Beverly Hills Girls High School



April 2020

Principal's Report

Welcome back to a very different Term Two

I hope students, staff, their families and friends are all staying safe and well during these uncertain and challenging times.

With the increasing spread of COVID-19, we have seen a movement towards remote learning with our students transitioning to online lessons.

For parents, this can appear to be a daunting task. However, it does not necessarily mean that the parent is now the teacher. Whilst schools will strive to meet a child’s academic needs, parents and carers will need to play a key role in providing structure and on-going support. Some young people will transition seamlessly, whilst others may struggle. Offering reassurance and being vigilant for signs of anxiety and depression will be essential for adult carers.

Many families may find themselves in uncharted territory, but it will be important to remember to just do your best to balance remote learning and daily work responsibilities. Although we are living in a time of uncertainty that is particularly unsettling, it will provide an opportunity for families to reflect and spend some quality time together.

If you do find yourself struggling or have any concerns relating to remote learning, contact us directly for advice.

At this point, we are in Phase 0 of our transition back to school. Phase 1 will commence on Monday 11th May 2020. This will require all Year 12 students back at school daily, Year 11 three days per week and Years 7-10 one day per week. Infographics detailing this information is provided in this newsletter.  

The NSW Department of Education has outlined that students who are designated to be on site must attend unless otherwise ill as per the pre COVID-19 environment. The plan for all students is now available on our website. 

The following special circumstances will be put into place:

  • For larger classes, large size classrooms will be used so that students can be physically distanced 
  • Staff will carry sanitiser packs and provide hand sanitiser to students
  • Seating in the Library will be physically distanced. 
  • Bacteria wipes are available at each entrance point throughout the school 
  • During breaks, students will be spread across playground areas
  • The Canteen will be closed
  • If a student is unwell and sent to sick bay, you will be contacted for your daughter to return home immediately 
  • An increased cleaning schedule is in place for high traffic areas
  • screen protectors have been placed in the front office

I would like to acknowledge the work - very successful, skilled and caring work - that has been undertaken by the staff (teaching and non teaching), students and families. As I have expressed, I am incredibly grateful that our school community is focused on education, as we all understand how it will be even more important for many years to come. To see students in their virtual classrooms and assemblies, asking fantastic questions, completing tasks, undertaking practical PE lessons and a range of other powerful learning experiences despite the challenges is simply amazing.

Please continue to stay in touch with each other and reach out to us at school if we can help.

Of course, thank you to all of the parents who are working in front line response roles, including so many who are doctors, nurses and health professionals.  Our thanks and best wishes are with you all.

Thank you again for your words of support and thanks to the staff.

I can’t wait until we have our first whole school assembly with everyone back at school.

Warm regards,

Maria Iemma


Return to School May 11 2020

A Managed Return To School

An outline addressing return to school procedures for all students

Deputy Principal's Report

Welcome back to Term 2! We have certainly missed you here at school in all aspects of school life from the classrooms to the hustle and bustle in the playground. I am sure that you are all now very well versed and experienced in working remotely and your computer has become your best friend. Teachers are continually working very hard to ensure that your lessons, through Google Classrooms, are engaging and educational. Please remember to follow your pattern of study as you navigate learning in this fashion. If you require assistance with lessons, contact your class teachers. Alternatively, if you need emotional support, contact your student advisors, the school psychologists, Mrs Stock (Head teacher Wellbeing), Mrs Williams, Ms Iemma or myself. Your mental wellbeing is very important.

Your teachers have been noticing the quality work that is being produced by many of you as you navigate your online learning and I want to thank you for the time and effort you are putting into your learning. As such, we have updated our Merit Award System, differentiated it and made it remote friendly. Your teachers will continue to award you for quality work and effort across your google classrooms. I have attached the new and revised Remote Learning Merit Award System for your perusal and use. Continue to work hard to do your best in all lessons every day and remember to look after yourselves.  See you in Week 3! 


Raquel Spratt

Deputy Principal

Remote Teaching and Learning @ BHGHS

During these uncertain times, one thing has remained certain…the learning and wellbeing of our students are paramount.

As the Head Teacher Teaching and Learning, I am so very proud of the efforts and commitment (albeit not surprised) of our staff to ensure the delivery of learning. Our amazing community has, and continues to develop their own skills to ensure our girls feel safe, cared for and know their learning will continue in spite of these hard times.

