Aspire to achieve together

Issue 11

Term 3 

Thursday 22 August, 2019

Principal's Message

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter.

Congratulations to our Physical Education teacher, Ms Ryan for the wonderful Aspiri Primary School Cross Country carnival. The event was exceptionally well organised and I noted that all of our children participated in their own way and had a great time. Well done Ms Ryan and also to the staff and parent helpers. Ms Ryan is now turning her attention to our 2019 Athletics program and carnival.

It is always very pleasing when our community contributes to supporting our school in many various ways, as many of you do at Aspiri Primary School. It is even more pleasing when people outside of our direct community offer help and support. To this end I would like to thank Mr Steve Ryan (father of our Physical Education teacher Ms Ryan) and his brother, Mr Bruce Ryan for the donation of materials and craftsmanship in the making of our carnival presentation dais. We also unveiled our new House marquees and they looked incredible.  Well done to our Manager of Corporate Services, Mrs McGlashan for undertaking the task of procuring these for our school.

Our next School Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday the 29th of August. It will be our annual Open meeting and parents and community are invited to attend. We will hold the meeting in our library and will begin at 3.00 pm. You are welcome to attend, but please note that visitors can only observe – not participate.

I recently sent a letter to all families reminding them of the need to support our endeavours and processes around the use of our wonderful playground equipment after school. Indicators are that you have supported us in this request and I thank all parents for this support.

Book Week took place this week and the theme was “Reading is my Secret Power”. I enjoyed seeing the activities and costumes across the week. Thanks to Mrs Oldfield for coordinating this event.

Our Choir students also have some big events coming up in the near future and under Mrs Atherton’s guidance I know they will be enjoying some wonderful activities. Thank you Mrs Atherton.

I would like to also congratulate Ms Kennedy and her team on the Environment Committee for the planning of activities designed to make our school a more environmentally sensitive place in terms of waste management, recycling and gardens. This is a terrific initiative that I am sure will have the support of the whole community.

See you at the gate,

Noel Morgan – Principal.


Pupil Free Day

Dear parents,  a reminder that Aspiri Primary School will be closed tomorrow, August 23, 2019 as our staff will be participating in a Nicholson Network Schools Development day.

Students are not required to attend and the office will be closed.

OSH club will be offering a full day service for those families that are registered.

School Zones and Parking Restrictions

Please remember that all streets around Aspiri Primary School are  “School Zones”  in the morning and afternoon. Please adhere to the required speed (40km/h) for the safety of our children. I will be asking Police to conduct random speed checks for the remainder of 2019.

A reminder to families that parking along Rossiter Avenue is not allowed by the City of Armadale. Parents parking here risk incurring a fine from the Rangers when they attend.

Noel Morgan. Principal.

Use of School Logo and Motto

The school has several formal communication methods, for example this newsletter and some informal examples such as parent initiated and managed social media platforms. Whilst these informal platforms are acceptable in almost all of their iterations, please note that the school logo, motto and other media cannot be used on mastheads, Facebook pages, blogs etc without the permission of the Principal; as it is in what the Education Department refers to as an “uncontrolled” environment and is also subject to Department of Education copyright. Please see Mr Noel Morgan if you have any issues with this requirement.

Father's Day Breakfast



Honesty  /  Effort  /  Attitude  /  Respect  /  Teamwork

Congratulations to all the students who were awarded certificates at the recent assembly for displaying the H.E.A.R.T attributes.

News From The Classrooms

Kindy 3 - Sustainability

Kindy 3 has been focusing on sustainability the last two terms and we have been using recycled materials to make box constructions. We have been learning how to plan first and then build as this encourages students to think about their ideas, explore what materials would suit and then finally construct it. They are very proud of their creations. Here are some photos of the amazing constructions that have been created. 

