Newsletter Term 2 | Week 6

Message from Ms D'Aloia

The staff and I are so grateful that you are maintaining social distancing, helping to keep our school safe!  Thank you! Some exciting news! I recently received the first draft of the school grounds Master Plan and have shared this with the teachers and students.  I include the first draft of the concept plan for you in this newsletter for further comment and feedback.  An A3 copy of this plan has been placed on the school office window!  The students have had class meetings and these discussions have been shared with the Student Representative Council.  It is fabulous to see groups of students in deep conversation scrutinizing the plans during break times!  The School Board have also been involved in discussions and all feedback will be shared with the landscape architects when we meet next week.  Following these discussions, a revised Master Plan will be submitted to the City of Charles Sturt for further discussion and approval.  As soon as this approval has been granted and development approval received, we can start the transformation of our school grounds by demolishing the existing buildings!  How exciting!  Following the approval of the Master Plan, tenders will be sought and the School Board in partnership with the Catholic Education Infrastructure Team will determine how this project will be managed!  

Please email your feedback by Monday 8 June

God Bless,

Maria D'Aloia

Master Plan | School Grounds

Sports Update | COVID-19

As you may be aware, many restrictions have recently been lifted allowing commencement of community sport in South Australia.

We are working towards having all teams ready to resume formal competition as soon as is allowable.

NWJSA (Soccer) has indicated that the proposed commencement date for school soccer will be Saturday 25th July. More information will be available following the delegates meeting on 29th June.

As information becomes available from St Clair (Netball and Basketball) we will be in touch with those families who are registered for these sports.

SACPSSA has deferred the commencement of all interschool carnivals to Term 3.

We will endeavour to keep you updated as soon as information becomes available from our local sporting organisations and ask you to be understanding of the continuing changes to current information while we all aim to keep on top of the current policies.

Student-Parent-Teacher Learning Conversations

Learning Conversations will take place in Week 8 & 9.

I hope you all take the opportunity of meeting with your child’s class teacher to share in your child’s learning, hear what goals have already been achieved and help shape new goals with your child for them to achieve in Semester 2.  Goal setting is essential for growth and development.  All staff have annual goals aligned to the School Improvement Plan.  As a learning community we are all committed to building our capacity and delivering a contemporary curriculum to help all our students achieve. We believe setting goals with students is a life skill that will help set them up for success.

Book in an appointment with your child's teacher using the code that went home this week.

Professional Learning

As mentioned in a previous newsletter teachers have been involved in professional learning with educational consultant, Tony Hole to further develop our understanding and implementation of ‘spelling’ in the school.  We have been focussing on developing a 'language', to talk about our thinking of words, developing a word-conscious culture and planning for investigative word study.  Research indicates that when spelling is approached in this ‘holistic’ way, students’ level of transfer to writing and application across all curriculum areas is more successful than focussing on a weekly spelling test! 

School Fees | Term 2 Update

Term 2 accounts have been sent to all families via the post.  

The due date for payment is Friday 19 June 2020 unless you are paying via regular deduction or have made prior arrangements with Karyn Burlow, Finance Administrator.


NO U-Turns on Albemarle Street

Updated Street markings: Continuous painted solid white line

It is an offence to cross over a continuous painted solid white line, therefore those vehicles which are conducting u-turns in that area, are committing offences under the Road Traffic Act. 

The only exceptions to this rule is when vehicles cross a continuous painted solid white line when leaving the road to enter a carpark, driveway or side street, which in this case doesn’t apply.

Description of OffenceExpiation FeeLevyTotalDemerit Points
U-turn on road with continuous driving line$405$60$4653

As you can see the expiation notice is extremely expensive and also carries a loss of 3 demerit points. This area will be regularly patrolled.

National Reconciliation Week May 27th to June 3rd

Classes have participated in activities and prayer services in recognition of National Reconciliation Week. National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is an opportunity for all of us to reflect on our journey so far, and explore how each of us, individually and collectively, can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia. 

