St Leonards Primary School

Newsletter 11, 24 July 2020

From the Leadership

Welcome back to Term 3.  We keep on saying it but it’s hard to believe we are over half way through the year.  It’s nice to welcome parents and caregivers back on grounds, although at this stage, we are unable to allow people into corridors and classrooms without a volunteer check and covid tracing forms being signed at the Office. 

New Faces

We welcome some new students to our school  Lachlan F, Peter M, Leilani M (welcome back) and Ruby S. We look forward to having you and your families in our community. 

This term we also welcome three pre service teachers who, over the next  four weeks will be working with our class teachers to develop their skills.

Emily Sapounas in Room 5, Jake Von Stanke in Room 9 and Tiarna Pattinson in Room 12. We hope you enjoy your time with us.


It’s great to see our sports running again with both Soccer and Netball starting up.  We rely so much on our parents and caregivers and grandparents to help run these programs.  Without this help our learners would not have the opportunity to participate.  As a school community we thank you all for your wonderful contribution to our community.


Over the past term, we have been working with council to find parking solutions for our school.  This will include some changes to our surrounding streets.  When the consultation period is finished, we will communicate with our community about the changes.  In the interim we ask you to consider the safety of all of our precious children.

School Focus

We continue to work on our Site Improvement Plan and have really focused on our learners and their writing.  All students will have or have their own goal to improve their writing. Our educators will be working with student to achieve their goal.  Ask your child if they have their goal yet and what they are doing to achieve it. 

Year 7 to High School 2022

As you may know, Year 7 is moving to high school in 2022. This means that if your child is in Year 5 or 6 this year, they will graduate from primary school next year. Having two year levels graduate at the same time is a unique situation and we want to assure you that our students will experience a positive and successful transition from primary to high school. To ensure the experience is memorable, we are considering how leadership opportunities, seniors jumpers, graduation ceremonies and participation in activities that were historically 'Year 7' events will include Year 6 learners.

To get ready for next year, we will soon be talking to our learners about graduation ceremonies, leadership opportunities and graduation jumpers or tops for the graduating classes of 2021.

We will keep our community informed

Canteen and Sharing Food

Please remember that we ask children not to share food from their lunchboxes. We also ask that they do not buy food for each other at the canteen. Thanks for your support.


This term we will be having assemblies on Fridays of even weeks. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate parents at this stage, due to COVID restrictions. As the weather fines up, we are hopeful to move assemblies outside at which point we will have more flexibility to comply with social distancing and density requirements.  

Parent Teacher interviews

We look forward to meeting with many of you in Weeks 2 and 3 for Parent/Teacher Interviews. Online bookings have now closed. If you missed out and would like an interview, please contact your child’s teacher to find out when vacancies might exist.

COVID-safe guidelines will be in place for Parent Teacher Interviews. Today a note was sent home with the youngest child in each family with the details, including a form that you are required to fill in before the interview starts. Please take the time to do this before arriving at the interview.

Varicella-Zoster Virus (Chicken Pox/Shingles)

There has been a confirmed diagnosis of Shingles in our community. This can also present in children as Chicken Pox.

Chicken pox is a viral infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus.

Symptoms include fever and “cold-like” symptoms followed by a rash. The rash appeared blisters which crust to form scabs to form scabs. The rash is more noticeable on the trunk than on the limbs and may affect the scalp and the inside of the mouth, nose and throat. The rash is usually itchy.

Incubation period (time between becoming infected and developing symptoms) is two - three weeks, commonly thirteen – seventeen days.

Infectious period (time during which an infected person can infect others) is from two days before the rash appears (during coughing, runny nose stage) until 5 days after the appearance of the first blister

Control of spread

•   exclude person with chickenpox until fully recovered or for at least five days after the rash first appears. Note that some remaining scabs are not a reason for continued exclusion

•   any child  with an immune deficiency (eg leukaemia) or receiving chemotherapy should be excluded from contact with a case of chicken pox or shingles for their own protection

•   wash hands after contact with soiled articles (tissues, etc) Dispose of tissues appropriately

•   persons with shingles should cover the moist shingles rash with a dry bandage to ensure that others are not exposed


•           specific antiviral treatment for both chicken pos and shingles is available

•    medical advice should be sought if:

•   a child or adult with chicken pox has a high fever, cough, shortness of breath or chest pain

•   a pregnant woman has chicken pox

•   a person over 50 years of age has shingles

For all cases, calamine lotion or phenergan (available from chemists) may be useful for the itch. If treatment to reduce temperature or discomfort is necessary, paracetamol is recommended.