Constable Care Puppet Show

The Pre-Primary, Year 1 and Year 2 students recently participated in a Constable Care incursion about medical emergencies. The incursion was a fun and engaging puppet show, with characters such as Constable Care and Kura the First Aid Bear. We learnt what a medical emergency is, what to do in a medical emergency, who to contact in an emergency and the 000 emergency number to dial for help. A big thank you to Mrs Atherton for organising the event that is currently government funded and completely free of charge. We hope to have them back again to perform at Aspiri Primary School in 2020!


Pre Primary Bunnings Incursion

The Pre-Primary students from PP2, PP3 and PP4 have been busy making Father’s Day gifts during their Bunnings incursion. The Pre-Primary students engaged in wood work for their Father’s Day gift. Each student was provided with pre-cut pieces of wood, nails and a hammer. The students had to listen and follow instructions, line up the nails and gently hammer to construct their wood work gift. The students will be decorating them later in the week.

Ripper Nippers

On Friday 17th August, Shirley and Roary the dinosaur came to visit our Pre-Primaries with a special Ripper Nipper pack to encourage you to join your child at a City of Armadale library.                                                                                

A message from Shirley and Roary:

Complete the membership form, then bring the pack to one of our libraries and we will arrange a library card for you and your child (don’t forget to bring some ID with your name and current address.)

Ripper Nippers receive a stamp on their passport each time they visit a City of Armadale Library.

 After a 5th visit a special reward of a fridge magnet, pencil, eraser and stickers is presented.

 A party will be held in Term 4 at Armadale Library with a guest storyteller, certificate of participation and afternoon tea.

 Lets make reading fun as your child takes their first steps learning to read!

Waste Wise Audit

On Thursday in Week 3, the Year 5 and 6 students from Mrs Grima's class participated in a Waste Wise Audit. The purpose of this audit was to find out how much waste our school produces and what type of waste is produced. This information is able to help us become a Waste Wise School and give us the information to consciously dispose of our waste by implementing the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. 

 The students worked hard, sorting the waste into different categories:

Recyclable Organic Items: 

  • fruit and veg scraps
  • whole fruit
  • food scraps
  • paper and cardboard

Recyclable Non-organic Items:

  • plastic 
  • aluminium
  • steel cans
  • milk and juice cartons
  • other recyclables

Non-Recyclable Items:

  • Chip packets
  • Lolly and ice cream wrappers
  • Plastic bags and cling wrap
  • Whole packaged food - unopened 
  • Rubbish

Once all the rubbish was sorted, we weighed the amount of waste in each category. The school will use this information to drive sustainable waste management practises. 

We would like to thank all the staff members on the Sustainability Committee for organising such a valuable learning opportunity. 

Science Week

Last week was National Science Week, Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. To celebrate this event the students across different classes engaged in fun and hands-on activities which encouraged them to share, explore, problem-solve, investigate and collaborate. In Kindergarten outdoor agency time students enjoyed handling meal worms and observing them using magnifying glasses. Student’s also used their senses to explore the properties of oobleck (slime), the effects of mixing oil, water and food colouring. In Pre-Primary students made a cloud in a jar to learn about how rain clouds work. Whilst other classes created their own shadow puppets to assist in investigating how the position of a light source can influence the length and direction of shadows.

News From The Art Room


 Title of Art Project: Dots, Lines and Circles

 This collaborative project is an ongoing one that can take a whole school term and possibly even longer. To begin with, the students are asked to paint only dots, lines and circles using acrylic colours. In each lesson the students are using different colours and to start the project they only used yellow and white. In their next lesson they use only red and white and, in another lesson, they use only blue and white. It is a process that teaches students the value of each colour and in the meantime, they learn how to create lighter colours by mixing in the white. Leonardo Da Vinci said that "Art is never finished, only abandoned." Art can teach us many things and one of them is that we are never done learning from it and never done exploring with it.



