Henley Beach Primary School Newsletter

Term 2 week 2 - Wednesday 6 May 2020

From the Principal - Shane Misso

Dear families and caregivers

We have had a busy start to Term 2 as teachers and students adjusted to online learning, whether they were on site or learning from home. I am pleased to report that attendance on-site has been consistently strong each day and school life is beginning to feel a little more normal!  Now in week 2, 90% of students have returned with some classes having full attendance and others only a few off site.

As you would be aware, South Australia has now recorded twelve days without any new cases of COVID-19. As a community we should be very proud of our contribution to the common good.  This state-wide improvement in COVID -19 management has brought improvement more rapidly than what was expected at the end of last term, which is so supportive for the learning and working conditions for our staff and students. We continue to follow the health advice of government agencies, specifically the updated advice from the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) and SA Chief Medical officer Doctor Nicola Spurrier.

Parents of students who are learning from home will need to continue advising the school of their child’s absence by a phone call or SMS as they usually would. Please note that whilst teachers will endeavour to assist those students who are learning remotely from home, given the high number of students which have returned to face-to-face learning, they will not be in a position to respond to emails/seesaw messages as easily as before, whilst having a full class load to attend to.  From next week we will be allowing select essential service providers (speech pathology/psychology/OT) to visit the site under strict social distancing and hygiene practices for the benefit of student learning.

Staff will continue to work with students to manage the transition back to ‘face-to-face’ learning as a goal for the immediate future.  All families and students operating from home are expected to be fully engaging in the Home Learning tasks and materials or recording an absence with explanation.  New materials to keep students engaged will be released by teachers next week.   These will not always mirror the class learning program as we are now returning to the normal face to face model for 90% or more of students.

Unfortunately we will not be offering a Mother’s Day stall this year however it is great news that we can celebrate the special day with family observing all the guidelines.  Playgrounds are now more available to families. We will continue to move children off-site after school and look to parents to support supervised playground visits at a later time following expected social distancing guides and observing group numbers.

I will continue to monitor the situation; however, the following activities remain suspended at this stage:

  • All major events, excursions and co-curricular activities
  • All after school and weekend sports competitions.

Please remember the need for social distancing at the gates during school pick up and drop off.   There has been some “crowding” of parents around the gates making entry and exit difficult for students.   To preserve our State’s excellent COVID-19 case record, please keep your distance.

It's time to move on

It is with mixed emotions that I inform you of winning a new role as Principal of Glenelg Primary School.  This role will commence at the beginning of term 3.  

I have enjoyed 16 years working with this wonderful community and I will be sad to say farewell.  A process has already been actioned to source a new Principal for Henley Beach Primary.  Governing Council and staff will be involved in this process with more information available in the coming weeks.

The current team are very skilled and highly committed to the ongoing learning development of every child at Henley.  Your children are in excellent hands now and into the future.

Staffing update:

  • Welcome Mark Beech  - new finance officer.
  • Miss Megan on leave  - Kylie to teach class term 2.
  • Miss Lu on leave  - Nikol to teach class term 2 until Miss Lu returns.



Pupil Free Tuesday 9 June
Show Day School ClosureFriday 4 September
Pupil Free Monday 7 September
Pupil Free Friday 30 October

Safe Practices


Please use the school gates to drop off and collect students. 

Parents and carers are asked to use the phone or email to make contact with staff who will respond when they are able to. 

We ask that front office face to face enquiries are kept to a minimum. Where necessary, either email or phone through. 

Volunteering in the school is currently on hold. 

Private Music & Service providers are returning week 3.

Vicky Jones - Assistant Principal

Aileen Clancy - Assistant Principal

Dr Donna - Wellbeing Leader

2021 Enrolments

Families of children due to commence Reception in 2021, and seeking a place at Henley Beach Primary, are encouraged to fill out an expression of interest for their child by Friday 22nd May 2020.

This includes applications for siblings, students in zone, and any students - should they not live in zone - applying to be considered for a place in 2021.

For Henley Beach we are looking at being overcapacity again in 2021 and late registrations for enrolment may not be able to be accommodated.   Please contact the office for clarification.

All enrolments will be considered in line with the Department enrolment policy which can be found on the school website.

The first round of confirmed offers will be emailed to parents in early June.  This will be the same across all Western Adelaide Shores sites. 

If you are planning to leave Henley Beach Primary this year or the end of 2020 please let the front office know as this will help with the 2021 planning.

