Tumut High School Term 1

Issued 8th April 2022

Respect, Responsibility, Safety

Principal's Message

Here we are at the the end of Term 1 and I  would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new staff to Tumut High School and to  acknowledge all non-teaching and teaching staff who are back again for 2022.

We are again confronted with a large turnover of staff as the school and department deal with staff retirements, staff shortages and staff seeking alternative pathways in their life journeys. The list below attempts to collate the new teaching staff joining us in 2022.

Our new staff have not only expressed their excitement about joining the THS Staff team but have been glowing in their appreciation for the support they have received from staff at the school and from others within our community. 

So it is my pleasure to welcome, in no particular order the following staff;

  • In Maths we have Mathew Zuzek and Chelsea Jacobson (Chelsea also did spend Term 4 of 2021 with us)
  • In CAPA we have, Michael Mitchell (Drama), Maddie Sing (Visual Arts) and Oden Britt (Music)
  • In TAS we have India Burden (Agriculture and Mandatory Technology)
  • In PDHPE we have Melissa Weston and Christian Lotter 
  • In HSIE we have Keira Hayden
  • In English we have Sally Cox 
  • In Wellbeing we have Alex Tobin taking on the Student Support Officer (SSO) full time position as well as Jenna Broadfoot and Gemma Pearce involved as  Part Time Temporary SSO’s. We also have Maddie Hibbert and Molly Manns joining up with our other amazing Student Mentors.


It would seem 2022 is throwing as many ‘curve balls’ at us that occurred in 2020 and 2021. So what do we learn from the last 2 years that we can take into another year of uncertainty?

In 2020 the bushfires raised wellbeing concerns for many within our community. We learnt quickly how significant community wide events can be on the mental health and wellbeing of our students and staff. Wellbeing of staff and students was a priority then and continues to be at the centre of decision making from the beginning of the pandemic up until where we are now in 2022.

Educationally our system has needed to adapt to lockdowns and remote learning.  It’s so important to acknowledge how ALL teaching and non-teaching staff have been innovative and progressive in how they have contributed to dealing with issues we have needed to confront. Our students have benefited from this in how they cope with building resilience.   

Term 1 has had its disruptions with high rates of staff and student absences, however, the lessons learnt from the previous two years has allowed the school to provide a certain level of continuity of learning.

A reminder to our community that we have a school plan which focuses on student achievement, tracking student growth, continuity of learning, teacher professional learning and wellbeing of students and community. This plan was progressed last year and will continue to give us a focus on how we continue to impact on student outcomes. We will continue to analysis our data with an acceptance of its problematic nature. We will continue to focus on our School Plan but acknowledge that uncertainty will continue to plague our system and is likely to affect our ability to achieve everything we want for our students.

Finally, just as we have done over the last two years, we will be here for our students. Ultimately, our year will be judged on how well we understood and keep true to the school’s visions statements of;

- Fostering independent, creative and critical thinkers for lifelong learning

- Supporting the social and emotional development of resilient and responsible individuals

- Equipping students to be informed, active and responsible community members

- Providing an inclusive learning environment that caters for the needs of all students

Don Dixon, Principal

Welcoming baby chicks at the THS Ag Farm

Introducing Student Support Officers at Tumut High School

We would like to welcome to Tumut High School staff Student Support Officers Alex Tobin, Gemma Pearce and Jenna Broadfoot. 

Mr Tobin is our Permanent Support Officer and will facilitate programs addressing the needs of our students. Mrs Pearce and Mrs Broadfoot are both local Registered Nurses and will work in conjunction with Mr Tobin in providing Wellbeing Support for our students on an individual basis.

Part of their roles will include helping run lunch time activities, support students with their engagement at school and be a point of contact for students needing time out of the classroom. 

Our Student Support Officers can be found in the Wellbeing Hub Monday to Friday.

Student Support Officers

THS Learning and Wellbeing Team 2022

Congratulations to our long serving staff at Tumut High

Good luck to staff from 2021 moving on

"Tumut High School fosters independent, creative and critical thinkers for lifelong learning"

Welcome back students to THS for 2022! We have already had some amazing achievements in Term 1. I know there will be a lot more opportunities for success throughout the year. 

Thanks to our dedicated and supportive staff, students are able to foster independence and become creative and critical thinkers for lifelong learning through the many opportunities THS offers.

Our school caters for a variety of interests, allowing students to build confidence and continually improve themselves in their passions whether it be chess, drama, writing or sport.

