Lyndale Greens PS Newsletter

MAY 1 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

Thank you for the amazing job you have been doing at home, to continue the learning opportunities for your child/ren.

Student Devices

Over the past week and half we have distribute a large number of school devices such as laptops and iPads to families to further support home learning.

Out of the 600 student pack that we put together, 580 parents/student have collected their work packs which includes a new Maths and Literacy text books.  

Online Platforms for Learning at Home

On our school website, we have links to a range of the ONLINE platforms the school is using to support online and remote learning.  Children in Prep &1 are using – Seesaw and the children in grades 2-6 are using One Note.  This is where your child’s teacher is providing a wide range of literacy, numeracy and specialist learning activities for your child to complete.  We understand that the majority of households have only one device to share between siblings.  We don’t expect students to spend all day on the computer or iPad, which is why we have provided the text books and other learning options for our students.

Students also have access to Mathletics, Sunshine Classics and Typing online and these can be another way students challenge themselves and their learning.

Home Learning Links

Supporting you and your family

We have had many phone calls from parents and students, and our staff have made numerous phone calls to parents and students.

Our aim is to provide our families with as much help as possible, so please contact the school if you have questions, concerns or want to catch up with your child’s teacher.

I would also like to thank all of the families who have provided us with such positive feedback.  All of the phone calls, the kind words through the student platforms and in person, have meant a great deal to our staff.

Just as our parents have been learning many new things, so have our teachers and I know they are doing their very best to support our families, so your support for what we are trying to do means a great deal to us, so THANK YOU!