St Peters Lutheran School Newsletter

Term 4 Issue 2 - 31 October 2019

From the Principal - Mr Mark Rathjen

Reformation Day

Did you know that today, October 31, is one of the most significant dates in church and world history? No, I’m not talking about Halloween—I’m talking about Reformation Day! 

The Protestant Reformation was shaped by many people over many years, but came into focus when a monk named Martin Luther nailed his famous 95 Theses (statements) to the door of the Wittenberg church on October 31, 517. Luther was a Catholic priest who was upset at the widespread corruption he observed within the church, most notably the sale of “indulgences” that promised forgiveness of sins for deceased loved ones.

Outside Luther’s Germany, similar “protest” movements were led by people like John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli, and John Knox. Beyond protesting corruption in the church, the emerging “protestant” movement challenged many of the theological teachings of the Roman Catholic church. The reformers believed that Scripture alone—not human traditions or the rulings of a church—held complete authority for Christians and that salvation was a free gift of God that could not be earned by good deeds. The widespread publication and distribution of Bibles—indeed, the fact that all of us can afford and freely read the Bible ourselves—is one of the most enduring legacies of the Reformation.

The church owes a debt of gratitude to Luther and the many reformers who risked (and in some cases, lost) their lives rebuilding the church. All Christians can appreciate the reformers for confronting corruption in the church, even if they don’t agree with all of Protestant theology. So today, pause for a few minutes amidst the Halloween festivities to remember this pivotal moment in history.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith - and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God- not by works, so that no one can boast.  Eph 2:8-9

Mark Rathjen

Class Structure and Placements for 2020

We have begun the process for class structures for next year.  While we are some weeks from sharing this information, there is quite a bit happening behind the scenes.

Even in small schools, this can be a complicated jigsaw to complete as we aim to find the best fit for the needs of all of our students within the scope of resources available to the school.

As educators, class placement and the creation of positive learning environments for all of our students is something that we take very seriously.  What follows is the data we use and the process we follow.

For all our students we gather data including literacy and numeracy levels, records of behaviour and effort, individual education plans and students input into friendship groups.

We process recommendations from:

  • Current teachers—based on their professional expertise and knowledge of the student’s social and learning needs.
  • Learning Support (Special Education)—based on professional expertise, student’s individual action plans and knowledge of the student’s social and learning needs.
  • Internal and external transition meetings in which the student’s needs are discussed.

Draft lists are reviewed and double checked. The school assigns classes to teachers, reflecting the needs of the school.   There is a great deal of time, effort and educational expertise put into this process by the school.

Should you have any requests regarding the social needs of your child, please put them in writing and send them to the Principal through the school office (please do so by Friday 8 November).  Each request will be carefully considered.

Thank you for your trust and patience as we work through this really important process for each of the children in our school.

Numeracy Interviews - Wednesday 11 December

The day after the last day of school is an important day on the school calendar.  On Wednesday 11 December, we will hold our now annual Numeracy Interviews.  These have proven to be critical days for us as we run through some numeracy testing which gives us an additional insight to students’ mathematics understanding.  Over the past two years, the Numeracy Interview has helped us to build up a bank of important data for each child, to track their improvement, identify any gaps and then plan for the year ahead.  The interviews require something like 15 to 30 minutes to conduct and we like to run them with the child’s ‘next year’ teacher so that they gain an insight to each child’s numeracy needs. We would encourage every family to delay holidays until after the Numeracy Interview is completed. More information will be forthcoming on this as we get closer to the end of the school year.

Some key Term 4 Dates

1.      PYP Exhibition – Wednesday 6 November

2.      New Families Welcome and Information night – Wednesday 13 November

3.      PE Week – Starts Monday 25 November

4.      Colour Run – Monday 25 November

5.      SPLASH Day – Friday 29 November

6.      End of year service – Tuesday 10 December 

Principal's Tour

We have just one more Principal’s Tour this term. It will be on Wednesday 27 November starting at 9.00am. Please encourage anyone you know who is considering schooling options to book in for a tour.  We are always flexible to offer tours at other times if the scheduled tour date is not convenient.  

Disco Thanks

A very big thank you to our P&F for putting on a fun disco for our students last Friday evening. Lots of music, dancing and most importantly, smiles. 

Parents also enjoyed some supper and were able to bid on the silent auction items available.  Over $2000 was raised thanks to the auction organised by Heather. So thankful for all involved for making a fun night for our students:  organisers, volunteers, food providers and all who made bids for the auction.

Bill Hansberry

Last night we enjoyed hearing from the very knowledgeable and entertaining Bill Hansberry.

We trust that those who came along enjoyed the evening and learned a great deal.  If what Bill spoke about sparked more questions, please speak with any of our teachers who are well versed in this area.

Southern Metropolitan Music Festival

Last night the Festival Choir performed at the Hopgood Theatre for the annual Southern Metropolitan Music Festival. What a night! The combined choir (consisting of students from a range of Southern Independent and Department for Education Schools) was a sea of colour and beautiful, strong voices. In addition to the combined choir, there was  choreography from the Troupe members, a live orchestra, a range of assisting artists and a set of songs composed specifically for the Festival! 