The range of courses available for students challenges our minds to analytically think and respond to different questions and activities in and outside the classroom. Having so many pathways presented to us like school based traineeships and distance education show us no limits to continuity of learning.

Being apart of the SRC at Tumut High has allowed me to learn how to be a leader and be a critical thinker when organising fundraisers and supporting important organisations within our community. Undertaking a course through distance education has also fostered independence with my learning and I would like to encourage all our students to research options at Tumut High that they are interested in.

By Keely Wickman

"Tumut High School supports the social and emotional development of resilient and responsible individuals"

I hope new and returning students of THS have felt welcomed for Term 1.

I would like to let all our new students know there is support at THS to help you with finding friends and taking part in opportunities that you are interested in. Teachers, support staff and senior students are always available to assist with you feeling like you belong at Tumut High.

Tumut High School endeavours to support students to develop emotionally and socially strong  individuals, promoting resilience and responsibility within their mindsets. Throughout my time at Tumut High School I have gained the skills and capacity to be a resilient and responsible student, community member and family member.

The support that can be found in teachers and other staff at THS has been integral in this learning process for me. Being resilient in both a social and academic setting is important and Tumut High has influenced me in such a way that has allowed me to do both. 

By receiving academic and social feedback from teachers and peers THS has allowed me to be productive in my resilience, by changing my actions and approach to work and social settings I have been able to become a more responsible learner and friend.

I hope my fellow peers seek support when they need it.

By Abbey Taylor

"Tumut High School equips students to be informed, active and responsible community members"

I would like to welcome to Tumut High School new and returning parents and carers for 2022. It is great to be in a community where there are many opportunities for us all to be involved with and embrace learning both at school and in our community.

Tumut High School fosters values in students to be informed, active and responsible  community members. Our Principal and Teachers all support us in promoting and encouraging us to be ethical community members with many learning activities happening at THS. 

I can say Tumut High School has equipped me with lifelong skills and strengths to be involved in my community. THS has guided me to be an informed, active and responsible member of our community by encouraging me to come out of my comfort zone, to be a more confident person and to be able to take part in community activities.

Tumut High School has also allowed me to gain the strength of being responsible. I have grown into a more responsible person with my actions in and out of school. I have had the opportunity to participate in the Anzac Day March which has made me more active in being involved in our community.  I am grateful Tumut High has allowed me to develop these important skills for my life in the future beyond school. 

I think all of us should look around for something in our community to be involved with and proud of.

By Gemma Delany

"Tumut High School provides and inclusive learning environment that caters for the needs of all students"

Tumut High School provides an inclusive learning environment that caters for the needs of every student within the school.

There are many new and returning support services available at THS.

This year we see more student support officers introduced within the school to assist with students engagement at school and in class.

We are so fortunate to have four student mentors that are here to assist students in everyday schooling matters. These mentors: Molly Manns, Maddie Hibbert, Drew Beavan and Kyle Contessa offer one on one support as well as group support.

Having the Clontarf Foundation at Tumut High run by Chappy and Chicka aims to help provide an inclusive and supportive environment for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The Foundation is having a huge positive impact on many of our students.

Tumut High School focuses heavily on the wellbeing of students throughout their schooling and the Wellbeing Hub focuses on providing access to community services outside the school.

All these support services are available to all students within the school to help support both them and their learning. Among these support services, THS offers many other extra-curricular activities to help foster a sense of belonging.

There are many sporting teams and activities offered throughout the year giving students an opportunity to belong to a team and mix with students from other years. There are also many clubs being run such as the chess, drama or writing club for any students interested.

There is a Student Representative Council (SRC) for students wanting to be more involved within the school and want to see positive changes occur. There is also a student-run Batyr school group that focuses on a student lead approach to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.

Overall THS aims to provide many extra-curricular activities and support services for all students in hopes to create an environment that caters for the needs of everyone. 

Don't forget myself and Captains Gemma, Keely and Abbey are always here if needed.

By Daniel Castle

What's On

Dates for you to remember

- Friday, 8th April 2022: Last day of Term 1

- Saturday, 9th April 2022: Year 12 2022 Far North Queensland Trip departs (returning Sunday, 17th April 2022)

- Tuesday, 26th April 2022: Term 2 Staff Development Day

- Wednesday, 27th April 2022: First day Term 2 for students

- Monday, 2nd May 2022: SRC Induction Assembly at 10:30am

- Tuesday, 3rd May 2022: Year 10 & 11 Visual Art Adelong Falls Excursion

- Friday, 6th May 2022: Athletics Carnival at Tumut Bull Paddock

- Wednesday, 8th June 2022: Year 12 UOW Discovery Day

Stay up to date with dates to remember on our school website, Skoolbag and Facebook page.

