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Newsletter 10, 26 June 2020

From the Leadership

Well what a whirlwind of a term that was.  We must commend all of our learners for being resilient through a term like we have never experienced, but despite the lows and the uncertainly we remain very proud of all the learning they have done during the past 10 weeks.  

To our parent community. We miss you and we are really looking forward to reconnecting with you all.  From Monday 29 June, we are able to welcome all parents back on grounds.  We ask however that you do not enter our classroom areas or corridors.  This is still in line with department guidelines. Volunteers may be able to resume but must ensure that they enter through the Office and sign contact tracing forms.  Sport looks likely to be starting Term 3. 


Reports will be coming home next week.  Please take the time to work through the report with your child.  We know there has been some impact on learning due to covid, but families should be genuinely pleased at the gains made.

Year 7 in High School 2022

As many of you know by now Year 7 will be taught in high school from Term 1, 2022. This means from 2022, Year 6 will be the last year of primary school and Year 7 will be the first year of high school. This is a big change for our public education system. We will be providing regular updates about the transition and what it means for your child.

Year 7 is already part of high school across the country, so South Australia is coming in line with the rest of Australia, and with other education systems in our state.

If your child is in Year 5 or 6 this year, they will be graduating from primary school next year. To get ready, we will be talking to you about graduation ceremonies, leadership opportunities and graduation jumpers or tops for the graduating classes of 2021. Stay tuned and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Dave Henty-Smith, Principal

Jo Meredith, Deputy Principal

Kathy Baker, Inclusive Education Coordinator

COVID-19 Update

We are thrilled that restrictions are being lifted to enable greater engagement with our community in Term 3. It’s been tough for all of us to experience isolation in the past few months and we have really felt the physical absence of our wonderful parent community. We do ask that you notice and value the independence that children have developed during this time.

In Term 3 we are focused on rebuilding the strong community connections that are central to the St Leonards way of life, and we must do this responsibly by operating within the strict COVID guidelines. Please ensure you are up to date with the current COVID-safe measures in place by reading the letter sent out via Skoolbag this morning. Some of the implications for Term 3 include:

  • Social Distancing amongst adults remains in place
  • Density of adults indoors must not exceed 2 sq metres for every adult
  • We urge people who are unwell to remain at home.
  • School Sport will resume with netball and soccer
  • A school Disco is being scheduled
  • Parent Teacher interviews will proceed in person
  • Special person to ‘Meet the Author’ during BookWeek
  • Fortnightly assemblies commence in Week 2
  • Parents may come onto the grounds for pick up and drop off
  • Registered volunteers can resume their important work on site
  • Parents must sign in and complete a site entry form before entering any building beyond the Office.

Jo Meredith, Deputy Principal


Diary Dates

Reports go Home - Thursday 2 July

Last Day of Term 2,  Early Dismissal 2:05pm - Friday 3 July

Casual Day (no gold coin donation) - Friday 3 July

Term 3 Starts - Monday 20 July

Lunchtime Activities

During lunchtimes, we facilitate a range of student-led activities that encourage social inclusion, develop student leadership skills, as well as sharing skills and interests across the student population. Students are supported through an application process to establish ‘clubs’ that are open to all of their peers. In Term 3, plans are already in place and we would be very grateful for donations of materials as outlined below:

Term 3 Club

Donations needed

Knitting Club

Wool, knitting needles


Dress ups

Drama Club

Dress ups and accessories (One-size fits all)

Skipping Club


Drawing Club


Loose Parts Play

Any item that you could imagine children safely building or tinkering with: Timber offcuts, pinecones, small pop-up tents, riverbed rocks, shells,  nuts & bolts…

Sandpit Kitchen

Saucepans, small pans, muffin pans, oven trays, sieves, colanders, kitchen utensils, measuring cups

Lacrosse Club


Minecraft Club


Kids Choir

Non-functioning microphones

 Jo Meredith, Deputy Principal

SAPSASA / School Sport SA Events Update

Due to Covid19 we have missed many of our usual sporting carnivals which are used to trial students for the District South West SAPSASA Teams. SAPSASA has rearranged trials so that students don't miss out by scheduling trials after school for various sports. Students who are successful, will be selected for the South West District Team and compete during a 3 day (previously full week) tournament sometime in Term 3 or 4.

As we receive trial information from School Sport SA, we are physically handing it out to students by going class to class. As the forms go out, we will let the school community know via Skoolbag. It is up to parents / students to collect a note from the Office if they have missed out due to absence.

