Aspire to achieve together

Issue 12

Term 3 

Thursday 12 September, 2019

Principal's Message

As term three of our first full year of operation nears its end, I welcome you to the latest edition of our school newsletter.

You may have noticed across the year that the format of our newsletter has changed somewhat – and for the better. I would like to acknowledge the architects of this change, our school Board member Mr Ben Dahlstrom who identified the opportunity to seek out a commercial package that would enhance our newsletter format and simplify the process for our team. Thanks Ben. In addition, I would like to acknowledge our wonderful Front Office team, in this instance led by Mrs Booth who researched products in the market and settled on our new format. In addition, Mrs Booth is the compositor and editor of this great production. Finally, to our staff and community who contribute fantastic articles that promote our school, pass on vital information and entertain us. Well done everyone, the feedback has been very positive.

In recent times we have had conversations with members of our school community around the issue of parking and drop off for school each day. Unfortunately, this is an ongoing issue that remains a concern to us all. In terms of parking, what we have in and around the school is what we have - with no room for expansion. We must learn to use it wisely and considerately. Can I ask that parents and family engage with the traffic flow arrows marked on the tarmac, signs adjacent to the school that guide parking and the associated restrictions; and that we remain vigilant for our children on and around the roads and pedestrian paths. Recently, in a very busy time of day and poor weather we had a “near miss” between a young student and a vehicle. This was distressing for all involved and thankfully had a good outcome. We may not be so lucky next time and it may be your child.

Given the limited availability of parking around the school can I suggest that, as the weather improves, families use the option of walking their children to and from school and encouraging older students to do this independently or using the car park at the Rossiter Pavilion and walking across the playing fields to drop children off and pick them up. Everyone committing to safe practises around the school at all times will keep our children safe.

This evening our P&C will be holding a disco at school. This promises to be a great night and I hope to see everyone there. Please take note of the start and end times for your child’s age group and be ready to collect them on time.

Next Friday we will be hosting our very first whole school Athletics Carnival and I know our children are very excited. Ms Ryan is working very hard on the planning and preparation as are our students. Our community is most welcome to come along and support our children and remember – lots of cheering. If you can help at the carnival this would be appreciated. Contact our Physical Education teacher, Ms Ryan before the day.  

I would like to finish with some words of wisdom:

“If you cannot do great things; do small things in a great way. “  J F Clark.

See you at the gate.

Noel Morgan Principal.



Honesty  /  Effort  /  Attitude  /  Respect  /  Teamwork

Congratulations to all the students who were awarded certificates at the recent assembly for displaying the H.E.A.R.T attributes.

News From The Classrooms

The Art Room

Year 3 Visual Arts

Title of Project: Expressions

The Year 3 students were given different images with faces of men and women that had different expressions such as happy, sad, angry, surprised, etc. They were asked to draw two A3 drawings, of which one face should be male and the other one female with different expressions. After that, the students had to choose one of their drawings and based on that create an A3 size painting on cardboard using acrylic paints. I asked the students to paint their backgrounds black to create contrast and then to outline around the head with a white pencil for visual effect. Students learned the importance of contrast in art between light against dark that can help create interesting and dynamic paintings, as you can see. 

Design and Technologies

Year 3 

Title of Project: I am a Kite Designer

 The Year 3 students looked at the history of kites and what materials are used to create kites, as well as the various different types of kites. Students formed groups of two or three and then developed a ‘Kite Design Plan’ which involved listing the materials and tools they would use, and provided an annotated drawing of their kite design. They also created a list of instructions on how to construct a kite and evaluated their design in relation to what they expect to happen with the flight of it. Once they constructed their kites, students attempted to fly them in a test flight outside the classroom on the school’s oval. After that, the students came back to the class and we had a discussion on how their kite flight went, what issues they faced and what they can do to improve their kites. It was the first time that some class members had ever made a kite and everybody’s effort and enthusiasm was unforgettable!



