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2020 Volume 4 Issue 2

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IF YOU SEE A COLOURED CIRCLE AROUND OUR EMBLEM, DON'T FORGET TO TAP ON IT, FOR OUR LATEST STORY...you've got to get in quickly, as it disappears after 24 hours!


Have you enrolled your Kindy sibling yet? Please do so as soon as possible, so we can keep you updated. We are currently in the process of organising our 'Transition to School' program. This information will be communicated via a Skoolbag notification to 2021 Kindergarten families ONLY. Your child MUST be enrolled in order to attend.

Enrolling now for Kindergarten 2021

How to apply

Our new online enrolment process makes it easier and faster to enrol your child at your local school. To apply online, you must:

  • be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
  • live in the local enrolment area of this school

Apply online here

If you are not eligible to use the online form, or prefer not to, you can download an application to enrol.

Are you leaving us?

Will your child/ren be leaving us at the end of the school year (apart from current Year 6 students)?

If so, please contact the school via balmainps@gmail.com or balmain-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au with Att: Leaving School end 2020, child/'s full name and class.

This information will assist us with planning for next year's classes. 

Thank you.

From the Principal

Ya gotta love a dress up and a parade...

COVID-19 wasn't going to stop us from from having our Book Character Parade, celebrating CBCA (Children's Book Council of Australia) 2020 Book Week. The theme this year was 'Curious Creatures Wild Minds'.

Sooooo many fabulous characters walked, twirled, sauntered, paced, raced, marched, strolled, ambled, crept and danced through our gates on Thursday morning, transforming our playground into an incredible compendium of favourite (and varying degrees of unusual) characters!

The staff practised true collaboration, as we instil into our students throughout their learning, under the guidance of Mrs Bowman, our incredible artist-in-residence and Visual Arts teacher! To see us in preparation action, head over to our Insta... https://www.instagram.com/p/CGg_Uzvnqw7/

Although we've been unable to invite you to join us this year, a special video has been created, just for you to enjoy! 👇 

Our Insta page also has a highlight, with some fun photos/stories of the morning. If you missed it (it 'disappears' after 24 hours), head over to Insta

https://www.instagram.com/balmainps/ and tap on #BookWeek...

Maria Lambos - Little Miss Naughty, I mean, Principal


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#BookWeek highlights...

@balmainps Insta link:

Teachers prepare for the parade...

Ms Whelan shares another story...

Insta link to hear the story:

Congratulations, Miss Karstrom!

Congratulations, Miss Karstrom...

Miss Brigit Karstrom, teacher of K Kale, has been successfully accredited at Proficient Teacher level!

It is a mandatory requirement under the Teacher Accreditation Act 2004 that teachers are accredited at Proficient Teacher Level, and maintain that accreditation, with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).

Teachers who have achieved the Proficient Teacher level are experienced teachers who have demonstrated practice that meets the requirements for full accreditation in NSW.

From the Office

  • If you are coming to the school for collections or information, please use the office window on Eaton Street where we have our friendly Duck, named “Bill”, hanging out the window. Bill can alert us to your presence and help us to help you with your requests.
  • If your family details, circumstances have changed, ie:  address, mobile numbers, separations, court orders etc, could you kindly email the school so records can be updated. This will ensure correct people are contacted and all relevant information is passed on correctly.
  • Please remember that if you are collecting your child early for an appointment or dropping them off, please ensure you allow extra time for that student to be located and brought down to the office.
  • If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact the office, or Mrs Lambos, to arrange alternate options.



Go to www.flexischools.com.au to place your order

For any food/menu queries please feel free to contact us directly via email :


Alternatively, you can call Kirsty on 0416 786 603 and we will be happy to assist.

Kirsty and Jason Feliciotto – The School Canteen

13 Oct - 16 Nov - Selective high school applications for Year 7 2022

Weekly: Wk 1-Wk 8 - Gymnastics program

K-2 - Fridays - 1/2C finish at 3:00pm

3-6 - Thursdays - 3/4B finish at 3:00pm

Monday 19 Oct-Friday 20 Nov - Virtual K-6 Art Show

FLORA & FAUNA Special Edition Newsletter coming soon...

Sneak peek - 'Koalas' by K Kale

Sneak peek - 'Pete Cromer Birds' by 5/6 Yautia

Sneak peek - 'Charcoal Night Scenes' by 3/4 Rainforest

Wednesday 4 Nov - Zoom P&C meeting

link to meeting to come...

Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 Nov - NAIDOC Week celebrations at Balmain PS

Wednesday 18 November - Year 5 2021 Opportunity Class Placement Test

Friday 20 November - Virtual Trivia Night - TICKETS ON SALE NOW!!!!

Virtual Trivia Night 20/11/20 – tickets on sale NOW!

Virtual Trivia Night 20/11/20 – tickets on sale NOW! 


  • What is the rarest M&M colour? 
  • In what year were the first Air Jordan sneakers released? 
  • According to Greek mythology who was the first woman on earth? 
  • The only known monotremes in the animal kingdom are the echidna and which other creature? 

If answering random questions of varying degrees of difficulty is your thing then this is your night! If it’s not, but a super fun dinner party with your friends is then this is also your night! 

