Tumut High School Term 3

Issued 23 September 2022

Respect, Responsibility, Safety

Year 12 2022 Fundraiser - "Make a Wish Australia"

All donations big or small are greatly appreciated.  You can donate online to the Tumut High School Year 12 2022 fundraiser using the link above. 

At Make-A-Wish, every child's Wish Journey is carefully planned and delivered to create a positive, lasting impact on the lives of not only sick kids themselves, but also their families and communities. For more information on this charity visit "Make a Wish Australia"  https://www.makeawish.org.au/




CONGRATULATIONS to Year 12 special award recipients

Introducing the Tumut High School 2023 Senior Student Leadership Team

Principal's Message from the Year 12 Final Assembly

I would like to start by acknowledging the traditional custodians of this land on which we meet, the Wiradjuri and Wolgalu people. We come together to again celebrate a significant milestone.

I would like to pay my respect to our Elders both past, present and emerging. On a day when we honour the role of education, let’s remember that for many thousands of years Aboriginal people used the lands we work and  live on   to educate younger people in their community. We sit here on what always was and always will be Aboriginal land.

So why is today so significant and who is it significant for? Today is the last formal school day for Yr 12 2022. It marks the end of 13 years of formal education. We now have the opportunity for us all to reflect on the importance of this milestone and use it to celebrate a big moment in these students’ lives.

For our school system, today represents the opportunity to showcase the quality of people it has produced after 13 years of schooling. Today we give time to reflect and allow the rest of the school to witness what an amazing group of people these students have become. For the remaining students in the MPC you get the opportunity to see what the ultimate goal of schooling is.

In many ways the real goal of education and of school, put simply, is becoming a good person and a more capable person than when you started this journey. Year 12 can walk out of the gates today knowing you have now become living examples of what good and capable people look like.

For all your teachers, whether they be from Year 12 or Year 9 or Year 7 or even in  Year 4 or Kindergarten, this is the moment they all  can look back on and feel a sense of fulfilment in knowing they have made a contribution to who you have become today. Your teachers have all been amazing and even though you will remember some more than others, schools will always be places that work most effectively when staff, both teaching and non-teaching work together. On a significant day like today we all get an opportunity to feel good about who you all have become.

For your parents and carers, today will be significant for many reasons. No one person or family is the same but for each family and for each carer, today will be their opportunity to reflect on the ups and downs, the sacrifices, the tears, the laughter. And amongst all of this it will ultimately be a time they can walk away with a real sense of what you have achieved and of who you have become.

For Year 12. Take a moment to celebrate what you've achieved and appreciate the memories that this part of your education has given you. Most of you have been here since Year 7, some of you only here from Year 11. However all of you have had opportunities to engage in learning both in and out of the classroom. Enjoy reflecting on these many and varied experiences and as you do comprehend that these have been provided by your local comprehensive Public High School.

When reflecting with some of you early this week it was heartening to hear of both the quantity and quality of opportunities offered and taken up since Year 7 and through to Year 12. Each year, apart for Year 11 you all had the opportunity to attend numerous whole year group excursions including trips to Laurel Hill, Tathra, Yarrangobilly Caves, Jamberoo/Kiama, North Qld, Canberra. You were able to participate in ski trips to Selwyn, week long walks in the Snowy Mountains, cattle parading in Canberra and camping at Goobarragandra. Academically you were given opportunities with the Tournament of Minds, Debating, enrolment in Aurora, Chess and participation in subject related excursion in History, Geography, Art, Music, reset days in English. Your participation in Work Experience, Transition Week, TAFE, ABW, Careers Days Uni Expos, Early Entries and the trip to UOW all part of the opportunities provided for you in determining your career pathways.

Of course, sporting opportunities were endless in Soccer, Athletics, swimming, Rugby League and union, Oz Tag and Touch, Basketball, Dance, netball and cross country.

