Churchlands Primary School Newsletter

Volume 28 - 10/06/2022

Principal's Message

At CPS we highly value Student Leadership. We have developed an excellent leadership program that supports a breadth of leadership opportunities for the students. To ensure continuous improvement students from years 4 - 6 were provided the opportunity to access a National Student Survey. The questions provided, gave students the opportunity to let us know what is working well and what we need to work on. There was also a questions on leadership and if teacher feedback on their learning supported their future focus.  Overall the students indicated a high rate of satisfaction with most areas of the survey.

Positive areas identified

  • My teachers expect me to do my best
  • My teachers are good teachers
  • My teachers care about me
  • My school gives me opportunities to do interesting things.
  • I feel safe at school
  • My school looks for ways to improve

Areas identified as requiring further review

  • I can talk to my teachers
  • My school takes students' opinions seriously
  • Student behaviour is well managed
  • Being provided many opportunities for leadership and being provided effective feedback to assist in their progress showed high levels of student satisfaction.

With the implementation in 2021 of PBS as an operational framework aiming to improve students' academic, social-emotional and behaviour outcomes, the areas identified are being addressed. We are in the processes of reviewing giving and receiving effective student feedback supporting their growth and development.

We are calling for nominations for the School Board. There is soon to be two (2) parent positions vacant due to the completion of the current member’s terms. The board provides strategic guidance and monitoring of the school’s performance. We welcome nominees.

Are you interested in participating in:

  • The development, endorsement and review of the school budget and business plan.
  • Processes to review school performance.
  • The development and endorsement of the annual report.
  • Promoting the school in the community; and
  • Taking part in the review of school policies
  • One of our main focus areas has been on continuing to build on school communications and promotion of our school to the wider community, having expertise in this area would be beneficial.  

If you require more information you can either, make an appointment to see me, contact Nick Payne, Current School Board Chair on 0428 344 528 or follow this link to the Department’s School councils/board Information Pack. If you are interested in nominating for a position on the School Board please complete the nomination form and email to (electronic form is preferable):

 Reports will be going out on Monday 27 June electronically. Please let the administration office know if you have changed your email address or wish to add both parents onto our system if they are not on already. If you have any concerns or issues, please make an appointment with your child’s class teacher. Please remember that teachers are available for you to meet anytime throughout the year, it would be appreciated if you make a suitable time directly with your child’s teacher. This allows the teacher to give you their full attention. Trying to discuss any issues or concerns at drop-off is very difficult. 


Week 6 Merit Recipients

Week 6 Merit Awards

Congratulations to all our Week 6 Merit Certificate recipients 

ECE 1 

 Trisha P, Hudson V


 Eevie L

ECE 3 

 Noah R, Tanushi D

Room 1

 Zara R, Jordan L

Room 3

 Isaac H, Sebastian W

Room 4

 Alex Y, Jordan L

Room 5

 Mathilde P, Isaac L

Room 6

 Shirley X, Eliza W

Room 7

 Eeson L, Tysen B

Room 8 Yannick E, Benji W

Room 9

 Bailey K, Iris B


 Kavya K, Jonathan Z

Room 11

 Xavier L, Emelyn R

Room 12 Oscar L, Lachlan B

Room 13

 Ethan P, Conrad H

Room 16 

 Jason J, Jesinta A
Room 17 Kingley G, Paul Y


 Sahass P, Kaiden H, Jordan L & Room 4


See the benefits of shared reading here

Sustainability News

Our Containers for Change competition is underway.  To see where the funds raised will be spent, click here

PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) Update

We are continually encouraging our students to practise Positive Behaviours.  To see our focus this fortnight click here.

Library News

National Simultaneous Storytime is an annual event held since 2000 by the Australian Library and Information Association. Every year a picture book, by an Australian children's author and illustrator is read simultaneously in libraries, schools, pre-schools, childcare centres, family homes and bookshops around Australia.  To see more, click here.

Music News

Mr Howesmith has been busy - see the Music Review here.

Art News

There are some fantastic Art exhibitions and activities happening.  To see what's on, click here.

Updating Student Information

Parents, it is essential to inform the school in writing of any changes to student details.  This includes:

1.  Change of address/email address/phone numbers

2.  Any changes to your child's medical condition or medications

3.  Change of parent work arrangements

Please see the office administration for any changes to your child's information.

Basketball After School Term 2

Please see information for Redhage Basketball Term 2 here

Soccer After school Term 2

After school soccer is back for Term 2.  For more information, click here.

Eclipse Martial Arts

Churchlands Taekwondo Academy

Please call Brad on 0428 347 770 to register or email Brad for more information