St Mary's Newsletter

Term 4 - Week 4 (6 November, 2020)

Principal's Message

Dear St Mary's School Community

Gospel: Matthew 25: 1-13

Sunday’s Gospel is the story of the ten bridesmaids.  Most of us go through life putting off doing the things we know we should when we believe that we have lots of time left.  But what if we don’t?  Jesus tells us that we do not know the day nor the hour when he will come to meet us.  Will you be like the wise maidens and be ready to greet him when he comes?

Grandparents Morning

We had a lovely turnout of grandparents this morning for our Grandparents Morning.  It was beautiful to see the joy and love in the faces of both the children and their grandparents as they walked through the school together and the children showed them their work, which due to COVID-19 restrictions, was displayed outside the classroom.  Thank you to Fr Andrew, the readers, Mrs O'Malley and Mrs Demarte whose hard work and efforts all ensured that the morning was a success!

Remembrance Day

All families are invited to attend the Remembrance Day liturgy to be held at 1.15pm on Wednesday, 11 November at the school.  The service is in the afternoon due to swimming lessons being in the morning.  


Last week you all received a letter in regard to St Mary’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Staffing for 2021 (including where the split classes will be)  will be announced and the school’s new Strategic Plan will be unveiled on this night. 

Please find attached AGM information, Nomination and Attendance Forms that can be downloaded and printed. If you would like to nominate or RSVP through the Skoolbag App, eForms are available under the EFORMS heading in the main menu.


Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons for Pre-primary to Year Two begin on Monday for the next fortnight.  Hopefully the weather warms up!  As luck would have it, temperatures are not going above 30 next week and there is rain predicted!

God Bless and have a lovely weekend with your families,

Ms Adriana Coniglio


Religious News

All Soul’s Day

Thank you to the Year 4/5 class, Miss Montgomery and Father Andrew for a lovely Liturgy service for All Soul’s Day on Monday, 2nd November.

Upcoming Liturgical Events

· Remembrance Day Service: Wednesday, 11th November at 1.15pm. All are invited and welcome to attend our service in the school undercover area.

· Book Fair starting 9th November.

·  First Reconciliation Retreat: Friday, 13th November. All students in Year 3 are permitted to wear free dress and lunch is provided on this day.

· Assembly, Friday 13th November at 2.15pm.

· Sacrament of First Reconciliation: Saturday, 14th November 6.30pm or Sunday, 15th November 10.30am. Students receiving the sacrament are to make Reconciliation just prior to Mass. 

Mrs Zoe O'Malley

Acting Assistant Principal

Class News

Year Four/Five Class News

Year 4/5 have been busy settling back into Term 4. We are working on information reports in Literacy which has taught us many interesting facts about animals around the world! In Mathematics we have just finished a unit on time and are beginning a unit on shape, line and position. In Religion year 4's are exploring stories from Matthew’s Gospel and year 5’s are creating posters on conscience.  

Year Three RE Corner

We have been very busy in Year 3 preparing for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This week we did an ‘Examination of Conscience’ for the first time. We have learnt that when we go to reconciliation, we say sorry for our sins and that to sin you break one of the Ten Commandments. To do our examination of conscience, we reflected on some poor choices we have made and how we need to say sorry and ask for forgiveness to move on from them. We have also been practicing what we need to say when we do our Sacrament. This week we practiced with a partner, one person even had to pretend to be Father Andrew!!


After a very successful T20 Cricket Cup Carnival in week one, we have continued to focus on Fielding and Striking skills across all year levels.

We are using the Woolworths Junior Cricket program and have grouped the students into the  following;

-Pre Primary, Year One and Year Two

-Year Three and Year Four /Five

-Year Five/Six

The students are really enjoying the activities and learning how to safely use the equipment and learning new skills or improving on old skills.

The main learning focuses will be throwing and catching, striking and fielding and the safe use of equipment.

Learning Cooperative Social Skills: Weeks Nine & Ten - "Expressing Support/no 'put downs'."

Pre-Primary:     Georgia Caldwell

Year One:    Toby Sharp

Year Two:    Ashley Auburn

Year Three:    Tayla Montgomery

Year Four/Five:    Judd Cooper

Year Five/Six:    Tyler Geier

Learning Cooperative Social Skills: Weeks One to Three- "Probing/asking in-depth questions"

Pre-Primary:     Norah Swarts

Year One:    Andrew Wilson

Year Two:    Logan O'Meagher

Year Three:    Jack Kermode

Year Four/Five:   Olumiji Onikola

Year Five/Six:    Shelby Roberts

Other News & Important Dates

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Let Us Pray

Lord Jesus, you are the lover of our souls,

the bridegroom who longs to be close to us.

May we be watchful and ready when you come.


Community Notices