Rawlinson Primary School News

No. 8 – 7th May 2020


Dear Parents

It has been a disruptive and crazy start to the term, that has required calm resilience, that at times, has been hard to muster.  I would like to thank everyone for working so hard to maintain the respect and high expectation relationships, that we have come to expect as the norm at Rawlinson Primary School.

Drop Off and Pick Up

We have now established a routine that commits us to the Government regulations but also allows us to recognise and assist the younger students as they transition to class by themselves.  During Week 3, we will maintain this process, where children may be dropped off at the school gates or through the Kiss and Ride.  During pick up, parents may park in the school but need to stay in the car,  students will walk to you.  I have allowed Kindy and Pre-Primary Parents to pick up their children from the classroom door.  However, you need to enter from the Redcliffe Gates and they will only be open at 2.50pm.  You must then leave the school grounds immediately.

Week 3 Work Packages

Over the past two weeks, teachers have been preparing the work packages for students who will be remaining at home.  They have called or attempted to call the parents of every child at home, to check on how they are feeling, how they are going with Week 1 and 2 Work Packages and whether they will be at school or not in week 3.  Most students are returning next week, however, it is still parents' decision and if you choose to keep your children at home, a Week 3 Work Package will be available.

The  Package will be collected in the same way as the first.

On Monday, May 11th, at 9am, you may drive through the school carpark to pick up the Week 3 Work Package.  Desks will be set up, manned by staff, who will hand them to you without you needing to get out of the car.

Please go through the package with your child as there are some new online components that are different for each year level and that they may need assistance with.

Read with your child!

I cannot emphasise how important this is for your children.  It is very clear from every study ever done, that children who are read to by their parents, are up to two years in front of children whose parents do not read to them.  The more you read to them, the better off they are.  It needs to be a routine every night.  It needs to start early, before Kindergarten and extend even has high as year 6, where they should read to you.  It needs to be a book not a tablet or iPad.  It calms children and allows them to sleep better.  It encourages imagination and improves their writing.

Mums and Dads, it is absolutely essential and if you want to know the one thing that you can do to give your child the best opportunity in life, this is it!!

So please, read with your child every night.

Darryl Dedman



ONE CHILD : $45.00




Please make these payments soon as possible.

Pay via Qkr! App

Pay direct into School Bank Account

Rawlinson Primary School

BSB : 016 495     ACCOUNT : 4988 66978

It is important that you include student's FULL name as reference.


Learning for Life certificates will commence next week

and will be presented over the PA System on Monday

as there is no Assembly.


Bebras Honour Roll Achievement

As part of my Digital Technologies program, in March this year, students from Year 3 to 6 participated in an online assessment, on computational thinking, called the Bebras Challenge.  The Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge started in Australia in 2014 and is run through CSIRO Digital Careers.  This challenge is part of an International initiative to promote computational thinking amongst students.

You may be asking at this stage what computational thinking is.  As simply as I can put it, computational thinking could be described as follows:

Computers can be used to help us solve problems.  However, before a problem can be tackled, the problem itself and the ways in which it could be solved need to be understood.  Computational thinking allows us to do this by the ability to break down a complex problem, understand what the problem is and develop possible solutions.

There are four key components to computational thinking:

·         decomposition - breaking down a complex problem or system into smaller, more manageable parts.

·         pattern recognition – looking for similarities among and within problems.

·         abstraction – focusing on the important information only, ignoring irrelevant detail.

·         algorithms - developing a step-by-step solution to the problem, or the rules to follow to solve the problem.

Bebras have some mini challenges on their website that I would encourage parents to have a go at themselves so that you can gain an appreciation of what was expected of students in the assessment.  The link for these challenges is https://digitalcareers.csiro.au/en/Bebras/Bebras-resources/Bebras-mini-challenges.  The assessment is designed to be challenging for students.

Each year, Bebras include the names of students in their Computational Thinking Honours Roll, if they achieve an overall score of 100%.  It is extremely difficult to achieve this.  In fact, this year over 28,000 students completed the Bebras challenge across Australia from Year 3-10 and only 58 achieved a result that qualified them for inclusion on the honour roll.  It is with great pride that I would like to publicly acknowledge, that one of our Year 6 students, Jaden Huynh, is one of only 15 Year 5/6 students, across Australia, to achieve honours.  Jaden will also receive a personally signed certificate from the director of the CSIRO in acknowledgement of his results.  This is an absolutely outstanding achievement and I extend my congratulations to Jaden.  The honours roll can be viewed at https://digitalcareers.csiro.au/en/Bebras/Honour-Roll.

Gary Stoneman

Digital Technology Teacher


Students from A5 have their work displayed

weeks 1 & 2 of Term 2.

Students from A6 will have their work displayed

weeks 3 & 4 of Term 2.

Students, please visit the office to admire the work that is on display.



The canteen will be open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays commencing next week (Week 3) until further notice. 

All lunch orders must be done through QKR.  NO cash orders for lunches as the canteen window will remain closed until recess. 

(Cash sales accepted at recess and after lunch sales).

Please remember lunch orders must be completed online by 9am.


Uniform Shop Open Days 

Next Uniform Shop: 22nd May - Postponed.

Due to Covid-19 and the restriction of parents on the school grounds, all open days will be postponed until further notice.  The uniform shop will still be operating as normal, orders are available via the Qkr! app and office payments will still be accepted.  If you are unsure of the size your child requires, please email me at rawlinson.uniforms@gmail.com and I will arrange a "fitting" at school. 


At the end of last term our polo shirt and bucket hat order was delivered, all back orders were packed (after a wipe down with disinfectant!), and this term were delivered to your child's classroom.  If you have not received your polo shirt or bucket hat, please ring the school and ask if the teacher could please put it in your child's bag.  If they do not have your order, please email me at rawlinson.uniforms@gmail.com.  In this email, please include your child's name and classroom, the date of order, item/s ordered and those not received as well as your payment receipt and I will endeavour to sort it out for you. 

Bucket hats - Alternatively, if you had already exchanged your hat for a size medium or a baseball cap and you have received the size small, I would appreciate its return.  Please return it to the office and they will contact me to let me know.


We are currently out of stock of size 6 and size 10 jumpers.  On Qkr! you will see these sizes are not available.  When we receive them they will be re-listed.  If you have already ordered through Qkr! your order is now a backorder and will be automatically delivered when they are available.  We have stock of the other sizes, however, some stocks are low.

Our jumper order was separate to our polo and hat order, this means it has a different delivery date.  The estimated delivery for these is in June, however, I'm sure you can appreciate Covid-19 may well have an impact on this as well.

If you need a jumper in an out of stock size, I urge you to purchase a NAVY jumper from one of the local stores Big W, Best and Less, K-mart etc.  

Second Hand Items

I am in the process of cataloging all second hand items.  All items we have were received prior to Covid-19.  Watch this space for news!

Leavers Shirts

I have been informed our Leavers shirts are currently at the printers and they are very busy.  I will update you as soon as I know more.  I will collect and deliver them as soon as I am told they are ready.

Stay well everyone!

Sue Giles

Volunteer Uniform Shop Co-ordinator

Rawlinson Primary School

To provide a safe supportive environment where all are encouraged to reach their potential.  Diversity is celebrated with acceptance, tolerance, active listening and understanding. We strive to build resilience, cooperation, confidence and self-worth so as to ensure Learning for Life.

Darryl Dedman