Our teachers across all KLAs are using digital learning platforms such as Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams and Zoom for teacher planning, resourcing, professional learning and delivery of content, resources and information to students in an online setting.

We have provided our students who requested hard copies, with the resources they require to continue their learning from home.

At present, most instruction is via their Google Classroom, although Zoom will be used as a collaborative communication tool. The codes for your daughter’s/ward’s Google Classrooms are on the Beverly Hills Girls High School Website.

Attendance and online engagement with learning are of utmost importance. All teachers are committed to ensuring students are ‘attending’ their ‘virtual’ classroom during days they have timetabled classes and our expectations are the same as if we were onsite – students attend their Google Classroom and engage to the best of their ability. We have developed a School Learning from Home Management and Wellbeing Policy, which outlines clear guidelines around behaviour on how our students interact and engage in the online space.

Our school community is dedicated to each one of our students. Each of us…parents, Senior Executive, Teaching staff, Administrative staff and Cleaning staff continue to work collaboratively to ensure the growth and wellbeing of our girls.

Helen Antoniadis

HT Teaching and Learning

Wellbeing at Home

This section on the ‘Learning from Home’ hub features a range of practical advice, links and materials to help support student wellbeing while learning from home. These cover strategies for developing a successful home learning environment. It also offers activities and exercises teachers can build into students’ days to support their ongoing wellbeing.

Strategies include ideas for brain breaks, movement breaks and mindfulness activities students can participate in from home. 

Zeinab Hamka

English Teacher

Add a title

Youth service 2Connect

Exciting new Well-being program at Beverly Hills by Award-winning youth service 2Connect

​2Connect Youth & Community is a local non-profit community service established for over 30yrs in the area which supports students and their families. Beverly Hills Girls has been working with this professional service for many years.  2Connect won the award for Best NSW Youth Service last year in 2019, and this year, we have an exciting new program from them! A qualified Youth Worker supports the school and students one day per week, providing students with mentoring, wellbeing and mental  health support. This is aimed to  increase student wellbeing so they can reach their full potential, and to complement their academic learning.  Michelle Grace is the Youth Worker at the school, and she is running skills for life programs and one-to-one student support for students during personal or emotional challenges, including any challenges students experience due to Covid-19 situation.      

Sylvia Stock

Head Teacher Wellbeing & Learning Support

Learning and Support - Head Teacher Wellbeing

Building Resilience

Resilience is your ability to cope with tough times by applying your inner strength and engaging support networks. Resilience can enable you to face difficult situations and maintain good mental health.

You already have skills and support networks that help you be resilient. You can build these up even more, making it easier for you to cope with life.

Coping Strategies

There are many different ways of coping with stress and everyone is different, so it’s about finding something that works for you. Here are some suggestions to help you look after your mental wellbeing during this time of social distancing.

  • Stay connected with friends and family via email, social media, video conferencing or telephone.
  • Engage in healthy activities that you enjoy and find relaxing, eg reading, drawing listening to music.
  • Keep regular sleep routines and eat healthy foods.
  • Be active. Try joining ‘Fit Club at Home’ Google Classroom (Code rakjzel)
  • Try to maintain a healthy balance by allocating specific school hours, taking regular breaks and, if possible, establishing a dedicated work space.
  • Download the Smiling Mind app (free) and practice mindfulness and meditation for a few minutes each day.
  • Avoid news and social media if you find it distressing.

Where to get help

If you are feeling overwhelmed seek help early. Contacting your Student Adviser is a good place to start.

You can also reach out to the school psychologists/counselling during school hours by connecting to our google classroom 5t5u7pa for general help or to message for support, or ​by phoning the school. The school psychologists will then make contact with you. 

You can contact us by email through the school website or by phoning 9150 4280.

Outside of school hours, here are some organisations that may be able to help:

It is reasonable to be concerned about the outbreak of coronavirus.  It is important that we do all that we can to follow the guidelines our health agencies, our government and our school gives us to keep us as safe as possible. Many organisations around the world are working to manage the virus and minimise its impacts as much as possible. Remind yourself that the situation will be temporary to slow the spread of the virus and your effort is helping your family, friends and community.

While we cannot control the pandemic, we can control our responses. Do your best to “be somebody” who is resilient, kind, compassionate and empathetic. We will get through this by looking after ourselves and looking out for each other.

