Henley Beach Primary School Newsletter

Term 2 week 10 - Wednesday 1 July 2020

Goodbye and Goodluck Mr Misso - We will miss you!

From the Principal - Shane Misso

The time has finally come.  My final newsletter after 16 years.

Time as part of the ever growing and evolving Henley Beach Primary community has been wonderful.   Staying true to the vision and values of the school has always been a strong driver for me.   There of course have been conflicts and disagreements along the way however the ultimate creation, working together with staff, students and community, has been a school that is outstanding in many ways.  I can fondly remember many of our year 7 students either as babies in pushers through to wide eyed pre-schoolers arriving for a tour or transition visits.   For some it is your older brothers and sisters that are now in their early twenties.

Across the years I have fond memories of the massive community support given to the school.  Working bees of more than 70. Teachers, staff and students working across a Saturday to clean, build and improve the school facilities. Nothing was too much to ask and the BBQ and refreshments at the end made the day a huge social event   Do you remember most wonderful Spring Fairs, taking a year to organise by highly committed parents, supported widely and attendances in the many hundreds.  Stalls, food outlets, the community BAR, entertainment, sideshows and even live music on the back of an 18 wheeler semi-trailer were all part of the excitement.   This was truly a community working together.   Times have changed, however with recent events making us think more locally I can see it all returning as we reframe our priorities to a more local focus.

We have been in the elite high performing NAPLAN schools across the nation and state, champions at Tournament of the Minds, collaborated with and supported Australian International Schools and been leaders in the local Partnership networks across the State.  An extensive instrumental music program, sports programs and steadily increasing academic performance have meant staff have to be ever evolving and stretching themselves further every year.  Rapid student population growth, school of choice for overseas arrivals are all feathers in the Henley Beach Primary School cap. 

I feel truly blessed during my time as Principal.  I do feel extremely positive about Stephen Jolley, from Reidy Park Primary taking the lead from next term.  I have worked with Stephen before sharing ideas and processes.  Stephen brings with him exceptional credentials that with the right participation and collaboration will see Henley Beach Primary continue to evolve and lead the educational community and continue to be a school of choice along the coastal strip.

Best wishes for the future.   Thank you to all.

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) on school students with disability


Kindergarten Enrolments

Our local kindergartens are  now taking enrolments for preschool in 2021. Did you know that children who turn 4 before 1 May can start at a government preschool from the beginning of the next year? Priority is given to families who live within a preschool’s catchment area. Speak to your local preschool director or principal, they’d love to hear from you. Head to the Department for Education’s website for more information: http://ow.ly/9efL50zS4Yg.

Mark Beech - Finance Officer

Thank you to all the families who have paid their school fees for 2020.  A reminder to all families that school fees are a legally recoverable debt and are now overdue. If you think you may be eligible for school card assistance please make sure you have completed the online application form. A new application is required each year. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact me to arrange a payment plan.

New Nature Play

Answer term 2 week 10

1.As you know the digits of a multiple

of 9 add up to 9 so that takes

away 18, 45, 54, 63 and 99

 2.The square numbers are:

4, 16, 25 and 64


3.A prime number is a whole number

with only two factors.

The prime numbers are:

3, 7, 13, and 17

 That leaves just 26

Dr Donna - Wellbeing Leader

The Importance of Play

You could say, the main job of young children is to learn to play and then, play and play some more—freely—alone or with others.  Why? 

Neuroscience research has shown that play is essential in allowing our brains to reach their full potential. Play in childhood helps to develop spontaneity, wonder, creativity, imagination, experimentation and trust.  It also helps to develop more complex language and social skills (such as waiting, negotiating and taking turns).

However, play is not just for young children.  Play is necessary for all of us, young and old—or, should I say “mature”.  Play helps build and cement connections between people.  It helps us stay active and responsive.  Play builds resilience and problem solving skills.  It leads to a positive mind set and allows us to test new ideas or skills. 

So, is it fine to let your children park themselves in front of computers and video games in order to ‘play’?

This is not really what we mean by the kind of PLAY the BRAIN really needs.  In order to get the benefits mentioned above, we need to have ‘free play’ where the child chooses how to play and uses imaging and creativity.  Free play is always different in some way each time the child plays, even though he/she may use the same tools (e.g. dolls, blocks, mud, etc).  According to LS Vygotsky (a leader in early childhood educational thinking), real play has 3 parts to it.  These are:

  • Children create an imaginary situation
  • They take on and act out roles
  • They follow a set of rules determined by these specific roles (but not dictated by adult supervision). 
  • These rules and roles are changeable.  That’s part of the play—the experimentation—and the LEARNING.

    If you want to learn more about play and its affects on the human brain, check out these websites:

    Websites on Play and the Brain:


    NUNGA NEWS - Katherine Moore (ACEO)

    Niina marni (Hi, How are you?),   

     This week, Nunga Group planted some native Indigenous plants in the garden beds in front of the hall. The variety we have include some bush tucker that Aboriginal people used to use for food and medicine. A few of the plants are:

     ·        Muntries – a small berry that tastes like apple with a hint of juniper berry

    ·        Pigface – a succulent that was squeezed to drink the juice or to use on your skin as you would use Aloe Vera

    ·        Ruby Saltbush – small berries that have a sweet-salty flavour

    ·        Native lemongrass – the blades have a lemon flavour that can be used to make tea and is particularly good for colds. It also adds a lemon flavour to soups and sauces.

    Have a lovely holiday and see you next term. Nukkun (see ya)!

    Trudy Tunbridge - Playgroup Co-ordinator

    Sadly, Playgroup is suspended until further notice due to COVID-19

    We’ll keep you posted when we’re back!!

    OSHC - Tammy Bahr

    Bookings on 0401 121 087 or tammyhbpsoshc@yahoo.com.au

    CANTEEN - Julie Stamatialis

    Many thanks to this term's volunteers.  It has been an interesting, challenging and fun term.  From next term if you have your clearances you can volunteer in the canteen.  Please let the front office know.  

    I would like to extend my best wishes to Shane Misso for the future as he moves on to another school.  Personally he has always been a supporter of our canteen and the Henley school community.  Good luck and all the best for the future Mr Misso. 


    Sustainability - Recycling at Officeworks - Nancy Coleman

    Did you know that Officeworks have recently launched pen and marker recycling in SA?! Our EcoWarriors have set up collection cups in each classroom and we will be taking our first full box of pens and markers to Officeworks this week, saving several kilos of waste from going to landfill. Well done EcoWarriors!

    Officeworks recycle a range of products including mobile phones, cables and chargers, batteries, computers and accessories, printer and ink cartridges, DVDs/CDs and other e-waste. Check out their website for more information https://www.officeworks.com.au/information/about-us/sustainability/environment/recycling


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