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July 17, 2019

At St Patrick’s Parish Primary School we hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as a central and fundamental responsibility of our school.

From The RE Leader - Peter Sanderson

Preferential Option for the Poor

Means seeing the world through the eyes of the poor which then leads to action for justice with and on behalf of those who are poor and marginalised.  We are called to look at public policy decisions in terms of how they affect the poor.

St Patrick’s Parish First Eucharist Preparation

A meeting for parents and First Eucharist candidates will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 23rd July at St Patrick’s School. At this meeting we will go through arrangements for the sacrament of First Eucharist and complete the first topic of the preparation program. We will also organise family meeting groups, times and venues for the remaining three topics. Parents are strongly urged to make themselves and their children available for this meeting. If you have any questions, please contact Peter Sanderson.

Mini Vinnies Blanket & Beanie Drive

Families are invited to donate to our Blanket & Beanie Drive as a means of supporting the Vinnies Winter Appeal. New or used items in good condition will be gratefully accepted. This appeal will run to Friday 26th July.

Tuesday 23rd July      

Meeting for parents and children enrolled in Eucharist Preparation Program, St Patrick’s  School Library 7.00pm

Thursday 15th August

Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - 10.00am Mass

Sunday 18th August  

First Eucharist, St Patrick’s Church 10.30am

From The Principal - Sue Paulka

Dear Parents, Parishioners, Carers, Staff & Students,

Welcome back to school for Term 3. I hope everyone enjoyed the break. We have another busy term ahead with First Eucharist, school production preparations, Hooptime competitions, Book Week, F-2 excursion and Yr 3/4 camp to name just a few.

Our sympathy is extended to Cara, Steve, Mia (Yr 1), Jai and Marli Coxall and Alysha, Mark, Claudia (Yr 6), Tessa (Yr 4) and Bonnie Phillips and on the death of their respective grandmothers and great grandmothers last week.

Working Bee 

There will be a working bee this Saturday 20th July beginning at 9.00am. Please bring gardening tools and if someone could bring along a trailer to take away the green waste, that would be appreciated. The following families are rostered on: Malady, Wright, Barry, West, Fitzsimmons, N. & C. Down, C. Williams, Wagg, V. Parkinson, Fox, Roberts, Whitfield, Matthews, Lambert, Cryer and Morris.

Planning 2020

Enrolment interviews will be taking place over the next few weeks and this will then allow us to begin our planning for 2020 in terms of class arrangements and staffing. If you know your child/children (other than current Year 6 students) will not be attending St Patrick’s next year, it would be appreciated if you could let us know as soon as possible. This then makes our planning as accurate as possible.

Kind regards,

Sue Paulka


School News


Reminder that we are in the process of using CDF Pay for all canteen orders and this will be the only option by the end of Term 3. We will accept cash orders until then but encourage all parents to sign up for CDF Pay. Information was emailed to all parents at the end of Term 2. Please see details below.

Thursday July 18      Mia Wolff, Kate Dempsey, Lashae Harman

Friday July 19            Bree Porter, Tamara Wright, Rebecca Greene

Thursday July 25      Nikki Payne, Sioban Murnane, Felicity Little

Friday July 26            Jenny McNeil, Sarah Dyson, Clare Potter

Thursday Aug 1       Donna Parsons, Julia Gibbons, Sarah Lu

Friday Aug 2             Lucy Lehne, Rhea Thomas

Library Reshelving- For the week of:

Monday July 15        Michelle Fox

Monday July 22        Tatiana Resk Wilson

Monday July 29        Caroline McGowan

Sickbay Linen

Friday July 19            Jessica Lambert

Friday July 26           Katelyn Mulraney

PAM - Parent Access Module

PAM is used for Absences, School Activities, Reports, Learning Conversations, Numeracy & Literacy Interviews

Wellbeing News

House Groups

Skeins of wool are required for house groups for this term. If you have some left over wool and would like to donate it to house groups, please send it to 5/6B. 

Thank you.

House Groups this term will be Weeks  1, 3, 5, 7, 9.