Each year, Reconciliation Australia selects a new theme to celebrate NRW. The 2020 theme is In This Together. We remember that May 27 and June 3 are important dates in Australia’s history. May 27 marks the anniversary of the 1967 referendum when Australians voted to remove clauses in the Australian Constitution that discriminated against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. June 3 marks the historic 1992 Mabo decision in which the High Court of Australia recognised native title—the recognition that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ rights over their lands did survive British colonisation.

We acknowledge our school site is on the land of Kaurna people and pay our respects to their elders both past and present, for they hold the memories, the culture and the wisdom upon which our nation’s future will be built.

Preschool Reflections

National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.

We have also been viewing videos that teach Kaurna greetings and words for Australian animals. Pirlta the Possum, Kurraka, the Magpie and Kuula the Koala teach us some Kaurna language.

The Preschoolers sang the Kaurna welcome song under the Aboriginal and Australian flags.

Preschool Story | Warnayarra the Rainbow Snake

As a part of our Reconciliation week activities we read Warnayarra the Rainbow Snake a creature who represents a strong force during a wild storm. In response to the story, the children have drawn, painted and created snakes with clay and craft materials.

The Preschoolers Rainbow Snake Creations

OSHC Reflections

During this National Reconciliation Week, (NRW) 2020 with the theme “In This Together, our Educators and the children have been focussing on Togetherness project. The project that depicts our rich national and multicultural diversity of our OSHC service reassures educators & the students that we stand together as a service whether in a crisis or reconciliation. Several children have participated in the project and most of them have painted their handprints or have made individual paintings. Some of our educators have also painted their national colours. 

Featuring exquisite illustrations from Dub Leffler, that link the emotion of the past with the present, this story will help children understand our history, and the damaging injustice done to Australia's Stolen Generation. It is an essential story that encourages us to continue on the path towards reconciliation.

Reconciliation Week Prayer

God of love and justice, we pray that our political, religious and community leaders act in the interests of all the people in this land... that they walk the talk of reconciliation.

Lord, Hear Us

ALL: Lord, come walk with us towards peace and reconciliation


God of love and justice, we pray for those who still suffer sadness because of the government policies of the past ... may they be healed by us walking the talk of your Gospel command tolove.

Lord Hear Us

ALL: Lord, come walk with us towards peace and reconciliation


God of love and justice, we pray for those who are ostracised because they walk the talk of reconciliation. May our nation encourage and celebrate their work.

Lord Hear Us

ALL: Lord, come walk with us towards peace and reconciliation


God of Love and justice, help us to learn the message of justice taught by Pope Francis who has instructed us to go out. Go out and share... go out and interact with our brothers and sisters, go out and share, go out and ask. Become your Word in body as well as spirit.

ALL: Lord, come walk with us towards peace and reconciliation


Last weekend (Sunday 31st May), the Church celebrated Pentecost, one of the most important feast days of the year that concludes the Easter season and celebrates the beginning of the Church. After this Feast we change from the Easter Colour of White to Green for Ordinary time.



Sunday Mass - 10:30am

Mass Online with Fr Lancy & Deacon Michael

Every Wednesday - 6:00pm

Beginning with Rosary, followed by Mass, and concluding with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Email: for further information

Or access via Facebook Live:

As a response to the COVID 19 situation while Masses have been suspended, the Family and Parish-Based Catechesis Office has prepared liturgies with a focus on children.

Families can use these at home to reflect on the Gospel each Sunday.

This can be found at this link on the Archdiocesan website:

Class Masses & Liturgies

Please find links for our Liturgies and Assemblies that are being live streamed on the days listed below. This is an important way for our St Joseph’s School to maintain community.

Vinnies Winter Appeal

Mini Vinnies have a blue Vinnies bin in the downstairs breakout space. They are collecting donations of clean blankets, sleeping bags, beanies, socks etc, that can be delivered to St Vincent de Paul’s to be distributed by Fred’s Van.

