WEEK 4 TERM 1 2021

From the Principal

Dear parents and members of the OLSH community and extended OLSH community,

Daily school life continues to burst with energy and enthusiasm and OLSH continues to maintain its traditional focus on high quality learning every day in every lesson.  We also ensure our students are receiving a well-rounded education. 

SRC 2021

Last week, SRC elections were held.   I am delighted to announce and congratulate the following students who have been elected to positions of leadership for 2021.

We wish them much joy in their task of leading the student body as role models of dignity, courage and respect.

This group of leaders will have their Retreat day on Wednesday 24 February and their formal commissioning Mass on Friday 26 February.


Christopher Avuchulas

Lourdes Kangol



Wayne Kanawi

Melanie Kelep



Year 5

Israel Charles

Keiler Yali


Year 6

Anthony Vovola

Nukasa Thomas


Year 7

Daniel Vovola

Rihannah Jee Wakeri


Year 8

Ezra Charles

Robertha Anis


Year 9

Joseph Kapus

Marsha Pansop Wularia


Year 10

Shadrach Nason

Christine Thomas


Year 11

Leon Thomas

Regina Siangat


Year 12

Christopher Avuchulas

Lourdes Kangol


Red House


Owen Butler

Sarah Lim



Joseph Timan

Brianna Kimbe


Yellow House


Joachim Chan

Jessica Akaripa



Caylah Korere

Adela Rangatin


Green House


Wayne Kanawi

Zeruiah Pitalai



Mikaylah Getzo

Macford Macnai


Blue House


Liam Burain

Elisheba Zeriga



Tutuge Kiapgas

Iesha Pansop Wularia





















From the Acting Principal

I take this opportunity to thank all P-12 staff for their loyalty to OLSH and all their hard work after hours’ time that they have put in to make our Parents as Partners Evenings a success.  Our success depends on the quality of our staff members and we recognize and appreciate their daily contribution and achievements. I have received positive feedback, from parents who attended each of the evenings, of the effort of teachers and staff in the school evident in the meetings through the various group presentations to parents outlining the wonderful work and initiatives that are currently in operation in the primary and secondary.

Additional Parents as Partners Evenings

Thank you to all parents who made the time to attend each of the earlier events.  In order to permit all parents who were unable to attend the earlier evenings, we offer the following evenings:

  • Primary : Wednesday 3 March - 4.00 to 5.00 pm
  • Secondary:  Wednesday 10 March – 4.00 to 5.00 pm


I encourage all parents to ensure you make the time to attend the above evenings and make that vital early face-to-face contact with your child’s teacher.  We need your support to do the best we can for your child’s education.

Mr Patrick Baiwan

The Third of the 3A’s – APPLICATION – Daily home study

Parents and guardians we are asking for your support with the afterhours study routine for your child/children.

Teachers have been speaking to Heads of School about their concerns regarding the lack of application by some students.  Following the inaugural Parents as Partners Evenings, I reiterate OLSH expectations of student application and parent support:

All students from Years 5-12 are expected to do home study in the evenings once they have had some rest and a snack. 


  • Prep – Daily sight words, phonics and numbers to 20, addition and subtraction facts to 10.
  • Years 1 & 2 – Daily sight words and reading, multiplication tables
  • Years 3 and 4 -  Daily sight words and reading, multiplication tables and assessment tasks
  • Years 5 and 6 – at least 45 minutes each evening –reading, multiplication tables and assessment tasks
  • Year 7 –1 hour
  • Year 8 – 1.5 hours
  • Year 9 – 2 hours
  • Year 10 – 2.5 hours
  • Years 11  - 3 hours
  • Year 12 – 3.5 hours 

(As it is possible that 3 to 3.5 hours each evening may not be achievable due to fatigue, Year 11 & 12 students are strongly advised to clock up a total of 10 hours of study time broken up in short blocks of 1.5 – 2 hours)

“Every Student Under the Microscope” – Year Level Teacher Meetings

Year Level Teacher Meetings for Years 10 and 8 took place this week.   Teachers are working strategically with their finger on the pulse of every student’s learning needs, tracking every student’s progress and planning lessons strategically.  Parents please send your child/children to school every day and support their home study.

