Beaudesert State School Newsletter

8th June 2022

Principal’s Report

Mrs Chant

As we enter the tail end of the term I wanted to say thank you to each and every family for the support you provide our school every day. Your understanding when school events are changed due to weather and your partnership with our school is appreciated. Thank you.

We continue to have positive COVID cases in our school and are providing free RAT tests to students who are sent home sick during the day. These will be offered to you when you pick your student up early from school. We also have disposable masks that are available by request by students. Please do not hesitate to ask for one.

Congratulations Miss Stacie Fogarty who won the Community Education Counsellor (CEC) of the year at the 2022 South East QLD NAIDOC Awards. Stacie will receive her award on Thursday 16th June at the regional event held at Beaudesert State High School. Stacie is a valued member of our school and we appreciate all that she does for our indigenous students and their families.

Behaviour continues to be a focus this term, in particular hands on physical behaviours. It is appreciated when you remind your child/ren of the expected school behaviours so that we can partner and eliminate inappropriate behaviours that often lead to a serious school consequence.

Due to the wet weather, our Year 3-6 Athletics Carnival has been postponed to Friday 10th June. This event continues to be weather pending and we have all fingers and toes crossed for sunny days so our oval can dry out. At this stage, it is too wet and dangerous to run field and running events. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend and we hope to see you there. In the event of another date change, this will be communicated via our Skoolbag app. 

Our school is now accepting applications for out of catchment enrolments for 2023. If you have family friends looking for a change of school, please ask them to call the office on 5540 1111 to gather further information on how we may be a good fit for their child. We also offer school tours by request.  Information regarding Prep in 2023 will eb released early next term.

This week I will be attending the state wide QASSP (QLD Association of State School Principals) from Wednesday – Friday. In my absence, Miss Nikki Gauld is in charge.

As mentioned on Skoolbag yesterday we are experiencing a staffing shortage at the moment and you will find our leadership team working in classes over the next month.

To give our students and teachers the best opportunity to complete assessment we have postponed the release of our report cards to Wednesday 20th July. Your child’s report card should not be a surprise and I encourage you to maintain contact with your class teacher on how you can partner to support your child’s learning at home and school. You are most welcome to make a time to speak with your teacher about your child’s learning by contacting them directly.

We will be holding parent teacher interviews for all classes on Monday 25th July from 3:00pm – 7:00pm. The parent teacher interview booking link will be sent home in the coming week and we hope you are able to join us.

Please check with your class teacher that we have your up to date email address so that your child’s report card is sent to you. Our school is not open over the school holidays.

Our Admin Block upgrade is expected to be completed early next term and we look forward you seeing the final result. We continue to await a commencement start date for the Ecole Street staff car park upgrade and will keep our community updated on its progress.  

I am pleased to let our community know that our B and C Block classroom refurbishment will commence over the next school holidays and I look forward to sharing the new photos with our community.

Our Term 3 date claimer calendar will be sent home in the last week of school. This term we have trialled 2 newsletters over the 10 weeks with key information also released on our Skoolbag app. Please keep an eye out for a survey link via Skoolbag to feedback to our school around your preferred method of communication. Do you prefer our fortnightly newsletters or twice a term edition?

Thanks everyone.  

Senior School Classroom Reports

Year 3

We have nearly made it to the end of term 2. Year 3 have been very busy learning all about Anzac Day through our English, HASS and Design and Technology units. By integrating the topic of Anzac Day though multiple curriculum areas, students have been able to delve deeper into their learning and make an understanding through different lenses of;

What Anzac Day is? Why it is a significant event? and How we do celebrate Anzac Day?

In maths, we have spent the term looking at measurement and place value. We enjoyed weighing and measuring the length of various objects, and in some cases measuring the height of our friends, as well as exploring different capacities and how it might look in different sized containers.

 We have also enjoyed our time in science conducting experiments to investigate the effects of heat. We have looked at the connection of solids and liquids and observed the changes of different items.

