Lyndale Greens PS Newsletter

February 21st 2020

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Dates to remember


24 February

Parent Induction Workshop


25 February

Parent Information Night Gr 1-6


9 March

Public Holiday – Students do not come to school


10 March

School Photo Day

Preps – Commence FULL time from Monday 2nd of March 2020

A reminder to Prep parents that the Prep students commence FULL TIME from Monday 2nd March

That means prep students come to school every day –

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  

Parent Information Night (Grades 1-6) Tuesday 25th February 3.30 - 8.00pm

Dear Parents, the Grade 1-6 teachers will be conducting a Parent/Teacher interview night on Tuesday 25th February.

You should have received a notice this week, about a time for interview with your child’s teacher.

Purpose of Grades 1-6 Parent/Teacher Interviews

·         Parents will have the opportunity to meet with, and talk to their child’s teacher about what is important to them for their child’s learning during 2020.

·         This meeting is more about the opportunity for teachers to get to know the parents and the parents to get to know their child’s teacher.

·         Developing positive home-school communication and relationships is an important element of the student’s schooling experience.

Student Learning Goals

·         Students in grades 1-6 are currently writing their learning goals for 2020 in Literacy and Numeracy. 

·         The children are having input into their learning, and it would be wonderful if they could discuss their learning goals with their parents, prior to the parent/teacher interviews.

New Mobile Phone Policy – Department of Education

From Term 1, 2020, all schools are required to implement the new Mobile Phone Policy. Students are encouraged NOT to bring a mobile phone to school unless there is a compelling reason to do so. Students who choose to bring mobile phones to school must have them switched off and be in a labelled, zip lock bag and handed into the office prior 9.00am.

All phones will be securely stored at the school office and must be signed in before 9:00am and signed out after 3:15pm. Exceptions to this Policy may be applied if certain conditions are met (e.g. if required for medical reasons) When emergencies occur, parents/carers should reach their child by calling the school office on Ph: 9795 2271.

Mobile phones owned by students at Lyndale Greens Primary School are considered valuable items and are brought to school at the owner’s (student’s or parent’s/carer’s) risk. Mobile phones brought to school are not covered by the school if they are lost, stolen or damaged.

(Click here for a copy of the policy)

Student Accident Insurance

This is a reminder that the Department does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students. Parents/guardians are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including any transport costs. Reasonably low cost accident insurance policies are available from commercial insurers.

No Riding bikes/ Scooters in Yard

A reminder that children need to wear a helmet to and from school if they are riding their bike, scooter or skateboard. Children need to dismount from their bikes and scooters at the school gate and are not to ride in the school grounds before or after school.

School Photos – Tuesday 10 March

School Photos will be held on Tuesday 10 March.  This is the day after a Public Holiday. Remember to be in FULL school uniform for the photos.  Order envelopes will be sent home next week.  You can order online or send the correct money when you return the order envelope.  No change can be given at the office.

Some of our Grade 6 Leaders have been assisting and supporting our new Prep students during recess and lunch.

Student of the Week

This year we will publish our Student of the Week recipients in our newsletter. We are very proud of the effort all of our students put into their learning each and every day, whether it’s learning to be resilient, to strive for excellence, to show acceptance of others, to cooperate with peers or to be happy and healthy.

These are the outstanding students who have been awarded a Student of the Week certificate so far this year:

Storm Boulle Prep A, Tamana Ali Prep D, Mohammad Rahmati 1A, Abrar Adam 1A

Esey Habteslassie 1A, Peter Phlong 1/2A, Amsana Sasikaran 2A ,Seaklee Phan Chan 2A, Amaya Dennis 2B, Bonnie Byers 2C , Manasvi Chandrasekaran 2C, Kruz Byers 3A, Joel Billosillo 3A, Hadi Bassal 3B, Divya Rellay 3D, Annabella Thach 4A, Olivia Zeng 4B, Joy Huang 4C, Kate, cIntosh 4C , Abla Odiel 4D, Visal Thong 5A, Fatimah Ahmadi 5A, Cleo Poulios 5A, Samantha Wong 5B, Esmaeil Iftekhari 5B, Thilaxsan Sasitharan 5C, Puja Gunasekaran 5C, Mary Matar 6A, Hansa Lihinikadu Gamage Don 6B, Esing Nai 6C, Jannah Alvar 6C

 Congratulations students and keep up the great work! 

Parent Reading Helpers Wanted Prep - Grade 2

Reading is such a vital skill and can be a magical experience for young and old.

We would like to invite parent helpers into our Prep to Grade 2 classrooms to assist with listening to students read on any day of the week you might be available, Monday to Friday, at any time between 9am and 11am.

Whether you can spare two hours or half an hour, your assistance would be very valuable for our students.

In order to become a parent reading helper, you will need to have completed our Lyndale Greens Primary School Parent Induction Workshop and have obtained a Working with Children’s Check.

Our next Parent Induction Workshop will be held on Monday, 24th February at 9.45am following the whole school assembly. We can also give you information about getting a Working with Children’s Check at this session.

Before our parent reading helpers begin, we will also conduct a specific Parent Reading Helpers Workshop to provide you with further information and strategies to help you when listening to children read.

This Parent Reading Helpers Workshop will be held on Monday, 2nd March at 9.45am following the whole school assembly.

If you have completed our Parent Induction Workshop in 2019, you do not need to repeat this session this year. You will only need to attend the Parent Reading Helpers Workshop in order to help with listening to children read.

If you would like to attend either the Parent Induction Workshop on Monday, 24th February, and/or the Parent Reading Helpers Workshop on Monday, 2nd March, please complete the RSVP slip below and return to the office by Friday, 21st February.

RSVP Parent Induction and Parent Reading Helpers Workshops

Parent name: ___________________

Child’s name: ___________________________ Grade:____________

Child’s name: ___________________________ Grade:____________

Child’s name: ___________________________ Grade:____________

Please tick:

__ I will be attending the Parent Induction Workshop on Monday, 24th February at 9.45am.

__ I will be attending the Parent Reading Helpers Workshop on Monday, 2nd March at 9.45am.

Signed                                                             Parent Name:

__________________________________               _____________________________


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