Our Lady's Primary School - Friday 1st February, 2019

Our Lady's Primary School Surrey Hills

Principal: Mrs Annie Engellenner

Office Manager: Mrs Julie Leung

Parish Priest: Fr Mark Reynolds 

Hours of Supervision of Students: Monday – Friday 8.30am -3.45pm

School Office Hours: Monday to Friday

8.30am – 4.00pm


Praise be to God

Caring for our Common Home Faithful God, Your Spirit is ever new and ever greening, bringing to new life, new vision and new hope. Open our hearts to your grace at work in us, that we may be united as we journey and minister together in 2019 at Our Lady’s School Primary School.

We make this prayer in the name of Jesus, whose Spirit guides and directs us.

School Vision

Guided by the life of Jesus Christ

Inspired by the Spirit of Mary

Our Lady’s Primary School is a place of growth and challenge.

Where we seek to ignite imagination and promote a lifelong passion for God and learning 

Learning together in Faith Hope and Love

Leadership and Management

Dear Parents and Friends of Our Lady’s School,

Dear Parents, Caregivers, Students & Friends of Our Lady’s School Community,


Happy New Year and welcome back to school. We look forward to working with you this year as we learn, build and grow together as the community of Our Lady’s School, Surrey Hills.

What a settled beginning to the school year we have had this week. We have 175 students in our wonderful learning spaces. It is always a special privilege to be part of a child’s first day at school and today we celebrated the arrival of our new Prep students who have settled in fine style. We warmly welcome; Mason, Olivia, Zander, Ted, Eloise, Biman, Louise, Tabitha, Isabelle, Lawrence, Lorcan, Heather, Antony, Roy, Isaac, Henry, Rafe, Josephine, Finbar, George, Edward, Jasper and Elsi who will join us in June.

We also welcome the following new students and their families to our school: Owen- Year 5/6H, Lucas 5/6H and Edward 1/2S.

I welcome all of our wonderful staff back to school and thank them for their diligent work over the holidays ensuring a smooth and successful transition for our students.

A special welcome to Michele Hayes, Joelle Lake and Brendan Hawke. I am also delighted that Will Fogarty will be teaching in Year 3 /4 in Rose Urquhart’s absence.

School Improvement Plan Goals -2018 – 2021

Leadership and Management

To grow and sustain a professional culture that is characterised by excellence, shared vision, collaboration, a strong sense of teamwork and a focus on continuous improvement.

Education in Faith

To strengthen and enrich our school as a contemporary Catholic community.

Learning and Teaching

To improve student learning outcomes through personalised, effective and stimulating teaching that builds student engagement and success in all areas of the curriculum.

Student Wellbeing

 To develop a whole school approach that will reinforce and strengthen positive, respectful relationships within the school community.

School Community

To enhance the relationships between the school and the parent community.

School Uniforms

Congratulations to all our students for commencing the school year looking fabulous in our school uniform! It makes me so proud to see the students wearing their uniform with pride and respect. It is important that the correct uniform be worn at all times. Class teachers will be sure to communicate to you the uniform requirements during their presentation on the Information Evening. If for any reason your child is not in his/her correct uniform, a note is required for the classroom teacher.

The Parish Education Board reviewed our Uniform Policy last year, please ensure you are familiar with it.

Welcome BBQ Friday, February 15th

On behalf of the Parents and Friends Association I warmly invite the school community to our Welcome BBQ – on Friday, February 15th beginning at 5.30pm. This wonderful tradition is a reflection of our focus on building an inclusive and supportive community – a place where difference is celebrated and where we work together in the best interests of our students. The spirit of hospitality and welcome are very much a part of our Catholic tradition and are the foundation for building a sense of belonging and inclusivity among us.

Commissioning and Opening School Year Mass Sunday 24th February

Just a reminder that our Opening School Year Mass will be held on Sunday 24th at 9.00am. This Mass is an important event on our school calendar as it is an opportunity for us to come together in prayer as a school and parish community.