Sylvia Stock

Head Teacher, Wellbeing & Learning Support

Student Wellbeing

Careers Faculty

As we take the reins for online/remote learning it is important to remember the opportunities this presents us with, including the ability to reset and focus on what’s important.

Through sheer dedication and perseverance, tomorrow you will be more resilient, tomorrow you will be able to prioritise your work load and manage your time, tomorrow you will be able to say, I am trying my best and will continue to strive to be the best I can be.

While experiencing this together, we will be stronger, more resilient and once we emerge, we will have acquired some valuable skills along our learning journey and a sincere appreciation for all that we have – stay positive, work hard and be kind to yourself.

Careers Events in Term 2, 2020

We at Beverly Hills Girls High School are very proud of the many opportunities we offer our students. Whilst there are none of the usual Careers excursions and on-site talks for students  in  Term 2, there are numerous opportunities which will be made available to hem during this time through the online learning platform. It is imperative students have joined their Careers google classroom - they must be checking this regularly in order to take advantage of these opportunities.

Year 12

UAC Applications are OPEN for 2021 admissions

A quick guide to applying for university - UAC

What is the ATAR and how is it calculated?

UAC course guide

Students can apply for the following through UAC:

  • Schools recommendation scheme (SRS)

  • Educational Access Schemes (EAS)

  • Equity Scholarships

Further information can be found at:


Steps to Uni for Year 11 & 12


Work experience is an integral part of students’ learning.

Work experience in Term 2 will be in the form of e-work experience, which, once completed, will allow students to gain their certificate. Sstudents will be provided with the necessary information in their Careers google classroom.

Work experience should resume in Term 3 and 4 – students are encouraged to source their own work experience with the support of the Careers Adviser, Ms Pangis, as required. Please remember, all paperwork must be returned to Ms Pangis at least 3 weeks prior to the commencement of Work Experience – digital work experience forms are available.

The dates for work experience in Term 3 and 4 are as follows:

Term 3 2020WeekTerm 4 2020Week
July 27- July 31 2020 2Nov. 23- Nov. 2020 7
Aug 3 - Aug 7 2020 3Nov. 30 - Dec. 4 2020 8
Sept. 14 - Sept. 18 9Dec. 7 - Dec. 11 2020 9

Susan Pangis


UOW Discovery Day 2020

A day in the life of a university student

Selected students from the Class of 2020 had an eye opening experience, with the opportunity to attend lectures in subjects of their choice at the University of Wollongong earlier this year.

The day commenced with an entertaining presentation to welcome the students from all across Sydney to the University of Wollongong, following a summary of what to expect for the day.

The experience of University life proved to be beneficial to all students who attended, most importantly focusing on the lectures attended, and provided insight into their future of study.

University life is incomplete without the community experiences it offers, and so students were able to have a holistic experience of university life, immersing in the diversity and social aspects, meeting many new people.

Overall, a day of learning, exploring and stepping out of their comfort zone enabled the students to be another step closer to be able to make informed decisions about their future.

Science Faculty

Year 12 Museum of Disease Biology Excursion

On Tuesday the 3rd of March, all students in Year 12 Biology classes attended the Museum of Disease at UNSW - a unique museum of specific human cadavers showcasing over 2500 human tissue specimens. 

These specimens displayed various issues within the human body that resulted in the death of the person, or the amputation of the body part. They were fantastic examples of both infectious and non-infectious diseases, which were impacted by lifestyle factors and environmental factors, enhancing the students’ understanding of the impact of diseases on various organs. 

The day was filled with excitement, anticipation and new discoveries. Leading up to the event, students were all asked to download an app to answer a series of multiple-choice and short-answer questions to support their learning of the diseases within the museum, and strengthen their knowledge of the HSC module studied. 

Upon arrival, UNSW guides led the students through a short presentation of some organs to start off the quest for more knowledge regarding the diseases. Students were then let out to the entirety of the museum to explore and to complete the questions. For privacy reasons, photos were not allowed to be taken of the specimens, however, informative posters and VR games were enjoyed by students greatly. 

Finally, the day was wrapped up with students touring around the UNSW campus and having a bite to eat. Overall, the students enjoyed their tour of the museum and believed it was a great opportunity to deepen their understanding of the importance of choices in their life regarding their own health. 