So many of you achieved both individually and in team results in sporting and academic fields well beyond the expectations of a country regional high school. So many of you traveling to Sydney, other parts of the Riverina and NSW to compete, I am sure there have been some who have even gone interstate.

Of course there were so many other opportunities that many of you took up. Culturally our Aboriginal girls have attended Burrabinya since Year 10, our Aboriginal boys volunteering to be a part of Clontarf and both groups benefiting from amazing mentors. In leadership your Yr have been a big part of the SRC since Year 7 and your roles in the Batyr Group reinforced that leadership is about what you do, not what title you hold. The captains within your group have been self-motivated, taken up the opportunity to be active and effective and have represented the school and year group with confidence and insight.

The list goes on and I know I have only scratched at the surface with all of this happening in a time where 3 of your school years have been significantly impacted by COVID. However I hope what I have said highlights one of the key reasons you are where you are as a collective group. You are a group who have collectively taken up the opportunities presented to you. You are a group who have used opportunity to overcome adversity and with this have developed a resilience that few year groups have matched before you.

Finally, life has all those twists and turns which your year group have already experienced at the more extreme level. You are a credit to the school, your families and most importantly yourselves in how you have handled your schooling. We maybe yet to see the full long term impacts on how the COVID epidemic impacts on the way our societies evolve but you leave today as good people who have the resilience and capacity to deal with what lays ahead.

Regards, Mr Don Dixon, Principal

Year 12 Captain's Final Assembly speech

Thank you to our Senior Student Leadership Team for 2022 consisting of Gemma Delany, Daniel Castle, Keely Wickman and Abbey Taylor who have been so positively active within our school and our community. They have been great role models for our students and their leadership has been inspiring for many. 

Download the link attached to read their speeches from the Year 12 Final Assembly.

Final words from our Captains 2022


Being a student at THS has definitely been a positive experience throughout my life.

Being a leader has definitely made me a more responsible person. Being responsible has allowed me to take pride in my actions and given me the opportunity to be in a leadership role within the school, which I have loved. Through being a leader it has also helped me embrace and follow the school values of respect, responsibility and safety. 

I have received many opportunities throughout my time in high school, including many sporting events, as well as academic ones. I strongly encourage everyone to take up any opportunity they receive here at Tumut High School, as you will definitely enjoy them. 

I have significantly grown through my experiences at Tumut High School. I have grown and gained more confidence throughout being in the SRC for most years and becoming school captain. These have definitely allowed me to increase my speaking skills, especially in front of audiences as well as being able to communicate better with other individuals. 

I have overcome many challenges faced whilst at Tumut High School. The challenge of school work, with getting class assignments completed and handed in on time to a high standard and the challenge of understanding topics and having a higher responsibility as well as individual challenges such as the challenge about not caring what people think of me. 

The school has encouraged me to be a better person both academically and personally. It has been a safe place for me all of my high school years and I have thoroughly enjoyed coming to school every day. 


As my schooling life comes to a close and my time at Tumut High School finishes I can look back at my life at Tumut High School with a lot of fondness.

Life at Tumut High provided a sense of  belonging and routine and the memories and friendships created during this will last a lifetime.  As a captain in Year 12 I have had the pleasure of being a leader for Tumut High and I hope that I have been able to assist in creating a schooling environment that is full of fun and education, one that I experienced myself.

As I leave I hope to leave some advice to students of Tumut High  and any future students. Our school is full of opportunities, so take as many as possible. Enjoy your time at Tumut High School and thank you to everyone that has been a part of my school experience, I won't forget it. 


Wow! Time has flown so fast, I can't believe I am already at the end of my schooling years.

My time here at Tumut High has been one I will cherish, with lots of laughs, learning and fun memories to remember. From participating in debating, CAPA, Tournament of Minds, State swimming, SRC and many more opportunities offered at this school, I have grown in self confidence and made long lasting friendships.