The commissioning of school staff, PEB (Parish Education Board) and PFA (Parents and Friends Association)  will also occur at this Mass.

Prayer at Our Lady's

The students in Year 3/4 have created prayer journals which they will use throughout the year as a way of reflecting on their faith journey. Setting a beautiful prayer space in the classroom is a wonderful way to set our intention to spend time in prayer with God.

The staff have also begun their own prayer journals where they will regularly share and reflect on their own spiritual journeys.

Information Evening for Year 1 – 6, February 13th

We look forward to welcoming all parents into our Learning Spaces on  Wednesday, February 13th.  We will begin at 6.30pm for the presentation from our Year 1/2 level and then at 7.20pm for our Year 3 /4 and 5 /6 Levels. The session will run for 45 minutes.

We understand that if you have children in Year 3 /4 and Year 5/6 then this may be problematic for you if both parents are unable to attend. Please be assured that all information will be made available to you in a hard copy.

The purpose of this meeting is inform families of the organisational structures of the classrooms this year and to clearly articulate the expectation of learning. Item such as timetables, homework, uniform and communication will all be discussed.

It will also provide you a chance to ask questions and seek clarification around any of the school routines or how you can support the learning of your child at home.

We are a school that values the voice of our Parent Community and encourage you to enter into dialogue with your child’s classroom teacher/s. We hope that we are able to provide you with the information you require to support your child in his/ her learning this year.

Our Foundation students will have an Information Evening in Week 10 – Wednesday 3rd April.  This hopefully allows our new parents to catch their breath, reflect on their experience of school and be ready to talk with Miss Lynch about your child’s learning and well being. 

Parent/ Teacher Exchange Meetings- Year 1 to 6

Our beginning of the year exchange meetings will be held on Thursday 21st February from 2.00pm. Please see the booking details further on in the newsletter. Whilst two formal meetings are conducted each year, please feel welcome to see your child’s teacher should you have any concerns or issues you would like to raise at any other time. It is also really valuable and important that staff receive positive feedback as this certainly contributes to the teachers’ sense of satisfaction and personal well being. Classes will finish at 1.45pm on this day. If you are unable to collect your child at 1:45pm, supervision will be provided.

This year we will be doing Home Visits to all our Foundation students, so there is no need for the Foundation families to attend Parent/ Teacher Exchange Meetings.

School Playground

I am very pleased to let you know that work will begin on the re-development of our school playground on 25th of February and should be completed by 23rd April. This is very exciting news.

Student Absences

It is important that student absences are reported to the school by phone  email or school bag app prior to 8.45am on the day of absence. If we have not received notification by 9.30am you will be contacted by the office staff.

All registered schools must record student attendance twice per day and record the reason for each absence. This is necessary to: (a) meet legislative requirements and (b) discharge the school’s Duty of Care for all students. We ask for your assistance with this important matter.

Sick Bay

If your child receives a bump to the head during school hours you will be contacted as a courtesy. All bumps to the head should be treated with caution and seriously. The school has been advised by first aid trainers  that best practice recommends that all head bumps be seen to by a doctor. I know this may cause slight inconvenience to you but the safety and well being of our students must always be our priority.

Classroom Supplies

In previous years families have been asked to supply tissues and cleaning cloths. It is not necessary to continue this in 2019 as we have an abundant supply. If classroom teachers require any additional items e.g colouring books for wet days then this will be communicated to you at the Information Evening.

Religious Education Dates for 2019

Please note the change of date for Confirmation this year. Confirmation will be held on May 10th NOT April 10th.

School Closure Day

School Closure Day will be Friday March 8th. This is a student free day.

Cyber Safety User Agreements

Today all students have taken home a Cyber Safety User Agreement. This agreement must be read and understood, then signed before students are able to access any digital device.

Please return this form to school as soon as possible.

This year we are placing much emphasis on developing our students knowledge of what it means to be a good learner. The focus will be on learning skills and dispositions which enable us to be respectful, digital citizens. 