Online NAPLAN 2022 tests

Year 7 and Year 9 students will be participating in online NAPLAN tests during Weeks 3 and 4 next term. (between the dates 10th May - 20th May).

Students have to sit 4 tests - Writing, Reading, Conventions of Language and Numeracy.

More information will be provided to Year 7 and 9 families early in Term 2. 

Students must bring headphones or earbuds that plug into a computer to enable them to hear audio during the assessment. Earbuds used for mobile phones or other portable devices may be suitable for use during the assessment.

The type of computer connection needed is a jack or USB.  

'Word of the Week' at Tumut High School.

School Notices

The NSW School Updates app allows parents and carers to receive operational status updates for NSW public schools.

For more information visit link attached.

PBL = Positive Behaviour for Learning

We are a Positive Behaviour for Learning school and our values are respect, responsibility and safety. 

Students are encouraged at Tumut High to be polite, care for people and property and follow instructions. Students are motivated in class to be prepared, allow others to learn, actively participate and be at the right place at the right time. Students should always be careful and follow procedures.

During Term 1, once a week, a mini lesson was presented by teachers to students focusing on one of our values. Students who demonstrated these values during class time were given an early mark to recess.

These values of respect, responsibility and safety - can be applied to all settings including when students are not at school over the holidays.

Careers at THS

Year 12 students were treated to personal attention from Kristen representing Charles Sturt University at a presentation in our Resource Centre on 11th March. Students learnt all about CSU campuses, courses, early entry processes, accommodation and scholarships.

Year 11 and Year 12 students then enjoyed a beautiful sunny day at the Charles Sturt University (CSU) Explore Day on 22nd March. Students were able to participate in course sessions and learn about the CSU facilities and support services.

CSU talk and Careers Expo caught on camera

Community Feedback

Kristen from CSU said she loves coming to our school (her second visit here) as the students are so positive, enthusiastic, and respectful. She also said this is the best school she has ever presented at.

Tumut High School Resource Centre News

Interested in some holiday reading?

Our Wheelers audiobook subscription is now integrated with our Oliver Library Management System so that the audiobooks display alongside the physical books.

To access through Oliver click here; 


Year 8 Biography Resource Centre Display

What a great display put up in the Resource Centre by our Year 8 ALP students in presenting their assessments for a unit of study titled 'Learning for Life'.

Students spent the term focusing on an inspirational individual and applying their learning from the whole term in regards to character traits and what we can learn from their chosen inspirational individual. This task was a summary for students to tie together their findings. 

More details on this learning for Year 8 can be found in the 8ALP Google Classroom.

Resource Centre News

  • English classes from Years 7-9 have a scheduled library lesson once a fortnight where they have the opportunity to re-borrow, borrow or change their 'Reading for Pleasure' text. During this time the Teacher Librarian clarifies borrowings and chases up overdues. 
  • There is also a new procedure where email notification is sent to students and their family with visuals of resources to prompt return of very overdue resources. We appreciate the support of carers to help students to take responsibility for the safe return of library books and encourage them to treat these resources with respect. Students are provided with a clear snap lock bag to avoid damage (especially from water bottles in bags) when they choose to continue reading their books at home.
  • Staff in the Resource Centre are committed to creating a positive reading culture at Tumut High School as the benefits of reading are well documented to improve literacy results and more. (See document attached below.) 
  • Pictured are Naeola, Selena-Rose and Jazmine in Year 8 with the 'Student Book Request' book. Students are taking advantage of this book and writing in titles that they would like to read that we do not have in our collection. Librarian Mrs Stiles, then orders the requested books. The Resource Centre is making an effort to prioritise student driven collection development so that there are even more books that students like.

The link between reading and future success

"Students who are highly engaged in a wide range of reading activities are more likely than other students to be effective learners and to perform well at school. Research also documents a strong link between reading practices, motivation and proficiency among adults. Proficiency in reading is crucial for individuals to make sense of the world they live in and to continue learning throughout their lives"

See attached for more information.


