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Term Two Week 8 | Wednesday June 19, 2019

From the Principal

Help boys express themselves: From Interrelate

Help boys to name what they are feeling, particularly primary emotions like fear, rejection and sadness which often appear as anger. Listen calmly, empathise and reflect back what the boy is saying with an emphasis on feelings. For example, you might say; "so you felt a bit scared standing up in front of the class, I can understand that".

For younger boys use an emotion face chart. Get them to point to how they are feeling now or before a situation or incident occurred earlier. Untangle feelings from behaviour where possible. For example, you might say; "It’s okay to feel angry about [incident], but let’s have a chat about other ways to deal with this which don’t involve pushing your friend."

Try and see the feelings beneath the behaviour and acknowledge or connect with them first. For example, if a boy age 10 stomps in from school, thumps their bag down, then slams their bedroom door, focus first on the emotion. "Hey, you seem pretty upset, what’s going on mate?" Once they feel better and have calmed down you can address any behaviour that you would like them to change.

Engage on a level playing field where possible and remove factors which may increase pressure or anxiety for the boy. For example, rather than requesting eye contact or standing above the boy, have a chat while driving or kicking a ball, a shared activity where you are both seated, or in another situation that lessens confrontation.

Name some things they can do when they feel upset or angry and remind them of these when they are upset. For example, kick a ball, take time out, go for a walk, punch the punching bag. Normalise emotion however you can, make it something we respect and value, rather than a problem to be removed or fixed.

We want boys to learn to tune into their feelings about life and not avoid or bottle up feelings until they explode. With strong emotion coming from a boy, stay calm yourself. Acknowledge the emotion and allow time for them to calm down before talking about it. For example, you might say; "I can see you are really angry right now. Why don’t you take some time out and we can chat about it later?"

Be aware of how you express emotion and what your own beliefs surrounding feelings and expressions look like. For example, avoid saying things like "real men don’t cry" or "you shouldn’t be angry".

We know that boys are sensitive souls who need help to learn how to express what they are feeling when they don’t know how to.

Important Dates

Lunch orders due Wednesday Midday

Mandarin Classes   After school Term 2 Mondays  3 - 4pm

Chess Lessons Years 2 - 6  Friday lunchtimes

Interschools Chess Comp Chess team only:  Friday afternoons

Infants' Sports Gala Afternoon Thursday June 20 (whites and House t-shirts) 

Last day Term 2  Friday June 28

First day Term 3  Tuesday July 23

SQUAD  Athletics Training Tuesday July 23 @ 7.45am  on 23/7, 30/7, 6/8, 13/8, 20/8, 27/8, 3,9

School Concert: Peter Pan  Tuesday September 3rd 

Speech Morning  Friday  December 6


House Points

Nimmo            1st

McKeown        2nd

Storey              3rd

Class Points

Kindergarten     1590

Year 1                 1140

Year 2                 1450

Year 3                 1136

Year 4                 1161 

Year 5                 1130

Year 6                 1053

Class Captains

Kindergarten    Sebastian Siu

Year 1                Joshua Prazan                    

Year 2                George Andreatta 

Year 3                Isaac Makim

Year 4                Henry McAusland 

Year 5                Ben Capaan

Year 6                Leo Jreige

Student News

Infants' Gala Sports Afternoon

Tomorrow [Thursday 20th June] all Infants' boys will participate in an afternoon of sports. The boys need to wear their House shirt and whites. 

Library Books

All library books are to be returned by Wednesday 26th June please

Pretty Flipped News

We donated $302.40 to the Pretty Flipped campaign!  They ran an interview with Mr Dicks which you can read here 

ICAS Tests

This year all Primary boys are sitting the REACH tests from UNSW Global. These are taking the place of ICAS which is a more challenging testing system. However, if you would like your son to still participate in the ICAS testing, he will be able to sit for Science, English and Maths.  The cost is $14.50 per test. Please let Ms Gershon know by the end of this term if you wish your son to take part. know by the end of this term if you wish your son to take part.  


Premier’s Reading Challenge [ PRC]

Congratulations to Harry Middleton Year 4  who has completed the reading challenge.


Bronze Awards

Jacob Twitchen     Year 1

Taro McHatton     Kindergarten

Mikaeel Yousaf     Kindergarten

Joshua Prazan       Year 1


Chess success!

Chess Medals

Chess medals and certificates were awarded to Freddie Grindrod and Rowan Munro in Year 3 for their commitment and hard work in chess lessons this term. This is Rowan's second chess medal this year!