The Aspiri School Choir will be performing in the prestigious Massed Choir Festival held at the Perth Concert Hall on Friday 27th September. Their first rehearsal was a great success and all students represented Aspiri Primary School with pride. In its 25th year, the Festival continues to grow and is the largest choral festival held in Western Australia. Immensely popular with all schools involved, it is a magnificent showcase of excellence in primary choral music. A total of 4500 students representing 81 public schools are involved over the nine nights. Each concert consists of a different massed choir of approximately 500 students as well as guest choirs each night.  Concerts feature vocal soloists and student comperes from schools involved on the night. For more information, including how to purchase tickets, please visit

Athletics Carnival


September 20, 2019 8:50 AM to September 20, 2019 2:40 PM


Rossiter Pavillion Oval, Piara Waters

More information

On Friday 20 September, 2019, students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 will participate in our annual Athletics Carnival. The Athletics Carnival will be held on the Rossiter Pavillion Oval.

Students are required to wear full sports uniform, including their House shirt, hat and appropriate footwear for running and remember to bring a water bottle.  Please label all your child's belongings.

The Athletics Carnival will commence at 8.50 with the first race starting at 9am.  We ask that all students are dropped off to their classroom at the normal 8.30am arrival time.

Subway Lunch orders can still be ordered for this day. Parents and families are also welcome to order using the student order form.  Please include your child's name as well as their House/Faction name on your order form and provide correct money to the Front Office by 8.40am Wednesday 18 September, 2019.  No late orders will be accepted.

Below is an approximation of our day's timings and events

9.00am                    200m (Year 3-6)

                                    75m    (Year 1-2)

                                    400m  (Year 4-6)

10.25am                   Recess 

11.00am                    Rotations - Tabloid Sports (PP - Year 6)

                                     75m  (Year 3-4)

                                     100m (Year 5-6)

                                      50m  (Pre-Primary)     

1.00pm                       Lunch     

1.40pm                       Relays (Pre-Primary - Year 6)


Subway Lunch Orders

Subway lunch orders will now be on a Friday. All orders need to be handed to the office by 8.40am Thursday.  Please ensure correct money is placed with the order as no change can be given.

Just a reminder that orders for the Athletics Carnival on 20  September, 2019 need to be handed to the Office by 8.40am Wednesday 18 September, 2019 and not Thursday.

Subway Lunch Order Form


House Shirt Friday

Tomorrow is our first House Shirt Friday.  Students are encouraged to wear their Aspiri PS House shirt or a plain polo in the colour of their House (round neck t-shirt , t-shirts with writing or pictures are not acceptable), those wearing either of these will earn points towards their House. 

New Uniform Concept Store Open in Jandakot


Running Club

Running Club will not take place on Friday 20 September, 2019 due to the Athletics Carnival being held on this day. 

Multicultural Day

This year we are holding our annual Multicultural Day on Thursday 24 October, 2019. We are seeking volunteers, parents/grandparents/family members, from Kindergarten - Year 6 who are able to present an item to the school as part of our Multicultural Day celebrations. Examples of presentations include performing a cultural dance, sharing photos or a Power Point presentation, singing a traditional song, sharing traditional dress or demonstrating a traditional game. Performers may be adults or students, either individually or in groups. The performances will be presented to the whole school between 12.00pm -1.00pm in the covered assembly area.

If you are interested and would like to support us on this day, please fill in the letter provided by your classroom teacher and return it by Monday 16 September, 2019.


Extended Absence/Holidays during school term

Guidelines for taking your child/children out of school for an extended period of time (longer than one week)

Attendance at school every day is compulsory in all Western Australian schools. If you intend or need to take your child or children out of school for an extended period of time you must first seek the permission of the Principal. Mr Morgan will consider each application on its merit and according to the context provided. A form (attached to this newsletter or available on the school website) must be completed and signed off by Mr Morgan or his delegate. Failure to do so will result in the absence classified as an “Unauthorised Vacation” or “Unacceptable Reason” for an absence. Both will be followed up by the school administration with the family.  Please remember to complete an application as early as possible and submit it for consideration.

