St Andrews PS Newsletter

23rd of August 2019

Upcoming Events

Term Three Dates

  • Wednesday Aug 28th - 4/5/6 Tigers Excursion to Eltham Community Centre
  • Thursday Aug 29th - 30th - 2/3 Stringybark Camp 
  • Thursday Aug 29th - P/1 Kaboom Sports
  • Friday Aug 30th - P/1 Assembly
  • Thursday Sept 5th - Martin Chatterton Author Visit ($10)
  • Swimming Commences Monday August 2nd (2/9, 3/9, 4/9, 10/9, 11/9)
  • Thursday Sept 5th - School Council Meeting
  • Friday Sept 6th - District Athletics
  • Saturday Sept 7th - Big Night Out
  • Friday Sept 13th - 2/3 Assembly
  • Wednesday Sept 18th - Whole School Zoo Excursion ($10)
  • Friday Sept 20th -  End of Term Three  - 2:30 finish

Principal News

What a crazy/brilliant fortnight!

I'm feeling so fortunate to be working alongside such amazing, energetic, thoughtful and creative people from the community of St Andrews! I knew this place was special but WOW, the last fortnight has just been amazing!

First there was Crazy Hair Day – what a great way to raise some money and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis AND enjoy some amazing hair styles and groovy dancing alongside!

A big thank you to some very kind members of the Men's Shed that have been working with our students over the past few weeks on a very special project!!  The men, students and teachers have had an absolute ball and look forward to more projects in the future!!

Thank you so much to those who attended our Working Bee on Sunday!! It was a fantastic turn out and we achieved so much!! Pruned trees and bushes, tidied and weeded garden beds, mass playground demolition, gutters cleaned sweeping, door jam fixes, and fantastic sausages to boot! Thanks!!!

Then there was Band Night and my goodness... what a night it was!! I could not be more proud of the courage, skill and energy that our students brought to that stage!! Thank you so much to Kyle for your countless hours of effort!! You will be greatly missed while you're away! We hope you learn a lot and rush straight back to us. We’re very lucky to have Dash and Lisa filling our instrumental music gap while you’re away.

Then today we had our Book Week, Special Persons Day and our little school was buzzing with excitement and energy! The sun even showed up!! Thank you to all of those who came along and enjoyed the morning. (And to those of you who clearly spent a lot of time with outfit preparation) We are so proud to have already exceeded our sale aim of $1000 at our Book Fair and we've still got a few days to go! A huge thanks to Sam, Laura and the other parents to have set up and run the fair over the last few days! It's been a big job and your work has not gone unnoticed!

After all of this excitement, I’m taking some time to rest and recuperate ;) .  Whilst I’m away Felicity will be leading the helm. I look forward to seeing you all at the start of Spring.

Classroom News

Woolly Penguin Jumpers

Phillip Island Nature Parks are looking for jumpers to help rehabilitate penguins after oil spills. If any parent would like to run a knitting club during lunch to create some of these jumpers please see Chan.

Patterns need to be very specific to be accepted and you can find the pattern here

2/3 News

The 2/3s are gearing up for camp and we are so excited! We're off for 2 days next week to Stringybark Lodge, a fantastic adventure camp! Thank you so much to Sam, Nathan (our student teacher) and Peter (Truman's dad) for coming along on what is sure to be a super fun time! 

What does 100 look like?

In Prep/1 we have been exploring 100. We have discovered that you can count in smaller groups (like 10 or 20), then add those groups together to get 100. We have challenged ourselves to count by 1's, 2's, 5's, 10's and even 20's! We also put our counting to good use to create fantastic, artistic 100's Projects. Everyone chose and counted out 100 things, then used those 100 things to create an artwork. Check out Jarvis' Loom Bands, Miska's Pom-Pom People and  Odin and Rebecca's Jewels.


Did you know wolves can change rivers? We learned all about that last week in S.T.E.M. Check it out in the summary :

What’s been happening in grade 4/5/6, by Kelly and Lilah:

In 4/5/6 we have been on google classroom. Google classroom is a learning platform that Nat, Hayley and Kristie can use to send us homework and tasks. For example, if Nat asked us to write a paragraph about the best riddles we could do that then we could type it up and post it on the live stream.

Band night, it was band night on Wednesday and we all had a blast! We played some songs and we all did really well. All the songs were amazing. All of the students who performed should be really proud of themselves.