Santa Sophia Catholic College Newsletter

September Newsletter - Term 3, Week 10 2020

Welcome Address by Mark De Vries

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Enrolments now open: please let your family/friends know

Did you miss the Virtual Parent Education Network Facebook LIVE? You can now view the replay here

Feature in 'The Educator' Magazine

Our Principal and our College has been featured in a special article in The Educator Online Magazine. The article was titled: How 'pre to post' education is changing the game. Principal Mark DeVries is reimagining education at Santa Sophia Catholic College" .

Please view the article here

Primary Update: Term 3 2020

Kindergarten and Year 1 has been engaged in some exciting learning during the second half of Term 3. Read about it on our website here.

Kindergarten Investigations

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Science Fair: Year 9

On Friday 28 August, students in Stage 5 (Year 9) presented their investigations from their Student Research Project during an in-school Science Fair. Read all about it on our website here and view all the photos on our website gallery here

Year 7 PIP: Youth and Culture

Students in the Year 7  "Youth and Culture" PIP put together 'Blessing Bags', which were filled with everyday essentials and personalised with prayer cards and letters to donate to the St Vincent de Paul Society. Read all about it on our website here

iStem students using machines

In iSTEM*, students from Stage 5 have been learning about how simple machines such as levers, inclined planes, wheels, pulleys and screws can reduce the amount of effort required to complete a task. Read about it here

Developing future-proof skills in TAS

Stage 4 (Year 8) students in TAS have been developing their own video games within the context of learning about algorithms. Through this project, students have been learning coding, problem-solving and creative thinking, future-proof skills that are now necessary for a wide range of professions. View more information and a video regarding this project on our website here.

R U OK Day?

Thursday 10 September was R U OK Day. This is our national day of action when we remind ourselves that every day is the day to ask, “Are you OK?” if someone in your world is struggling with life’s ups and downs. In 2020, this question to connect with others is more relevant than ever. Find out all about how we marked this day at Santa Sophia Catholic College on our website here.

Write a Book In a Day

On Wednesday 16 September, a team of 8 students had 8 hours to write and illustrate a book to enter into the Write a Book in a Day Competition run by The Kids’ Cancer Project.  What a huge ask but the students proved to be up to the challenge. Read more about it on our website here

Message from Fr Carlos

Dear Friends in Christ

I would like to send you just a brief note before you head into a few weeks of holidays.

One of the salient features that strike a newcomer to this area, like me, is the young families, and therefore the number of youths. It is so inspiring to see so many families come to Church and pray together!

It evokes the Holy Family of Nazareth, where Mary and Joseph would spend quiet times with Jesus. I think of Mary or Joseph teaching Jesus to recite the Psalms as a young boy, that he would later on be so fond to quote during his public life and ministry. It all started so simply and down to earth…

Nazareth is the school in which we begin to understand the life of Jesus. It is the school of the Gospel. Here we learn to observe, to listen, to meditate, and to penetrate the profound and mysterious meaning of that simple, humble, and lovely manifestation of the Son of God. And perhaps we learn almost imperceptibly to imitate Him (Paul VI).

Your moments of prayer with your children are your best investment on them as they truly are life-long investments.

I wish you a nice family time!

Fr Carlos

If you would like to organise a time to meet with Fr Carlos you can make an appointment using the Parish Office number: 8883 4063

Gold Award Recipient: Erica Pisani

Recently we had a special presentation of our College's Inaugural Principal's Gold Award Ceremony.

The first ever Gold Award recipient was Year 8 student, Erica Pisani. 

Read all about it on our website here.

Well done Erica!

Wellbeing Update

by Mrs Anoushka Houseman

New Students

Once again we warmly welcome our new students and their families to our College. It’s wonderful to see our community continuing to grow even mid term! 

Group Programs

Our school counsellor (Zoe Sweeney), and Wellbeing Leader (Anoushka Houseman), have commenced a second anxiety group with 8 students in the secondary school participating and this will continue into Term 4.

In primary, our school counsellor (Lynne Wainwright) has commenced a couple of social skills programs which continue to be thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

Given our 1 2 3 Magic and Emotion Coaching Parenting program for parents of primary students only had 1 of 3 sessions go ahead (due to COVID-19 restrictions), we have recorded a series of 3 webinars to summarise the content of each session. Each of these webinars are approximately 30 minutes long.

ZOOM Q & A SESSION: Tuesday 22 September

On Tuesday 22 September (Week 10) at 7pm, we will host a Zoom call where parents who have watched the webinar series can ask questions or discuss how they are going with the strategies implemented. This will be available to parents of both Santa Sophia as well as Our Lady of the Angels as previously arranged.

Link to Session 1 Parenting Summary

Link to Session 2 Parenting Summary

Link to Session 3 Parenting Summary

If you would like to register for the Q&A Zoom meeting based on the information given in the webinars, please email Anoushka Houseman on to register.

Positive Behaviour Support for Learning - PBS4L

We recently had a PBS4L challenge in the secondary school to see which classroom could be kept the tidiest over a 3 week period. The winning class group was Year 7 Navy! They earned a pizza party on Thursday 10th September and to keep with COVID-19 restrictions where food sharing is not allowed, each student was able to order their very own box of pizza!! There were some very pleased students! 

Teen Mental Health First Aid - Year 9

Year 9 have also been participating in the teen Mental Health First Aid program during their PDHPE lessons. This is a 3 session program developed by Mental Health First Aid Australia which is a nationally accredited program. The aim is to give teenagers the skills they need to recognise and help with mental health problems and crises in their friends, and to ensure they get the help of an adult quickly. Young people will often turn to each other when stressed or upset, and try to help each other, taking on too much. This course teaches them not to take on these problems alone. 

Your child will bring their manual home after session 3. There are resources for further information in the back and you may want to explore them together. All students who participate in the program will receive a teen Mental Health First Aid certificate which is helpful to include on their CV.

Parenting Corner:

5 ways to reduce pester power! Read this article by Michael Grose here.

Why parents being in love is great for your kids. Read this article by Dr Justin Coulson with advice here

Want to develop strong family traditions? Find out how in this article by Michael Grose here.

Read about what we can learn from St Gianna Molla on self-care, fun and motherhood here

CEDP Primary and Secondary Sport Update

Please note the important changes to Diocesan sport in Term 3:

1. All Primary and Secondary inter-school sports scheduled for Term 3 have been suspended until further notice.

2. All Primary and Secondary Gala Days scheduled for Term 3 have been cancelled.

3. All Primary and Secondary Athletics Carnivals scheduled for Term 3 or Term 4 have been cancelled. 

4. All Primary and Secondary Intra-school sport is permitted, as long as appropriate COVID Safe plans and procedures are in place.


Dates for your Diary:

Due to Covid-19 many of our school events and activities have had to be postponed until further notice. 

Friday 25 September:

- Last day of Term 3

Monday 12 October:

- First day of Term 4