Term 1, Week 11

From the Principal...

Dear Families,


It has been a fantastic  term and I would like to acknowledge all the hard work of the staff and students over the past few months. It has also been amazing to see so many parent volunteers participating at school from gardening to reading support and participation at Governing Council meetings has been strong. This past week we have had representatives from Climbing Tree nature play and Adventure Plus playgrounds out to visit our school to discuss possibilities for the redevelopment of the playground area. It is really exciting to see so many projects moving forward and the next term is shaping up to be exciting. I also wanted to congratulate all our Receptions on completing their first term at school. They have really settled in well, developed new friendships and have enjoyed their learning journey and all the opportunities that school presents.  I have also undertaken many personalised school tours and interest in the school and its connected community has been great to see. We welcome several new families in Term 2 so please make them feel a part of such a wonderful community.  I am really positive about student learning  this term and our end of term concert reflected the amazing opportunities that Basket Range Primary School presents. The enthusiasm of the children in learning instruments, using their voice and celebrating community through dance was really powerful. Many thanks to Bethany for facilitating this and showcasing our students talents.


The community picnic, activities and kite flying this week was a really great way to end the term. The beautiful construction of the kites and the design thinking was revealed as students tested them out on the oval today. I certainly liked the prototypes kites that were made by classes and the resilience of students as they modified them to changing conditions. I always think you can never go wrong with colour and creativity! Thanks also to Josie Ferguson who helped me to take the photos from today as she helped to capture the moment beautifully. It was fantastic to see peer support provided by our older students in walking the group to the oval and in assisting each other with the kite making earlier in the week. I would also really like to thank all the staff that made this such a lovely afternoon and the families that came to participate and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere after what has been a really busy Term. Thanks also to Sally for the delicious dried apples, I am sure it got a few of us through the day. Have a wonderful holiday break everyone and enjoy your children as I have done this term.  Kindest Regards Sybila.

Musical Performance...

Photos from the Picnic at the Basket Range Oval...


Dear Families, 

Finance Statements have been issued to families this week.  Please note that Term 2 M&S Instalments are due by Term 2, Week 6 (Monday 31st May) for those families paying by term.

Thank you to all families who have paid for invoiced student excursions, however there are some outstanding amounts for Term 1.  Please note that these are payable prior to the excursion unless prior arrangements have been made.

We appreciate your assistance regarding payment of outstanding amounts and thank you for your cooperation.  Please contact the school office if you are experiencing any difficulty with regard to M&S or excursion payments.

Kind regards, Susan Pfeiffer

Design Thinking...

This term the mainstream and Steiner 5-7 classes have been working on Design Thinking. They have worked on two different projects - a group and an individual/pair project. In the group project they have worked through the design processes steps - Empathise; Define; Ideate; Prototype and Test. They are currently on the Prototype and Test stage and will continue their project next term. 

For the individual project we looked at what real world problems there might be in the future. The children then used the design thinking process to define a problem and come up with their own solution for it. The thinking that went into their ideas was brilliant and they all helped each other further their inventions by asking really good questions and offering advice to each other. 

They each presented their work this week to Sally’s class who loved seeing their creations and hearing about the what the designs purpose was!



Kite Making...

A very big thank you to Michael and his class for coming in to help the Year 3/4's to make their kite's in preparation for the picnic.  


Upcoming Activities



Friday 9th

LAST DAY OF TERM 1 & Picnic at Basket Range Oval – 2:15pm dismissal

Monday 26th

Anzac Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 27th



Tuesday 11th

Governing Council 6:30pm