St Mary's Newsletter

Term 4 - Week 6 (20 November, 2020)

Principal's Message

Dear St Mary's School Community

Gospel: Matthew: 25:31-46

In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus explains what the Kingdom of Heaven is like.  It is one not based on power or control, but loving invitation.  Everyone is invited to be part of it but not all will enter it, for our actions towards others will speak of our willingness to live in love and peace in his kingdom.

Advent Liturgies

Our Advent liturgies begin next Friday morning in the Undercover Area at 9.00am as follows:

Year 5/6:  27 November

Year 4/5:  30 November

Year 3:  4 December

Year 2:  7 December

All are welcome to attend as we begin to prepare for the arrival of Jesus.


Our Annual Community Meeting will be held on Monday night at 7.00pm in the Hall.  Thank you to those that have nominated for the P&F or the School Board.  2021 aims, staffing and class splits will be shared on the night.  The St Mary’s Strategic Plan will also be launched.  It would be fabulous if each family could be represented.

Please find attached AGM information, Nomination and Attendance Forms that can be downloaded and printed. If you would like to nominate or RSVP through the Skoolbag App, eForms are available under the EFORMS heading in the main menu.


Head Boy/Head Girl 2021

The Year Five students have been working very hard on their Head Boy and Head Girl speeches. They will be presenting these to the Year Three to Six students on Monday morning at 9.00am in the Library.  Year Three to Six students and all staff will then have the opportunity to vote.  The 2021 Head Boy and Head Girl will be announced at the Farewell Assembly on Friday, 11 December.

God Bless and have a lovely weekend with your families,

Ms Adriana Coniglio


Religious News

Christmas Appeal

Every year, St Mary’s School, on behalf of St Mary’s Parish, collect non-perishable food to assist local families with enough food for the festive season. Each of Merredin’s Churches collects for this Appeal, and together, many Merredin families are supplied with a hamper. Each classroom has a basket for any food items you wish to donate, so please send along to school with your child. Please ensure food is non-perishable and within use-by dates. Some suggestions include:

· Pasta and pasta sauce

· Tinned foods

· Noodles

· Cereals

· Soap and toothpaste

Thanking you in advance.

Mrs Zoe O'Malley

Acting Assistant Principal

Class News

Pre-Primary Class News

Last week in Pre-Primary we celebrated NAIDOC Week. We read different dreaming stories and learnt that each dreaming story has a secret message behind it. For example, the Kangaroos that Wanted to be People taught us that we need to follow the rules or there will be consequences. We learnt about Mulka’s cave that is just outside of Hyden. Mulka was an Aboriginal man that was really tall and painted lots of different paintings on the wall of his cave. We also used traditional methods to weave a basket.

Year Two RE Corner

In Religion this term the Year Twos have learnt there are five important symbols in the sacrament of Baptism, they are the sign of the cross, oils, white clothing, holy water and candles.  We know that when we are baptised we become a member of Gods family. We are now moving on to the Advent unit of work where we prepare for the coming of Jesus at Christmas time. 


This term in Music we have been busy rehearsing for the end of year concert coming up. It is sure to be fantastic!

 Aside from that we have been busy doing:

The Pre-Primary class have been learning about Music around the world and for different purposes. We’ve had a great time making our own class band and performing at our very own concert! We also bought in our favourite music and instruments from home to share with the class.

The Year One class have been learning about music for different purposes and we had a go at doing some Hip Hop and then Music Hall dancing- a popular past time in the 1900’s. It was great to see the difference of dancing and music from past and present times.

The Year Two class have been enjoying learning about Music and its different purposes. They listened to the “Surprise symphony” by composer Franz Haydn and then played along using scores on the Xylophones. It was very impressive!

The Year Three class have been experiencing songs and Music from different cultures. They especially enjoyed learning the Japanese song “ Jan Ken Pon” which is a Japanese version of “Paper, Scissors, Rock”.

The Year Four/Five and Five/Six classes have been learning about Music from different cultures. They have learned an Aboriginal song called Koolori. They created their own choreography and body percussion to match the versus and chants.

Award Winners

Excellence Award

Pre-Primary  -  Georgia Caldwell

Year One  -  Toby Sharp

Year Two  -  Ashley Auburn

Year Three  -  Emmett Tayler

Year Four/Five  -  Ollie Creagh

Year Five/Six  -  Darrius Sutherland

Christian Values Award

Pre-Primary  -  Kaylee Jacobson

Year One  -  Alena Madaffari

Year Two  -  Olivia Maloney

Year Three  -  Chloe Bartlett

Year Four/Five  -  Savannah Dean

Year Five/Six  -  Jonah Clarke

Learning Cooperative Social Skills: Weeks Three & Four - "Acknowledging worth of others"."

Pre-Primary:     Mrs Jefferys

Year One:    Seth Cooper

Year Two:    Kate Growden

Year Three:    Blake Wahlsten

Year Four/Five:    Ava Downsborough

Year Five/Six:    Abigail Smith

Other News & Important Dates

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Let Us Pray

Lord Jesus Christ,

have mercy on us and bring us to everlasting life in your kingdom.


Community Notices

Junior Tennis Tournament - Nomination Form

Please find below the link to the Two Dogs Merredin Junior Tournament Nomination Form.

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