Any questions please ring Lucy Lee – Enrolment Officer



Premiers Reading Challenge

Dear Parents/Students

The Premier's Reading Challenge plays an important role in promoting the love of reading and this year more than any other, students will find joy, continuity and comfort in books! With your continued support, our students will keep reading and participating in the Challenge!

Children at HBPS who are still in School have all brought home extra library books and Teachers have set up opportunities for on-line reading

Some classes have been completing the challenge in School as a class whilst others have sent the challenge home. Thank you to those families who have already returned their forms.

In order to make the Premier's Reading Challenge achievable for all in this extraordinary year, we will be doing the following:

1.      Rules – students will still need to read 12 books by September. However, they can be ALL FREE CHOICE. We understand that it may be difficult to get to libraries so any book students choose to read will be accepted – whether on the Premier's Reading Challenge booklist or not.

2.      Collecting reading records – students will still need to submit their records. We will accept a scanned copy via email to this address (eg teacher email address).

3.      Awards – we have been informed that awards will be sent to our school in November as in previous years.

Please consider SA public libraries are free to join and they provide access to the OverDrive service, where there are thousands of eBook titles (and Audiobook titles) using the very user-friendly libby App. This collection has more than 4,000 different children and young people’s titles and includes many Premier’s Reading Challenge books. There are other free services for younger readers such as Brightly Storytime on YouTube and online story reading at Story Time from Space and The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read Alouds & Activities.

Good luck with the Premier's Reading Challenge this year and please contact me should you need any support.


Premier's Reading Challenge coordinator – Mrs Vicky Jones

ANZAC DAY - Kylie Cooks Yr1 Class

ANZAC day was held on Saturday 25 April. This year due to COVID-19 we celebrated a little differently. Some of our students went to the end of their drive ways at dawn and lit a candle to remember those that sacrificed themselves for the country we live in today.

Kylies class made wreaths to put on the school flag poles.

Tammy Baker - Governing Council Chair

Thank you to Shane and the rest of our wonderful staff at HBPS for keeping us up to date with the latest information as it is released in regards to  COVID – 19. 

Thank you all for going above and beyond in these unprecedented times. We appreciate the tactics you are using to keep our children calm and implementing practices to keep all our loved ones safe.

Get to know your Governing Council members. Look for our photos and introductions in the office, on Facebook and on the HBPS website.

Feel free to say hello or even ask us questions.

We are excited to move ahead on the projects that were a result of our Future Focused Forums this term. Watch this space to see how you can get on board to make our great school even greater.

Our next meeting is Tuesday 12 May @ 6pm. Feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss anything.

Performing Arts - Judy Isaac


Festival SING 2020

The Festival of Music in the Festival Theatre has been cancelled for 2020 BUT it is being replaced with a movie.

Our Festival Choir will continue to learn songs and will perform for audiences when it is safe to have large gatherings again. We will be able to use the movie as a backing for our performances and may even be able to combine with other schools to create a bigger choir towards the end of Term Three. This is all in the future, but for now we are just enjoying being able to sing together again.

The latest information about Festival SING 2020 is summarised by the Director of Music and the Deputy Director of Music in a YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtdAzWtWJPM

Festival SING 2020 Male Vocal Choir -auditions

(for Year 6-12 boys with changed voices in Department for Education Schools)

If you know any boys who might be interested, please let them know about this.

Music is Fun- advance notice

The Music is Fun band will be performing at our school on Friday November 13 (Term 4, Week 5). They were originally scheduled to perform on Friday 3 July, but the performance was postponed due to COVID-19. 

In their Performing Arts lessons, Year 1-3 classes have started learning some of the songs the band will perform, so the children can sing along at the concert. Children who are learning at home have been sent copies of the lessons. 

We started with the unlikely “A Wombat on a Surfboard” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bES-LEaZS2s&feature=youtu.be. After watching a video of a wombat digging (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwyf-qxuams) we thought it would be quite a feat for a wombat to go surfing!

Year 4-7 classes will start learning the Music is Fun songs after they have finished writing and performing their own group songs in Performing Arts lessons. 



OSHC - Tammy Bahr

Bookings on 0401 121 087 or tammyhbps@yahoo.com.au

CANTEEN - Julie Stamatialis

Canteen is back in full swing. We are open at recess for cash sales.

Thank you for your support.

Scholastic Book Club - Linda Dickman

This term the first Scholastic Book Catalogue is available online. The process for ordering is exactly the same as every Scholastic Book Club and orders will be delivered to school in the usual way!

The link to the online catalogue is here for you to browse.


Orders will close on Monday the 11 of May.

Happy shopping!