team and staff. Teaching is a huge job. It is a common misconception that teachers work from the hours of 8:30am – 4:00pm and get huge amounts of holidays. In reality, if you come see the car park at our school and others, you will quickly realise that the dedication, commitment and work behind the scenes spreads far beyond those hours. The biggest thank you for a teacher is seeing children thrive and learning to their full potential, however it might also be nice to say thanks if you see a teacher over the next few days!

Did you know....?

Being late for just 10 minutes each day across a child’s years at school equates to a whole term of lost learning. That’s right, 50 days of lost learning. This doesn’t take into account days sick or any other family related reasons that children can at times be away for. Not only does it mean lost learning time, it also makes it hard for your child to settle into the morning learning routine. Over the coming weeks we would like to support in any way we can to ensure we get our children in class and ready to learn by 8:55am. We will be contacting families over the coming weeks to see if there is any way we can provide any support to those who have been arriving late.


Attendance at school is a DECD requirement and it is expected that ALL students will have an attendance rate of 93% or higher for the school year.


“The Education Act 1972 requires that children of compulsory school age be enrolled at school. A condition of that enrolment is that a student is required to fully participate in the education program arranged and approved by the enrolling school. Such participation is to include engagement and attendance as required by the program.


Children and students need to maximise attendance at school to gain optimum benefit from education. Ensuring regular attendance at school is a shared responsibility between parents/caregivers, and the school. Research shows that success in learning is directly proportional to regular attendance and participation in education programs”.


As a school, we are working hard to keep our attendance rate as high as possible. We understand that at times your child will have a day away from school when they are unwell or for other reasons. If this is the case, can you please ensure you contact us so we are aware of why they have been absent.


To notify the school you can use any of the following forms of communication:

- Provide a note in your child’s communication book/ diary

- Phone the school on 8380 9292

- Use the Skoolbag app


Our classrooms open from the first bell at 8:50am and your child’s learning commences at 8:55am so it is expected that your child is here prior to this time ready to commence their learning. A teachers is on duty from 8:30am supervising the asphalt. 

Term 4 Calendar


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