Dave Henty-Smith, Principal

Jo Meredith, Deputy Principal

Kathy Baker, Inclusive Education Coordinator

COVID-19 Update

We are thrilled that restrictions are being lifted to enable greater engagement with our community in Term 3. It’s been tough for all of us to experience isolation in the past few months and we have really felt the physical absence of our wonderful parent community. We do ask that you notice and value the independence that children have developed during this time.

In Term 3 we are focused on rebuilding the strong community connections that are central to the St Leonards way of life, and we must do this responsibly by operating within the strict COVID guidelines. Please ensure you are up to date with the current COVID-safe measures in place by reading the letter sent out via Skoolbag this morning. Some of the implications for Term 3 include:

  • Social Distancing amongst adults remains in place
  • Density of adults indoors must not exceed 2 sq metres for every adult
  • We urge people who are unwell to remain at home.
  • School Sport will resume with netball and soccer
  • A school Disco is being scheduled
  • Parent Teacher interviews will proceed in person
  • Special person to ‘Meet the Author’ during BookWeek
  • Fortnightly assemblies commence in Week 2
  • Parents may come onto the grounds for pick up and drop off
  • Registered volunteers can resume their important work on site
  • Parents must sign in and complete a site entry form before entering any building beyond the Office.

Jo Meredith, Deputy Principal


Diary Dates

Week 2

  • Parent Teacher Interviews - Monday 27 July - Thursday 30 July 
  • Assembly, Rooms 1and 9 presenting - 9:00am, Friday 31 July
  • Tree Day - Friday 31 July

Week 3

  • Parent Teacher Interviews - Monday 3 August - Thursday 6 August
  • CU Lunchtime Workshop - Monday 3 August
  • Governing Council - 7:00pm, Tuesday 4 August
  • Book Fair Class viewing day - Thursday 6 August
  • Book Fair Purchasing Days - Friday 7 August, Monday 10 August, Tuesday 11 August

Issue 5 of the Book Club went home this week. All orders are due Monday 3 August. Thank you for your continuing support, all books earn our school points that can be spent on new library books. 

Book Fair

We are excited to be able to run our annual Book Fair this year as it is our biggest fundraiser for the Library. For the classes it will run as normal with our viewing and wish list writing day where students come with their class to have a browse. They then have the opportunity to come with their class at a selected time to purchase. We will be open to families before school (8:15 - 8:45am) and after school (3:05 - 3:45pm) on Friday, Monday and Tuesday, however due to COVID and the space allocated we will be restricting the number to four adults at a time. Families will be able to wait in the quad for their turn. 

We are hoping to make it run as smoothly as possible. There will be eftpos available.  Books can be taken on the day on a first served basis but no one will miss out as we can order additional books online and they will be delivered to students approximately two weeks after the Book Fair. 

Hope to see you there.

Kelly Peterson, Library Manager

Premier's Reading Challenge

Term 3 is the time to start handing in your completed Premier's Reading Challenge forms. Forms are due no later than September 4 but there is still plenty of time to finish reading your eight PRC books (the ones with PRC stickers) and four free choice books. If you need any help selecting books to read please come and find me and I will help you out.

You may have noticed more trees springing up in the library and sprouting leaves with learners names on them. These students have all completed and handed in their forms. So far we have four classes reach 100% participation and I cant wait to see more reach that goal.

Happy Reading

Kelly Peterson, Library Manager

Lunchtime Activities

During lunchtimes, we facilitate a range of student-led activities that encourage social inclusion, develop student leadership skills, as well as sharing skills and interests across the student population. Students are supported through an application process to establish ‘clubs’ that are open to all of their peers. In Term 3, plans are already in place and we would be very grateful for donations of materials as outlined below:

Term 3 Club

Donations needed

Knitting Club

Wool, knitting needles


Dress ups

Drama Club

Dress ups and accessories (One-size fits all)

Skipping Club


Drawing Club


Loose Parts Play

Any item that you could imagine children safely building or tinkering with: Timber offcuts, pinecones, small pop-up tents, riverbed rocks, shells,  nuts & bolts…