Parents and Friends Association

Once again, I am so very grateful to the parents that have so generously donated their time to the PFA this year.

Although most positions have been filled there are still a number remaining.

If you would like to support our school in this way we would be very grateful. It is a great way to get to know others and there is lots of support. Have a chat with myself or anyone listed.

President – Michelle F 

Vice President- Michelle S (TBC)

Secretary - Fiona F Treasurer - Gab S

Class Reps:

Foundation - Bee, Larissa and Nat

1/2S - Tillie 

1/2AL - still to fill

1/2JL - Donna D C  & Hannah D G

3/4C - Jacinta H & Jess P

3/4U - Lisa G & Sarah B

5/6L - Justine L & Claudia C

5/6H - Peggy S & Julie E

Tuckshop - Luisa J

Uniform - Krista C

Working Bees - Nick & Richard

Catering Co-ordinator - still to be filled

Social Co-ordinator - still to be filled

In line with our SunSmart Policy, a gentle reminder that all students are required to wear their sunhat when outside. Students are also encouraged to apply sunscreen.

Our Lady’s School is officially accredited as a SunSmart School. All students must wear school hats every day until the end of April. If children do not have their hat, they will be asked to play on the deck at play times. Sun hats are always to be worn to Phys Ed and Sport classes. Your children should be in the habit of applying sunscreen to exposed areas of their skin prior to leaving home in the morning. Sunscreen is available for use at school.


This is a Victorian Government initiative which provides payments to schools for eligible students to attend camps, sports and excursions. The amount payable for eligible primary students is $125 and for those students, this amount will be used to reduce their school fees. To be eligible to receive the payment, a parent or legal guardian of a student must on the first days of Terms 1 or 2 be an eligible beneficiary, that is hold a Centrelink Health Care Card (HCC), Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) or a Veterans Affairs Gold Card, or be a temporary foster parent and submit an application to the school. Please collect an application form from the school office, complete and return as soon as possible. Payments will be made directly to schools from March 2018. Once received, these payments will be credited to school fees. Any parent who applied for, and received, the CSEF last year IS NOT REQUIRED to submit a new form


·         Please make sure you download our School bag app to receive all notifications regarding our school.

·         All visitors to the school during school hours are required to sign in at the V-Pass machine on the office.

·         Early collection/ late drop off – If you are bringing your child to school late or picking them up through the day, you need to sign them in/out at the V-Pass machine and Julie will call your child to the office.

School Newsletter

This year our school newsletter will be published fortnightly. This will allow us to attend to the ever increasing administrative tasks on alternate weeks. This year we will also be introducing  SEESAW an online app that will allow teachers and students to share their learning with parents through the day. There will be more information soon to follow.


Our prayers are with the Tung family on the passing of Gene’s dad, Kai–Chong Father- in – law and Matthew’s grandfather. I know they feel the love of our school community around them.

Looking forward to working with you this year.

Happy Weekend



In Term 1 2019, Our Lady's school will have a Cyber Safety information evening for parents. The evening will cover many of the technical and psychological issues which parents face today and also allow for any questions which they may have as well as provide parent take home resources. 

Please save the date for this very valuable evening on the March 28th, 2019 @ 7:00pm.

Andrew Chinn Concert

We are very excited to be having Andrew Chinn come to our school on Wednesday 27th February. Australian religious songwriter and singer, Andrew Chinn, will be visiting our school to share his songs with our children. The children will work in workshops during the day and then share their songs in the evening concert. Children are to come along with their families and celebrate together and be a part of the celebration of faith and fun. The concert will take place in Our Lady’s Church, at 7.00pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

Sick Bay Linen Roster

We are once again looking for volunteers to assist with the laundering of Sick Bay linen. If you are able to assist this year, please drop me a note via email on the address below, or phone the school office as soon as possible, stating your name and contact telephone number, so that I can get the roster organised and distributed. In past years, we have had sufficient help to ensure that each person is only required once or twice a year. For those who are new to Our Lady’s School and think that they could help out, the job is not an onerous one. It entails stripping the bed on the Friday after school, washing and returning the linen and making up the bed on Monday morning. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much,

Clare Hicks Ph.

