Caroline Chisholm College Newsletter

Term 4 Week 4 Issue 17 2019


From the Principal

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students of Caroline Chisholm College,

Our students are in the middle of a very busy time of learning and assessment at the moment. It is great to go from class to class and see students deeply engaged in their work and their efforts to master new knowledge and skills. For students in Years 7 - 9, our assessment program is ongoing and does not feature exams. This means that your daughter’s learning is being constantly observed and evaluated by her teacher. While this can sometimes look like receiving a mark on a quiz or a grade on a piece of writing, it can take many other forms as well. For example, in my Year 10 class today, while students were working in small groups, I interviewed students in pairs and asked them to explain their understanding to me. By asking questions of the girls I was able to assess which areas of their learning were really strong and where they needed more detailed knowledge. I could then, in real time, point them in the direction of their next learning. The students themselves could easily answer the question “Are you confident in all aspects of this topics? If not, what do you think you need to do next?”. Our teachers know that this sort of assessment and feedback can be even more valuable than taking a pile of marking home for two weeks and returning it long after the learning has happened. This is quite different from when I went to school and everything came down to the mark a teacher gave me. Our program of ongoing assessment is designed to ensure that students can take ownership of their learning and become self-reliant, so that they can take the necessary steps to manage their learning. This supports the three areas of student learning that we call the Personal Profile on our reports: managing learning, taking opportunities to extend learning and relating to others to enhance learning. These are our goals for the students.


Last Friday night the community enjoyed the Caroline Chisholm Dance Showcase. This will be the last time the Showcase is held at St Dominic's College, because we will have moved into our new performance centre next year. The students presented pieces representing their work from across the year in a range of styles, both solo and ensemble, and the standard of their performances reflected the fact that, as a college, we were very successful in eisteddfods and competitions throughout the year. In fact, Caroline Chisholm was named the winning school of the Parramatta Diocesan Secondary Schools Dance Competition for the year. Congratulations to the girls and to Mrs Brooke Hughes for her tireless work with each ensemble and her many evenings and weekends dedicated to our dance program. I would also like to thank St Dominic's for the generosity in providing this venue for our Dance Showcase over many years. 


If you have driven past the college in the last few weeks you would have noticed a great deal of progress on our building project. The school is now surrounded by building sites on three sides of the Covered Outdoor Learning Area: the new building, the new canteen and the refurbished art rooms are all well underway and on track for completion in January ready for the new school year. In the meantime, life is a bit cramped and uncomfortable on the college grounds. I want to thank the students and the staff for the patient way they have gone about learning and teaching in less than ideal conditions. I promise it will be worth it when we move into these beautiful spaces, and students, ex-students and parents will have the opportunity to tour the facilities in the new year.


Our bishop has asked us to pray for all the Australians affected by the drought. The harsh climate has caused untold damage to businesses, individuals and families. Please join with us in prayer that communities will receive both the support and the rain that they need.


Eternal God,

In wisdom and love

you created our earth to sustain us and give us life.

 We turn to your now in faith, hope and love, asking you to look with favour on our drought-stricken land, on our starving animals, on our failing crops.

 Strengthen, sustain and give new heart to our farmers and to all who are affected by drought; be with those who support them.

In your loving providence, send abundant rain and restore our parched earth.

Father on all compassion, hear our prayer through Jesus Christ your Son, in whom the promise of new life: Renew your faithful people; Renew the face of the earth.

Our Lady of the Southern Cross, Mary, Help of Christians - Pray for us.

 St Mary of the Cross MacKillop - Pray for us.




Mr Greg Elliott Principal

Year 11 Semester 2 Principal's Awards

The College Principal's Award is given to students who have demonstrated outstanding commitment in all areas of their learning. It encourages all girls to strive for excellence in their work.

We congratulate the following recipients of the Principal's Awards for Semester 2 for Year 11.

