Stockton Public School Newsletter

Term 4 Week 6: 18 November 2020

From the Principal

What a whirlwind the last fortnight has been. Apologies for the delay in this week’s newsletter but I wanted to publish assembly day awards and leaders for 2021 without any spoilers.


Whilst it hasn’t been our usual presentation day assembly nor the way we like to recognise student achievements we have had the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate our students. Like most things this year, it has felt a little different but we were lucky we were able to do it at all.


Over this week of assemblies, one thing that I have noticed and it makes me extremely proud to be the principal of this school, is the way the students have celebrated and congratulated their friends. They have cheered, clapped, been genuinely surprised and happy for other students receiving awards. I am extremely proud of each and every student at our school, especially during what has been a tricky year.


Below are the award recipients for 2020



Achievement award for English – Ace

Achievement award for mathematics – Eden

The citizenship award – Ava Wendy        

For outstanding achievement in maths– Jay

For improved confidence and application in English – Evie


Achievement award for English – Jim

Achievement award for mathematics – Bon

The citizenship award – Noah 

For being a diligent and conscientious student – Will

For being a friendly, helpful and enthusiastic student – Madison


Achievement award for English – Violet

Achievement award for mathematics– Tully

The citizenship award - Sienna  

For consistently striving to improve in all areas of his learning – Archie

For academic achievement in spelling and mathematics– Blake


Achievement award for English – Edie

Achievement award for mathematics – Jesse

The citizenship award – Xzanda

For outstanding achievement in mathematics– Cees

For Improvement in reading and mathematics– Rachael


Achievement award for English– Lucy

Achievement award for mathematics– Lucia

The citizenship award - Macie

For overall Achievement and Application – Lila

For overall Achievement and Application– Lucian


Achievement award for English– Marli

Achievement award for mathematics– Kayden

The citizenship award - Chloe

For determination and focus in achieving his personal reading goals - Ayce

For striving to do her personal best in all subject areas – Kiana


Achievement award for English – Leni

Achievement award for mathematics– James

The citizenship award – Lara

For improving immensely in his reading – Zade

For courage and determination– Evie


Achievement award for English – Kenny

Achievement award for mathematics – Toby

The citizenship award for 3/4R - Adrien 

For Creative Arts – Matilda

For most improved - Alicia


Achievement award for English – Lenni

Achievement award for mathematics – Dempsey

The citizenship award - Sollie

For outstanding effort and improvement in mathematics - Emily

For commitment and achievement in English – Jack


Achievement award for English – Linnea

Achievement award for mathematics – Wayan

The citizenship award – Amelia

For outstanding dedication to learning – Jasmine

For outstanding engagement in all Key Learning Areas – Lucy


Achievement award for English – Darcy

Achievement award for mathematics – Maddelyn

The citizenship award - Lachie

For always being eager to learn more and showing leadership qualities – Levi

For being a positive role model and always promoting a great work ethic - Olivia 

Special awards

The Gloria Davis Citizenship Award is sponsored by Stockton Public School P&C. It recognises two infants students who have been held in high regard by their peers and teachers for their kind spirit and willingness to be involved in all activities. This year the two students are Taylor and Edie.

Wendy John Creative Arts Award is sponsored by Stockton Public School P&C. This award goes to a student who has been recognised in the field of creative and practical arts, namely drama and performance. The award goes to Jenna.

The Stockton Public School Dux award recognises a Year 6 student who has achieved the highest level in all subject areas. The Dux for 2020 is Wayan

John Byrne Memorial Award  - Thank you to Stockton RSL and Citizens Club for their continued sponsorship. This award Recognises two students for exemplary citizenship. The first student consistently demonstrates kindness, respect, integrity, generosity and care for others. This student always offers to assist others in the playground and classroom. This student takes great pride in his role as a leader at Stockton Public School and is respectful of both his peers and teachers – Archie

The second student has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to learning and leadership at Stockton Public School. The student consistently demonstrates compassion, respect for the school and others, honesty and kindness. The student has been an excellent role model for her peers and younger students and demonstrates initiative and a quiet confidence in her abilities – Tully