It has been a jam packed term and all of year 3 should be proud of their learning.

Year 4

Camp Reflections 4A

Last week at camp when we first got there we made a circle and a fire suddenly a beautiful butterfly flew over us. So then when our group went in our cabins I saw a jingree jingree  I felt Goosebumps on my arm and then I felt very durungul and yalburu . I really connected to country because uncle Steve told us his story. I got the questions all correct and had the best time ever. Also we ate mini marshmallow and chocolate moose.  Don’t forget the delicious ice cream and kangaroo. Jahn - 4A

When I was on camp I liked the berries that they got. And I also liked the aroma. I liked to sleep in the nice cabin and I liked making fire and smoke. I liked to play with the rocks. Chris – 4A

On the 25th of May we went to Currumbin Valley. Everyone was calling me the Gwong Queen because I loved the water so much. We found ochre on Thursday when we went to the creek. The water was freezing cold.

On Friday we met Uncle Steve and did a rock painting. We tried bush tucker and jam. Most of the food was yummy. We used joan and muni buneen. Izabella – 4A

Year 4 camp was so fun. I got to swim at Currumbin Creek. We even got to go and play/find ochre, We threw barragun (boomerang) at cardboard animals. When it was night it got so cold. The jala (food) was very yummy. There was earth hour on Wednesday, I didn’t do it because I thought I could go the next night but it only goes for Tuesday and Wednesday it was quite sad. The bus drive was long. Gemma – 4A

At camp we got to do lots of things and eat delicious food. It was so fun my favourite place was the creek I got soaked and very wet but overall it still was fun!  My favourite activity was throwing a boomerang and a spear. We also got to make fire it was pretty hard and we got to paint rocks. Hayden – 4A

On the 25th May 2022, we packed our luggage and went. When we arrived we had to ignite a talngai-fire and we were split into groups called Buneen-echidna, Taran-frog, Ging ging- ant and Kagaru-kookaburra. I was in Buneen with Chris, Harley, Oscar, Nicolas and Max. We unpacked our things and Mason and Kaiah  were on the bottom bunk while Vijay and I were on a top bunk. That night Mason was the only one who did not sleep talk. The next day we played in the creek!! I stepped on blue ochre. OUCH!! Then we hunted wooden animals. Then we tried some really old food. My favourite was wattle seed. Jaxson - 4A

Camp was amazing. But the worst part was, one of my friends wouldn’t stop snoring. Anyways the food was good mostly bitter, the animals were cute mostly the possums, I know some totems like Taran (my group of the frogs)

Ging Ging(the group of the ants) and, the final two are Buneen and Guran (the echidna and possum.) I learnt a lot of words like, jingeri and bagga, jingeri means hello and bagga means good I know way lots of words.

Me and my friends had lots of fun, we played so much good games like. Throwing joans and barraguns those were the most fun and playful. But I miss my waijung and it took like 100 YEARS but it was so much worth it not as much as my roommate snoring. When we went to the creek I painted myself in ochre I found most of the rarest red white and a common normal skin colour one. I dried up very quickly but I still felt soggy. Outside it was so soggy and muddy I got my shoes in a mess but I brought my wet old shoes overall the camp was 9.5/10 I left the o.5 out only because my roommate (Jahn) was snoring.  KRIS  - 4A

On the 25th of May, year 4 went to dimunn which means camp. At camp we were all divided into 4 groups which were Taran the frog, Buneen the Echidna, Ging-Ging the ants and Kagaru the Kookaburra. I was the group of kagaru. The people in my group was Stephanie, Alexis, Sophia, Letecia, Maya, Gemma and Me. My favourite thing was the creek. It was calm and gentle. When we were at the creek we all had to just sit there and try to connected to country. I was supposed to be calm and relaxing but it was boring and not relaxing. I was a bit uncomfortable just sitting there. Anyway I still loved camp. It was amazing. Leah – 4A