This year I was lucky to have the opportunity to represent the school as a captain which has been a role I have enjoyed taking on. I have found leadership qualities within myself and how to work effectively and efficiently as a team to organize events and support others whilst following our school's core values of respect, responsibility and safety.

Thank you to all the staff who have taught me important lessons and motivated me to achieve great results in all areas of my life and good luck to all my peers!


Tumut High School has provided me with so many opportunities that I will be forever grateful for and will use the skills I have developed over my schooling here in my everyday life out of school.

Over the past 6 years of going to school at Tumut High I have continued to grow into an independent and hard worker, allowing me to succeed in both my studies and in being more involved in the school environment.

Being a leader has shown me the benefits and rewarding nature of being a role model in my school community and has provided me with the opportunity to make Tumut High a better place for everyone. I have developed relationships with people across all year groups through this role and hope that they have felt supported and encouraged by myself and the other leaders to pursue leadership opportunities in the future.

I have grown in confidence and can work well in a team environment thanks to the SRC and Tumut High. I couldn't thank the staff here enough for support they have provided me, preparing me for the next stage of my life. Thank you. 

eSafety Commissioner

Please familiarise yourself with this invaluable website which offers help for all Australians to have safer, more positive experiences online.

Includes information on tech trends and challenges, community education, parent webinars and how to reduce the risk of technology facilitated abuse.


What's On

Dates for you to remember

- First day of Term 4: Monday, 10 October 2022

- Year 11 Semester 2 Report Assembly: Friday, 4 November 2022

- Year 12 Farewell (Year 12 students and parents only): Wednesday, 9 November 2022

- Year 10 Work Experience: Monday, 14 to Friday, 18 November 2022

- Year 9 PBL Wagga Excursion: Thursday, 17 November 2022

- Year 10 Transition: Monday, 21 November to Friday, 2 December 2022

- Year 8 Kianinny Camp Tathra: Monday, 5 to Wednesday, 7 December 2022

- Year 10 ABW: Monday, 5 to Friday, 9 December 2022

- Year 10 Gerringong Excursion: Tuesday, 13 to Wednesday, 14 December 2022

- Year 10 Semester 2 Report Assembly: Thursday, 15 December 2022

- 2022 Presentation Evening: Thursday, 15 December 2022

- Year 7 to 9 Semester 2 Report Assemblies: Friday, 16 December 2022

- Last day of Term 4: Friday, 16 December 2022

Stay up to date with dates to remember on our school website, Skoolbag and Facebook page.

School Notices

PBL = Positive Behaviour for Learning

MIni-lessons are held each week during the term to encourage students to follow these values. When these values are demonstrated in class by students they receive an early mark to recess. 

These values of respect, responsibility and safety - can be applied to all settings including when students are not at school over the holidays.

Want to view your child's academic school report?

Want to check your child's attendance?

Want to check your child's timetable?

Sentral Parent Portal provides all of this information and more.

Follow the link attached to download the app; https://www.sentral.com.au/parents

If you require any assistance with using Sentral Parent Portal please phone the office on 6947 0600.

THS Learning and Wellbeing Team

New student support staff at THS

We are fortunate to now have 2 Student Support Officers at Tumut High to meet with students and offer guidance and support for them to have the best experience whilst at school. We welcome Mrs Jenna Broadfoot and Mrs Gemma Pearce who are excited to be involved with student wellbeing at THS.

Also, new to the Learning and Wellbeing Team is Ms Anneliese Sutherland taking on the Wellbeing and Health In-Reach Nurse (WHIN) role. These new members of staff can be found in the Wellbeing Hub. If you would like to speak with any staff from the Wellbeing Hub you can phone directly on 6947 0629.

Also joining us this term are 2 new former Tumut High School students. Miss Phoebe James joins us as an Intensive Learning Support Tutor and Mr Thomas Jeffery is a Student Mentor. Both are keen to be there for the students and help them in the classroom and in the playground with focusing on school.

New support staff

Careers at THS

Just a reminder that we have a Tumut High School website dedicated to careers. The website has a plethora of information including the weekly 'Careers Newsletters'.