The Peer Support Report

Throughout the duration of this term, all of the boys from Kindergarten to Year Five have been participating in Peer Support after recess on a Thursday. Peer Support is a forty-five minute period where about two boys from every year join a group of about twelve boys where their Peer Leaders - two or three Year Six boys - teach them lessons through activities, games and worksheets to achieve a goal by the end of the lesson.

Some of the goals include how to pick out a good friend and how to treat that friend.  In their group they are situated in a classroom or space to do their session with a supervising teacher. Over the past weeks, I know that my group and other Peer Leaders have improved their confidence by a large amount and the groups have had lots of fun -  you see them exit with a smile every time!

At the end of each lesson, our supervising teacher  gives us a rating for our teaching skills, what we can work on and what we should keep up. With my group, these ratings go up after each lesson, and I think this is the case with most if not all groups.

Overall the past weeks have been very successful and I am confident in saying that the boys look forward to their Thursdays after recess. We are all learning about having positive relationships with our friends!

Aidan Zorbas - School Vice Captain

Madcap Maths Madness with Professor Maths

Chess Results

Chess Results Round 6  Friday 14th June

Championship A lost 1-3 against  Mt Sinai A

Championship B lost 3 ½ - ½ against Emanuel B

Intermediate C drew 2-2 with Matraville A

Intermediate D lost 3 ½ - ½ against Claremont

Rookies E won 2 ½ - 1 ½ against Kensington B

Rookies F won 32 ½ - ½ against St Brigid’s B

Junior Rookies G won 3-1 against St Brigid’s D

Junior Rookies H won 2 ½ -1 ½ against St Brigid’s C  

Chess Draw

Round 7 Friday 21st June  

Championship A v Mt Sinai B –already played so no Friday game

Championship B v Mt Sinai A already played so no Friday game

Intermediate C v Kensington A Away Transport Jurgens

Intermediate D v St Therese C HOME

Rookies E v OLA HOME

Rookies F v Kensington B HOME

Junior Rookies G v Mt Sinai E already played so no Friday game

Junior Rookies H v Mt Sinai F already played so no Friday game

Please note that as next Friday 28th June is our last day of term, there are no chess games that day. All games have been postponed to Term 3


Championship A

1. Marshall Jones

2. Brooklyn Lagos

3. Billy Lagos

4. Vincent Larcinese

Championship B

1. Harry Crewe

2. Arran Storie

3. Ben Capaan

4. Lachlan Doble

Intermediate C

1. Luc Jurgens

2. Akash Dutta

3. Archie Coulton

4. Oliver Goold

Freddie Sharpe

Intermediate D

1. Vlad Law

2. Joshua McSweeney

3. Henry Merrion

4.Jack Brandtman

Reserves  Cobey Owen and Jeremy Trueman-Farrell

Rookies E

1. Dylan Crewe

2. Joshua Capaan

3. Sam Wolfe

4. Isaac Makim

Reserve Luke Brown

Rookies F

1. Archer Wong

2. Ned O’Halloran

3. Harrison Wood

4. Charlie Appleton

 Reserve Luke Brown

Junior Rookies G

1. George Tsaccounis

2. Justin Lo Nero

3. Harry Mozley

4. Freddie Grindrod

Junior Rookies H

1. Rugby Mangan

2. Aidan Quinlan

3. Zavier Prichard

4. Rowan Munro


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Sports Update

CIS Cross Country success for Josh and Maximo!

Josh Cappan and Maximo Di Blasio both represented IPSHA (and Coogee Prep) at the NSW CIS Cross Country carnival  last Thursday June 13 at Eastern Creek.

Josh Capaan (Year 3) ran 10th  overall in the U8/9 boys 2km race. 

Maximo Di Blasio (Year 6) ran 10th in the IPSHA Team and 21st overall.

Roosters fans love Rocky

Ryan Rumble (Year 1) and Harvey Rumble (Kindergarten)  were thrilled to meet Rocky the Rooster last weekend when the Roosters gave the Bulldogs a hiding! (Sorry Mr Gowland but Go the Roosters!)

Pretty Flipped was a big success!

Birthday Book Donations

Choose a book or books from the list below and if you buy it from Read on Books at Eastgardens you receive 20% off when you say you are from Coogee Boys' Prep. The book then has donation sticker put in the front of it that mentions the boy's name and birthday. He presents it to the School in assembly and then it is sent to the library to add to our collection.

Birthday Book Donation library request list


Winter Holiday Fun

Transform-us Football Camp with Hayden Morton


Sailing Holiday Camp


'Write Like an Author' Holiday Writing Camp for Children


Learning Links School Holidays Program


Murphy Sports Holiday Club


Latham Park Tennis Holiday Camps


For Parents

Parental Reassurance Study - Macquarie University


Fee free adult learning at TAFE