Sandpit Kitchen

Saucepans, small pans, muffin pans, oven trays, sieves, colanders, kitchen utensils, measuring cups

Lacrosse Club


Minecraft Club


Kids Choir

Non-functioning microphones

 Jo Meredith, Deputy Principal

2020 Indoor Volleyball Carnival

Volleyball SA has just announced they will be holding their 2020 Indoor Volleyball Carnival on Wednesday 12th August (Week 4). This is an optional event where students are placed into teams of 4 to 6 & play against other schools in a day long carnival. It's important to note that part of the learning around these types of events is team work skills, which includes participating in teams which may not be of the students choice. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the nominations time frame is very strict. We will only be nominating students who have parent permission via SkoolBag by Monday July 27


The carnival is held at Marion Sport and Rec Centre and parents are responsible for transporting their child directly to the venue (approx. 9am) and collecting their child from the venue (approx. 2:40pm). The cost of the day will be $10 per child. We will invoice each player once their nomination is confirmed.

Please complete the nomination form on Skoolbag BEFORE Monday 27 July. Late entries cannot be accepted

 Heather Pronk, Sports Coordinator

Admin Matters

2021 Enrolments 

If your child/ren will not be returning to St Leonards Primary School in 2021, please advise Mel at the Office or email with your child's name, current year level and destination school.

Lost Property

It is very important to clearly name all uniform items, we have found that our lost property cupboard is overflowing with jackets and beanies and we can't reunite them with their owners without names. 

Second Hand Uniforms

We appreciate all the donations of second hand uniforms in good, clean condition that we receive from families. Please remember to remove or cover old name tags inside them as if they are bought and then lost they may end up back with your child. If you have purchased second hand items please name them as soon as possible.

Absences, Late Arrivals and Early Leaving

The SMS number 0427 016 460 is our preferred method for letting us know about any absences.

Messages should include name, room number and reason for absence eg illness or family.

Alternatively, please call the Office on 8294 9811 to leave a message with office staff.

Unfortunately, Facebook messages and emails don't always make it to the Office.


Children's University

There has been lots of learning going on during the July school holidays and there is still time to pick up a Winter Challenge pack and complete it. It looks like lots of fun.

Have you used the portal yet? if not and you would like more information please contact me at

Keep an eye for the Week 3 lunchtime workshop.

Heather Pronk, CU Coordinator


Vacation Care July 2020

During Vacation Care, the students got to be a part of special theme days and a range of activities that was fun for everyone! We had a “tie die day” with the students tie dying their own tee shirts, electronic days, science day, Christmas in July, and we got to cook amazing pizzas, face biscuits, and fairy bread on cooking day!

Also, in celebration of Bastille Day, we had a dedicated “French Day”. The students got to show their architectural skills with a tower competition using spaghetti and marshmallows, followed by an afternoon tea with French related foods, including quiches, croissants, and mini crepes; Great fun had by all these July school holidays! 

July Vacation Care

What's Been Happening at St Leonards

Crazy Hair Day

World Emoji Day

Karen's Corner

Well hello there!

Welcome back … how wonderful to see all the smiling faces around the school … the learners look pretty happy too!!

As we all settle back into the routine of the school term (for many of you, life perhaps hasn’t changed dramatically as you’ve gone about your daily business over the past 2 weeks and yet for others, there may well be a level of sadness as you say goodbye to the relaxed holiday vibe (well a person can dream, right?!)  Whatever your circumstances, it’s fantastic to see all the amazing learners of St. Leonards looking so engaged and excited to be back! 

As I type this, I’m marvelling at the amazing creativity many of you amazing parents, children and staff have exhibited today being Crazy Hair Day at school!  I am in awe at some of the hair styles … the high hair, the colours, the embellishments … all absolutely fantastic!!