Last week I went to camp and I was so excited but the bus made me sick a little. That was not going to stop me when we got off the bus I grabbed my suitcase and followed the camp instructors. It was a long walk up to the cabins but when we got there we got some time to get ready. 2 minutes later it is time to do the games we got split up into teams and my team was called Kagaru is the Mununjali word for Kookaburra oh and we learned Mununjali words like Joan is spear, Gwong is water, Jarjum is children, Jingeri is hello and Kagaru is Kookaburra. The games we did were weaving, making fire and played in the dam it was so much fun but my favourite thing was working as a team and connecting to country. Letecia 4A

When I was at camp I ate a burger. On my second day of camp I had some food I did not like. It is was lasagne and the hotdog, they were yucky. Then I played an activity called hit the wood in animals. It was so much fun too and I also got to play with my friends. I found some ochre too. And I went to the creek. On the last night we had a movie night and we had a dance party and we also had lollies too.  We painted on the rock, about our memories from camp. Maya – 4A

Jingeri People of Beaudesert CAMP WAS THE BEST, The best part of camp was yarning. We also ate Mother Nature tukka that was harvested it was kinda nice (not). The wraps and nature jam are not nice. We meet uncle Steve and he talked about if you killed your animal you meet your new place/death. My class went to Currumbin Creek we found all if the colours of ochre and I fell two times and made a stick friend called Sticky. Also everyone thought I was lost but I was at earth hour learning about possums. I also answered a lot of nature/knowledge questions. Oscar – 4A

At dimunn I had an amazing experience, we made shelters, fire and jewellery. We learnt some of the words like jingeri means hello. The chefs made amazing jala and my favourite was lasagne. We went to earth hour and I got to feed chickens and I didn’t see frogs or bees because the bees where heading inside the hive and the frogs where inside because they don’t like winter cause it’s cold. I was in the group ging-ging which means ant. I went to the creek and painted my whole face with ochre which is a clay you can turn into a liquid and paint with then I painted the creek on a rock. There’s a mini forest that you can walk through and it looked like one of the tree branches fell off it. In the forest I found a secret spot behind the tree and Blake climbed it. Sage – 4A

Jingeri, Camp was so fun we had to go on a very very long bus ride. It was worth it to see the beautiful nature. And fun activities like weaving and making fire and shelter. My least favourite meal was the lasagne because it had a Ging Ging in it. Oh I almost forgot the creek was a great experience. Sharlee – 4A

Camp was so much fun but I did not like the food at all

On Thursday it was my sisters birthday I was sad that I was not there for my sisters birthday she had kfc for dinner I was sad that I was not there for kfc .One activities we did rock painting on a rock we also went down to a creek and I found so much ochre I found black, white, grey, blue, yellow, orange and skin colour and last but not least purple I found all of those colours. We all had so much fun on camp but on Friday I was so happy because I missed my whole family on Wednesday night I cried in the dining hall because I missed my mum so bad and we were on a bus for a long time and I did not have a sleep I was so tired that night. Stephanie – 4A

On the 25th of May, year bulabula went to camp. l liked the joan throwing and the creek but my favourite was making the fire with out lighter or matches. l got it smoking. l like going to the creek and painting myself with ochre. Zharian – 4A

Jingery and hello people so at camp I had so much fun. Did you had so much fun at camp. My favourite thing was the shower.  Whitney- 4A

Minyahgu jarjum, today I learnt lots of things such as building hunting and way more things. We almost made a fire! Mostly just dust though but the worst thing was I couldn’t sleep but the thing was the games were super fun it was so worth it. MY favourite thing was thing was going into the creek and finding ochear and painting myself. MY favourite food Was roo (kangaroo). I was in the taran group the frogs. Overall the game was 10/10 but I still didn’t enjoy sleeping though. Hollie - 4A

