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Kangaroo Valley Public School Newsletter Term 2 Week 7, 06 June 2022

Principal's Report

Director Educational Leadership School Visit

Susan Hilliar, Director Educational Leadership for the Shoalhaven Principals Network visited our school on Friday. I was able to provide her a summary of our recent school community survey and we discussed our priority areas,  School Improvement Plan and some of the exciting future directions for KVPS. 

Staff Professional Learning

Miss Jarvis and Mrs Gripper will be leading the rest of the school through some professional learning to support teachers in using decodable readers in their classrooms on Monday afternoon. 

Decodable readers

We would like to thank the Valley Voice for contributing $10,000 for purchasing new decodable readers for use when students are learning to read. We would like to run a parent workshop later in the year to show parents how these decodable readers can be used to support your child's learning. 

Guided Reader and Home Reader Update

One of our long term goals for our school would be to eventually purchase some new, high interest guided readers and home readers as we know our current selection could definitely do with an update. We would like to thank our hardworking P&C who are thinking about ways to support us with our requests to update these resources long term. 

Rural Access Gap program

Last week I announced the school was part of the Rural Access Gap Program and can now employ a Digital Classroom Officer (DCO) to support and upskill the staff of KVPS to embed technology into teaching and learning. We hope to be able to announce our new DCO very soon!

School Working Bee

Thank you to all of our parents and students who came along to our working bee on Saturday. Thank you Brad, Lincoln, Dave, Mark, Carlos, Bruno, Tabitha, Stefan, Julie, Darren, Mike, Heidi, Maya, Darcy and Reed. A special thanks to Brad for sourcing materials and leading the project. We would also like to thank our local businesses who donated or provided materials at cost price. We really appreciate your support. 

Soccer Clinics

Mark Johnston will be visiting our school every Tuesday and working with all classes to develop soccer skills! Please remember to wear shoes that can get muddy on Tuesdays, bring a hat and water bottle. 


We held our first Choir session last Friday in the hall from 2.15-2.45. We have plenty of spots available so please let Miss Jarvis know if you would like to join.  

Athletics Carnival Dates

The Small Schools Athletics Carnival held on the last day of term, Friday 1st July has been cancelled. We are currently trying to decide the best way to run our track and field events with the spaces we have available and will communicate a plan with you very soon.

The District Athletics Carnival runs from 21st-22nd July. Please add these dates to your calendar. 

Library Days

Please remember library books and bags on your library day to make the most out of library borrowing sessions. 

Monday- 4/5/6 and K/1

Tuesday- 1/2 and 2/3

Resolving Issues and Concerns

Thank you for contacting me with any concerns you may have, issues you feel need to be addressed or feedback you have for us as a school. My email address is

Have a great week!

Miss Arnott - Relieving Principal

What's Happening in Art?

Home Reader Bags

At the beginning Term 2 Elsie, Georgie, Matilda, Maddie and Colbie once again decided to raise money for a charity. This time they decided to hold a second hand clothes shop. They researched various charities and ended up deciding to support the Shoalhaven Homeless Hub because their web page says they give 100% of donations directly to the people in need.  Mrs Robinson and Mrs Gripper helped determine the final details and coordination of the event - with a goal of raising $150. The students advertised their fundraiser to the school community and asked for donations of clothes, shoes and books to be brought into their class over the next few weeks. Lots of great donations were received with thanks and the clothes were set up for sale in the Library. The sale was held on Friday 3rd June and the students ran the sale themselves which included coordinating a time for each class to come to the library and helping the KVPS students find any items they might want to purchase. The students returned to the library at the end of the school day when there were even a few more customers at pick up! The total raised was $252.85 which was a great result.

KV Family Flicks

Soccer Clinics with Mark

P&C Report

Last year KVPS achieved the momentous feat of 150 years of public education, however 2021 was not kind and flouted every attempt at hosting a celebration. Bad 2021, bad. Now restrictions have eased, the P&C are holding the 150th birthday celebration this year, and we need your help!  

On Saturday 3rd September, we plan to hold a party at the school.  We are still in the planning phase, but there will be old fashioned games, bbq, raffle, delicious food, old school memorabilia and more!  To get the ball rolling and to make this a celebration worthy of 151 years, we are having a meeting this Friday (10th) at 2pm at the pub. Please join us to chat about what this celebration will look like and where you might be able to help. I know this meeting time is not convenient to all, but fear not, more meetings will come! 

A major 2022 project for the P&C is forming a KVPS Landscape Master plan. We are looking to plan works that will improve the school grounds, especially those areas long neglected but with so much potential!  Our vision is to improve and activate these spaces with natural themes and so we are looking for members of our P&C community that have experience in, or just a lot of enthusiasm for, landscape design.  Please contact me on 0437 878 343 if you can help!

Finally, just a reminder that you can find the P&C on Facebook at KVPS P&C (New), so please join our community there.

Trudie Jarnason

P&C President

Working Bee

Meet our Staff - Profile of the Week

Name: Kate Cisneros (Mrs C)

Role: During the last two years at KVPS I have been very lucky to work in a number of roles across the school. This year I am employed Monday and Tuesday, as a Learning and Support Teacher, supporting literacy and numeracy in K/1 and 1/ 2 with an additional focus on supporting our students who are learning English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D). 

Interesting Fact/Special Skill: Many years ago I started my career working in education at Kangaroo Valley Preschool. My first ever day of teaching in a primary school was as a casual teacher at Kangaroo Valley Public School in 2009. I have three young children Lyla (9), Amelie (5) and Ari (4). My favourite stories are the 'Pig the Pug' books by Aaron Blabey because I have my own crazy pug named Saturn at home. My favourite sport is netball and I love coaching my daughters' netball teams on the weekend.

What do you love about KVPS/your role? I feel so blessed to be a part of the wonderful school community in Kangaroo Valley. I love the opportunity to work with so many students to help them achieve their personal best. Our KVPS students are truly something special - they are kind, enthusiastic and really care about making a difference to the world around them. I love entering classrooms or walking around the playground and being met by so many smiling faces who love to share with me what they are achieving both in their classrooms and outside of school. 


P&C Meeting 
21&22/07/22District Athletics Carnival
18/08/22Edward the Emu Excursion Years K-1
26/08/22KV Social

150th Celebrations