Port Waratah Coal Services Scholarship Award -  we would like to take this opportunity to thank Port Waratah Coal Services for their continued support of students at Stockton Public School especially today in the form of two high school scholarships. These scholarships are presented to students who have displayed dedication to improving in all areas of schooling throughout the year. This will assist their family financially with their entry to High School -they are both diligent workers and good class citizens - Lenni and Jack

The School Service Encouragement Award is sponsored by Stockton Historical Society. We thank them for their continued support of our students.  This award recognises a student who has consistently performed tasks that have been of benefit to the school. This student has taken responsibility for initiating and monitoring lunchtime sporting activities at Stockton Public School. He has taken pride in being an active member of the Stockton community – Billy

G.W. Dalby Award recognises two students who have displayed a high standard of citizenship, sportsmanship and academic effort – Kade and Mya

PBL perpetual trophy is sponsored by Stockton School Kids Fun club – thank you Katherine Morrison-Rice who is an invaluable resource to our school, running OOSH and vacation care. The award recognises a Year 5 student who has displayed the school’s expectations all of the time - Lucy

School Leadership award is sponsored by Sharon Clayden. This award recognises a Year 6 student who has displayed outstanding leadership qualities. A leader who is honest and reliable, who has displayed initiative and who has served as a role model for other students. The recipient upholds our core values of United Safe and Engaged at all times - Jasmine 

Social Justice award is sponsored by Tim Crakanthorpe. The social justice award recognises a student with an inclusive attitude and willingness to support others. This has earned the student the respect of the school and wider community. This student has performed various roles during school events within the wider community and always does so with integrity, maturity and respect. This student is a school role model who goes above and beyond to promote the well being of others - Linnea


Sports awards – the only carnival we squeezed in this year was the competitors only swimming carnival -therefore there are no athletics awards, cross country awards or house trophies


Junior boy swimming champion - Hayden Mackay

Junior girl swimming champion - Lara Regan

11 Year Boy Swimming Champion - tie – Fred and Lachie

11 Year Girl Swimming Champion - Samara

Senior Boy Swimming Champion - Koby

Senior Girl Swimming Champion - Tully

Zone representative – for swimming - Samara

NSW Premier’s Sporting Challenge Medal Every public school in NSW has the opportunity to acknowledge one student with a Premier’s Sporting Challenge medal. Recipients of this special award will be recognised for their commitment to fair play. This is a chance for our school community to recognise a student who shows tremendous sporting spirit and enthusiasm - Samara

Congratulations to all award recipients. Also, congratulations and thank you to our School captains and leaders. There have not been a lot of opportunities to lead or run assembly but they all did a wonderful job in running our Presentation Day assemblies.


Student leadership provides an opportunity for students to actively participate in the decision making processes at our school. Students are encouraged to take on leadership roles in an endeavour to increase their own leadership skills, act as effective role models for the student body and offer responsible service to their school and peers.

Thirteen candidates ran for six leadership positions for 2021.

At Stockton Public School, we believe in inclusive practices that do not discriminate or exclude based on race, culture, religion or gender. For our Student Leadership we want six outstanding school citizens who will be good role models for the rest of the school population. We would like to give all students this opportunity and so we have agreed that it will be six students regardless of gender to take on the Leadership roles.

All students videoed a speech outlining why they should be a leader in 2021. This was different to our usual process, as we usually have an assembly for parents and all of the students. The videos were shown in classes at a pre-determined time and then all students Years 1-5 voted.

If I could have 13 leaders next year I would happily have a large leadership team. We can badge six of the students today, but I would like to congratulate all of the candidates. The students are fabulous representatives of our school.

The school leadership team for 2021 were announced today in an assembly as a part of our presentation day assemblies. Usually at presentation day assembly our leaders are inducted and badged, but we have decided to hold that off until early next year and hopefully invite parents to be a part of the celebrations.

Our student leadership team for 2021 is:

School Captains

Madison and Zali

School Leaders

Fred, Levi, Amelia and Kobie.

