Term 3, Week 4

From the Principal...

Dear Families,

 It has been a busy week and I would like to thank all families that attended the Governing Council meeting on Tuesday night either in person or via zoom.  Attached is the Principals report for those that were unable to attend. The external school review was also presented and is now available on the schools website.

 We are also looking forward to some upcoming celebratory events including Book Week where we will celebrate on Friday 27th August with a parade. The children can come dressed as a book character that is special to them. We will also celebrate with a book swap and students are asked to bring along a book to swap and a gold coin donation for the indigenous literacy foundation.

 Playground update – concept drawings have been provided by Adventure Plus and the students in year 5-7 did a great job in creating a google form to seek feedback from all classes. Please see the designs below that were inspired from the students collective drawings. We are looking to use the priority maintenance grant for completion of this work.

 A reminder that school fees statements will be coming out next week, thanks to all those families that have organised payment plans, please see Rosie our new Finance Officer  if you require a payment plan for your 2021 school fees. For any families that require school card assistance please complete the online form as soon as possible at the link provided below.

Thanks to Bethany for providing the fantastic insight into  the Year 1/2 class this week they certainly have enjoyed exploring numeracy this past week.

Have a restful weekend and keep warm in these remaining few weeks of winter.

 Kind Regards



A special visit from the Reception Class

Playground update - concept drawings....

Please find the link for the Basket Range Community Forum as discussed at the Governing Council Meeting. This will provide parents with the opportunity to talk about the infrastructure of the local area.

Governing Council Principal Report.......

Tuesday 10th August 2021

Reconciliation Action Plan

* Continued focus on forming local connections with indigenous communities and elders. David Booth attended on the first day of term to work with all classes and we have collectively created a mural that will be displayed at the front of the school. David is finalising the dot painting over the background to reflect the local representation of country.

* The stone wall has been finished by Ian Westmacott due to the additional $5000 funding secured through the grant process for developing inclusive physical spaces. Plants have been purchased by the school through additional funds and staff would like to utilise the plants in their teaching and learning in the Early Years. August to provide more details and liaise with Bethany and Laren who are undertaking Botany as part of their Main Lesson.

* Nunyara camp has been booked at Belair for all 3-7 students with an indigenous focus, including native flora and fauna, visit to Reconciliation Park in Blackwood hosted by Uncle Tameru. This will occur in Term 4.

Communications and Promotions

* Skoolbag App now utilised effectively for timely and remote whole school communications allowing for subscription to individual year levels. Focus is now on developing student voice in using this platform to communicate their learning.

* Seesaw has been implemented in all classes in line with COVID requirements and staff indicated a very successful period of lockdown learning.

* Staff Kindy Visits for T3 to Uraidla are occurring with both Laren and Sybila, to create improved visibility and to streamline orientation and enrolments for 2022. Sybila has met with Kindy Director from Uraidla to discuss and correlate findings from the Early Years data collection conducted late Term 2.

Professional Development

* All staff have continued to complete Professional Development modules in Wellbeing through the BeYou platform and have completed the RRHAN update training, protective practice guidelines training.

* Steiner Leaders Group met at Trinity Gardens to look at difficulties regarding HR across Steiner stream schools, core principles and looked at opportunities for collaboration later this year COVID permitting for the Greek Olympics to be hosted at Sheidow Park.

* Scenic Cluster Leaders Meeting – BRPS, Uraidla, Norton Summit and Lenswood to look at collaborative learning opportunities. Berry Street Model application submitted for trauma informed practice for all staff to be funded by the department.

* Be Brave and Lead Numeracy Suite with Sarah Centofanti – In line with SIP Priorities – Sybila and Claire attending in conjunction with partnership schools.

* Claire attending PD for the Music in Schools Education Strategy successful in receiving grant funding by the department to attend.

* Sue attended professional learning in Phonics and has conducted the Phonics Screening Check across all Year 1/2 classes this week.


* We welcome Laren as our new Reception teacher for the remainder of the year and Bethany into the 1/2 class alongside her usual role of Music Specialist.

* We welcome Mel to the front office in Admin Support and Rosie who has taken over Finance until the end of year along with personalised IESP student support

*Sue will be on Long Service Leave for Term 4 and will reduce to Mondays only for the remainder of Term 3. Bethany has agreed to take on the additional day for the remainder of this term.

Teaching and Learning

* NAPLAN for year 3/5/7 students conducted with no technical readiness issues for mainstream students. Laptops currently supplied by the Department have been secured long term. For future consideration is the adaptive nature of the online test giving a clearer understanding of progression against learning outcomes that enables targeted differentiation.

* A-E data collection now completed for Semester 1 and staff now have access to a digital database of grades which now meets departmental requirements.

* Wellbeing Engagement Collection Survey was administered to all students in Year 4-7 with notable gains across all domains.

* Transition paperwork to high school completed by families and specialist program entry support provided. High School allocation will be disseminated on 13th of August.

Grounds and Maintenance

* Safety Tracking and Reports (STAR) all now current in terms of compliance.