Ms Natalie Petrovska

Science Faculty

Year 11 Earth & Environmental Science Excursion

On the 10th of March, Year 11 Earth and Environmental Science went on an excursion to Penrith water treatment plant which was, interesting, fascinating and pretty smelly! My class and I, along with Mr Lofitis, went on the excursion, which taught me how water is cleaned and recycled, for other uses like in irrigation, farming and washing cars. We also learnt that sewage water isn’t just human effluent but it’s also any water that goes down your kitchen sink or is flushed down your toilets! Wastewater can really often also contain random things like bottles, bicycle parts and lots of cat litter, which was very surprising. I also got to learn about what things are bad for the environment and hard to clean out of waste water, these things include cat litter, oil, and “biodegradable” or “flushable” tissues which can take a very long time to break apart and, sometimes, will never break apart!

I also got to hear funny stories about how some people flushed their wedding rings or dropped their phones down the toilet, and asked the Penrith water treatment workers to look through all that sewage, just to find those things. They never did by the way, because it takes too long, it’s not their main priority and because it’s also very gross. I got to learn the step by step methods used to clean wastewater, which includes huge aeration tanks, which bubble up all the water and help remove dissolved gases, such as carbon dioxide, this is one of the first major steps in purifying wastewater. We also had a chance to be in a lab and have a go at purifying water ourselves! It was a little bit of a competition and we did some of the things the water treatment workers do every day, just way smaller.

The experience was fun, interesting and pretty smelly but, all in all, I learnt many new things I didn’t know before and got to learn all the steps that are taken in order to treat and recycle wastewater for different use.

By Zahraa H

PDHPE Faculty

Vocational Education and Training

Studying a Vocational Education and Training (VET) course as part of the HSC can provide students a pathway into a wide range of occupations. Studying a VET course at school can even make it easier to get that all important part time job to help them get through their university study. VET programs lay foundations for the workforce of tomorrow, developing skilled and adaptable employees for the future.

At Beverly Hills Girls High School, VET courses are offered in;

  • Business Services
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Hospitality (Kitchen Operations)
  • Information and Digital Technology (IDT)

and as part of these courses, students are required to undertake Workplacement in Years 11 and 12.

BHGHS Year 12 VET students performed so well in their 2019 Workplacements that a number of them have been nominated by their Workplace Provider for awards. They are;

  • Bethany X for Hospitality - Kitchen Operations
  • Amina M for Business Services
  • Jenan A for Business Services
  • Amina M for Information & Digital Technology

Congratulations to Jenan A and Amina M who progressed to the stage of final interview. They have progressed to the final six students from thousands of Year 12 VET students and now await for the winner to be announced at a special presentation evening hosted by MWLP. Unfortunately the Workplacement awards ceremony was postponed until a later date but we wish Jenan and Amina all the very best of luck. The BHGHS community are proud of you!

Kay Glitsos

HT Secondary Studies

The Beverly Hills Girls High School Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre Non-Fiction collection provides current and relevant resources for all students of the Beverly Hills Girls High School Community. The Non-Fiction collection also includes study guides for NAPLAN and HSC courses. To make the existing resources more accessible for students, the old Non-Fiction stacks were removed and replaced with low level bay style shelves. Many resources that were no longer relevant for our students were gratefully received by organisations with overseas partnerships. These books were sent to students in Fiji and also Sierra Leone where they will become educational resources for the new Sierra Leone Community Library which is being built by donations from Australian schools and business partners.


The Fiction collection has also been overhauled to entice our students to read widely for enjoyment and relaxation. Hundreds of latest releases have been added. The students are encouraged to fill out a ‘wish list’ of titles and favourite authors for the Learning Resource Centre to purchase. Manga series are a current favourite. Picture books, Quick Reads, foreign language fiction books, a special reserve for seniors only fiction and The Classics’ collection all add to the fiction collections to be found in the library.