Visit: www.tumuthighcareers.com

Students from Years 10-12 learnt about future training and career pathways available at the Canberra Careers Expo.

Forestry Immersion Excursion

Students from Years 10, 11 and 12 from THS and other schools got to enjoy the opportunity to participate in the Forestry Immersion Excursion in which students visited the tree nursery, the forest itself and watched clear fall harvesting, and AKD mill.

Students who showed interest in the industry were given the opportunity to participate in a 3-day course at Tumut TAFE. Eight students from Tumut High attended the course. The course covered several modules under a certificate in Forestry Operations. The modules were:- Follow WHS Policies, Follow Environmental Care Procedures, Follow Cultural Heritage Requirements and Comply with Soil and Water Protection.

During the course we spent time looking at different types of drainage systems as well as cultural, natural, and historical heritage sites. We also spent time out in the forests putting our learnt skills into action.

It was lots of fun and very interesting. At the end of the course students were shown basic maintenance of a chainsaw and had the opportunbity to use simulators for machines in the field.

A big thank you to Stacey Suidgeest from Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP) for coordinating the whole program, Adam Farquahsan from TAFE NSW for giving us this opportunity as well as Mrs Stroud for organising it.

By Jack Fisher, Year 10

Forestry Immersion Excursion Fotos


As you prepare to finish your final year of school, the next phase of your journey will be full of interesting and exciting opportunities. You will discover new passions and develop new skills and knowledge.

We know that this transition can sometimes be challenging and the COVID-19 pandemic has presented some uncertainty. With changes to the education and workforce landscape, you might be wondering if your planned decisions are still a good option or what new alternatives are available and how to pursue them.

There are lots of options for education, training and work in 2022 to help you further your career. This information kit has been designed to help you understand what those options might be and assist you to choose the right one for you.

Click on the link for more information; 


Online resources and contact information for support services is available for both Year 12 students and their families to support them through the HSC. 

Topics include; Brain Tips and Tricks, making a virtual study group, practical wellbeing tips and ideas on how to recharge your mind and body.

This website is well worth a visit;


Tumut High School Resource Centre News

A reminder Tumut High School also has a dedicated website for the Resource Centre.

This website has been developed to increase the visibility of the resources and services that we provide and also as a venue to extend, expand and change what we offer in response to our ever changing information environment. It is currently an information space (About us and Resources), literary space (Reading) and instruction space (Research). It aspires to also be a presentation space (celebrating the participation, performance and publishing of our learning community), curriculum space (Curriculum) and social space (Community).

To access you can click on the blue circle on our website page or follow this link;


Resource Centre Book Week 2022 - "Dreaming with eyes open"

Clontarf Foundation Term 3 Newsletter

Term 3 Newsletter attached for all the news from the Tumut High School Clontarf boys.

Student stories and Student successes

Year 7 Maths

Ms Noordermeer’s Year 7 Mathematics class learned about poffertjes and pronumerals in the last week of term and enjoyed this tasty treat cooked by their teacher.

In a hypothetical scenario, 7NMM decided to run a local market stall selling poffertjes. Putting together their business plan, the class used pronumerals to replace unknown values.

In the context of the business planning students learned that variables can take on a range of possible values and that the number of customers or bowls sold is an example of a variable.

Students helped with serving and some students had a turn at cooking them. The general consensus was that the poffertjes were delicious. Next term the class will be completing the hypothetical business plan as part of their learning in the topic of equations. 

Students have been highly engaged and attentive in the classroom with this hands on learning.

Year 7 Poffertjes and Pronumerals

Year 7 MTVA - Mandatory Technology Visual Arts

Year 8 ALP - Alternative Learning Program

"Living Books" at Tumut High was embraced by our students in Year 8 ALP working on this term's Intercultural Understanding unit with a local First Nations focus.