Tiana Azzopardi

Isabella Bruce

Nilisha Buksh

Abbey-Jane Camilleri

Nicola Casis

Renee Cefai

Samantha Cheam

Keisha Chilmaid

Faith Clark

Paige Colgate

Alison Coutinho

Tammin Danby

Erin Dargan

Rebecca Dunn

Alyssa Dunworth

Alanah Eisenhuth

Hayley Faber

Claudia Fava

Peyton Field

Micquella Grima

Alannah Hader

Taylor Hodgson

Nevine Idris

Sunita Jayachandran

Reit Kakar

Lorilei Knight

Melissa Knowles

Alyssa La Malfa

Emily Lakeman

Holly McLaughlin

Neelima Menakath

Molly Mitchell

Grace Morrissey

Isabella Nardi

Lauren Paolini

Jemma Pracy

Alyssa Procter

Monique Rice

Natasha Robinson

Audrey Sanchez

Olivia Searle

Saakshi Singh

Talira Smith

Amelia Smoth

Erin Stinten

Molly Summerhayes

Andrea Tassone

Emily Terlikar

Chelsea Tran

Eleftheria-Ellie Tsahtarlis

Sancia Turner

Bella'Rose Van Der Steen

Imogen Van-Stolk

Caela Vernon-Wright

Laila Wasid

Charlotte Williams

From the Assistant Principal Pastoral

Years 7 and 8 Disco
Years 7 and 8 students are invited to the college disco held in conjunction with St Dominic’s College on Wednesday 20 November in the St Dominic’s Hall. The disco runs from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. I would like to emphasise a couple of points about this disco. First, please collect students promptly at 8.30 from St Dominic’s, not from Hungry Jack’s. Students are not allowed to make their own way to Hungry Jack’s unless accompanied by a parent. Second, please make sure students are properly dressed in accordance with the college non-uniform activity policy which can be found on the college website. 

Skirt Lengths
Over the next few newsletters, I will be reminding parents and carers about the uniform requirements to make sure all students are set up for the start of next year.

Generally, the uniform is worn well but there have been a number of students who have grown over the year and whose skirts no longer meet the required length. Over the next few weeks, students whose skirts are too short will be given reminder notes for parents to acknowledge. If it is not addressed before the end of term, please check over the holidays to make sure your daughter’s uniform meets requirements. It is a strong expectation of the parent body of Caroline Chisholm College that uniform standards are maintained.

Every girl must start the year with her skirt worn to the bottom of the knee. If this is not the case, please arrange for the hem to be taken down or a new skirt bought. Please check also that the skirts fit properly around the waist. Some girls have skirts which are too loose and their solution is to roll it at the top, making it a little tighter around the waist. The problem then is that a skirt which appears to be the right length when purchased becomes too short.

Doing the Right Thing
Congratulations to Emerson Fairley (7 MacKillop), Charlotte Wood (7 Macarthur), Krystal Daley (7 MacKillop) and Carolina Dudley (8 Kenny). They have been selected to receive a $5 canteen voucher for college service.

Appreciation of Honesty

Students at Caroline Chisholm College regularly display outstanding honesty in returning items they find on the college grounds. Often these can be of quite substantial value. Students handing in found items receive a certificate of appreciation. I would like to congratulate the following student who has handed an item in over the last fortnight: Victoria Mashiri Yaconi (9 Wright).

Mr Greg King - Assistant Principal

From Assistant Principal Learning


How to stay positive as exams (or any challenging situations) approach.


It can be difficult to stay positive or ‘be up’ as exams approach. The more important we perceive the exam to be, the more stress we can feel. Whilst feeling some stress can be positive and help us get motivated to study, we all have a tipping point. When our stress levels reach our personal tipping point, this higher level of stress can lead to inaction, where we avoid doing the work necessary to be prepared and feel even more overwhelmed. If not dealt with, the stress can build and lead to anxiety and depression.

The key to being positive and managing negative emotions such as anxiety and feeling down and depressed in any pressure situation including exams is to ‘fuel up’. It goes without saying that if we are exhausted, tired, worried or stressed it is very difficult, if not impossible, to deal with the pressure of exams. ‘Fuelling Up’ is about boosting wellbeing factors in your life. You need to boost the wellbeing factors in your BODY, MIND and EMOTIONS.


BODY: Put your health first and eat healthily, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. We all know what to do, but we need to make the decision to prioritise our own well-being. Without the right fuel, you will feel exhausted and depleted and it is very hard to be positive when you aren’t feeling your best.


MIND: To think more positively, challenge your perceptions. Write down your top five fears and worries. What’s the worst thing that can happen? How valid are these fears? Usually fears and worries are not based on reality but on imagined scenarios that have little to no evidence. If it’s something that can’t be changed bring acceptance to it, but if it can be changed, take action!


EMOTIONS: To help yourself feel more positive every day think of three good things that happened that day and how they made you feel. Also, take the focus off yourself and do three simple but deliberate acts of kindness every day. It might be a kind word, a compliment, helping someone or surprising someone with a kind act. You will be amazed at how making other people feel better lifts your mood as well.


