St Andrews PS Newsletter

14th of June 2019

Sporting in Schools Tennis

Students have enjoyed starting tennis this week, thanks to our Sporting in Schools Grant. Coach Kylie, and her counterparts, Jack and Liam, took the kids out in the sun on Tuesday for their first of four tennis sessions! Great fun was had by all!

Upcoming Events

What's coming up?

  • Canine Comprehension - Every Tuesday at 11:30
  • Myth Busters - Every Tuesday at 11:30
  • Friday 14th June - Interschool Sport at Kangaroo Ground
  • Friday 21st June - Interschool Sport v Arthurs Creek 
  • Friday 21st June - 4/5/6 Assembly at 3pm - Reports out
  • Saturday 22nd June - CFA Cup @ Panton Hill
  • Last week of School - Parent Teacher Interviews TBA
  • Thursday 27th June  - School Council Meeting 4pm
  • Friday 28th June - Interschool Sport at Wattle Glen
  • Friday 28th June - Last Day of School. 2:30pm finish

Principal News

As we near the end of the year, the students and staff have been spending lots of time reflecting on where we’re at and what we’d like to achieve for the duration of our year here at St Andrews. The teachers and students are looking forward to sharing some of this progress with you when their reports are sent out next Friday. We will be holding Parent Teacher Interviews in the last week of school so keep an eye out for that notice so you can book in. 

Personally, I have spent a large portion of the last fortnight in professional learning sessions, reflecting on how brilliant our school community is, and pondering what steps we can take to continue to strengthen and expand our educational space.

In regards to students, amongst the assessment that comes at report writing time, they have all had the opportunity to celebrate the milestones that they have achieved in the first half of their school year and spend time with their teachers outlining their goals for the second semester here. We all encourage you to have regular discussion with your children about what they’re learning and what you can do to support their growth as individuals. I’ve personally loved supporting the 2/3 class to strive to read more each night by tracking our habits (yes, mine as well) and challenge one another to read and think about our reading more.

I thank the teachers for the time they’ve taken to craft our journey for the second half of the year. The staff here at St Andrews are always striving to take the next step the improve the learning environment for your children. In the second half of the year we look forward to:

  • Refining our new school values and developing a School Wide Positive Behaviour Matrix
  • Helping students to become more aware and in control of their individual learning journeys
  • Working with students to incorporate 'Student Voice and Agency' more thoroughly into our daily teaching practices

    Finally, I'd like to congratulate Lilah M for her efforts in the recent Cross Country Competition. Lilah went off to compete at the next level of competition and we could not have been more proud of her. As the only representative for STAPS, Lilah turned up, did her best, and wore our colours with pride. Well done Lilah! We hope you have even better results next year!

Classroom News

Interschool Sport

After a few cancelled matches this term, we were fortunate to enjoy a great day of Interschool Sport today at Kangaroo Ground. 

Playing Tee Ball, Football and Netball with our Strathewen counterparts has been an enjoyable part of this term for the 4/5/6 students and today was the perfect example of that! While we didn't get any wins on the board (our footy players lost by ONE), a fun day was had by all! A huge well done to Jett and Eden who both received Sportsmanship Awards from their opposition!

I'd like to thank all of the staff and parents that have donated their time to making these activities possible for the students. Without the amazing coordination of Sam, support and coaching from Chan and Nat, and our parent drivers, days like these would not be possible. THANK YOU!

Canine Comprehension

Hi! I’m Charlotte and I’m going to talk about Canine Comprehension Program.

All the girls in 4/5/6 are doing Canine Comp. every Tuesday for 8 weeks.

Jett (the dog) and Alison (Jett’s owner) take us in the meeting room and the MAGIC BEGINS!  We talk about our feelings and knowing emotions and much more!

Oh, you also can’t forget about playing with Jett!

I have learnt that a dog’s body language is a lot like mine and we get to teach Jett tricks and commands. When it’s all over I’ll be so sad but overall I love Canine Comp!

2/3 News

STAPS Explorers

The students have had great fun this term, flying all over the world! So far we have visited 2 continents, Africa and South America and explored aspects of 4 countries including Ecuador, Brazil, Egypt and Madagascar.

We've encountered some fascinating plant and animal life along the way and jotted down lots of fun facts in our Travel Journals!

Come in and check out our travel displays! 


Last week we looked at a “Deadzone” what they are and how they can be stopped check out what we did here:

Community Information

2019 CFA Cup Saturday 22nd June At Panton Hill Football Oval

The CFA Cup began in the mid-1990s. The club had no juniors and the then President, Tony Cahir, wanted to give the young people a chance to play at least one game a year in front of their parents and the community.

He approached the principals at Panton Hill Primary and St. Andrews Primary who were fully supportive. It also felt important to link the game to the other stalwarts in each community, the CFA, particularly as the memory of the loss on Ash Wednesday of Stewie Duff and Neville Jeffreys, both connected with the club, was ‘still very real’.

Whilst now our junior sides give an ongoing opportunity for boys and girls to play competitively each week, the CFA Cup maintains a Community legacy and provides a fun game between the “traditional rivals” of St. Andrews and Panton Hill.


Panton Hill Football Club invites students from Panton Hill and St Andrews Primary Schools to take part in this match.  This year the match will be played at the half time break of the senior’s match, which will be at approximately 3pm.  It is a mini match, which will run for 15 minutes.  The Club would appreciate your support to keep this important community tradition alive.  And the kids will love it!

Please arrive at the ground no later than 2:30pm.

Players are to wear their own shorts.  A top will be provided. 

Don’t forget your mouthguard!