Resource Centre weeded Books

Library Lovers Day - 14th February 2022

Clontarf Staff Morning Tea

Staff at Tumut High would like to thank the THS boys in Clontarf who provided a staff morning tea this term. Both staff and Clontarf boys joined in with activities like cards and table tennis during the morning tea. 

Clontarf Foundation Term 1 Newsletter

Term 1 Newsletter attached for all the news from the Tumut High School Clontarf boys.

eSafety Commissioner

Please familiarise yourself with this invaluable website which offers help for all Australians to have safer, more positive experiences online.

Includes information on tech trends and challenges, community education, parent webinars and how to reduce the risk of technology facilitated abuse.


Reminder for any students who have left Department of Education

Student stories and Student successes

Voice Coaching Workshop

Year 11 Drama/Music students Ruby McSweeney and Annika Casey were privileged to attend a voice coaching workshop with former Wiggle, Sam Moran. They were each required to perform a song of their choice and received one-on-one coaching, where Sam addressed their vocal strengths and gave valuable tips on how they could improve their performances. He also educated the girls on methods of breathing, delivery and voice projection.

Of their voices, Sam commented that Annika had "wonderful jazz tones" and Ruby's voice "possessed great storytelling qualities". Both Ruby and Annika came away from the experience with greater knowledge and confidence in their vocal abilities.

What a great opportunity for the girls!

SRC fundrasing success

On Friday, 1st April our SRC hosted a fundraiser for Riding for the Disabled Association Tumut Branch.

Students were allowed to wear mufti clothes with a gold coin donation and red and purple clothing was popular to recognise the RDA organisation.

The SRC also made and sold drink spiders to go towards the $300 that was raised.

Well done THS. 

Congratulations Amitiel

Amitiel Booby in Year 7 was busy this term raising awareness and money for ‘Shave for a Cure’  with the Leukaemia Foundation.

Amitiel said she wanted to do this fundraiser as she didn’t like seeing people left out of things because they have cancer. Amitiel wants people with cancer to fit in and feel comfortable. She said 'shaving my hair was easy and I am so grateful to everyone that donated and has helped me raise over $6000 to give cancer patients a life changing experience.

Amitiel also thanked Tumut High SRC for supporting her as well with a sausage sizzle and drink spiders at school.

We are very proud of your community involvement Amitiel.

SRC Fundraiser for Amitiel

Chess at THS

Tumut High School’s Chess Club is back! The club has been meeting weekly with organiser Ms Noordermeer and has students involved from all years. THS Chess Club members have access to lessons, games and puzzles and members have been progressing through the lessons to improve their game. New and beginner players are always welcome to attend workshops, which are put on the notices and if interested in playing, join the club!

Melodie King-Neville has progressed to Queen level and Timothy Rosser to the level of Knight. To continue building member knowledge and skills, this term the members of the Chess Club hosted workshops for the members to improve their knowledge and skills in the game and to introduce the game to beginner players. Melodie presented a workshop on ‘The special move: “Castling”!’. 

Jack Fisher has been a valuable member and has been helping introduce the game to new beginner players and the Club’s senior players, Chad Smuts, Jacob Smart, Alisha Bulger- Webb and Ashleigh Oriel have been taking charge with setting and packing up. Interest in the game is growing and the club is seeking to purchase new equipment to accommodate the growing demand.

This term the Chess Club has enjoyed many exciting games in the Resource Centre. Heath Whatman enjoyed an exhilarating game against Melodie and using a tournament clock for the first time, had a fast paced and exciting game against Chad. In a fight to the end, Timothy and myself ended in a Stalemate. My next game was another intense battle against Will.

The THS Chess Club environment is often buzzing with excitement as members discuss their games and those looking on the game have been getting equally involved in these discussions. 

Congratulations to our THS Chess Team who were victorious defeating Wagga Wagga High in Round 1 of the NSW Junior Chess League Competition. Our team was Chad (Yr 11), Melodie (Yr 10), and Year 8 boys William and Heath. They played gracefully and respectfully and had a fun day out. Well done team. Thank you to Chess Coach Ms Noordermeer who is so proud of these students.

Playing in Wagga was our first tournament for the year and it was great to win. In my match I made a daring attempt to win the last game and I pulled off a stunning move with my Queen and rook making sure the nerves didn’t get to me. Heath’s game went on for a long 30 minutes before he won. Melodie’s game was a tough one. Chad also won his game and we made new friends with our opponents. 

