Mary Immaculate Primary Newsletter

Term 2 Week 4: Monday 18th May 2020

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Carers,

It has been wonderful to have the students increasingly return to school. We hope that the partial return schedule has worked as well as it can for families. Please remember that if families are struggling with the current circumstances, students are able to attend on days that are not their grade's scheduled days. This week we have ensured at least one teacher from each grade is operating onsite to assist with learning.

In the coming weeks, we expect that many more students will be joining us more regularly as directions from the authorities change.

Thanks to everyone for your support of the afternoon dismissal procedures introduced recently. This has worked very well.

Semester 1 Reports are still scheduled to be going out around the end of this term. But as you can imagine they will need to look decidedly different to the usual. We are working with CEDP in terms of a modified report. We are also in discussions with teachers about the best and most productive way to approach reporting for this semester. A lot more about this will follow as the term progresses.

Lots of families are doing things tough at the moment and really trying hard to hold everything together. I know that is the case. Please feel free as always to reach out for support. We want to help. Please contact me if you or your children have a need that we can help with in some way.

With appreciation of your continuing support,

Stephen Dowd


Assistant Principal's Message

Welcome back to what has started off as a very unusual term. We have all had to make major adjustments to the way we live and learn. It has been wonderful to see the children return over the past few weeks and we look forward to having them all join us on a full time basis. The look of joy on the children's faces as they return to school when meeting with friends and their teachers tells a beautiful story. The school is certainly not the same without all of the wonderful smiling faces of the children and we have missed them terribly.

We would like to congratulate and thank the students for the exceptional effort they have made to continue their learning remotely.  We have witnessed many extraordinary examples of work and look forward to this continuing as the students return. I have personally enjoyed being part of the grade Zoom meetings and witnessing the students participate in their learning.  

It has certainly been a challenging time adapting to the different modes of operating, our thanks to our parents for all of your support in assisting the students with their ongoing learning.  We would also like to thank our wonderful staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure the high level of work we are accustomed to at MIPS continues.

We look forward to welcoming all of the children over the coming weeks.

Take care and stay safe.

Sharon Mizzi

Assistant Principal

Learning At MIPS

Importance of Feedback Explained

My child gets lots of feedback from their teacher but why is it so important?

Over the past few months as our students have been working remotely (from home). Student learning and student relationships with their teachers have also changed. However, one very powerful tool teachers continue to use to drive student learning in all areas particularly English, Mathematics and Religious Education is feedback

Feedback is information for the student and/or teacher about the learner’s performance. It relates to learning goals and is based on evidence (student work). At Mary Immaculate, our aim is to develop ‘Assessment Capable Learners,’ a phrase you may have heard a lot about through our school communication. This means a student is able to articulate;

  • Where am I going in my learning?

  • Where am I now in my learning?, and

  • What’s next to improve my learning?


The feedback provided by teachers is what will assist students in their understanding of the third key question, What’s next to improve my learning?

 Teacher’s feedback can be either verbal or written depending on the task. It is important that students apply this feedback to the next steps of their learning. This is why it is important. To learn is to gain greater knowledge and understanding and to develop new skills, but to do this we need to know what more can be done or how it can be done differently. 

 What can I do as a parent/ carer?

Let’s work together to help students really take note of teacher feedback and what it means for them as a learner. Ask them about learning rather than the recall of daily events. 

Perhaps instead of asking - What tasks did you do today (online or at school)? 


 What feedback did you get from your teacher today? What’s next to improve your learning?


As our learners become more familiar with our questions, they will take more notice of their feedback and become more ready to respond. What lifelong learners our students are becoming!

Maths Olympiad

Congratulations to our MIPS Year 5 and 6 Maths Olympiad team who on Wednesday participated in the first official competition for the year. Each competition is made up of 5 complex questions that provide a high level of challenge and require higher-order thinking skills. These questions all need to be completed within a 30-minute timeframe. 


Our students have been training/preparing independently and have set a high standard! We should be so proud of them for their effort so far and we wish them continued challenge and luck as they prepare for the next competition day in June. 

 Mrs Annemarie Bond 

 Mathematics Coordinator


Technolgy Assistance Reminder

Reminder if you have any queries regarding technology please email for assistance.

2020 School Fees

If you would like to organise a flexible payment plan for 2020 school fees please email Liz Padlan on

For those that have been financially impacted by COVID-19, please click on the following link for fee relief information: 

CEDP Fee Relief

The fee relief form can be completed online or downloaded as a PDF. If you are completing the paper document, please scan and email to (Community Liaison at CEDP). All information will remain strictly confidential.

Expired Medication & Action Plans

Our records indicate that several students have expired medication and/or action plans. A current plan with in-date medication are necessary if we need to administer during school hours. This is especially important for anaphylactic and asthmatic children. We will be in contact with relevant families shortly.


As the weather is unpredictable, we will have a transition period into full winter uniform. If the weather is warm, children are welcome to wear summer uniform. However if the weather changes and you would prefer your child to wear their winter uniform they are able to do so. Please note that children are to wear full winter or summer uniform not a mixture. Parents will be advised of the date the students are to commence wearing full winter uniform only. 

Spare Uniforms

A reminder for those that have borrowed a spare uniform from the sick bay, could you please wash and return these items as we are short on items. Thank you.

Uniform Shop

Please order winter uniform items online using the QKR App. 