Learn more at

Our school’s subscription details are -

Username: forccconly

Password: 55results

Ms Deborah Scollard - Assistant Principal Learning

Food for thought

Subject: Visual Arts 

Last weeks answer: Albert Einstein 

E= Energy

m = Mass

c = Speed of Light 

Who, born during 1902 is renowned as a pioneer of contemporary Indigenous Australian Art?

(A) Vincent Van Gogh 

(B) Albert Namatjira 

(C) Arthur Boyd 


Leaders of the Learning Committee

Senior Retreat and Excursion to the Mosque

During Week 2 of Term 4 I was privileged to be part of one of the two teams of teachers who facilitated Senior Retreats for the students of Year 12 who were commencing their term as leaders of the student body at Caroline Chisholm College.


The retreat program consisted of three days and two nights and the activities and experiences are inspired by the quote from Eleanor Powell, “What we are is God’s Gift to us.” This focus allows the students to explore aspects of their unique selves and recognize the unique and precious gift that God has created in them and in each other. Over the three days students identify these gifts and reflect on how they can use these gifts to reflect God’s glory and ultimately make the world a better place.


The importance of reconciliation and healing was a highlight for most participants with the students working through a number of activities identifying areas in their lives where they could do better, establishing what it is that makes them happy and resilient people and praying for people in their lives and in the global community in which they live. Undoubtedly another of the highlights for all was the celebration of the liturgy that was coordinated and prepared by the students under the guidance of the Yr 12 elected  leaders. May I take this opportunity to thank these leaders and to let you know what a strong, capable and impressive group of young women they are. The participation and reverence evident on this occasion is a credit to all of the girls and their families.


Finally, I would like to thank the other teachers who assisted by running sessions on retreat and supervising the girls each night. Ms Debbie White, Mr Greg Elliott, Mr Mitchell Sutton, Mrs Teresa O’Keefe, Ms Lana-Maree Nagy, Mrs Rebecca Sidhom, Ms Taylor Mosca, Mrs Sonya Peters, Mr Adam MacNamara, Mrs Jeanette Cocks, Mr John Corrigan, Mrs Di Larsen, Ms Jennifer McDonald, Mr Greg King and Mrs Melissa Mills.  These events would not happen without the dedication and support of such magnificent people.


During this week, students also attend an excursion to Auburn Gallipoli Mosque as part of their studies in Religious Education for Stage 6. This excursion not only showed the students the mosque as a place of religious worship for Muslims, but highlighted many aspects of the work they have been studying including the core beliefs of Islam and the Five Pillars of Faith. The facilitators at the mosque told the girls that they welcome any people who would like to come tour the mosque to do so as during these times of unrest they are keen to break down barriers and allow misconceptions about the Islamic Faith to be redressed. Congratulation to all the girls on their respectful and attentive participation. thank you to Ms Field, Ms Mabon, Ms Morley and Ms Alexandra Clarke.


Prayer for the Drought

The Australian Catholic Bishops Commission (ACBC) has called for the Church to focus on the National Prayer Campaign for Drought throughout November 2019,  praying for all of those affected by the drought and for the arrival of much needed rain in drought affected regions. Resources can be found via this link

This request provides an opportunity to amplify the message of Laudato Si’.

Pope Francis in  Laudato Si’ writes: “I urgently appeal, then, for a new dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet. We need a conversation that includes everyone, since the environment challenge we are undergoing, and its human roots, concern and affect us all” (#14).


 Ms Bernadette Murray - Leader of Religious Education

Year 11 Retreat

NSWCCC Junior Girls Basketball Championships

On Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th October 2019, Caroline Chisholm College participated in the NSWCCC Junior Girls Basketball Championships at Windsor. The team, comprising of students from Year 7 and 8 entered the first day with confidence after being crowned runners up at the PDSSSC competition.

In our first two games we played well but were defeated by St John's College from Coffs Harbour  and   Holy Spirit College from Bellambi in a crushing 1 point overtime loss. In our third game we started strongly and won convincingly against Santa Sabina College.


On the second day we entered the “Plate Championship”. Two solid wins meant that we progressed to the final where we played McCarthy College from Tamworth. In a very competitive match we slowly worked ourselves into the game establishing a three point lead with two minutes remaining. A determined effort on defense combined with a strong resolve to protect the ball on offense allowed us to win. The students are to be commended on their sense of fair play, team work and enthusiasm displayed throughout the tournament. Thank you to those parents who were able to support our team.


I would like to congratulate the team members. Well done.


NSWCCC Junior Basketball Plate Championship winners 2019:

Mikayla Castillo, Aaliyah Chhuy, Emma Cona, Emma Dunn, Maddison Faber, Abby Grech, Kaela Manas, Ellee Saab, Katie Sloan, Alyssa Tagudin and Charlotte White.