Year 1 Visual Arts


Title of Art Project: Paint a Still Life in Primary Colours


To begin this task, students were introduced to the meaning of primary colours and the significance of still life in art. We talked about how many great artists painted still life’s and the variety of objects used in their compositions. Next, students were given a photo of a still life and asked to draw it on A3 thick paper, using lead pencils. Then students were given the primary colours of yellow, red and blue acrylic paints and instructed to apply them in their purest form without mixing them. As this project was completed over the course of several lessons, the students were taught in the beginning of a lesson to redraw their shapes with black and other coloured pencils in order to bring back the shapes that got lost under the paint. The end result is just amazing!


Cross Country

On Friday 2 August 2019, students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 participated in Aspiri Primary Schools inaugural Cross Country. It was fantastic to see all students trying their hardest with wonderful sportsmanship also shown throughout the day. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who gave up their time to assist at the carnival as well as all the parents who came down to support. Well done to Forrest for winning the overall House points and congratulations to these individual year group winners. 

 Pre Primary Girls - Sophie Dahlstrom

Pre Primary Boys - Blake Stevens 

Year 1 Girls - Melissa Mithun Cherian

Year 1 Boys - Lachlan  Burdett

Year 2 Girls - Halia Edwards

Year 2 Boys - Van Cooper

 Year 3 Champion Girl - Aisla Tyrell

Year 3 Runner Up Girl - Ana Thomas

Year 3 Champion Boy - Issak Rowe

Year 3 Runner Up Boy - Shayan Paun

Year 4 Champion Girl - Mia Leinasars

Year 4 Runner Up Girl - Layla Kentworthy

Year 4 Champion Boy - Harry Golder 

Year 4 Runner Up Boy - Gursangatpreet Brar

Year 5 Champion Girl - Azwa Harris

Year 5 Runner Up Girl - Isabella Mederic 

Year 5 Champion Boy - Jamie Leejo George

Year 5 Runner Up Boy - Harry Richards

Year 6 Champion Girl - Hannah Vazhalanickal

Year 6 Runner Up Girl - Hailey Vazhalanickal 

Year 6 Champion Boy - Aadi Sharma

Year 6 Runner Up Boy - Zaylen Woodward

Interschool Cross Country

On Friday 16 August, 2019 48 students represented Aspiri Primary School at the VSSA Interschool Cross Country Carnival. In less than ideal conditions all students competed to the best of their ability. Congratulations to all students who competed on the day. A special mention to Mia Leinsars who was awarded Champion Girl in her age division. Well done! 


Book Week Parade

What a wonderful time we had celebrating Book Week! Thank you to all the parents and students for participating with such enthusiasm and sharing your favourite book characters with us.

Congratulations to the following students for winning the ‘Best Costume Award’.

Kindy 2 – Zaviyah Dodd and Aria Kaya

Kindy 3 – Aya Graves and Finn Bringans

Kindy 4 – Ruby Della Posta and Lachlan Butcher

Kindy 5 – Brianna Arya and Siddharth Natarajan

Kindy 6 – Abigail Abraham and Joanne Lin

Kindy 7 – Dehaine Jinasena and Chamika Rajesh


PP1 – Caleb Tan

PP2 – Bailey Brouns

PP3 – Rita Pannir Selvan

PP4 – Jack Vaughan

PP5 – Lucas Cook


Year 1A – Tendai Maswanhise

Year 1B – Nathaniel Wiltshire

Year 1C – Jackson Dee


Year 1/2 – Chenith Vithanage

Year 2 – Reece Bassett

Year 3A – Giselle Tan

Year 3B – Aisla Tyrrell

Year 4 – Hutchinson Turner

Year 4/5 – James Brown

Year 5/6 – Isabella Curry

Thanks to everyone that helped make the Book Week Parade a huge success.  The costumes of both teachers and students were amazing!  

A big thank you to Mrs Oldfield for organising the parade and ensuring everything went smoothly. We know students and parents had a lot of fun watching the parade.