Extended Absence Form


Gifted and Talented Program at Harrisdale Senior High School

Harrisdale Senior High School announces a GATE (Gifted and Talented Program)

Our Principal, Mr Morgan attended the official ceremony to announce the Harrisdale Senior High School GATE program which will be available to successful applicants in year 7 from 2021.

Key Features of Harrisdale SHS’s GATE Academic Program

  • The program commences in 2021 with a Year 7 intake of up to 32 students.
  • Selection is based on the results of the Academic Selective Entrance Test (ASET) conducted by the Department of Education early in 2020. Details will be published on the Department’s webpage.
  • Students are grouped with their specially selected peers for studies of Mathematics, Science, Humanities and English in Years 7-to-10.
  • We emphasise STEM and nurture an appreciation of the Arts.
  • Students engage in a progressive, challenging and rigorous curriculum. Their teachers are dedicated, passionate, subject specialists with a keen desire to bring out the best in every learner.
  • Harrisdale's new, purpose-built, state-of-the-art facilities provide an inspiring physical learning environment.
  • Students are involved in prestigious and challenging competitions, leadership programs, community service, university extension programs, and interstate and overseas study tours.
  • Students may elect to study French and/or Classical Music from Year 7.  Their curriculum also includes the Arts, Health and Physical Education, and Technologies.

Contact Harrisdale Senior High School for further information.

Lost Property

Just a reminder to label your children's clothing and water bottles with their full name.  We have numerous items in the Lost Property bins located in the Administration Office and outside Kindergarten 1 (the first room on your left as you enter the gate).  At the end of this term any items not collected from these bins will be removed and used for our emergency spare clothes collection. 

Use of School Logo and Motto

The school has several formal communication methods, for example this newsletter and some informal examples such as parent initiated and managed social media platforms. Whilst these informal platforms are acceptable in almost all of their iterations, please note that the school logo, motto and other media cannot be used on mastheads, Facebook pages, blogs etc without the permission of the Principal; as it is in what the Education Department refers to as an “uncontrolled” environment and is also subject to Department of Education copyright. Please see Mr Noel Morgan if you have any issues with this requirement.

Triple P Parenting Seminars


A Message From The School Nurse


Chickenpox is caused by the Varicella Zoster Virus. In some children the illness will start with a fever or feeling unwell, but in others the rash will appear first.

The spots usually start on the chest as red, itchy lumps. These will become fluid-filled blisters, which will burst and form a crust.

Chickenpox is very contagious and is spread when the person sneezes or coughs or when someone comes in contact with the fluid from one of the blisters. Your child should have had the chickenpox vaccination at 18 months of age. Vaccination is the best way to avoid chickenpox, so make sure that your child is up-to-date with his or her vaccinations.

If your child does contract chickenpox, keep him or her home from school for at least five days after the first spots appear, and until after all blisters are dry. Give your child plenty of fluids and paracetamol or ibuprofen, if needed. If blisters are in the mouth, try a soothing mouth wash and don’t give foods high in acid or salt. Soothing lotions or oils for the bath can help the itch.

Diagnosis should be confirmed by a doctor as chickenpox is a notifiable disease (it must be reported). Please make sure the school is informed if the doctor diagnoses chickenpox.

Contact your local Community Health Nurse, Jessica Wheatcroft on (08)9391 2235 for more information or see the fact sheet at

Head lice

Tips for preventing head lice

Check your child’s hair regularly for head lice and eggs (‘nits’). Use a metal fine tooth ‘nit’ comb and plenty of hair conditioner applied to the dry hair, to make the task easier and more effective. To help children sit still for this, offer distracting activities, e.g. play a favourite video, provide games, encourage reading, offer a head massage.

Tie long hair back. Braid long hair and/or put it up if possible.

Consider applying hair gel or mousse. These do not prevent or repel lice but may help to keep stray hair strands from contact with other heads.

Avoid sharing combs or brushes.

Remind your child to avoid head-to-head contact with other children, e.g. when working at the computer with others, or when playing, or hugging.

If your child has head lice please notify their teacher.

For more information:

The Head lice Fact Sheet available from the school