In camp we went in teams. There was 3 teams. Also we watched a movie at night before bed. When I was in the cabin I had a nice sleep. I slept like a rock. After that day we went into groups again. My favourite part of camp is the bacon and eggs they gave us. Before we left we had sausages and bread rolls. Nic – 4A

On the 25th of may all the year 4’s went to Currumbin Valley Dimunn. We had the best time, first we tried to make fires. For lunch we had chicken burgers and then we made a little house. We were put into groups I was in buneen, that’s the echidna. For dinner we had chicken and rice and then we had pudding for desert and we had a dance party. We went for a night walk and we saw a bunch of guran and then we went to bed. For breakfast we had pancakes. We went to the creek and we found a lot of ochre and then we had morning tea. We had so much fun. Then we went back to have lunch and then we went to use the joan and the burragunn. Then a few hours later we had dinner and ice cream for desert because it was Ferns birthday, then we had a movie night. Then we went to bed. We meet an elder and  all the year4s had a talk before we left .Then we got our bags  and got on the bus . Harley 4A

Camp Reflections 4B

It was fun at camp because we did fun activities  it sounded so nice hearing the cheaping birds and the ballun (river) sounded so nice.  We hopped in the ballun (river) and we found ochre and painted our faces.  We hopped out and it was freezing.  We did activities an we had houng (food).  – Shermira 4B

Jingeri (hello) my fellow jurjms (kids).  Today I’m talking about my 3 days at the Currumbin Valley dimin (enjoy).  The fis activity we did is trying to light a fire.  That was very frustrating.  The second activity was introducing ourselves and a bead ceremony.  The third activity was playing Aboriginal games which were fun.  The fourth activity was throwing joans (spears) and kill wooden animals after that we had a try at muni (kangaroo)…delicious.  Then after we had free time.  Then we had dinner and had a party and went to bed, that was the first day done.  The second day we got up at 6:00am and had breakfast at 700am and we started our day off.  – 4B student

I was so excited it was Wednesday.  We were going to camp.  We were going on the bust to go to camp it was 2 hours to get to camp.  We got our suitcases and we had to walk up to the flag pole and we had to wait to know which cabin we were in.  Delaney, Matilda and Laylah were in my cabin.  We were in cabin 8.  After we put our suitcases in our cabin, we had to go to the car park to make our fire.  Oh, I forgot we had teachers at our Currumbin Valley farm camp.  We had Rea, Josie and Bryce for our teacher.  But the teacher we had was Rea.  For our first activity we went hunting for aniamls.  The one we hunted the most was muni (kangaroo).  He was so delicious, I wanted him for dinner.  We had our lunch and we had burgers with a patty, they were so good!  Then we went with another teacher.  We went into the shed where all the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island items were in it.  We play with these pointy balls and played with a part of a tree.  We had to keep the pointy ball in the part of the tree and then we had to put it in the basket and we got more points then the other team.  Also we had a mob called kagaree (kookaburra).  We had so much beads on our necklace it’s not funny.  We had 31 beds on ours.  It was the last day of camp and all the people in the cabin were asleep and Mrs Petterson was awake.  She came into our cabin and turned on the lights and cried “WAKE UP SUNSHINE!”  We all had to ge ready for breakfast so we could do an activity.  We then painted rocks then we had our lunch which was hotdogs.  Then we went to get our suitcases and went on the bus.  I sat next to Emilie and it took two hours to get back to school.  We were all so tired when we got to school and I went home to sleep.  – Ava 4B

Baugugull bujera (Good morning).  My totem is dirun when we got to camp I connected to country and loved the birds cheeping and the yarjo (windo).  We used joan (spears) and built shelters.  We also played int eh mud.  Me and my friends clapped for the food to show respect because it was good.  We played tag and had fun.  I was sad when we went home – Daley 4B 

At camp I had a great time because I saw a kangaroom that was sitting on a tuheiri.   After I went for a walk to find some gurans we found bula and they looked very cute.  I also had a very good dinner and I even tried muni (kangaroo).  As we had a shower, I had to go into the blue shower because of covid but I had a good time on camp because it was really fun.  – Mason 4B