  • Hockey (year 5, 6 & 7) - forms already given out this week by Ms Bevan.
  • Netball (year 6/7) priority to year 7s. The school will be trialling and nominating 7 girls only. 
  • Soccer (year 6/7) the school will conduct trials to select 5 boys & 5 girls only to trial for district.
  • Australian Rules Football (year 6/7) priority to year 7s, no information as yet. 
  • Athletics carnival - going ahead but moved to term 4.  Trials to be conducted at school early next term - date of carnival TBC.

Any questions please email PE Teacher, Heidi Bevan at

Admin Matters

2021 Enrolments 

If your child/ren will not be returning to St Leonards Primary School in 2021, please advise Mel at the Office or email with your child's name, current year level and destination school.

Lost Property

It is very important to clearly name all uniform items, we have found that our lost property cupboard is overflowing with jackets and beanies and we can't reunite them with their owners without names. 

Absences, Late Arrivals and Early Leaving

The SMS number 0427 016 460 is our preferred method for letting us know about any absences.

Messages should include name, room number and reason for absence eg illness or family.

Alternatively, please call the Office on 8294 9811 to leave a message with office staff.

Unfortunately, Facebook messages and emails don't always make it to the Office.


Children's University

Did you know that the CUA portal offers lots of learning opportunities online and free?

You can also log your sports / dance / swimming etc hours online and save using paper copies, yay for the environment. Children’s University members have been sent the log on details but if you need them again please don’t hesitate to contact us ( For more information jump onto the SLPS Children’s University page, or contact us.

Students are also asked to please bring their passports in before the end of term so we can have a mid-year check of hours.

Heather Pronk, Kathleen Rollings and Nicola Ross


This last month our children have been drawing pictures to send to members of our community including Flinders Medical Centre, Noarlunga Police Station and the Coober Pedy Police Station.

Hama Beads are the latest craze here at OSHC with many fantastic creations being made. 

We also welcome Ethan and Miranda to the Staff whom will be bringing new and fresh ideas to OSHC.  We are all gearing up for Vacation Care and still have spots available for most days so please contact us if you require care for the holidays. You can call and book on 8294 1990.

Lou Kastelic, OSHC Director

What's Been Happening at St Leonards

Year 2/3 Art with Sharon

Miss Hayley’s Year 2/3 Class

Sharon has been coming into our class on Friday afternoons to teach us some Art. We made lions and it took a long time and we worked hard.

Firstly, we drew a lion’s head in black texta. We then decorated it using oil pastel and painted it with watercolour paints and cut it out.

To make the mane we made different patterns on a sheet of paper. We learnt to blend paint and use cotton buds and oil pastels.

We then cut out our pattern page to make strips for the lion’s mane. This was the most difficult part.

It was fun gluing it all together to get our completed lion.

We are all proud of what we did and we think they are amazing.

By Patience R, Room 7

Art Process

Loose Parts Club

Each Monday at lunchtime students are able to access loose parts materials to engage in creative free play. Limited only by their imagination, students often choose to work collaboratively to create incredible structures and storylines. Through this process, they develop skills in cooperation and communication, and engage in rich learning experiences to support the development of their social, physical and cognitive skills. It is absolutely wonderful to see such interesting inventions being created each week, and we can’t wait to see many more marvellous creations next term!

Shannon Baker, SSO

Around the School

SLPS Garden

How amazing is our community! Over the last few weeks we have been gifted with some awesome stuff for the garden. Surplus garden tools, fertiliser, gloves and a set of drawers from families who are moving house soon.

Seeds to plant  pumpkin, popcorn and gem squash in the spring. Bags of potting soil from a family and a load of pots from the Glenelg North Community Garden for our seedlings.

Not to forget two incredible sets of grandparents who drop off lawn clippings and chicken manure for our compost bins. All of these are greatly appreciated and useful in improving our sustainability and helping our garden grow.

Today saw our first ever plant and produce sale. We hope to be growing enough for another plant sale in Term 3, Week 4 and Week 8.

Nicola Ross, Gardens

Karen's Corner

Hi Everyone!

Well here we are … Term 2 has come and almost gone, did you blink?  It almost feels that way to me!!

How have you been?  Is it just me or has this felt like the longest term ever?  I think we all need to take a moment to pat ourselves on the back because we’ve made it!!  We’ve got through and made it to the other side!  It might feel like you need to take a breath, take stock and look back at how far we’ve all come!  Our children have been incredible during this time … they have shown extreme resilience under quite unusual circumstances and we should all be very proud of how they have handled situations completely foreign to most!   Having navigated these times with your children, you may feel that you have some great, foundational building blocks on which to build more resilience and more skills for next term and beyond. 