Special thanks to our guest speakers Aunty Sue Bulger, Uncle Pat Connolly, Aunty Winnie Bulger, Trish Espie-Whitburn and Jess Bulger.

Students were engaged through story telling, activities and (sometimes) challenging discussions. It was an amazing experience for our students who now have a greater respect for our local First Nations culture.

Living books

Yr 8 ALP - Student Feedback

From Ameliah, Riley and Heath:

"Challenges are opportunities because they are good at widening your possibilities and options. They give you opportunities to prove yourself, show that you are good at working through challenges and you are not known to just give up when its hard. Challenges are good. They open your mind to more things."

From Matt and Elizabeth:

"Often worthwhile things are hard and don't come easy. Getting into an esteemed university requires lot's of effort and study, but the hard work pays off. Challenges are opportunities to develop a new skill, try something new or learn something new you never knew before. Even though it may be hard, it could be worth it. Through challenges, you always learn something, whether it's good or bad. Challenges are opportunities to learn, grow and develop."

Year 8 Visual Arts students engaging in the printmaking unit.

Great to see the love of English being fostered at Tumut High. Students in Years 7-10 participated in Slam Poetry workshops learning creative techniques with Student Mentor Maddy.

Year 9 Outdoor Education - learning bush survival skills

Look at the fun time our Year 9 PE classes had participating in a huge fitness circuit in the hall.

Year 10 iSTEM

Year 10 students have been enjoying working with lego in their iSTEM unit.

Students have to manufacture a lego plywood vehicle to climb a 30degree slope and complete a speed test.

Students proved you are never too old for Lego!

During their lessons with Mr Crain they also participated in the iSTEM Lego Car Design Challenge.

Lot's of fun learning from start to finish with these activities.

Year 10 iSTEM

Year 10 Geography mandatory fieldwork - learning in the great outdoors.

Yr 10 CREW

This term Year 10 students attended Life Skills Workshops hosted by COMPACT. It was part of the CREW program - Confident Ready and Engaged for Work. Students participated in a variety of sessions about budgeting and saving, buying a car and maintenance, avoiding debt, workplace rights and responsibilities, self care and work life balance. Thank you to COMPACT, Safework NSW, Headspace and Customer Service NSW for presenting so many useful tips and hints our students can use in the future.

Yr 10 CREW

Hanging out at Year 11 "Life Ready Program" - appreciating the sessions on how best to navigate any challenges

"Yr 12 2022 Students v Staff Games"- they had loads of fun playing sofcrosse, volleyball and basketball.

A visit to University of Sydney

A message from Year 12 student Heidi Schorn about a recent experience she gained at the University of Sydney.

"There are so many awesome opportunities available for our students. Recently I attended the Open Day Residential Program at the University of Sydney. I was invited to attend the expenses-paid trip through the University of Sydney’s partnership with the Harding Miller Education Foundation, a scholarship that I received in Year 9 that has been providing me with educational support to assist me with my studies.

The University of Sydney offered Year 12 high school students from regional NSW on-campus experiences that were led by university students to experience what life at the university could be like in the future. We were given tours of the various accommodation options at the university, support with our early entry applications for the University of Sydney and access to the University of Sydney's Open Day.

The program gave me an insight into the options that I can consider after Year 12. I explored how my interested degree can be structured through their shared pool of majors and minors.

This is an experience that is not worth missing out on as there is so much information that you can learn about the options of life after high school."

"Write a Book in a Day" - enjoy the books written by students from Years 7 to 11. The stories were completed for the challenge to raise funds and awareness for "The Kids Cancer Project"

Team Chocolate Audacity

"The Adventures of Ava and Leo" by Chocolate Audacity


Team Gingerbread

"The Villain Olympics" by Gingerbread


Team Potato Cult

"Journey to the Hive" by Potato Cult


Team THS Writer's Club

"Party Pooper" by THS Writer's Club


Team Mystery Ink

"Musical Mayhem" by Mystery Ink


Team King Keigan

"Robert" by King Keigan


THS "Write a Book in a Day" team with Mrs Dee and Maddy


Over 50 Tumut High School students from Years 7 to 11 took part in the "Write a Book in a Day" challenge to raise funds and awareness for "The Kids Cancer Project".