Currumbin camp was the best camp of my life and I saw a muni (kangaroo) and ochre.  So me and my friends covered our face with ochre and we covered rocks with ochre.  We jumped in the creek and we all swam around and looked for crystals.  We built huts as well.  Sadly after the dance party we had to go to bed.  In the morning we had breakfast, we had yoghurt and fruit.  – Thomas 4B 

We went to grade 4 camp and had a great time.  We went to hunt kangaroos and ducks.  Then we got to eat real kangaroo – muni.  We went to the creek and found red ochre.  – Ace 4B 

I went on the year 4 camp last week.  The camp was at Currumbin.  We went to the camp on the bus.  When I arrived at camp I was put into a group.  It was called wajin which means platypus.  My favourite part was walking to the creek.  There were lots of rocks int ehc reek.  I went swimming in the creek.  The gwong (water) was really cold.  We all got jabang (wet).  We were throwing rocks.  We all stood on the bridge.  We could see the fast flowing gwong (water).  I had fun at the creek.  I was so yalburu (happy) – Madison 4B 

Hi jarjum (children). I am going to tell you all about my experience at camp.  First of all we saw a BIG dirun (snake) and then went up to our cabins, it was great.  Our fist activity was hunting a wallaby then we did spear throwing at the animals.  WE ate muni (kangaroo) IT WAS SO GOOD!  Then we went to our cabins to have some free time before dinner.  It was burgers then we got read for bed.  Next day we got up and then we made shelters and made bracelets.  We had wraps for lunch then we went swimming.  I put ochre on my face so did the other jarjums.  Then we had dinner after that we had more night activities and we went to bed.  Next day we gave back to country and spoke to an Elder named Uncle Steve.  Then we got ready to leave 5 minutes later we were on the bus then I finally got home.  – Ashtyn 4B 

When we arrived at camp, we saw a dirun (snake).  It was great because we connected to country.  We got to create fires on the first day.  There was qwong.  The food there was great on Thursday we got to try muni (kangaroo) and make ngumgin (shelter).  At four o’clock it was Earth hour.  That means we get to visit the chickens and also have free time.  You cold either play tiggy, go for a walk or chill in your cabin.  It was warm and comfy in the cabin.  It had bunk beds and a really comfy mattress.  The teachers would blind us by turning on the light on the day of camp.  We had to clean our cabins and met Uncle Steve, an elder.  We also got to pain rocks and help country.  – Freya 4B 

I was in the kagaroo (kookaburra).  My favourite bit was building ngumgns (shelters) because two of my friends were mud pigs (they were really, really muddy.)  My second favourite thing to do was go to the creek.  I found lots of ochre at the creek but…I found blue ochre, no I didn’t, it looked so much like blue but it was grey.  I was so frustrated because blue is rare.  It was so fun and I was a little bit sad on the inside to leave.  Patrick 4B. 

Jingeri! (Hello!)  Year 4 camp was amzing because we connected with country.  Personally my favourite bit we did was when we went to the creek and put lots of ochre on ourselves.  I put it on my whole body it was so fun.  When we first got to Currumbin Valley we got to pick what group we wanted to be in.  There was dirun (snake), ging ging (ant), kogaroo (koala) and wagun (platypus) and I think that was all.  My group was kogaroo.  The people in my group were Ava, Partick, Jeffrey, Delaney and Ace.  It was so much fun.  There were only size people allowed in yabru (one) group.  I LOVED CAMP!!  - Fern 4B  

At year 4 camp I had a great time.  We nabel (play) and we made ngumgins (shelter).  We got to hun animals and we got to try muni (kangaroo).  We went on night walks and we had a ovie night and a game night.  We learned Indigenous games with my mob.  We also got to go to the creek.  We found ochre and I put it on my yulunn (skin).  I had brown, white, red and grey ochre on my yulunn (skin).  We saw a dirun (snake) as soon as we got there.  I was in cabin eight.  For breakfast we had pancakes.  It was o much fun.  – Laylah 4B

