Aspire to achieve together

Issue 2

Term 1

11 March, 2021

Principal's Message

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter.

As I write, contractors are installing two additional transportable classrooms that will support our growing numbers of students. In addition, we have had approval for another two to be supplied and installed in term 2. These units are intended to support the growth in 2021, however, it is anticipated that further units may be required for 2022. We will keep you informed.

By now you will have received 2 emails in regard to our School Board elections. The first was to advise you of the need to conduct an election and to offer some information about the four candidates who have nominated. In addition, you will have received a further email that will allow you to access a link to a Survey that is, in effect, our Ballot process to elect our two new members.

This link has been sent to the primary mail recipients for each family as listed on our school records system. If you do not receive a link, please let our Front Office team know and we can identify any issues and rectify them on Friday. I urge everyone to vote as it is an important opportunity to support our candidates.

Can I say a heartfelt thank you in advance to our 4 nominees - no matter what the election outcome should be- for their interest and willingness to support our students and our school. In addition, I would like to thank our outgoing Board members, Ms Monique Stevens and Ms Kelly Burdett for their enthusiastic support and commitment to our school across their times as Board members. They were outstanding advocates for our community.

Our wonderful, hardworking P&C are embarking on their first major fund raising activity for 2021, an Easter Raffle, and I urge everyone to support this. This gives each family an opportunity to support our school in even the smallest of ways so please buy a ticket in the raffle. See below for more details.

Thank you to all of our parents who have supported our new “Kiss and Drive Zone” located in the rear carpark – bin security area. Usage has steadily increased over the two weeks of it being in operation and it seems to work very well. A reminder to parents utilising this opportunity that it is designed for a quick drop off so I urge you to have your children ready and for parents to not get out of your car. Also it is important that your children exit cars on the garden or fence side of the car not the traffic lane side. Well done everyone.


See you at the gate. 

Noel Morgan


The Transportable Classrooms Arriving

Kiss and Drive

The trial has been a success and will continue until the end of Term 1. It is for morning drop off only at this stage.

Please see the map below for the designated Kiss and Drive drop off zone and the direction in which the traffic must flow.  Please do not allow your child to exit the car until you are in the designated drop off zone to ensure the safety of all children.  Please be patient and remain calm at all times. 

Students With Medical Conditions

We wish to advise that all students with Medical conditions require the school's medical forms to be completed on a yearly basis.  Anaphylaxis, Allergy and Asthma Action plans are required to be completed by a Doctor.

If you have not already done so this year, can you please come to the Administration office to request new forms for your child/ren so we can update their records accordingly.

Please ensure any medication required is also handed in to the Administration office with the completed forms.

Ensuring we receive the relevant and up to date medical information for our students is of greatest importance to Aspiri Primary School so that we can assist students in the correct manner should an emergency occur. 

Lost Property

We already have a number of items in our lost property boxes located in the Administration Office and The Early Childhood area that do not have names on them.  Could you please ensure you label all items of clothing including hats with your child's first and last name.

Introducing our Specialist Teachers

Miss Sam Honeman


I originally come from Sydney, where I completed a Bachelor of Education: Early Childhood Education. I began teaching in 2013 and pursued my interest in Auslan, completing a range of courses through the NSW Deaf Society. I moved to WA in 2017. I began teaching at Aspiri in 2020 as a part-time LOTE teacher. From Term 2, I also taught 2B with Mrs Bennion. This year I am teaching Auslan full time and love working with the students of all ages. I love teaching at Aspiri Primary School and working with the amazing staff, students and families. I am passionate about Auslan and inspiring a love for Australian Sign Language in Aspiri students and staff

SOME FACTS ABOUT ME I am 3o years old. My favourite colour is PINK. My favourite sport is cricket….Go the Sydney Sixers! I have a sausage dog named Millie. I am getting married in September. My favourite song to sign in Auslan is ‘Santa bring me a dinosaur’.

If you have any further questions about Auslan at Aspiri Primary School, contact me on

Mr Ari Gazeas also known as Mr G.


My name is Ari, I was born and grew up in Greece. I left Greece when I was 21 years old and moved to England to study the Fine Arts, where I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Painting and Drawing and a Master of Arts in Painting. I moved to Australia when I turned 32 years of age and completed my Teaching Degree in Primary Education at Edith Cowan University. I started teaching in 2010 and have been part of the Aspiri Primary School community since the beginning of 2019.