The St Peters Choir members represented our school beautifully with amazing singing, beautiful manners and a friendly voice manner getting to know people from other schools. Thanks to all the parents who helped out with early mornings, transporting and listening to endless hours of choir songs! We couldn't do it without you.

Bronwyn Wilson

Rotary Christmas Fair

On Sunday 10 November, we will have a stall at the Rotary Christmas Fair on Shepherds Hill Rd. We would love to have you pop by and say hello, or even more so, let anyone you know interested in our school to come and have a chat. A good promotional event for our school. 


We are thankful for all those who volunteer in our school. Many activities would not happen as well without you. From July 1st there are new requirements for volunteers in schools:

1.      A Working With Children Check (or a current DCSI check)

2.      A Valuing Safe Communities Certificate (required by Lutheran Education)

While not every act of volunteering requires these, we would encourage everyone to do so ensuring you are covered for whatever you want to be involved in. 

Please go to Skoolbag / Parent Information / Volunteers for details.  

Exhibition 2019

The Year 6/7s are working hard on their Exhibition inquiries! Please come along and support them as they present their Primary Years Programme Exhibition "Sharing the Planet" on Wednesday 6th November. See Skoolbag for more details.

Baby News!

We are excited by the recent news that Lachlan and Callum are the proud brothers of a healthy, baby sister named Madeleine  She was born on Monday 21st October weighing 3.55kg. 

Congratulations to Natalie and Trevor, Lachlan and Callum, on this lovely news. 


This week, we have been delighted to welcome Charli O to our Early Learning Centre.  We trust that her and her family will feel at home as part of our St Peters community. 

Internet Safety

The next information sheet in our series about apps currently popular with children, kindly provided to us by the Carly Ryan Foundation, relates to Snapchat (download via the link below).

App Fact Sheet - Snapchat (c/- the Carly Ryan Foundation)


Library News

Parents, as you would be aware, but only if you received one, overdue notices were emailed to families yesterday. This is to inform you that this term includes our annual whole school stocktake and as a result of this overdue notices will be a regular occurrence until the end of the year.

Please check your SPAM especially if your child is a regular lender from the school library.


Friday 29th November (in Week 7) is the start date for our whole school stocktake.

To assist us with this it would be appreciated if all Library books were returned to school by Wednesday 27th November. Any other school resources that are used at home, including R/1 card sets and classroom readers do not need to be returned until Tuesday 3rd December.

The Library will be closed for student borrowing from Monday 25th November (Week 7).

As of this date we will be open for reading, classroom activities and computer use but not for borrowing. Book returns only. Classroom Libraries will be available for use during, in class, reading time.

Readers from classrooms and Classroom Library books may still be borrowed up to and including Friday 29th November but must be returned by Tuesday 3rd December along with all other classroom distributed resources.

Students can bring their own reading material to school from Week 7. However, PLEASE make sure they are named as we have been known to get unnamed items “returned” to the library.

Thank you for your understanding.

Mrs Sharon Smith
Resource Centre

Parents and Friends

Thank you to everyone who was part of the school disco on Friday night. We hope your children had a fabulous time!

Special thanks to:

* Heather Stevens and Narelle Adams for organising

* Mark Rathjen and school staff for your support

* Our DJ Craig Stevens for putting together and playing song lists

* Our sound and lights guys

* All our wonderful volunteers who helped on the day/night - Tala Aslat, Ellen Ellul, Belinda Willson, Dan Edwards, Evie Stevens, Neusa Georgiou, Michelle Tomalin, Erin Muir, Todd Bruce, Kylie Bruce, Darcy Peters, Alex Speed, Bronwyn Wilson, Claire Baldwin, Rachelle Miller, Mel Zybek, John McDermott, Steve Hepworth, Jane Mellen, Louise Khouri-Revell, Laura Foti, Adam Basedow and Matt Eldridge

* All the parents who bought tickets for their children

* All those who contributed a plate of supper

* All those who bought silent auction prizes - we raised nearly $2200 from the auction, which is a fantastic result! Prizes can be collected from the church hall this week after payments have cleared. Winners will be notified when their prizes are ready to collect.  Thank you to all those who have already paid for and collected prizes. ***PLEASE NOTE*** Payment for prizes can only be made by direct bank transfer to the P&F account - details are available on your invoice. Please do not ask to pay by cash or credit card. Thank you for your support.

Thank you to all those who have ordered for Special Food Day tomorrow in support of our Pedal Prix team.  Lunches will be delivered to Year 3/4 students at the tennis club at 12pm and to all other students at the normal lunchtimes.  Thank you to Narelle Adams for organising and volunteers for helping.

The Colour Run is coming up on Monday November 25.  Get colour sprayed and powdered on a fun run around the school and raise money for the nature play area. $1000 will buy the chicken run. Another $1000 will buy the raised garden beds. Online sponsorship information coming soon!

Heather Stevens
Chairperson, St Peters Lutheran P&F

General Information

Diary Dates

For important dates and information regarding upcoming events, please go to the Events page of our Skoolbag app.