We went to our year 4 camp last week ant Currumbin.  We lit fires and then we put it together to make a big fire.  We all had our own group.  They were the names of Australian animals.  Mine was the wagin (platypus) group.  We got to eat muni (kangaroo).  It was fabulous.  There were bula bula (four) people in our cabin.  My favourite thing on camp was spearing the animals and when we found ochre.  We smudged it all over our faces.  - Ruby 4B

Camp Reflections 4C

My favourite times at Currumbin Farm School were at the rock pools, getting covered in mud, making Nimbens (little huts) because we had the time to show our mobs how creative we can be, we also got to see the things that we needed to work on. We got to choose our mob (who we did nearly everything with.) When we went to the rock pools, Hayden and I tried to block the tunnel that had water bursting out of it, near the tunnels there was a deep bit which a lot of people jumped into. Jaxon 4C 

My favourite thing about camp were the rock pools and how we could run in the tunnels and Stanley found all types of different ochre, he found blue ochre and that’s the rarest one of them all. Archer 4C 

I liked that we played in the mud and the rock pools where fun and I liked the ochre that was in the rock pools and giving back to country and making a fire on the first day of camp and I had May, Flick and Hollie in my cabin. April 4C 

I enjoyed playing in the mud. I went into the water at the rock pools, and I painted ochre on my face. I enjoyed the movie we watched. I liked the food we ate I had fun with April. Felicity 4C 

Camp was not only am experience with learning it also was a time with nature. Iggy 4C 

At Currumbin Farm school camp, I liked it when we all went to build our Nimbens and when Josie our camp teacher took us to the creek. Hayden 4C 

My favourite experience at the Currumbin farm school was when we got to jump and play around in the mud. The mud was all over me and it was lots of fun. Then we went to the rock pools to wash off the mud. It was very cold in the water but was lots of fun. We had fun activities with Josie our camp leader. We tried to make a fire, but we couldn’t. We watched a movie and I loved the cabins and I will come back some day. Joel 4C 

At camp loved the food because it was delicious, I also liked the mud and rock pools. My most favourite thing was the mud and I also liked giving back to country and seeing the sun and animals My favourite animal was the sugar glider. Kaiah 4C 

My favourite part of camp was eating all of the food and trying all the different activities.  Also meeting the people at camp and how hard they work, they were all kind. Kye 4C 

My favourite experience at Currumbin farm school was the food, playing in the water and laying in a current, making the rocks on the last day and using the weapons and doing stuff in the garden like pulling out arrow heads and making bracelets. Malakye 4C

I loved year 4 camp because we got to play in the mud and we got to go to the creek and we put ochre on our faces and not to brag but I found blue ochre and I loved it. Mya 4C

 My favourite parts of camp - when we went into the rock pools and collected ochre and put it all over our body and Mya even found blue ochre. My second favourite part of camp was when we went and made bracelets and rocks under this fire pit area and once we had finished making them we went up the hill and into a mud pit. There were all sticks and leaves in the mud and Josie our tribe teacher told us to get into our groups and build a Nimben. We got our score for it and it was an 8 and in my tribe we had - Evie, Scarlett, Mya, Suzanne, Jennifer and I.  On my rock I drew the rock pools and these tunnels that were at the rock pools I also drew my face with ochre on it and love hearts and my friends initials in their favourite colour. I also loved my cabin with Evie, Scarlett, Fern and myself. BEST CAMP EVER! Paige 4C 

I enjoyed playing the mud. I went into the water at the rock pools

I painted ochre my face. I liked the rock pools because I could find ochre. Rayden 4C