* Students have designed potential ideas for the new playground and Adventure Plus have provided a quote and concept drawings free of charge as negotiated. Students have undertaken a google forms survey to look at location with a preference for the grassed area due to accessibility requirements.

* Arborist Report to be scheduled for Term 3.

Book Week 2021 - Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds

Indigenous Literacy Foundation.....

To coincide with Book Week, Basket Range Primary School is supporting the Indigenous Literacy Foundation this year.  We are asking students to bring in a book to swap with another student along with a gold coin donation on Friday 27th August (also our Book Week Parade Day).  We will be donating the gold coins to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. 

If you have any questions please call Mel in the front office on 8390 3466.

Year 7 to High School.......

Feeling comfortable in high school.

Starting at a new school is a big step for any student. Many of our current year 6 and 7s will be starting high school in a new school next year, with new adjustments like moving between classrooms for some subjects.We know from our pilot program that our year 7 students are well and truly ready for high school. The pilot has involved three public high schools that started welcoming year 7s in 2019, providing early insights on the move for the rest of the state. Many of the families we spoke to at the start of the pilot initially wondered how their children would find their way around high school. They also wanted to know how their children would fit in with older teenagers and what the workload expectations would be. By the end of Term 1, 90% of parents said their child's year 7 experience met or exceeded their expectations overall and these factors were no longer concerns.


News from Sue & Bethany's Year 1/2 Room........

A Rich Program of Activities for Years 1 & 2  

Wednesday to Friday with Bethany Neck (B. Special Ed. Dip Ed.Primary, MA)

 Our ML is currently inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson’s story, ‘The Tinderbox’. The soldier purchases beautiful clothing and wares with his supply of gold coins. 

Consequently we are doing a variety of Maths movement and dramatic play activities around the story for the processes of addition-  ‘Palash Plus’, subtraction- ‘Melita Minus’, division -‘Danveer Divide’ and times table groups- Tawhiri Times. The students are so creative, they spontaneously develop their own extension activities according to their interests. These include; 

  • Creating a shop with customers 
  • Making paper money 
  • Buying and selling classroom goods 
  • Playing matching and counting board games etc 

After recess the focus is on reading and writing. 

We recite, write and draw beautiful seasonal poems eg, ‘Where go the Boats?’ or write passages from nature stories such as ‘The little seed’( prior to planting seeds in glass jars for classroom observation). We’ll plant the seeds out in our vegetable beds, when they grow roots. 


Year 1 read and wrote a short paragraph about ‘Sant the Honey Ant’ (from a set of indigenous contemporary stories with a sequential phonetic approach, available free online from SPELD). 


The R-4’ s are singing a Japanese song Hamabe no Uta, which has an authentic backing track using traditional Japanese instruments. We intend to sing this song as a celebration of Grandparent’s Day. In Japan it is sung on a day to commemorate respect for the elderly. 

At the end of day we have a range of play or social group activities. 


It feels like a full, balanced program of nurturing, child centred, artistic, nature based creative activities. 


Thank you to Laren and Sally, who are present on the days I teach and enjoy the rich experience of teacher collaboration. I also thank Sue for all the Steiner Curriculum information, Michael, Claire and Sybila for sharing great Maths Curriculum Resources. 


Bethany Neck 

Photos from the Year 1/2 Class....

Alex and Ethan's Kindling...

Dear Parents,

Have you ever tried to light your fire and had no wood, kindling or fire starters? Well, we have got the perfect thing for you. We have worked hard in cutting up a variety of wood for our $20 boss project this winter, and have decided to go out and sell It. if you would like to buy some wood, kindling or fire starters prices are as follows:

 $18 for a hessian bag of kindling

$10 for a small bag of fire starters

$25 for a medium bag of wood

$50 for a big bag of wood 

We are giving 25% of our money to the CFS charity and 25% of our money to school.

 Have you got your wood for winter? Well, if you haven’t, we are located at 37 Charles ST Caloote (P.H. 0451104084) and 2248 Mount Barker Road Hahndorf (P.H. 0432259748). Or as an alternative you can order wood and pickup it up at school, get yours while it lasts!

Community News...

BRPS Parents and Friends Group

The BRPS Parents and Friends Group invites you to a Gathering  at Uraidla Hotel, in the UPSTAIRS ROOM, Wednesday 18th August 7:30pm.


The evening is an opportunity for BRPS families to connect and build community, as there have been limited opportunities to do so with COVID. 


Order and purchase your own drink, dessert or meal on arrival.

Please RSVP to Sam (Lomoso) on 0458572133 before Tuesday 17th August.


This venue meets COVID requirements. Please check in with the QR code on arrival and follow venue expectations of a mask when not seated for eating and drinking.


We look forward to catching up,

Claire (Charlotte), Sam (Lomoso) and Shelley (Arden)

On behalf of BRPS Parent and Friends

Upcoming Activities


TERM 3 2021


Friday 27th

Book Week Parade - Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds

Bring a book to swap and a gold coin donation for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation


Tuesday 21st

Friday 24th

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