We would like to thank our Chess Coach and Co-ordinator Ms Noordermeer for having Chess at Tumut High and encouraging us all to be better players.

Chess caught on camera

Year 7 ALP

Thank you to Sergeant Cooke from NSW Police for spending time with Year 7 students during ALP. Sergeant Cooke spoke about the importance of having respectful relationships and being supportive community members. Reference was made to "The National Day of Action against Bullying" which is 18th March 2022. Students were presented with strategies to use to assist with maintaining healthy and respectful relationships.

Year 7 ALP at pool

Year 7 Jindabyne Sport and Rec Camp - more photos on our website.

Year 8 HSIE Viking Longships

Year 8 ALP

Year 8 students have been enjoying their ALP (Alternative Learning Program) lessons mixing with their year group and gaining understanding of our mindsets and interactions with others.

Students engaged in completing challenging wooden puzzles to help practice growth mindset.

Year 9 Kianinny Camp - more photos on our website

Year 9 - Food Technology - Crunchy Munchy Bars

Year 10 - Geography Lake Albert Excursion

Year 10 Air and Fire Geography students conducted fieldwork at Lake Albert this term. They undertook tests to measure water quality and examined effectiveness of management strategies.

It was a fantastic day and provided insight in to course unit: Environmental change and management. Thank you to Darron from Riverina Environment Education Centre for running the program.

Year 7, 9 and 11

This term the English faculty facilitated writing workshops with young adult author Will Kostakis for Years 7, 9 and 11.

Students collaborated with Mr Kostakis to explore tips and tricks for their pieces of writing in English.

Writing Workshop


Tomorrow's Man and Tomorrow's Woman

Year 10 and Year 11 (pictured) participated in a 2 hour session with Tomorrow's Man and Tomorrow's Woman totally engaging with the presenters Josh and Devin. Our senior students had a casual and impactful experience discussing topics important to them with the support of their peers. Thank you to GOTCHA4LIFE for providing these presentations.

Year 11 and 12 Hospitality Cafe

Year 11 and 12 students performed an acoustic show at Tumut Show.

Thank you students for presenting THS Radio News each Thursday on "Sounds of the Mountains" during school terms.

THS Sporting Success

Riverina Swimming Carnival

Riverina sport selections

NSWCHS State Swimming Championships

The 8 members who represented Tumut High and the Riverina at the NSWCHS State Championships had a great meet with lots of personal best times and fun memories mixing with other swimmers from around the State. The team consisted of Hannah Evers (Yr 7), Aaron Wickman (Yr 7), Kian Knight, Will Crawford and Dylan Butt (Yr 9), Eddie Dodds (Yr 11), Daniel Castle and Nathan Butt (Yr 12).

Congratulations to Hannah and Kian who were attending their first NSWCHS State Carnival and did some fantastic pb’s.

Congratulations to Kian with Will, Dylan and Aaron (who was swimming up 2 age groups), for showing us their best in the 15yrs 4 x 50m freestyle relay. This team shaved 2 seconds off their time from Riverina.

Daniel was competing in his last NSWCHS Swimming Carnival and was not disappointed with his personal swims and was part of the Open Boys Medley Relay team. This team came 16th in the State with over a 3 second pb. Well done to the team consisting of Kian (swimming 3 age groups up) for breaststroke, Daniel did butterfly, Eddie swam backstroke and, also competing in his last NSWCHS Swim Carnival was Nathan, who brought the team home swimming the freestyle leg.

Congratulations to Eddie who got a silver medal at the NSWCHS State Championships in the boys 17-19yrs 50m freestyle in a time of 24.15 seconds. Eddie has now qualified for the NSW All Schools Swimming Championships to be held in June.

Riverina representatives at NSWCHS State Swimming Championships

NSW Netball Schools Cup - THS Winning Teams off to Regional Finals in Term 2

Community Feedback

Message from Tumut Public School:

"The Tumut High School girls who assisted Tumut Public School at the NSW Netball Schools Cup - Primary division, were incredible all day. They are a credit to the High School and they all deserve congratulations on how awesome they were. A big thank you to the staff who organised the girls for the day as without them we would not be able to have so many of our students participate in this sporting opportunity."

Open Girls Basketball

Well done to our Open girls basketball team who played in Narrandera with a win over Murray High 59-6. In the Grand final it was a tough match going down to Narrandera 36-38. The match went in to extra time and the girls gave it their all.