When I was at camp we went to this really muddy place and we built huts with our mob and tested to see if it was water proof, wind proof and if it could fit all of us in there. The only thing was our hut wasn’t waterproof and after that we played in the mud. Hayden and I got the muddiest out of everyone! When I fell over Kye tried to help me up when Hayden came and slipped right under his feet and Kye fell on Hayden then I ended up helping them up. There was a really slippery bit when I was running through it and boom I face planted and I had mud all throw my hair and face. The hut that we built was massive we pulled one down and when we knocked them down we pulled one stick and the whole thing collapsed. In my mob was Kye, Evie, Paige, Suzanne and Mya after that we went down to the creek we had to find ochre and then paint all over our faces and there were 3 tunnels and we went through them and in the fast running water which I fell over in. Scarlett T 4C

My favourite things at camp were the rockpools, earth hour, getting covered in mud and making fires. Making fires was hard but all the times my friends and I did it we got smoke and we were very excited. When we were at the rock pools we found ochre and some of us even found blue ochre and that’s the rarest ochre and there were tunnels that we got to see. At earth our we saw possums and we got to feed chickens and pat them. When we got covered in mud we had to build our own little huts in our clan. Our clans were our groups and we had a necklace that we had to share and we were there for 3 days and two nights. Overall, I loved loved camp!! Stanley 4C

When we arrived, we got welcomed in the best way. We had this ceremony where all the year 4 students stood in a circle and said the acknowledgment to country after we did that we gave the welcoming stick to them. We learnt how to make fire and we all got to try and do it, some got smoke and others didn’t. What I loved about camp was that we got to go to the creek and found tonnes of ochre, I personally loved the food the chefs were amazing. What I also loved was the shelter building it was so fun and muddy by the time we were done my classmate Hayden was covered in mud. Mrs Petterson took a lot of photos and overall it was the BEST CAMP EVER!!!!!!!!!  Suzanne 4C

Year 5

When 5C were asked to think back over their term about their favourite parts or achievements, a variety of things came back from Science, to English and Maths. However, all students enjoyed being able to take their learning outside and further our discussions about healthy food choices, resource distribution and suitable choices for creating an edible plant container. They were then invited to pick the citrus fruit and enjoyed eating it for morning tea.

Here is what the students had to say about their time in 5C this term:


This term my favourite things is that Miss Cooper brought plants in the classroom and made the room look nature friendly. Also I have achieved my four digit by two digit multiplication.  Sammi  

The best thing about term two was when the oval opened and when we picked the fruit down at the playground and when Miss Cooper got us some plants for the classroom. Ethan 

I have achieved knowing my times tables by practising them each day. My favourite things this term is Math because I realised that I really enjoy it and I have fun doing it. Lily 

My favourite thing this term was in English and going on ToonTastic and doing the math exam story and spelling. But my most favourite thing was picking fruit off the trees at the playground.  Abbeygail  

I’ve achieved my music, my spelling and my writing. I love the plants. The best thing in term 2 is having fun with my friends in the hall, library and ICT lab. So that’s why I love term 2. It’s the best. Nevaeh-Rose 

I know how to do two digit times tables really good now. My favourite thing about this term is the plants. This term has been cold. Ryder 

The best thing about term two is when we picked fruit off the fruit tree down at the playground and when Miss Cooper brought in plants for us. Also when I got the principal chair. I have achieved learning my times tables. Arlia 

I have achieved my reading and my favourite thing about Term 2 was picking fruit and when the oval opened. Hunter 

I have achieved well in my 2 digit multiplication sus. My favourite thing about this term was learning about plants and picking them. The thing that I loved the most about this term was getting my bronze certificate and making my the best friends and having Miss Cooper as my teacher. Summa

Hi I’ve achieved maths expert this term but my favourite thing is picking plant but it has been a rough term for me and the other students. Seth

My favourite thing about this term is that people in our class got to pick fruit. I have achieved some of my spelling words and time tables because when I first started I was really bad at it. In English we’re learning to create a short story with 2 main characters with an ethical dilemma. Temperance