Colouring Competition

What a busy and fun week we have had celebrating reading and books! Thank you to everyone who submitted their colouring in entry! There were so many colourful and creative entries to choose from which made it very tricky to select the winners. This year's winners are: Akshika (Year 5), Aaron (Year 4), Pualani (Year 3), Van (Year 2) Ikjot (Year 1) and Viaan (Pre-Primary). The winners received a $10 voucher to spend at our Book Fair. Thank you to parents for your support in this year's Book Fair sales. Every purchase will give our school extra points from Scholastic to purchase more books for our Library. 

See you again next year! - Mrs Tan  

Running Club

Running Club will continue every Friday, 8:10am - 8:25am on the Rossiter Pavillion Oval.

Lost Property

Just a reminder to label your children's clothing and water bottles with their full name.  We have numerous items in the Lost Property bins located in the Administration Office and outside Kindergarten 1 (the first room on your left as you enter the gate).  At the end of this term any items not collected from these bins will be removed and used for our emergency spare clothes collection. 

Battery Recycling


Subway Lunch Orders

Subway lunch orders will now be on a Friday. All orders need to be handed to the office by 8.40am Thursday.  Please ensure correct money is placed with the order as no change can be given.

A new order form with additional options is attached to this Newsletter.

Subway Lunch Order Form


New Uniform Concept Store Open in Jandakot


Triple P Parenting Seminars


Learning English Through Storytime


A Message From The School Nurse

Physical Activity - Family activities

If you’re looking for ways to help your family be more active, why not try…

·         Walking or riding to school together;

·         Visiting the beach to play cricket or Frisbee;

·         Taking the dog for a walk;

·         Doing some gardening (try building a veggie patch!);

·         Visiting the local swimming pool;

·         Playing at the park;

·         Going for a bike ride;

·         Bush walking;

·         Outings that involve walking (like the zoo);

·         Participating in a community walk;

·         Buying children presents that encourage physical activity (like sports equipment or a kite).

For more information go to

Healthy eating for children

The Australian Dietary Guidelines provide up-to-date advice about the amount and kinds of foods and drinks that we need regularly, for health and well-being.

By providing your child with the recommended amounts from the Five Food Groups and limiting the foods that are high in saturated fat, added sugars and added salt, your child will get enough of the nutrients essential for good health, growth and development. A healthy diet reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and some cancers. Your child may also feel better, look better, enjoy life more and live longer!

The amount of food your child will need from the Five Food Groups depends on their age, gender, height, weight and physical activity levels. For example, a 3-year-old boy requires 1 serve of fruit a day, but an 11-year-old boy needs 2 serves of fruit a day. A 9-year-old girl needs 4 serves of grain (cereal) foods a day, and a 14-year-old girl needs 7 serves a day.

Children who are taller, more physically active or in the higher end of their age band, (and not overweight or obese), may be able to have additional serves of the Five Food Groups or unsaturated spreads and oils or discretionary choices. For further information go to


What should our children eat?

Try and follow these basic guidelines when deciding what to feed your children:

·         Include 2 fruit and 5 vegetable serves into the daily routine.

·         Serve lean meats, fish, chicken and dairy. Remember eggs and nuts!

·         Choose wholegrain bread and cereal.

·         Limit saturated fat intake and reduce total fat intake.

·         Limit fast food like chips and pastries.

·         Limit sugary drinks and offer water or low fat milk instead.

·         Limit lollies and foods with a high sugar content

Following these guidelines will help our children to be healthy children.

 Healthy food children will love!

·         Blend fruit with milk and a spoonful of low fat yoghurt to make a smoothie.

·         Freeze fruit (such as grapes, pear or banana).

·         Top toast with ricotta cheese, banana slices and cinnamon.

·         Cut vegies into bite-sized pieces.

·         Mix chopped tomato and green capsicum with baked beans.  Put the mixture on toast, or in a baked potato, and sprinkle with low-fat cheese.

·         Add cooked vegetables to lightly beaten eggs.  Melt some polyunsaturated margarine in a pan and cook the mixture gently over low heat until eggs are firm.

Remember to use a cool bag or put a bottle of frozen water in the lunch box to keep food cool at school. Keep lunches interesting by including salads, wraps and dips with cut up vegies.