Lyndale Greens PS Newsletter

December 11 2020

Last Day of Term 4 – Friday 18th December

Last Day of Term 4 – Friday 18th December  - 1.30pm Finish  

A reminder to parents, that children finish school at 1.30pm on Friday 18th December. 

It is important that parents collect their children on time. 

Last year we had a number of very distressed children waiting at the office until well after 3.00pm.  Children can become extremely upset if all their friends have left and they have been forgotten.

2021 Start Dates

·         Thursday 28th January 2021 -     Years 1-6 students commence

·         Friday 29th January 2021  -          Prep Students commence

Congratulations to Setare in 1C and Muqadam -5C who were the winners of our Happy, Caring Kids Raffle for this week.

Student Reports

Student reports will be sent home on Thursday 17th December.

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Meet the Teacher - Thursday 17th December

On Thursday 17th December, the students in Prep – 5 will get to meet their 2021 teacher.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to meet other students as well as finding out which classroom they will be and their new teacher for 2021.

Grade 6 Graduation – Via Webex video

Graduation – Via Webex video

Grade 6 Graduation ceremonies we have ever held.

I want to thank the Grade 6 Graduates and teachers for their outstanding efforts to present such an amazing Graduation. 

The Grade 6 Graduates of 2020 are an important part of history, and they will have many stories to tell their own children in years to come. 

Stories about when they couldn’t go to school because of a virus called – Covid 19.  Stories about learning via the computer, One Note and Webex meetings, and learning from their parents, grandparents and other family members. 

So whilst it wasn’t the usual Graduation ceremony, it was certainly a historical and memorable Grade 6 Graduation.

Good Luck in Year 7 and 2021!

Maths Olympiad Results 2020

Prep Transition Days

LGPS Grade Teachers 2021


Wendy Malcolm

Prep A

Maria Karavasil + Christine Soldatos

Prep B

Kerry Allen

Prep C

Kath Dissegna


Jon Boonstra


Kelly Saliba


Hannah Stephens


Mary Eager  + (Shari Kiss Von Soly)


Rebecca Crossley


Stephanie Webb 


Jackie Bedggood


Cara Humphrey


Jessica Brown + Nikki Barker


Taryn Smith


Gyan Fernando


Daisy Frey


Jen Warburton


Ashlin Saggers


Connie McGuiness


Tahlia Bowden 


Ross Grinsted


Tammy Culpitt


Jo Peterson


Olivia Penhalluriack


Paul Kourbetis


Tatiana Aglitsky



Specialist Programs 2021




Mrs. Judith Sise   


Mr. Brian Wright


Mr. Trevor Chivers


Mrs. Fotina Mangonis 


Mrs. Vijayapalan




Mrs. Angela Dell Orefice


Mrs. Robyn Hicks

Student of the Week

PB:  Arcadia Riak- for writing a wonderful story and including who, where and when details. Well done!

Rudhra Thiru- PB For writing an excellent imaginative story including using words to add excitement such as ‘suddenly’. You made me want to read more!

1A:   Congratulations to Jerslyn for working hard to improve her reading.  Jerslyn is focusing on using different strategies to read words that she does not know.  Great work Jerslyn!

Muiz Yawar - Congratulations to Muiz for working hard to improve his story writing.  Muiz is focusing on starting his sentences with a capital letter and ending them with a full stop.  Great work Muiz!

1C:   Ali - For having a go at sounding out words he is unsure of.  Well done Ali! Keep up the great effort.

Yunus - For trying very hard to form letters correctly. Keep trying Yunus!

Harshita for trying very hard to sound out words that are unknown to her.

1D:   Caroline 1D for being a quiet independent worker, who always tries her best.  Well done Caroline

Selim - For finding ways he can be a happy and helpful friend. Well done Selim

1/2A: Hannah – for being a happy member of our class and putting great effort into her work. Well done Hannah!

          Bailey for his excellent understanding of mathematical concepts and his enthusiasm to share with the class.  Well done Bailey!

2C:   Bella Bonilla- for working hard to improve her reading. Keep up the good work Bella.

Nazipa Norzai- for the amazing effort she puts into her work! Super job Nazipa.

Leon Moetaua- for improving his literacy and showing his super skills in our word games.

3D:  Divya Rellay, Safa Imran, Zarleena Zadran - for working cooperatively in your writing group and well done for using resources to improve your writing skills.

          Abbas Mahmood, Jawad Monzer, Taqi Maniar, for working cooperatively when writing your indigenous story.

4B:   Hadya Ebrahimi for her fantastic effort creating an energy pyramid which shows how different plants and animals are part of the energy cycle. Great work researching to find out about decomposers, producers and consumers.

4D:  Noyan for always working hard in class and putting 100% effort into all his tasks.

Tanin for working extra hard to complete all your Literacy and Numeracy tasks to a very high level.

Henry Wang for always working hard in class and putting 100% effort into all his tasks. Excellent effort Henry.

5A:   Illaha for her persistence when learning about fractions and decimals. The number line you created shows how much you have learnt over the past few weeks. Keep up the fantastic work!

          Hejran for being a kind and responsible class member, who always tries his best.

5B:   Daniel Gourlay, for a smooth transition to on-site learning from remote learning (with a smile on is face).  Well done Daniel!

6B:   Radi Pikmawan-for showing maturity and not following along with the crowd. Well done