School Office- 9898 7655

Dates Ahead

Dates Ahead

Week 2Tuesday 5th PFA meeting @ 7:30pm
Week 3Tuesday 12thCombined OHR and OLPS Mass @ 4:00pm

Wednesday 13th      

Friday 15th

Information Evening Commencing 6:30pm Year 1 and Year 2,

7:20pm Year 3,4,5 and 6

School Welcome BBQ @ 5:30pm

Week 4Tuesday 19thYear 3, Reconciliation Family Faith Night @ 7:30pm

Wednesday 20th

Thursday 21st 

PEB Meeting @ 7:30pm

Parent Teacher Exchange Meetings, classes finish at

1:45pm this day.

Sunday 24th Opening School Commissioning Mass @ 9:00am


Week 5   

Wednesday 27th

Sunday 2nd 

Andrew Chinn Family Concert @ 7:00pm in the church.

Working Bee

Week 6

Tuesday 5th 

Friday 8th

Confirmation Parent Faith Evening @ 7:30pm

School Closure Day

Week 7

Thursday 14th 

Friday 15th 

Reconciliation Reflection Day

Open Day

Week 8

Thursday 21st

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Week 9

Thursday 28th

Sat/Sun 30th & 31st

Parent Cyber Safety Night @ 7:00pm

Confirmation Commitment Mass 

Week 10 


Friday 5th

Term Ends 1:45pm

Term 2

Tuesday 23rd 

Friday 26th 

2nd Term Begins

Professional Learning Day - School Closure

Dates for Religious Education 2019

FebruaryTuesday 19th     Reconciliation Family Faith Night

February 27thAndrew Chin Workshop - Evening Concert

Tuesday 5th 

Thursday 14th

Thursday 21st

Confirmation Parent Faith Evening 7:30pm

Reconciliation Reflection Day

Sacrament of Reconciliation


Thursday 2nd 

Friday 10th 

Confirmation Reflection Day

Sacrament of Confirmation at Our Lady's with OHR


Thursday 20th

Thursday 27th

Eucharist Faith Night 7:30pm

Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Mass and Celebration

JulyFriday 26thFirst Eucharist Reflection Day

Sunday 11th

Sunday 25th 

First Eucharist Mass OLWP

Fist Eucharist Mass OLWP

NovemberThursday 14th Prep/Prayers in Pyjamas

Surrey Hills and Wattle Park Parish Sacramental Program

Surrey Hills Wattle Park Parish provides sacramental preparation, catechist classes for children within the parish who do not attend the parish schools. 

RECONCILIATION classes, for children in Yr4+, who have been Baptised, will be held after school, at Our Holy Redeemer Church Meeting Room. Classes begin on: Thursday, 7 February 

CONFIRMATION classes, for children in Yr 6+, who have been Baptised and received First Eucharist, will be held at the same venue, beginning Wednesday, 27 March. 

EUCHARIST classes, for children who have been Baptised and received First Eucharist (First Communion) will begin Thursday, 13 June. 

For Reconciliation and Confirmation class enrolment details (Eucharist enrolment in Term 2) please contact:

Nanette Giovannini,

Parish Sacramental Coordinator. Tuesdays & Wednesdays, Parish Office, (excluding school holidays) 9890 2510.

Children's Liturgy

Children’s Liturgy – Sunday at 9am mass at Our Lady’s – ALL CHILDREN WELCOME!  (please note that pre-school children need to be accompanied) 

Date Liturgy LeaderTopic
3rd FebruarySomee ParkJesus Teaches 
10th FebruaryJoanna KellyBelieving the Message

We would love more volunteers (parents) to run the Children's Liturgy, please contact Joanna Kelly if you are keen to assist, it's fun and easy!

Joanna Kelly - 0422 901 894,