Matt and Ethan from Year 8 supported by Melodie in Year 10 interviewed Mrs Dee who organised the day and spoke with students involved in the activity.

Click on the link above to hear this great interview.

SRC hosted RUOK? Day raising awareness for students to support each other.

THS SRC supporting Ukraine

The sunflower is the National flower of Ukraine and so in collaboration with Tumut Rotary Club, Tumut High School SRC have begun selling sunflower seeds in support of the devastating effects of the invasion of Ukraine.

Seed packets are $2 each and can be purchased from our SRC members or requested via the school office. This is a great initiative of our SRC to contribute to this worthy cause.

"THS Radio News" presented each Thursday during school terms around 1:40pm on 'Sounds of the Mountains'

Year 6 Middle School Transition - a great time for our partner schools

Yr 6

DPI visit Tumut High School Ag Farm

Year 10 Agriculture students and Ms Burden had a visit from Mr Kevin Dodds from the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Mr Dodds shared some useful insights into career opportunities in Horticulture. He explained that industries like apples at Batlow are going through a technological transformation which will includes getting the orchards ready for greater mechanisation and even robotics.

Students spent some time in the THS orchard, learning some tips and tricks for successful tree training to encourage increased production of fruit. Each student was presented with a copy of the NSW DPI Orchard Pest and Disease Guide produced annually by Mr Dodds and his colleagues.

Orchard work at THS

Debating Victory at THS

Congratulations to our Year 10 debating team with Jemma Wickman, Ashley Watling, Allie Piper and Byron Crawford claiming a victory against Coolamon Central School arguing the topic of 'That science should be compulsory throughout high school'.

Tumut High were the affirmative. The team made a number of really important points about science being the subject of the future, which will equip a new generation with the skills and knowledge to hopefully help solving issues like climate change and global warming.

The team members each spoke impressively and made strong arguments. Both the adjudicator and THS Team Coach Mr V, were impressed with the team taking on board new skills to strengthen their debating all round. Well done team.

Community engagement at St.Vincents De Paul - Year 9 students volunteer each week


So great for Tumut High to be able to produce CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) concerts again for our students and community.

'Learn to Fly' was held in the FD Purcell Centre showcasing Year 9 to 11 talents. 'Senior CAPA' was held at the Montreal Theatre highlighting the amazing talents of Year 11 and 12. Visit our school website for photos;


The Regional Youth Taskforce is an advisory group that provides the Minister for Regional Youth and the Office for Regional Youth advice on issues affecting young people living in regional NSW. It provides young people from rural and regional areas with a unique opportunity to meet with government and inform decision making that will have flow-on benefits for schools, peers and communities.

The Taskforce is comprised of 18 members aged 12-24, each with diverse backgrounds and experiences, and with two people representing each of state’s nine regions. The group meets four times throughout the year either online or in person. Travel costs, meals and accommodation are covered when travel for meetings is required.

If you want to make a difference to your community, and the lives of your friends and peers, we encourage you to apply. Being part of the 2023 Regional Youth Taskforce connects like-minded and driven young people and will engage you on issues such as entering the workforce, mental health, connectivity, and public transport in the regions. The Taskforce will provide you with the ability to influence important decisions the Government makes on these topics and many more.

Applications open 12 September and close 23 October 2022 and young people aged 12-24 living in regional areas are eligible to apply. The fourth Taskforce will be appointed from January 2023 until 31 December 2023. To find out more or apply, visit;


THS Sporting Success


Congratulations to Indiana Cooper in Year 11 for achieving gold in long jump and silver in the 100m and 200m at NSW CHS Athletics Championships. Indi also set 2 new meet records for the 100m and 200m. Fantastic results.

