Weekly Awards

Congratulations to the following students -

“Striving for Excellence” Award – (for a student who has exhibited academic improvements and / or has been applying themselves to the very best of their ability)

Ella S - Year 4 - For striving for excellence when planning, writing and editing your own fable. Well done for challenging yourself to complete your best work. It was a pleasure to read and I am so proud of the effort you put in to your writing!
Jaiden L - Year 2 - For consistently working hard to achieve your best. You compared two stories and made a very insightful text-to-text connection. Keep striving for excellence.
Oscar B - Year 2 - For your great creative writing from the go-cart image. You have successfully written your story to engage and entertain the reader. Thank you for then sharing it with the class! You are a champion!
Vella H - Prep A - For the great effort you demonstrated when describing the needs of living things. Keep up the awesome effort.
Isabelle M - Year 6 - For your positive attitude and hard work to complete all your set tasks. Keep up the amazing work Isabelle.
Caprice S - Year 6 - For your engagement and enthusiasm to complete all your set tasks. Keep up the fantastic work Caprice!
Isabella M - Year 4 - for your engaging and thought provoking fable. Your fable “The Turtle, The Bee and The Cheetah” reflects the moral with carefully chosen characters and well sequenced events. Excellent work!
Declan G - Year 4 - For your dedicated and proactive approach to strive for excellence this week. You have produced excellent work and have taken on teacher feedback. Keep up the great work, Declan!
Indii McKenna - Year 1- For consistently trying to do your best this week. You should be proud of your efforts to focus and strive for excellence to complete class tasks. Keep it up!
Maya H - Year 3 - For using your knowledge of Fractions of 1/2 and 1/4 to assist another student to complete a task. You used mathematical language and an example to try help them understand. Keep striving for excellence Maya.
Luke P - Year 3 - For your conscientious approah to your Online Learning. Thank you for completing all set tasks to the best of your ability. Well done Luke.
Leilani W - Year 5 - For making connections with your learning. Thank you for approaching your learning with deeper thought. It was wonderful to hear your excitement when realising we live in outer space and are a part of the Solar System.

“To Love is to Serve” Award – (for a student who has consistently displayed leadership qualities)

Benjamin H -Year 4 -For approaching learning tasks with determination and positivity this week. You have been very impressive - keep up the great work!