Online orders are to be placed on the QKR App by 4:00pm Monday and Thursday and delivery will be every Tuesday and Friday mornings during the school Term. 

Orders can be collected from the school office. 

For further information please contact Elle on 0421 216 414 or via email


Due to COVID-19, Book Club will be organised differently in Term 2. There  will be no paper catalogues this term instead to access the latest issue go to virtual-catalogue-1/

Orders need to be placed by Friday 22nd  May. We accept: Credit card online payments using LOOP:  We do not accept cash payment.

Happy reading!

Enrolling Now for Kindergarten 2021.

Enrolment applications are now being accepted for Kindergarten 2021. Enrolment packs are available from the school office or can be downloaded from our school website.

Please inform family and friends if they have children who are eligible to attend Kindergarten in 2021. 

School Canteen

Paula's Pantry will reopen next Monday 25th May 2020 for online orders and lunch time over the counter only.

Note that the canteen will be closed at afternoon tea time until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding.

Community News

Mary Immaculate Catholic Church: Important Update

To Our Dear Parish Family of Mary Immaculate Church,


COVID-19 remains present in the community and highly infectious, though in small numbers at present. With the relaxation of isolation measures and the approach of winter, an increase in cases is expected.


As you will be aware from Friday 15th May, 2020 in New South Wales we will move to Stage 1 of a three-stage process that will ease some of the restrictions that have been in place for several weeks. It will mean that some opportunities for limited ministry will be available and that will present some challenges as we move forward.


From Friday the 15th May 2020.


1. Our Church will reopen for private prayer and Mass services, with no more than 10 people are in the church at once, which does not include the priest and other ministers during a religious gathering.


2. Our Church will be opened for private prayer during our parish office hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – 9.00am – 5.00pm.

Thursday and Friday – 8.30am – 4.00pm.

Also on Saturday from 8.00am – 12.00pm.

No more than 10 people in the church at once and physical distancing must be observed.

We ask parishioners to sit in the places indicated with signs in the pews facing the sanctuary (altar).

Please do not enter the blessed sacrament room as the tabernacle has now been placed on the rear of the altar.

If there are more than ten people in the church we ask parishioners to wait outside until someone leaves.  

3. Reconciliation will be celebrated in the church, at our regular time on Saturday between 4.00pm to 5.00pm, with no more than 10 people in the church at once and physical distancing must be observed. We ask parishioners to sit in the places indicated with signs in the pews facing the confessional. 

If there are more than ten people in the church we ask parishioners to wait outside until someone leaves.  

4. For funeral Masses 20 mourners indoors or 30 mourners outdoors are permitted, in addition to clergy and funeral directors.

5. The parish will now conduct Baptisms for families who are happy to have a limit of 10 attendees. Those who had or have Baptisms booked which were affected by the church closure will be contacted by our parish staff shortly to discuss their child’s baptism booking.

6. For Weddings up to 10 persons plus the couple, the celebrant and assisting ministers are permitted.

7. All those who come into our church must use the hand sanitizers available at the doors/foyer (as they enter and exit the church), maintain physical distancing, and record their contact details on our attendance log. Antibacterial spray and wipes will be located in the pews and we request parishioners to wipe down the areas they have come in contact with when leaving their seat.  

8. Sacramental programs offered by the parish are still postponed until further notice.

9. Parish group meetings/choir practices that use the church are still postponed until further notice.

Please note that the parish has a Zoom account that can be used by parish groups to have online meetings. If your group is interested in using this service please contact Ged at the parish office.

How to register your interest to attend Mass.

We ask parishioners to email the parish office ( registering their interest to attend a Mass service and your contact details.  

If you do not have email access please contact the parish office on 96263326 during parish office hours to register your interest.

You will be contacted by a member of the parish staff to discuss with you which Mass service that will be available for you to attend.

We will be accepting registration of interest for Masses starting on Friday 15th May for parish Masses no more than 5 days in advance.

Our Mass services will occur as follows:

Monday – 6.00am only

Tuesday to Friday  - 6.00am and 9.15am

Saturday - 7.30am

Sunday Masses – Saturday Vigil Mass 5.30pm

Sunday- 7.30am, 9.00am, 10.30am and 5.30pm

Our Daily Mass will be streamed LIVE on Facebook Monday – 6.00am , Tuesday to Friday – 9.15am

Saturday – 7.00am

Sunday Mass will still be broadcasted on Sundays from 7.30am.


We understand that majority of the faithful will be unable to attend Masses due to these restrictions. All but priests, therefore, continue to be dispensed from attending Sunday Mass.


Thank you for your continued prayers and support.


We all long for the day when we can resume our normal parish activities and the People of God can once again gather to celebrate the Eucharist.


Yours in Christ,

Fr. Oliver, Fr. Ever, Deacon Leon and Parish Staff.

Community Advertising

"Please understand we are happy to support local businesses and programmes. However, the following notices are supplied for community information.
This by no means surmounts to an endorsement by the school." (Principal, Mr Stephen Dowd)

At Mary Immaculate we communicate with parents via the free Skoolbag app that is available from both the App Store and Google Play Store. Skoolbag can be installed on any iOS (iPad or iPhone) or Android device. Downloading the app means you immediately receive updates and reminders to your mobile phone or ipad. Remember to subscribe to your child's Year Group so that you will receive messages relevant to their year.  Instructions on how to download the Skoolbag App are available via this link.