Open Boys Basketball

Congratulations to our Open Boys basketball team who won the CHS Knockout Gala Day in Wagga. The boys won all their games against Junee, Mt Austin and Kooringal and defeated Young High in the Grand Final 56-28. Great teamwork on display. Special thanks to parent Coach Mrs Butt for her basketball expertise in running the boys and to Mr Ebeling for managing the team.

Open Girls League Tag

Well done to our Open Girls League Tag team who had an impressive win over Hennessy and a nail biter game going down to Wagga. On a countback of for and against our girls were unfortunate not to make the Regional final. Coach Mrs Weston is very proud of the huge effort put in by the girls.

Open Boys Cricket

Here is our THS Cricket team with players from Year 7 to Year 11 who played against Gundagai High in Round 1 of the Davidson Shield. Whilst not taking a win, the boys had a great day and enjoyed the experience playing together - some for the first time! They were all smiles at the end sharing some laughs and would like to thank Coach Mr Ebeling for looking after the team.

Open Boys and Girls Touch Footy

Well done to our THS Boys and Girls Open Touch Footy teams who competed in Wagga.

Both sides showed adaptability to the game. The Girls played 3 games with our senior students demonstrating great support to the younger girls.

For the Boys team they played their 3 games with high energy. Thanks to Super Coach Mr Lotter for taking our teams and sharing his Touch Footy expertise. Thanks also to Jazlyn and Taian for referreeing for THS.

We love hearing about the successes of our students.

Please feel free to share any good news stories you have with us via email;


GOLD for Indi

Congratulations to Year 11 student Indianna Cooper who won gold in the Para 100m sprint and Gold in the Para 200m race at the Australian Track and Field Championships. 

Indi hopes to be off to compete in the Para World Championships in July at Mackay and is working hard to impress selectors for the Commonwealth Games Australian Team.

Good luck to Indi from all of us at Tumut High.

THS P&C Association News for Term 1

The Tumut High School P&C Association held their AGM in March with the following parents kindly volunteering their time to support the committee as follows; President - Mrs Kylie Frowd, Vice-President - Mrs Kylie Rushton, Secretary - Mrs Kadie McDonald, Treasurer - Mrs Michelle Crampton and Canteen Convenor - Mrs Kay Dodds.

Mrs Frowd reported at the meeting the achievements of the P&C for the last year which included the canteen kitchen upgrade, staff thank you breakfast, letter of support to government for staff shortages and P&C representation on panels for staff at Tumut High. The committee have requested the school to organise a school tour for new families and work is in progress with the school to plan the tour for next term.

The next P&C meeting will be held on Monday, 16th May in the Wellbeing Hub at 7pm and everyone is welcome to attend for an informal get together of what is happening at our school.

Canteen upgrade

Skoolbag App

Installation instructions for parents downloading and using the Skoolbag school communication app - get it on your Apple & Android mobile devices.

SkoolBag App - How to get started

At Tumut High School we like to keep our families regularly informed and one way we do this is using SkoolBag App.

Please see document attached on how to get started with SkoolBag and for existing users please see below on how to update the App.


Skoolbag App update

To ensure your app is up to date please visit:


To ensure you are receiving notices specific to your child's school year please update your year group. To do this open up Skoolbag App and click on our school logo icon at top of the page. Then click on GROUPS. Click on Add/remove groups to update your year groups. 

Community Announcements

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Australia, Tumut

Big Brothers Big Sisters supports at-risk children and young people through evidence-based long term, one-to-one mentoring. 

For more information see attached brochure and/or contact Mark Watt via email; mark.watt@bbbsau.org.au or visit;



School Holiday Activities

SVC Youth Week Activity - Shake & Stir Theatre Bootcamp

Theatre BootCamp is now free as part of Youth Week.

In this three-hour masterclass, you'll work with experienced shake & stir actors to explore new acting styles, meet new people, and have fun.

This is the perfect opportunity for any young adult to try something new -building confidence on and off stage, and developing important skills such as resilience, teamwork and creativity.

Limited to 35 students so book now before it’s too late.

Open Bootcamp Flyer attached for more details.


School Holiday community activities

Visiting international artist

SVC Youth Week Theatre Bootcamp

School Holiday activity

School Holiday activity

'Youth off the Streets' National Scholarship Program



Tumut High School

We would like to pay our respects and acknowledge Wiradjuri and Wolgalu people, the traditional custodians of the land and also pay respect to Elders both past, present and future.

Respect, Responsibility, Safety