The P&C is so excited to announce that tickets for our only 2020 school fundraiser – the Virtual Trivia Night – are on sale today under the 'Events' section of Flexischools.  

2019’s Trivia Night was one of the highlights of the year and we expect this year’s event to be a cracker! 

Make sure you don’t miss out - organise your group of eight friends, choose which ticket option best suits and get ready for a night of live trivia, fun games, great prizes and an online silent auction.  

Please visit the website https://www.bps-events.com.au/ for all the details. 

And for anyone like me who isn’t a trivia nerd, here are the answers to the questions above:  

  • Brown 
  • 1984 (bonus points if you had them!) 
  • Pandora 
  • Platypus  

P&C Executive 


Balmain P&C Welcomes 2021 Families...

Our P&C have created a Facebook group for our new families...here's the link:


School Uniforms

Order uniform items here

For any size exchanges, please:

1. Email the uniform stall with the details of the exchange, at: balmainpsuniforms@gmail.com

2. Return the items to be exchanged to the school office, clearly marked with Student name, Class and EXCHANGE

3. Replacement items will be packed and re-delivered to your child's classroom

Orders will continue to be packed and delivered for collection each week, until we are able to reopen the stall.

Thank you!



K GumnutLeonardo Phis descriptive writing about Cockatoo Island
K JasmineOliver Nalways being a kind, caring and respectful friend to his peers
K KaleBrandon Dwriting 3 awesome sentences about Olga the Brolga, using full stops and sounding out tricky words
1/2 Banana PalmCaelan Ahis continuing hard work in improving his handwriting
1/2 CactaceaeGeorgie Cworking her hardest and writing a fantastic narrative
1/2 LavenderMason Mbeing a positive and helpful role model during group tasks
1/2 MangroveEirlys Jchallenging herself by creating some of her own interesting chance problems
3/4 BambooDemi Goutstanding editorial work on the 3/4 B newsletter
3/4 MagnoliaAmelia Wimproved confidence towards learning particularly reading aloud
3/4 RainforestOliver Dhis mature, responsible and kind choices in class
5/4 MarigoldRoman Ahis enthusiasm to contribute to class discussions. Well done!
5/6 Cherry BlossomJohnny Hworking collaboratively with his group
5/6 FrangipaniMarcella C-Hshowing attentiveness and organisation in the classroom
5/6 WillowSelina Lher amazing effort and impressive results in spelling
5/6 YautiaBenjamin Scomposing a great first draft of his science-fiction short story
LIBRARY K-2 - Ms WhelanAidan B 1/2Bregular library borrowing

LIBRARY 3-6 - Ms Whelan

Greta R 5/6Cthoughtful contributions to library lessons
STEAM K-2 - Ms BarcenillaJasper G KKalways being ready to learn and to share his ideas about forces
STEAM 3-6 - Ms BarcenillaJoe S 3/4Mhis positive contributions to class discussions
ART K-2 - Mrs BowmanLeonardo P KGbright and creative watercolour work
ART 3-6 - Mrs BowmanLeo L 3/4Rexcellent focus and a confident approach to watercolour

YOU CAN DO IT! awards - Resilience

K GumnutPoppy Bplaying happily with her friends all day yesterday
K JasmineAlec McEhis superstar effort taking on feedback and reattempting tricky tasks
K KaleOliver Chaving a wonderful positive attitude towards all learning experiences
1/2 Banana PalmTom Rhis 'bounce back' ability to continue on
1/2 CactaceaeElodie Wpowering through, even when she wasn't feeling her best
1/2 LavenderLily Ocontinuing to give it a go during a narrative writing lesson, even when it became tricky.
1/2 MangroveLachlan Chis increasing ability to take on feedback and improve his work
3/4 BambooLauren Bphenomenal improvement with your sizzling starts
3/4 MagnoliaEve O'Cshowing initiative in all learning areas and takes on feedback positively to improve learning
3/4 RainforestSilke McCher positive and resilient approach to group work
5/4 MarigoldJosie Ashowing resilience across all areas of schooling; academically, socially and behaviourally! Well done!
5/6 Cherry BlossomMatilda Pher capacity to work through challenges and find solutions
5/6 FrangipaniStella Rovercoming her nerves to present a well-researched speech on bullying
5/6 WillowSajan Tbouncing back and offering support to his peers in the Maths Olympiad
5/6 YautiaDefne Ibeing a flexible and resilient learner


Thanks to Ms Karstrom, who organises the collection and distribution of the Gelatissimo ice-creams, as well as takes the fab photos!

PHOTO GALLERY: This Week's Positive Pete Winners

And the winner is...(drumroll please!)

Spotlight on...

3/4 BAMBOO!!!!!!

STEP BACK IN TIME...'Morilla Wonga' - Balmain Demonstration School 1961


No Scaredy Cats online interactive child development webinar for parents

No Scaredy Cats online interactive child development webinar for parents. 

Parentshop is hosting an interactive webinar for parents to help them identify and reduce anxiety and build resilience over three consecutive Monday evenings. 

16th, 23rd & 30th November 2020 - 7.00pm - 9.00pm AEDT


Inner West Council will be patrolling outside Balmain Public School on Tuesday 27 October - afternoon pick-up

Term 4 extra-curricular activities at Balmain PS...

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