Mary Immaculate Primary Newsletter

Term 3 Week 1: Monday 20th July 2020

Principal's Message

Welcome to Term Three

I hope that everyone enjoyed time with their families over the break. This time without the demands of remote learning. Like everyone else we are praying that this term will continue to be a lot more stable for the students. We will of course be prepared in case there is a significant change.

Thank you to everyone in making last term so successful. This term, our Peer Support Programme commences. This has come at a great time for our students across the whole school.

Many events have needed to be cancelled or postponed this year. Keeping within restrictions we will endeavour to only cancel events when necessary. Please be sure to access the Skoolbag notifications. 

School photos are coming very soon and you will need to have set up your account through the Compass Portal to place your orders. Hardcopy letters are being sent home to those who have not yet set up their accounts. Be sure to set yours up asap.

With appreciation for your ongoing support,

Stephen Dowd


Assistant Principal's Message

Welcome back to term 3 of what has been a very unique year so far. It is fantastic to see all of the students return keen to get on with the learning.

 I had the pleasure last term of reading all of the parent and student reflections on being successful learners and the challenges and future direction of our journey. The skills the students have developed over the years enabling them to be independent learners were validated in the high level of learning that continued during the remote period. It is a credit to our wonderful students who were able to adapt to this new platform as successfully as they did.

 This term we look forward to working towards achieving the goals set last semester and working together to tackle any future challenges. We continue on the journey of providing the students with wonderful learning opportunities at MIPS.

Mrs Sharon MIzzi

Assistant Principal


Learning At MIPS


This year, 16 students in Year 6 are part of the Debating Team. The Team includes:

Summer S, Kanav S, Lucas W, Diva M, Dominic G, Campbell S-S, Olivia S, Samantha J, Mia C, Divya P, Cristiano J, David G, Harrison N, Madeline C, Alaysha G and Talia G.

On Thursday, 2nd July, the Debating Team participated in their first intra-school debate. Students were organised into teams of 4 and debated against each other. 

The two debate topics were: “Fiction is more valuable than non-fiction” and “Zoos have animal’s best interest at heart”. All 4 teams presented strong arguments to support their point of view, and it was exciting to watch teams refuting their opponent’s arguments, with confidence!

Stage 3 teachers and students were really impressed with how much hard work and preparation went into the debate, with students working on their speeches during lunch breaks and at home. All in all, an outstanding first debate- setting the bar high for next time!

The debating team will participate in their second debate during Week 3 of Term 3. We look forward to this exciting event!

Mrs  Kylie Behrens 

Holiday WUSHKA-THON entries close this FRIDAY!

K-2 Students 

How many books did you read during the holiday break?

Our Wushka Holiday Reading Log is due this Friday, 24th July, to your class teacher. Logs will be collected and counted for the highest number of reads during the holiday break. Winners will be announced in Week 2! 

3-6 Students continue their opportunity to participate in the Premier’s Reading Challenge!

Many Premier’s Reading Challenge books are available on SORA, our eLibrary. Please encourage your child to continue to access Sora at home- it has an abundance of books available- for FREE!

The Premier’s Reading Challenge finishes at the end of August. Please continue to log your child’s books online. 

A reminder that all K-2 students are participating in the challenge at school. There is no need for K-2 parents to enter any books online- these will be completed by the teachers.

Mrs Kirsten Cooper and Mrs Kylie Behrens


With the help of the Sporting Schools Plus grant, MIPS playground received a bright update over the holiday break. The new playground markings are designed to promote wellbeing and physical activity, encourage movement, social and cognitive development, give students the opportunity to be active everyday and incorporate physical activity in a range of curriculum areas- including mathematics!

Today, Year 6 began their two days of Peer Support Leadership Training at Mary Immaculate. The Year 6 students have been training to develop their leadership skills in order to facilitate activities with small groups of younger students. They had so much fun and learned quite a lot about themselves and others during the training!

Our whole school will be starting Peer Support sessions next Monday. Students will be using a new module on KEEPING FRIENDS, which focuses on how to establish positive relationships, be positive in situations on the playground and in a range of social situations. The experiences presented in this module will help students to develop skills to identify their strengths, celebrate their achievements and seek assistance when faced with challenges. 

During the training, each group will participate in a range of ‘getting to know you’ activities and will formulate their group agreements so that they can work well together throughout the term. You might like to discuss with your child what they can do this week to help them take an active role in Peer Support!

Mrs Kylie Behrens and Miss Rowena Benjamin 

Upcoming Dates

Latest News

Happy Birthday to the Students Celebrating Their Birthday in July

Miriam A-J, Yousef A-J, Jonathan B, Noah B, Lachlan C, Ruby D, Peyton D, Xander D, Sasha D, Alexia D, Aleisha E, Jace E, Lucas E, Gabrielle F, Mason F, Kaitlyn G, David G, Aasutosh G, Mererewiti J, Jamie K, Ameiya K, David L, Alexander L, Zane M, Jaydon M, Karen M, Sharlet M, Abbey M, Jeremiah O, Matilda O, Dane P, Joshua P, Vihaan P, Eva P, Adam S, Wynter T, Orlando T, Jake T, Alexander T, Lily T, Savannah W, Aaliivyah W.

2020 School Fees

If you would like to organise a flexible payment plan for 2020 school fees please email Liz Padlan on

For those that have been financially impacted by COVID-19, please click on the following link for fee relief information: 

CEDP Fee Relief

The fee relief form can be completed online or downloaded as a PDF. If you are completing the paper document, please scan and email to (Community Liaison at CEDP). All information will remain strictly confidential.

Uniform Shop

Online orders and emails for exchanges are to be placed on the QKR App by 4:00pm Monday and Thursday.  Uniform orders and exchanges will be delivered to your child's classroom on Tuesday and Friday mornings during the school term. 

When exchanging items purchased from the uniform shop please send an email to prior to leaving the items at the school office in a bag labelled with your child's name and class. 

Please email all exchanges to

All inquiries please contact Elle on 0421 216 414 or via email,

School Canteen

Paula's Pantry is open Monday to Friday: before school from 8:25am, lunchtime and recess

Lunches can be ordered at the canteen in the morning before school or online via the QKR App. When ordering online please ensure you place your order before 8:30am

Delicious homemade soup, served with a bread roll will be available for $4  on Monday and Tuesday  during the chilly winter months. Please order at the canteen in the morining and soup will be ready to collect at lunch time. 

Monday: Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup 

Tuesday: Pumpkin Soup

Community News

Community Advertising

"Please understand we are happy to support local businesses and programmes. However, the following notices are supplied for community information.
This by no means surmounts to an endorsement by the school." (Principal, Mr Stephen Dowd)

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