St Vincent de Paul Cooking

Another initiative that they are in the process of planning is to cook meals that can be frozen and also used by Vinnie’s Food distribution.

Over the coming weeks they will be working in groups of around 5-8 in the hall kitchen, supported by Ms D’Aloia and Miss Clark. They are seeking any donations of:

  • pumpkins
  • potatoes
  • zucchini
  • garlic
  • onion
  • dried pasta
  • sweet potatoes
  • canned or fresh tomatoes
  • monetary donations to purchase further ingredients

We greatly appreciate the generosity of our St Joseph’s Community.

? Congratulations!

Congratulations to children who received awards at Assembly recently.

Classroom teachers select students who demonstrate our School Values: Respect, Compassion, Hope, Forgiveness and Service.

Week 4 WinnersWeek 5 Winners
Eli - RMNatasha - RM
Laleia - RSDarcia - RS
Amanuel - 1/2CChelsea - 1/2C
Ella-Jane - 1/2GMAuri - 1/2GM
Alexander - 1/2RTilly - 1/2R
Atticus - 3TChelsea - 3T
Ruby - 4MCChanh - 4MC
Mila - 4/5CHiyab - 4/5C
Jordina - 5/6EDMarcus - 5/6ED
Ayan - 5/6TDPAndre - 5/6TDP

? Week 6 Assembly - Watch Live

Medical Conditions/Allergies/Intolerances

As mentioned in the first newsletter this year there is an increasing number of students who have medical conditions, allergies and/or food intolerances. It is therefore requested that cakes, lollies and other foods are not brought in for birthdays and other celebrations. Children who attend the preschool have very ‘healthy eating habits’ and share fruit platters and/or bring in a variety of novelties like stickers or fancy pencils as an alternative.

Since COVID-19 it is important that NO food or items are shared. You may recall the P & F Easter raffle was cancelled following advice from the SA Health due to not having a definitive understanding on how long the virus remains on surfaces.Until further notice students celebrating birthdays or special events are not able to distribute novelties or gift bags.

Your cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated. Every child matters!

We want to continue maintaining a safe environment for all.

We are ALL in this together.

BYOD Device | Update

The update of the BYOD Devices will continue over the next two weeks. Instructions on how to update your device has been posted on classroom Seesaw pages. 

If you have any questions please contact Miss Clark.

Dates to Remember

Order Recess items for your child via the Qkr! app

Tuckshop Menu

The tuckshop is open for lunch orders only. Orders can be made via the Qkr! app. We will let families know once the tuckshop resumes over the counter trading.

Congratulations on Miss Comitogianni's Engagement!


The Runaway Damper is a story about a swagman who bakes a damper in his camp fire but the cheeky damper runs away with many Australian animals in hot pursuit. Finally, a clever girl catches him and eats him up, he was simply delicious! We made a Damper Man after reading the story on Friday.

- A kindergarten child who is an effective communicator, explores and engages in literacy in personally meaningful ways.

Term 3 Preschool & Reception Transition Visits

Transitions are periods of change and continuity.

They are a period where children and families must adapt to new circumstances, expectations, people, environments and routines.

This week the children starting school in Term 3 had their first visit to the Reception unit and the Preschool hosted a visit by our new Term 3 children.

Air Investigations

Our air investigations continued this week with the creation of individual balloon rockets.

 Air is all around us, and invisible, which makes it an interesting and challenging science concept to pre-school children.

“It had to be blown up, thumb on straw and blow again and then hold it a lot, then it flies around.”  - Nathan L

“I was blowing it really big it flew all the way to the sky. I did a balloon at home too.” - Lucas

“My balloon went down, then it went everywhere up to the sky.”  - Sia

Air Investigations

Receptions | Hibernation

Something appeared in the Reception class and the children came up with some theories.

Freya said it was a cave.

Eli explained that an owl could be sleeping because they hunt for food at night.

Hayden explained that animals that sleep during the day are nocturnal.

As a class they decided that they should record on the iPad to see if anything comes our of the cave at night.

