St Leonards Primary School

Newsletter 4, 13 March 2020

From the Leadership


This term we have needed to rely heavily on our amazing volunteers. We would like to thank you all for actively accepting the new process that we have been mandated to use by the Department for Education. If any members of our community would like to become a volunteer we run weekly sessions on Wednesdays at 2:30pm. Next week we are running an additional after hours session on Tuesday 24 March in the STEM room from 5:00pm - 7:00pm. There is no need to book, just pop in and we can get you started on the process or take the next step.

Harmony Day and National Day of Action Against Bullying

A huge congratulations to Mr. J and our school ambassadors, who have successfully applied for and been awarded a grant of $2000 to put towards “Action against Bullying.” This is a great example of how staff and students work together to create opportunities.

At St Leonards Primary we provide a safe environment that promotes positive relationships, safety and well-being. Our school values; Respect, Readiness and Resilience, are used in innovative ways to provide opportunities for students to learn and practise skills that support positive relationships, problem solving and conflict resolution whilst challenging disrespectful or aggressive behaviours. We do this on a daily basis by capturing incidental learning opportunities and through targeted learning programs.

Every year, we take the time to acknowledge The National Day of Action against Bullying, Friday 20 March and Harmony Day, Saturday 21 March in some way. Due to swimming, we celebrated Harmony Day during student messages today, and next week we will take a stance against bullying.

We continually strive to make St Leonards a strong community that stands together.

Three Way Conferences

Three-Way Conferences with your child/ren and their teacher/s will commence between Monday 23 March and Friday 3 April.

This approach to reporting on your child’s learning strengthens relationships, becomes an important learning experience for our learners, and aligns with our school motto, “Learning Together”.

Evidence of your child/ren’s learning will be presented at the Conferences where progress of their learning and “where to next” will form the basis of discussions. Your child will lead the conversation about their learning, their strengths and areas for improvement.

When students participate in such conferences, they are encouraged to think about their learning, assessment and progress in a way that supports metacognition (thinking about thinking). The research is very clear that metacognition has a significantly positive impact on learning outcomes – details about this are easy to find online via Google. Students also make extremely realistic self-assessments of their progress and behaviour, which provides productive discussion points.

We are using the School Interviews online booking system again this year. You will need to use the following code in the website link below to create a booking (bookings open 5pm Monday 16 March).

COVID-19 Update

While there have so far been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Department for Education sites, we are prepared for the possibility and have protocols in place at St Leonards in readiness for this. For the safety of our community and the wider public, the following measures are in place to support the containment of COVID-19.

Current advice on self-isolation and staying at home

In-line with Commonwealth advice, the current advice from the South Australian Department for Education for parents, students and staff is:

·        Any student or staff member who has travelled in or transited through mainland China, Iran, South Korea or Italy must self-isolate for 14 days after leaving the high risk country.

·        Close contacts of a confirmed case of COVID-19 must self-isolate for 14 days since last contact with the confirmed case.

·        All returned travellers who develop symptoms (especially fever and cough) within 14 days of returning from anywhere overseas should seek testing for COVID-19, and self-isolate while awaiting test results.

·        Any confirmed case of COVID-19 will be excluded from school/childcare/the workplace until they are medically cleared to return.

·        Students and staff who have returned to Australia from anywhere else overseas and have no symptoms are able to return to school or work.

Consistent with current guidelines, all children, students and staff who are unwell with respiratory illness should remain at home until symptoms resolve.

Visit the SA Health website for more information on home isolation.

Hygiene standards

Personal hygiene and the hygiene standards in our is critical to reducing the risk of infection.

All children and staff are being encouraged to:

  • wash their hands regularly, particularly after using the toilet and before eating
  • avoid spreading infections to others by staying home if they are unwell
  • cover a cough or sneeze with a tissue

Resources and posters are being displayed prominently at St Leonards as prompts to maintain good personal hygiene.