We are asking for parental assistance in weeks 3 and 7.  The assistance will be for cooking and craft activities. The activities will be all set up, we will just need parents to help the students with the making and cleaning up. Please see Antonia Balmer if you can assist.

School Awards

3/4M.L News


In preparation for the sacrament of Eucharist we will be working through our Religion unit “Breaking the Bread”. Students will make connections with prayer, scripture and symbols while learning the story of the passover, last supper and Eucharist. We will be going on an excursion to the Village Bakery to make bread and we will close our unit by inviting family and friends to join us at the end of term to share a meal. 


For the first half of Term 3 we will be working on our subtraction unit. We will be applying the strategies and skills we learned in our addition unit to work through subtraction problems.


Prepare to hear a lot about our Inquiry/ICT unit this term. Our focus is on Digital Technologies. The students will participate in real life lessons by applying their S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) knowledge. Their lessons will include coding, animation/design, sphero robotics and photography.


The countdown is on for our school camp to Roses Gap! Our days are jam packed with activities such as the flying fox, low ropes, vertical playground, bushwalks, hut building, disco, talent show and the Halls Gap Zoo! 

Spring Fair News

School Community News

Canteen Orders - CDFpay

Thank you to the families who have already signed up for CDFpay, we are transitioning to a cashless canteen. We are aiming to have all lunch orders paid via CDFpay by the end of Term 3.  You will no longer need to write out your child's order as they will be printed on stickers which will then be placed on your child's lunch bag/container. Please ensure that the lunch bag/container is clearly labelled with your child's name.

Please see below for more information on how to make CDFpay account, an email was sent out at the end of last term and there is also a flyer on the school website in the Parent Information section or click on the link below.


Dear Parents,

We understand there are many times when you may need to provide cash to your child to pay for canteen, uniform, special food days. But cash isn’t the only option in today’s world; which is why we want to make it convenient for you to make payments.

In Term 3 we will be introducing CDFpay, which is a cash-free solution for our canteen, special food days & uniform store. This solution is an online payment platform offered by the Catholic Development Fund Melbourne (CDF).

We will be encouraging all parents to use this simple, cash-free platform in the future. For canteen and special food days we will only be accepting payment by this method but parents can still choose to pay via cash or EFTPOS for uniform, however to ensure the success and drive the full benefits of this program we encourage your participation.

The benefits of our school going cash-free with CDFpay are:

  • Greater security: a safer option where you don’t have to be concerned about your child losing cash from their bags and pockets.

  • Anytime, any device:  order and pay for lunches (while setting dietary needs & allergy requirements) from your mobile, tablet or computer at any time.

  • Fast & easy payments: it allows credit card or bank transfer payments. Stored credit cards make the process of [ordering lunch] faster and easier than ever.

  • Reduced administration: counting and handling cash is costly for the school, especially now that we do not have a NAB branch in town. CDFpay will help eliminate admin fees so we can better distribute funds for other activities.

The brochure on how to download the app, create an account, how to order and more can be found on our website in the Parent Information section, click on the link below, a copy was also emailed to all parents at the end of Term 2. We look forward to working with you as we implement CDFpay in our school community. 

If you have any questions, please contact the school office.

PAM - How To Enter A Student Absence

PAM - How To Complete An Excursion Permission

Deconstruction Group

The Deconstruction Group is requesting items for their lunchtime alternative play session. We are asking for used/non-working appliances, such as toasters, remotes, hair dryers, old toys & small battery operated appliances. NO televisions, microwaves, computers or mobile phones, as these can retain a dangerous charge for years, even when turned off and unplugged. 

Other items that could be donated:

- Safety goggles

- Tools (screw drivers, pliers)

Hannah Williams

Our pupil free days for this year are as follows:

August 19 - Writing Essential Learnings

November 18 - Report Writing Day

Sporting Schools - Term 3

Sporting Schools will commence on Wednesday July 31 for Term 3.

Attendance is done through our Skoolbag App. Attendance forms must be filled in by 10am on the day of attendance.

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Parish Masses

Port Fairy St Patrick's & Koroit Infant Jesus Mass Times

Saturday July 20 @ 6.30pm - Koroit

Sunday July 21 @ 10.30am - Port Fairy

Community News