It makes me think about those days when a bad hair day doesn’t even sum up my expressive hair ‘style’.  Have you ever had a hair cut that has turned out nothing like you expected or imagined, even though you took a picture of what you wanted/hoped for?  I remember taking an image to my hairdresser (you have to love their levels of diplomacy and tact … however in this instance, he thought honesty was required obviously and diplomacy took 2nd place!)  I showed him the photo of a fabulous cut and style, having deliberated for some time to find just the ‘look’ I felt would suit me.  He took one look at it and put his comb up to his lips whilst pausing for the right words … ‘So, you know that this picture is of an actress, who has had professional hairstylists, make up artists and many other stylists work for many hours on this look?’  ‘Um, well yes … I guess so ….’ was my reply (wishing I hadn’t shown him the photo!)  ‘You know the collaboration to achieve this red carpet look would’ve involved many hours of work?’ (my response was similar to my first!) and the kicker … ‘And you do realise she’d be about 22 years old at best?!!!’  (at which point, I put the photo away and asked him to just cut it like always!) 

Sometimes we feel we need to project a certain look to the world, a ‘look’ that says we have it all together, we look picture perfect ready, we’re living the dream with all our ducks neatly and perfectly performing in a row, our life is fantastic and our parenting is on point!  Social media has so much to answer for, with people showing us a glimpse into their perfect lives (for me in the past, posting a photo involved quickly pushing all the real life, day to day stuff out of the shot, in case washing up left in the sink, clothes and shoes strewn across the floor etc. etc. gave people the impression that my ducks were in fact, running amok!!)

Thankfully these days, more and more, those who influence on social media platforms are realising that they are more relatable to their audience if the show less of the perfect and more real life!   The pressure to be perfect or good enough can be enormous and the ramifications on our children can be far reaching if we’re not careful.

Striving for perfection, accepting nothing less that A grade performances, measuring up to a sibling or relative can put so much added pressure onto our children, pressure that they are not equipped to handle or process.  Striving to do one’s best is awesome and it’s great to always try to do your best … but what if trying and doing your best is good enough?  What if feeling satisfied that you’ve done a good job (yes perhaps there’s room for improvement, but that you’re ok with what you achieved and how you achieved it is ok and actually, is enough!)  If your children realise that they are loved no matter what, that you are proud of them regardless of their grades or performance and that you will always be their number 1 cheerleader … you will be giving them the best possible start for them to explore and understand what it is to feel that they are good enough! 

What has this got to do with hair, crazy or bad or whatever you ask?

Probably not a lot actually … however as kids run in to show me their crazy hair, it’s not about the actual hair ‘styles’ it’s not about who has the best style or who invested the most money to achieve the look … it’s about how they feel about themselves, how proud they are of their ‘look’ (whether they managed it themselves or had a little or a lot of help) and how happy they are having a bit of fun as we return to the routine of school.  So much laughter and excitement as one of the classes crowded in the office to show Mr HS and Jo their unique and crazy hair styles … it was wonderful to see (and hear!) the craziness (and what was even lovelier is that everyone was involved, those who didn’t have crazy hair stood tall amongst their friends and classmates who did have wacky hair … all together, no-one left behind!)    If your child did or didn’t arrive at school with crazy hair (hey they might leave with a crazy hair style regardless!!) it doesn’t matter … what matters is that sometimes we need to know (and make sure our children know) that it’s ok to let loose, let our hair down (sorry!) throw caution to the wind and just have fun!!

What can you do with your children to have some fun … not perfect, micromanaged activities, just some good, wholesome, crazy fun … have a go …. You might be amazed at how your children react to some spontaneous, crazy moments of fun (particularly at this time when life can be really challenging in many areas!)  … it doesn’t have to cost a thing either …  a spontaneous pillow fight, a giggling tickle fest, a crazy day where you eat dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner, put your clothes on backwards without saying anything and see how long it takes for anyone to notice (perhaps don’t leave the house!) stay in your pjs all day (I’m in!!)  Let your children ‘style’ your hair … anything that speaks of fun and frivolity will be a fabulous memory that your children will remember for a long time!   Life really is too short to not have fun … try it and let me know!

Here’s to a fabulous and fun Term 3 … let’s all remember to take moments to relax and engage with those you love in new and fun ways from time to time … go on, you know you want to!!

In fun and friendship … have an awesome week everyone!  Take care!


Karen Marks, Pastoral Care Worker.  

Community News

Baden Pattinson Kidy

If you wish to enrol your younger child at Baden Pattinson Kindy please find the attached registration form to complete and return by post to Baden Pattinson Kindergarten, Cnr of Alison St & Kibby Ave, Glenelg North 5045 or email



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