Parents seeking more information are encouraged to call the National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080, or visit:

Jo Meredith, Acting Principal

Kathy Baker, Inclusive Education Coordinator

Diary Dates

Week 8

Swimming Week - Reception to Year 5

  • School Banking - Tuesday 17 March
  • Governing Council - 7:00pm, Tuesday 17 March
  • Year 6/7 Growth and Development - Wednesday 18 March
  • Volunteer Workshop - 2:30pm, Wednesday 18 March
  • Inclusive Education Coffee and Chat - 2:00pm - 3:00pm, Friday 20 March

Week 9

Three Way Conferences

  • Year 4/5 Camp (Rooms 5 and 6) - Monday 23 March - Wednesday 25 March
  • Children's University Lunch time Workshop - Monday 23 March
  • School Banking - Tuesday 24 March
  • Year 6/7 Growth and Development - Wednesday 25 March
  • Volunteer Workshop - 2:30pm, Wednesday 25 March
  • School Photo day - Friday 27 March

Hats on for Term 1


Term 2 Pupil Free Days

  • Monday 27 April
  • Tuesday 9 June


Family/Sibling Photos

School Photo Day is Friday 27 March. Your child/ren will have already brought home a MSP Photography envelope. These are to be returned on the day of the photos being taken.

For anyone wishing to have a sibling/family photo taken please collect an envelop from the Office. These envelopes need to be returned to the Office prior to photo day so that we can make a list of siblings that need to be collected.

Mel Worden, Office Manager

Reception - Year 5 Swimming Week

Swimming week is a rewarding but very busy time, to make sure the  week goes smoothly please make sure students are at school on time as the first bus leaves at 8:50am. 

Labelling all clothing, towels, goggles and water bottles etc is very important as this is the week that we find a lot of lost property.

Canteen is closed during Swimming Week.



Qkr is the preferred way to order lunches.  Please be aware that the daily cut off time is 9.15am.  You need to make sure you give yourself time to finish the order by 9.10am or risk it not being submitted.  Also, take note of the day you are ordering for.  It’s not uncommon for an order to be placed for another (wrong day) .  The app does not allow me to reply to messages sent on Qkr.  

 If you do not receive an email saying your order is paid, you haven’t ordered.  It is often the case your child is going to the canteen for a lunch order that was not ordered.   In which case It would be appreciated if you could pay for lunches provided, within the week.

Katrina, Canteen Manager

Recess Treat

Showdown Donut or Banana Bread order form attached. 

Order via Qkr!  or you can print or pick up a paper copy of the order form from the Office.



Please return all outstanding change of details forms and consent forms to the Office as soon as possible. Our school relies on up to date records for communication and for the safety of our students.

Mel Worden, Office Manager

Inclusive Education

Parent Letter - Covid-19

Attached is a letter from the  Department for Education re Covid-19.

Music News

 ‘Dr Stovepipe’ - Musica Viva in Schools performance 

The Musica Viva in Schools trio ‘Dr Stovepipe’, will be presenting music gypsy, swing, hot jazz style music for all students.

Down a dusty road from the 1930s comes Doctor Stovepipe, a rollicking, old-time ensemble of guitar, bass, fiddle and sweet vocal harmonies. Each appointment is a swinging dose of fun, and a demonstration of how songs evolve and change over time, as they are passed on from one musician to the next. Students learn how the simplest sounds and stories can be turned into toe-tapping tunes and can even write their own lyrics for Doctor Stovepipe to perform in the show.

Students at St Leonard’s  PS  will be learning a little about the group and attending the show.

This performance is funded by the Department for Education, through the Music Education Strategy.

Date: Thursday 26 March

Who: Year 3 to Year 7

Time: 9:00 am

Liz Condous, Arts

Scholastic Book Club

Orders from Issue 2 of Scholastic Book Club are due no later than Wednesday 18 March. Please return forms with correct money to the Office or order online through

For every order placed the school accrues money to use for purchasing new books for the Library?

Kelly Peterson, Library Manager

What's Been Happening at St Leonards

Harmony Day

Community Care Pantry

Dear parents,

You may or may not already be aware that St Leonards has a wonderful initiative for our school community called the St Leonards Community Care Pantry. This provides a small helping hand to those families who may need it and shows are children how we want to care for others. At the end of last year we donated all the left over items to various Christmas appeals to help families in need at that time.

Now – our cupboard is bare and we would like to re-stock it.

We have placed a box in Office and we are looking for donations of any non-perishable food items, personal hygiene products or fruit for the school fruit bowl.

Any donations, big or small would be greatly appreciated to help support our St Leonards Community.

 Emma Allen

Community Notices

Dental Service

St Leonards Primary School

Learning Together

Respect, Resilience, Readiness

"Building a community that inspires curious, creative and innovative thinkers."

Principal: Dave Henty-Smith

Deputy: Jo Meredith

Inclusive Education Coordinator: Kathy Baker