Mr Damien Mills 

Japanese Exchange

So far, apart from my tendency to judge myself and perhaps overreact slightly in my mind, my experience has been amazing! There are some downfalls, like the fact that I cannot understand most of the classes so far. However, when I reflected on myself today I noticed an improvement in my Japanese already. I was able to write a list of at least 30 new words that have stuck in my brain easily, and I’m continuing to learn more every day. Furthermore, listening to my teachers, even for just parts of the lesson, has helped me to pick up on intonation, pronunciation and even grammar.


Tuesday (22nd) was a public holiday to celebrate the enthronement of the new emperor, so my host sister, Norika, invited her friends over to have a ‘party’. Her friends were super kind and accepting of me, and I almost felt like I was one of them. We made bread with Norika’s mum, as she likes to cook bread, and then we made a cake and decorated it with the 100’s and 1000’s (sprinkles) I brought over as a gift to my host family.


I enjoy seeing the Junshin student’s faces light up when I remember their names or say something small in Japanese. Every time I say “hai” they giggle and repeat it, often followed by a symphony of “kawaiiiiii!” They also like to ask me if I have a boyfriend, and scream when I say yes, so that’s really funny to watch.


My host father is quite interested in me and has been trying to do something with me every night. He has shown me Japanese card games, hand-written games (like noughts and crosses, or bulls and cows), as well as origami. He also tries to teach me new words and encourages me to help him and my younger host sister, Sari, learn English.


Although I am still struggling a little with the language barrier, I believe that I can continue to overcome this obstacle and work on improving my communications with my Japanese host family and friends. 

Written by Emily Farrell - Year 10 Student

Wright House - National Breast Cancer Foundation

During this month of October, the Wright House has been fundraising for the National Breast Cancer Foundation through a number of activities. Since the National Breast Cancer Foundation started in 1994, they have invested over $170 million in over 534 breast cancer research projects across the country. With the help of the school community, so far, we have raised just over $500 to contribute to the research of the hardworking men and women. 

Written by Nevine Idris - Wright House Leader

NSWCCC Athletics

The following students represented Caroline Chisholm and the Parramatta Diocese at the NSWCCC Athletics Carnival on the 20th September. Mia Gleeson, Rapaila Idris, Emma Matthias, Kailah Stapleton and Katelyn Smith. Some of their results were as follows:

Katelyn Smith – 3rd in discuss
Mia Gleeson – 2nd in javelin
Raphaila Idris – 1st in triple jump with NSWCCC record, 2nd in 100m, 200m and long jump. All personal bests.
Emma Matthias – 2nd in shot put.

Congratulations to all of our competitors.

NSW All Schools Athletics

The following students represented Caroline Chisholm at the NSW All Schools Athletics Carnival from the 26th to the 28th September.

Mia Gleeson, Raphaila Idris, Emma Matthias and Clare Roser.

Some of their results were as follows –

Raphaila Idris – 1st in triple jump with NSW All Schools record.

Clare Roser – 1st in Pole Vault

Raphaila will be travelling to Perth in December for the Australian All Schools Championships.

 Congratulations to all our competitors.

Penrith Valley Sports Foundation Sportsperson of the month

Congratulations to Raphaila Idris of Year 8 who was awarded the Penrith Valley Sports Foundation Junior Sportsperson of the month for August. She received this award for her amazing development and skill in Athletics. Raphaila has represented at high levels including NSWCCC and NSW All schools, achieving great results. She recently achieved four personal bests at the NSWCCC Athletics Championships where she placed first in the triple jump. Raphaila is to be praised for her efforts in athletics. 


Mr McIlveen - Sport Coordinator

Diary Dates

Thu 7 Nov

HSC Examinations

AM - Chemistry

PM - Society & Culture

Year 9 Urban Challenge

Fri 8 Nov

HSC Examinations


PM - Visual Arts

Year 9 Urban Challenge

Mon 11 Nov

HSC Examinations

AM - Physics

Year 12 Students Sign Out

Thur 14 Nov

Victor Change School Science Award,
Penrith Civic Centre

Fri 15 Nov

Year 12 Formal

Tues 19 Nov

Year 7 (2020) Orientation Day

Wed 20 Nov

Year 11 Social Day with St Dominic's College at CCC

Year 7/8 Disco at St Dominic's 6.30-8.30 pm

Thu 21 Nov

Year 11 Hospitality Barista Training, Sydney

Year 11 Presentation Ceremony 

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