Congratulations to everyone.


I have attached our class formation procedures for 2021 to this newsletter. New parents to the school and our kindergarten parents would be unaware of our process. It is never an easy process, but it is one that myself and the executives take seriously, think carefully and consider for quite some time.


Well didn’t the storm on Monday night rip through Stockton/Fern Bay. I hope that you haven’t had too much damage to houses/properties.

The school has sustained a little damage. We lost branches and a tree. But the biggest problem we have is the top of a large pine tree snapped off and was blown onto the undercover walkway. We are awaiting Department of Education assets to come and clean up, repair and fix the damage. For this reason, Lomond Street gate will remain closed and locked with no access for students due to the danger it presents. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Earlier this week I posted the sensory garden proposal on our school facebook page and on skoolbag. I have posted it at the end of this newsletter too. We are seeking your comments. I am excited by this proposal and what it can add to our school. The link for comments about the proposed sensory garden plans is or you can send an email to the school email address

Thank you to the P&C. I have never seen such amazing fundraisers who are keen to access community grants and organise events to raise funds to support our students and school. Thank you for your hard work, time and dedication. I think we are going to see some AMAZING fruits of your labour early next year with this garden installation.

I have had one great question asked a few times – will it just be for the K-2 students? The staff and I will be looking at how we might be able to open playgrounds for all students. My concerns are for the little ones in the primary playground. I think with some management an open playground is something that we can look at, even if certain areas have a roster to keep it fair and safe.

There are some plans for our primary playground too:

  • The school has just purchased an outdoor ping pong table that will be installed in the primary playground just outside the Stage 2 classrooms.
  •  With thanks to Mr Heath and Mr Sewell, we have repainted some handball courts in the same area.
  • We are looking at installing some “Loose parts” around our playground – areas where students can build and dig.
  • We are revitalising our Aboriginal Garden next year with a name yet to be decided upon, new plants and some QR codes allowing parents, carers and visitors to interact and learn about our bush tucker.


Great things are happening here!!!!                                                            

Kind regards

Ms Jodie Holt


Goodbye 2020 leaders.... HELLO 2021 LEADERS

Sensory Garden proposal

NAIDOC WEEK 2020 "Always was, Always will be"

This year’s theme is “Always was, Always will be”. This theme recognises that First Nations people have occupied and cared for this continent for over 65,000 years. At Stockton Public school we learnt about Worimi History - Worimi land boundaries, living conditions, food, middens and one of the dreaming stories, called ‘The First Worimi’.

At Stockton PS, we already have a “Bush Tucker” garden, which has many traditional plants that were used as food sources and medicinal uses. We thought it was important to cover the marine aspects of their food. During NAIDOC week students researched a sea animal and produced an artwork that is displayed in the garden. Students were also involved in painting a mural on our garden wall, one side a seascape and the other a banner depicting the NAIDOC theme with the help of Jacqui Flaus. Students also built a traditional shelter with the knowledge and help of Danny Flaus.

Stage 3 Spring Fair

Stage 3 are busily organising their stalls in readiness for next weeks Spring Fair. Be sure to get your tokens through QuickCliq by Monday 23rd November. A timetable will soon be released to teachers and students. All K-6 classes will have time to experience the fair. Lunch orders will still be available from the canteen through QuickCliq, as the fair will only be selling drinks (spiders are sure to be popular) and ice-blocks. 

The stalls on offer will be a haunted house, ice-blocks, creepy tubs, clay moulding, pallet board ping-pong, nerf targets, tug-o-war, football passing target, splatter art, drinks (poppers and spiders), face painting, photo booth with dress ups, slime, squish balls, dodgeball, super soccer shooting, obstacle course and water balloon targets.

So make sure you get your tokens and we look forward to seeing K-6 have an amazing day.


We have filled the pipeline this term.  Positive student behaviour has resulted in tokens!! Reward day is next week!

Class formation procedures


Each fortnight we will post a photo of the recipients of class awards. 



Stage 3 Spring Fair


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