2020 NSW Premier's Reading Challenge rule updates

We hope you are all doing well in the current COVID-19 situation. This email is to inform you of the changes that have been made to the 2020 PRC rules to help support students to participate in and complete the Challenge whilst their access to books at school and local libraries may be restricted.  What is happening with the Challenge in 2020? The Challenge is well equipped to support student participation from home. The Challenge will continue with the same closing dates for validation of entries, and the same number of books to be read for all challenge levels. We have introduced some adjustments to support students who may be learning from home, and have reduced access to suitable reading material to complete the Challenge.  What changes have been made to the PRC rules for 2020? The main changes to the Challenge rules are as follows:

  • Students on all Challenge levels are able to read 10 choice books - an increase from five.
  • Students on all Challenge levels will be able to include books on their reading records that they read collaboratively as a class, in person or online with their teacher or at home with their parents/carers. 
  • Students who complete the Challenge in 2020 will be able to count this towards cumulative awards.
  • Students who do not participate in the Challenge in 2020 will not be disadvantaged in the receipt of cumulative awards. 
  • The Challenge will include Year 10 students in 2021 to allow all students the opportunity to meet the gold and platinum certificate and Challenge medal requirements. 

How do students add these bonus choice books to their reading records? Students will need to add their first 5 choice books the same way they always have for the Challenge. Their bonus choice books will need to be entered using the following PRCID's: PRCID 68597 2020 Bonus Choice Book 1 PRCID 68598 2020 Bonus Choice Book 2 PRCID 68599 2020 Bonus Choice Book 3 PRCID 68560 2020 Bonus Choice Book 4 PRCID 68561 2020 Bonus Choice Book 5 To add these choice books on the Student Site, students can simply enter "2020 bonus" either on the search screen or under "add choice books",  and the Bonus Choice Book records will be the first ones to appear.      

PRC Student Site

The PRC student site is available again this year! Students can search for books to read, add books to their reading logs, and track their progress throughout the challenge at and there is a useful help video available to demonstrate how the site works. 





Parent Portal

As a school we are continuously looking for ways to improve our communication with our students, parents and the wider school community. In response to this, the school launched our Sentral Parent Portal early in Term 1. Accessible from your mobile, tablet or computer, the parent portal will give parents and carers the opportunity to stay in touch with the school from anywhere anytime. The Sentral Parent Portal will let you:

  • Be notified of absence, respond to unexplained absences or advise the school in advance of planned absences
  • Stay informed with your targeted news feed
  • Receive regular academic notifications of your child’s progress
  • Message your child’s teachers
  • Respond to direct teacher/school messages via email, SMS or Portal
  • Receive email and portal notifications, including reminders
  • Access to the BHGHS newsletter
  • Receive your child’s Student Report electronically
  • Provide permission and make payments for school activities

Please note to have access to this valuable resource we need a current parent email address, as this will allow the school to send parents’ login details. If you have changed your email address or wish to check if the school has your correct details, please contact the school via the school’s email or call on 9150 4280.

Health and Safety

Message from the Finance Office

During this period of the COVID 19 virus, no cash will be taken at the School Office. Parents can access the Online Payment option available on our website.  If using this option, please indicate which payment you are making.

Alternatively, you may contact the Office and pay over the phone using your credit card.

Thank you.

Finance Office

P & C Committee Meeting Dates 2020


10 June 2020    6.30 pm - 7.30 pm


2 September 2020    6.30 pm - 7.30 pm


25 November 2020    6.30 pm - 7.30 pm


Beverly Hills Girls High School 60th Anniversary - 'Then to Now'

In 2020, Beverly Hills Girls High School will have its 60th anniversary and we are plan to celebrate this momentous occasion in style on 20th November 2020. With a theme of ‘Then to Now’, we are aiming to showcase the long and distinguished history of our school and acknowledge the many students who have walked through its doors. With the date set, the next step is for us to gather together teachers, parents and, most importantly, students past and present to create the team who will make it all happen. We have some great ideas but we are definitely looking for input from the wider school community. 

If you, or someone you know, is interested in joining our team, please contact the school via the school’s email or call on 9150 4280 and leave your details. We plan to meet early in Term 1, 2020 to get the ball rolling.  Looking forward to meeting you then.

The Beverly Hills Girls High School 60th Anniversary Committee

Road Works

Transport for NSW will be conducting investigation of utilities and infrastructure on Ponyara, Broadarrow and King Georges Roads, Beverly Hills. Some work will also be completed in the surrounding streets. This work will include surveying, collecting soil samples within the area and drilling potholes.   These investigations form part of the Roads and Maritime Gateway to South Pinch Points Program which aims to relieve traffic congestion and improve traffic flow on Sydney’s major corridors, including maximising capacity at key intersections.