The school holidays may bring some well deserved down time for you and your family (or it may be business as usual!)  Either way, if you are able to take some time for each other, to regroup and evaluate where you are all at, to check in how you are all coping with your individual mental health and to work out how best to move forward successfully as a family unit, it will hold you in good stead to have a really wonderful Term 3 and beyond!

Strategies are so important for positive engagement, whether it be for your children in their school environment or other areas of their lives.  If you can put in place various strategies for different situations that may occur it can be so valuable to empower your children (and yourself too!)  You may find you never need to implement certain strategies or tools, but to have them in your figurative ‘Tool Box’ can be of great comfort and support!

Do you have trouble motivating your child to get to school?  Is it a huge drama due to anxiety or a lack of confidence perhaps?  If you can firstly work out what the challenge for your child is,  then you can work towards finding great tools for them to use, so that ultimately, they can conquer the thing that causes anxiety or worry for them.  If transitioning from home to school is the challenge, perhaps talking to them (pick your moment for a successful outcome,  when they are relaxed, calm and not focused on something really important to them, will offer you the best conversation hopefully!)  Often we underestimate our children with regard to problems they might be having … more often than not, in my experience, children can indeed tell you what the problem is and exactly how they are feeling about it, sometimes, given time and space to explore things, they can and will be able to offer their opinions as to how to solve the problem too.  This may take more than one conversation, indeed it may be over the course of a period of time, but if you are able to provide them with a safe, non judgmental space to explore their feelings, you may well be pleasantly surprised as to the result of such conversations and opportunities!

In the instance of making coming to school a positive experience not only for your children, but for you also, it might be worth looking at your morning routine … in fact, I would suggest it necessary to go back further to the night before … do you have a night time routine in place?  Is it calm and easy for children to navigate?  Are your expectations as a parent/caregiver reasonable (and age appropriate) or are your routines and expectations too high in which case you may well set your child up to fail?  To have positive conversations about what will happen when they wake up in the morning before hand so they know what to expect and what is expected of them might help.  I know when I stay up too late and am not prepared for the morning (you might know how this goes … school clothes not ready for the morning, no bread or milk for breakfast, nothing to make lunches with, need to fill up with petrol in order to make it to school … you get the picture, yes?!)  all these things can become huge stressors which make for a most challenging morning and that’s before you even get out of the house!!  Imagine if you have a child with high anxiety and all this is frenetic activity is happening around them, it’s only going to make them more anxious or worried.  Things happen and sometimes we can’t control everything around them or us, but being mindful starting the evening before, might make for a more peaceful start.  Talking calmly about the day ahead, using positive, affirming statement and speaking calmly and gently whilst heading to school (may I suggest not having the news blaring whilst driving … I rarely hear enough good news to warrant listening to it as I prepare myself mentally for the day ahead!)  Strategies like knowing where your child will meet their friends in the school yard, what lessons they will be having on that particular day, letting your child’s teacher know (email works well at the moment) if there are any challenges and collaborating as to how to best support your child particularly entering into class at the start of the day might benefit all  (it’s great if you can let your child’s teacher know of any challenges at any given time, so they can monitor, support, encourage and care for your child during a time of stress is really helpful and worthwhile).   Keeping lines of communication open with your child’s teacher, wellbeing staff and leadership if necessary, are really important ways you can help support your child whilst they are at school.

You might like to talk about the things you are going to do after you pick them up in the afternoon … it might be you can weave in a nice little surprise for you to do together, if you can make time in your schedule.  Such a treat might keep them going during the day if things get tough!  It doesn’t have to involve driving through those golden arches, it might be a walk along the beach or a quick play at a playground on the way home, it might be a playdate with a school friend or it could be something of their choice!  It might help, particularly at the end of the week when enthusiasm might be waning, if you negotiate something fun to finish off the school week with you might well earn yourself many brownie points and have something positive to build on!  A word of warning … if you do promise something, it is imperative to follow through as trust is such a very important thing in the scheme of things!

If you would like to speak to Kathy Baker or myself about ways in which we might be able to assist you with some positive strategies to help make school a really positive experience for both you and your family, please don’t hesitate to make contact.  We are all in this together and together as a village, we can raise strong, independent, compassionate young leaders of the future!!  The future is so bright … helping your children to shine their own special light and embrace the uniqueness that makes each one of them so special is such a privilege … they are so precious, each and every one of them has talents and gifts to share with the world … let’s be encouragers and nurturers always!

Have a most wonderful week … may it be filled with laughter and love and some fun thrown in for good measure!  Take care of yourself and those you love and hold dear!

Karen Marks, Pastoral care worker.  

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