Year 12 Retreat

This important event in the life of every Year 12 student in Catholic schools the world over, was very successful from all accounts.  I thank Mr Raymond Rangatin and Mrs Rachel Baiwan for their presence and support for the students.  Fr Julius Poniu, Parish Priest, facilitated the day delivering 2 inspiring sessions.  Sarah Lim and Owen Butler share their experiences below.

Year 12 Students reflect on their retreat

On the 10th of February, we the seniors of 2021 attended our final class retreat.  It was a day filled with grey clouds, roaring wind, downpours and sudden realizations. The drive to Lossuk was long to say the least but worth it as we were greeted with beaming rays of sunlight and a cool sea breeze; which lasted for about 25 minutes when they were swapped out for the aforementioned clouds, wind and rain. However, this atmosphere really enhanced the moments of reflection during and in-between sessions.

Putting God First - The focal point in this session was about remembering that the good Lord is always with us and we must acknowledge this by putting Him front and centre as His gracious hand guides us with finding our best selves. We are perfect in His eyes as we were created in His image to carry out the Word and spread love in a sometimes cruel, judgmental world. It is also vital to have our uniqueness distinguish us from each other as these quirks may play roles in our pursuit of happiness.

Overall, this day brought about various emotions, thoughts and awareness to the complexities of human life; it added on to more questions about us as people in a society; gave us a new appreciation of our lives with its challenges and blessings as well as the beginning of our journeys toward adulthood.

Sarah Lim

Red House Captain


We had two sessions during the retreat.  After Father Julius gave us some input, we were asked to answer two questions:

1)      What do you want from this retreat? Or what do I think God wants me to look for?

2)      What is God’s calling in the present context of my life?

Our answers were placed at the foot of the cross on the table Father used. Father said every time he said Mass, he would commit our answers to God’s grace and pray for us.

Some advice Father gave to us during this session include;

Ø  Through bad and good times always praise God. You will receive blessings when you don’t expect it. 

Ø  God wants us to respect ourselves and always take care of our lives. Always have God close by your side.

Ø  Always respect other’s dignity.


The Retreat day meant a lot to me, because it was a time to really focus on my spiritual side, to strengthen my relationship with the Lord, to have a clear, positive and right mindset throughout the rest of the year, with God always by my side. As this is our final year, we want to be remembered and have permanent footsteps here in OLSH.

What my fellow classmates and I will remember from this Retreat is what Father Julius taught us, and gave us; the advice and encouragement necessary for life ahead of us.

I would like to say thank you to Father Julius, Mrs Baiwan, Mr Baiwan and Mr Rangatin for organizing this day for the Year 12 class.  We really do appreciate them and all of their effort.


Owen Butler

Red House Captain

Important Calendar Dates


24 – SRC Retreat

26 – SRC Commissioning


3 – Primary Parents as Partners Evening; Year 10 Retreat; Year 7 Teachers Meeting

10 – Secondary Parents as Partners Evening

24 – Year 8 Retreat

26 – Athletics Carnival

31 – P-12 Parent Teacher Interviews

From the Head of Religious Education, Faith and Mission

CATHOLIC CHURCH CALENDAR: 6th week in the ordinary Year ‘B’ 2021         



Message: Lord if you wish, you can make me clean.

All the time Jesus was on earth he cured many people who were sick. He shows true compassion and care for the entire human race. He wants to free all of us from the things that stop us growing as loving people. Jesus is always there to help us through our own prayers and through our community.

Ash Wednesday this week begins the season of lent. The season of lent goes for 40 days in preparation for Easter Sunday. In these 40 days we have to pray a lot and do good to others and try not to do bad things that will make us sin against God. During these 5 weeks we must not eat red meat every Friday. This is to remind us of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins. There will be the stations of the cross every Friday afternoon at 4pm at the cathedral. All are most welcome.

Friday school mass for this week will be led by the Year 9 class here at the MSC hall at 8:30 Am. Please be at school before 8:00am and bring something for offertory.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Mr R. Rangatin

Year 12 Retreat

Secondary Parents as Partners Evening

Ash Wednesday Service