THS is so proud of Indi who represented Australia on the track in the Commonwealth Games back in August. It was a pleasure for the school to support Indi and cheer for her.  Congratulations to Indi on this amazing achievement with her results from the Games being personal best times which is just fantastic at such a professional level.


Big congratulations to our U15's boys basketball team who dominated in their games against Mt. Austin, Young, Junee and Kooringal in the first rounds of U15's NSWCHS State Knockout. Thanks to coaches Mr Ebeling and Mrs Butt and also thanks to our senior boys Eddie and Nate for officiating at the knockout.
The next round of the knockout was played against Albury High and the boys were unlucky to go down 29-31 with a strong attack putting them in the running for a victory right to the final siren. THS is very proud of your efforts never giving up.

Thanks to our parents for their involvement with Coaches Mr Crampton and Mrs Butt supporting the boys. Also thank you to our students Nathan, Sophie and Tikirah for officiating the game.

U15's Boy's THS Basketball

Well done to our teams who competed in the Netball NSW Schools Cup Riverina round.


Nathan Butt in Year 12 enjoyed representing the ACT in the All Schools Rugby Union Championships held in Sydney. Following on from this impressive performance Nate has been selected for the U18's Brumbies side to play representative Rugby Union based in ACT. 

THS is proud of your committment and dedication Nate to your chosen sport and all the best for future representation.


Big congratulations to Eddie Dodds on his fantastic results swimming at the School Sports Australia Swimming Championships in Brisbane earlier this term. Eddie had 3 individual races and was selected in 3 relays in the 17-19 years age group.
Results:- 50 fly seeded 9th finished 5th in final - 50 back seeded 7th finished 7th in final - bronze 50 free seeded 5th- bronze in 4x50m medley relay swimming fly - bronze in 4x50m free relay smashing his pb to swim 23.68- gold in 10x50m free relayGreat pb’s, great placings and a great experience to compete at this high level in school sport.

THS is very proud of your success swimming for our school, Riverina and NSW at School Nationals. Well done Eddie.

We love hearing about the successes of our students.

Please feel free to share any good news stories you have with us via email;


Skoolbag App

Installation instructions for parents downloading and using the Skoolbag school communication app - get it on your Apple & Android mobile devices.

SkoolBag App - How to get started

At Tumut High School we like to keep our families regularly informed and one way we do this is using SkoolBag App.

Please see document attached on how to get started with SkoolBag and for existing users please see below on how to update the App.


Skoolbag App update

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To ensure you are receiving notices specific to your child's school year please update your year group. To do this open up Skoolbag App and click on our school logo icon at top of the page. Then click on GROUPS. Click on Add/remove groups to update your year groups. 

Community Announcements

Employment Opportunity

Looking for a Summer Job?

Snowy Valleys Council is looking for people to work at our pools across the LGA with positions available for the summer season: 

Junior Lifeguard – 16 years and over

Lifeguard – over 18 years

Supervising Lifeguard – over  18 years

Swim Instructor – over 18 years

Applications to be submitted via Careers with Council - Snowy Valleys (nsw.gov.au) 

If anyone has any questions regarding these employment opportunities please call Meegan Cameron, HR Business Partner, Snowy Valleys Council on 0448 792 362.


School Holiday Activities

Art Competition

Photography & Film Competitions

Young Endeavour

A wonderful opportunity.

Please click on the link above to apply.

Voyages in Young Endeavour are open to Australian youth aged 16-23. To apply you need to:

- be an Australian citizen or permanent resident

- be aged 16-23 years on the day the voyage departs

- able to swim 50 metres- be in good general health

Successful applicants will need to complete a health questionnaire prior to final placement on a voyage. 


Boxing in Tumut

MateKeeper courses and training


Tumut High School

We would like to pay our respects and acknowledge Wiradjuri and Wolgalu people, the traditional custodians of the land and also pay respect to Elders both past, present and future.

Respect, Responsibility, Safety