My Favourites 

Drink - Green Tea, Grape Juice

Food -  Legumes, Whole Grains, Fish, Salad, Greek Yogurt

Hobbies - Painting in my studio and running on my treadmill.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at:

Aspiri P & C Easter Eggstravaganza

To start the 2021 fund-raising year off we are holding an Easter Raffle.

To allow this to happen we are asking the School community for their help by donating all things relating to Easter.

Items can be as follows:

Chocolates, Chocolate eggs, Chocolate bunnies, Easter crafts, hampers, biscuits, cookies the list is endless. (Due to certain regulations homemade donations cannot be accepted unless by a registered business).

We are also looking for donations of hamper boxes, baskets, cellophane wrap, tape and ribbon to enable us to wrap the raffle prizes.

Please bring all Easter donations to the front office and the P&C will make the Easter prizes ready for the draw. The more donations of all things Easter the more prizes there will be available!!

All donations need to be delivered to the front office by Friday 26th March 2021.

Raffle Tickets will be going home with students on Monday 15th March. You can also print more tickets at home which  can be downloaded below. Tickets are 50cents each. Each 50cent ticket sold is one entry into the prize draw.

Each ticket requires the name, student name, class number and mobile number for it to be valid. Once the raffle tickets are filled in please put them in an envelope with the correct money and place them in the P&C box in the front office. More raffle ticket sheets can be collected from the front office from the 15th March onwards.

The winning tickets will be drawn on Wednesday 31st March and winners will be advised over the PA system at school. Students can collect their prizes from the front office.

Any problems please email us at:

Yours sincerely

Aspiri Primary School P&C


P & C Easter Raffle Tickets

Attached are the Easter raffle tickets that you can download and print at home.

Online School Lunch Orders

Our new online school lunch programme has been a huge success.  Please see the attached form for instructions on how to set up your account in order to commence using the service. 

Book Club

The Book Club Issue 2 catalogues are now available.  All orders must be placed online before Thursday 25 March, 2021.

Uniform Concepts Jandakot Super Store Information

Please find attached the uniform price list from the Uniform Concepts Jandakot Super Store. It contains pricing as well as store opening times and contact details.   


Music Lesson Vacancies

If your child is interested in learning a musical instrument or singing then please collect an application form from the Administration Office or email the Perth Music Agency. Don't delay as places fill quickly!

All queries are to be directed to the Perth Music Agency

A Message from the School Nurse

A healthy lunch box

Sandwiches are a great lunchtime food because they are so easy to make. There are many different sandwiches you can put together. Try something different each week and your child will never get bored.

Consider different breads, (eg. wholegrain, wholemeal, white or rye), and slices of pumpkin bread or fruit bread for something different. You can also choose from a range of shapes (eg. sliced bread, round rolls, long rolls, pita breads or French sticks).

The trick to a good sandwich is making sure it does not go soggy.

Don’t forget to pack snacks for the morning and the afternoon. Fruits are a great snack to pack either whole, chopped or dried.

Last of all - always remember to pack some water

Healthy lunch box ideas

Your child’s lunch box can contain food from all of the five food groups.  The food groups are; breads and cereals, fruit, vegetables, meat/meat alternatives and dairy/dairy alternatives. Some examples can be found at

Try these in the lunchbox;

·         Lean ham and salad wrap.

·         Banana and handful of grapes.

·         Sliced vegetables (carrots, cucumber, tomatoes).

·         Handful of reduced fat cheese cubes.

·         Boiled rice and vegetables.

·         Banana.

·         Reduced fat yoghurt.

·         Mixed dried fruit.

·         Bottle of water.

Healthy lunches and snacks are important for keeping active kids alert and focused and providing them with the nutrition they need every day.  Try including fresh fruit, crunchy vegetables, and a combination of protein, dairy and carbohydrate foods in your child’s lunchbox. 

Remember, children who help plan and prepare their own lunch are more likely to eat it.  Your child might like to try out this fun, ‘Interactive Lunchbox’ website:

Snacks for kids

Here are some healthy snack ideas to get active children through the day…

·         Muffins (made with fruits or grated vegetables or both)

·         Celery sticks and peanut butter.

·         Dried fruits and nuts.

·         English muffins with cheese.

·         Fruit bread.

·         Scones (plain, fruit or pumpkin).

·         Pikelets or pancakes.

·         Small tub of yoghurt.

·         Cheese stick or triangle.

·         Pita chips (cut pita bread into triangles, sprinkle with cheese and bake in the oven until crispy. once cooled store them in an airtight container).

·         Wholemeal crackers and cheese.

·         Low-sugar breakfast cereal (dry).

·         Homemade plain popcorn.

·         Fresh fruit pieces.