Receptions | Investigation

Year 1/2's | Exploring Earth & Space

As part of their Science Investigations this term, the year 1/2 students have been exploring 'Earth and Space Scientists'. They have used their research skills to create their in-class play projects. These include:

    • Keeping a 'Moon Diary' where they observe the moon each night and record what they see. 
    • Creating a 'Space Station' that is always evolving as they add rockets, asteroids, and other space objects to their play project. 
    • Building props for their play projects - this week they built a ROCKET!
    • Weather Observations - recording the position of the sun throughout the day. 
    • Sunset Paintings - adding the shadows, moon and stars to our multilayered backgrounds.

Year 1/2's | Science Investigations

Coding is a precise set of instructions a computer/robot can understand. The steps or instructions are known as an algorithm.

The year 3/4 students worked with a partner and using arrows wrote an algorithm to stack 3 cups in a given configuration.

As we discussed many of life's great achievements come from trial and error and that certainly came into play today. After some persistence the light started to turn on.

Try out some of these Algorithms created by our students

This term the year 4/5/6 students are using 'micro:bit', a small programmable computer with an LED screen, two buttons, a light sensor, Bluetooth antenna, accelerometer, compass and more! 

From dancing robots to banana keyboards, the micro:bit has all the features you need to create amazing projects - the possibilities are endless! So far they have explored create a scrolling name badge, flashing hearts and an interactive die!

Exploring micro:bit during STEM lessons

Ciao families! As you know this term our learning focus as been on ‘il cibo’ (food). I had planned to take some classes on an excursion at the end of the term to an Italian food factory “Fine Foods” for a tour and some taste testing! Sadly, due to restrictions the excursion was unable to go ahead! I was so thankful that Sam and the staff at Fine Foods were still able to take some time to offer students a “virtual” tour instead! Classes submitted questions about Italian food which were answered by Sam - and I did some taste testing on behalf of everyone ? I took some footage and Maria A worked her ICT magic on it for students and families to watch!


Miss T - Italian Teacher

Students take Italian Learning Home

Thank You!

World Environment Day

This year’s World Environment Day falls on Friday 5th June 2020 and the theme is 'Time for Nature'.

The children have suggested that we grow plants and also clean up the school grounds. On Friday, we suggest the children bring their own plant pots to OSHC to start growing their very own plants. We will be cleaning the school grounds during the Before and After School Care sessions. We are also making Time for Nature posters. In preparation for the celebration of World Environment Day, we would like to encourage our parents/caregivers to have conversations with the children around reduce recycle and reuse.

Making Slime at OSHC

The Commonwealth Government Free Childcare Package

The Commonwealth Government announced free childcare package begun on Monday 6th April 2020 and as a result our OSHC is currently free for parents up until the 28th June 2020, unless the Government announces changes to this program. We have been receiving financial support directly from the Commonwealth Government and there is not any out of pocket cost to parents at the moment.

If you require OSHC booking for your child, you can contact us on 0408 809 107.

Breakfast Club

We are incredibly fortunate to partner with Food Bank SA to provide breakfast to children in our school. We have been running breakfast club on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

We are looking for parent volunteers to support the breakfast club so we can provide for all children in the school who will need breakfast between 8:30am – 8:45am three days a week. An OSHC staff member will be there to support the parent helper.

If you're interested please contact Catherine, our OSHC Director.

Parenting Ideas

Insights | Conquering Techno Tantrums

What makes technology so physchologically appealing for kids and how can we help them to unplug so that screen-time doesn't end in scream

Redeem your coupon for this Online Webinar

Understanding techno tantrums 

When: 17 June 8-9pm AEST

In this digital era, chances are we've all experienced our children throwing a techno-tantrum. Techno-tantrums are completely normal and often a result of the neurobiological changes that occur when kids use technology. But this doesn't mean that we have to simply accept that they're part of our modern parenting reality. In this webinar Dr Kristy Goodwin helps parents and carers understand why children and teens emotionally combust when they digitally-disconnect, and how to establish new, healthy technology habits.