I am going into the 200m, 800m, and 1500m race. We (Year 5) did an English test about cheating on a test. I am doing a 3 bit pixel for a test at the computer lab with Mrs Wallace. My favourite thing this term was when we picked oranges and mandarins. Ieesha

I have achieved at math doing my time tables and science. My favourite thing about this term was learning about planets. Mackenzie

I’m happy that I have achieved an a in my math multiplication test. My favourite thing that has happened is that the oval opened. Mason

This term I have achieved good grades. I am happy to have an amazing, supportive class. My favourite part about this term was learning about space in Science. This term we have had an amazing term. We have picked fruit, learnt about multiple wonderful things and able to have a wonderful teacher, Miss Cooper. I loved when in English we made a short story on ToonTastic. Amelia 

The best thing that has happened to me is having the best friends ever! Especially Summa. It feels like she has been there for me my whole life. What I have achieved this year is maths. It has helped me lots! I am also so grateful to have the best teacher EVER! Kairi

This term I have achieved learning about area. At first I had no idea how to do it, but this term my lovely teacher taught my class and I how to do it. My favourite thing about this term is maths. I enjoy maths, it is my favourite subject in the world. This term has been great. I hope every other kid can have a great term like me. Elizabeth

I have achieved my 7, 8, 9, 12 time tables. My favourite thing was Miss Cooper teaching me area and times tables. Scarlett 

Year 6

Friday Activities:

Over the past month, the Year 6 students have been participating in a variety of activities each Friday afternoon.  Some students have chosen to get in touch with their artistic side, while others have chosen to ‘take out the trash’ by competing in Bin Ball (think Dodgeball). The Year 6 teachers decided to implement these activities to reward the students that have had excellent results each week in their commitment to their:

-          Attendance

-          Behaviour

-          Completion of Homework

-          Submission of Assessment items

It has been great to see how much the students have enjoyed participating in these activities and the exceptional sportsmanship that has been on show for the Bin Ball competition.

The finals for the Bin Ball will be held this Friday with the following teams competing for the top prize:

Div 1 Grand Final: Peanut Butter Jelly Beans vs Sporty Minions

Div 2 Grand Final: Da Boiz vs Beauy Busters

Good luck to all teams involved!



Next week, the Year 6 students will also make the trek down to Tallebudgera for their week-long camp. Entitled ‘The Hero’s Journey’, the camp will challenge the students to discover what type of ‘Hero’ they are: Warrior, Mastermind, Guardian or Champion. Students will also develop important life skills such as their resilience, persistence, confidence, organisation, independence and the ability to create and maintain productive relationships with others.

Throughout the week, the students will get to take part in a number of exciting and challenging activities:

-          Tubing

-          High Ropes

-          Kayaking

-          Bodyboarding

-          Hiking

-          Team challenges

We look forward to the students enjoying camp, and getting to learn about themselves and their classmates in a different environment. Although we are sure that the students and parents will miss each other, we are also sure that a number of students’ brothers and sisters will be looking forward to a quieter week at home!

Office Info


BPAY IS NO LONGER A PAYMENT OPTION FOR SCHOOL INVOICES (please delete any saved BPay details from your records)

The preferred payment method is BPOINT which can be done online at , on your QParents app or by phoning the school on 55401111 and selecting option 2.

You can also make payments at the school office on Thursdays from 8:30am - 3:00pm


  • Year 6 Tallebudgera Beach Camp - $395 due 26th May
  • Religious instruction Student Workbooks - $5
  • Year 5 Eureka Gold Rush Excursion - $35 due 16th June



Click attached file to download the 2022 Payment Guide

Lost Property

As always we have a mountain of lost property piling up at school. A lot of it is unnamed which makes it extremely hard to get it returned to the rightful owner. If your student has lost any items direct them to the lost property bins which are located near the undercover area at the end of the year 6 classroom block or you're welcome to pop in for a look yourselves. Please check there if your children are missing any of their belongings.



KindyLinQ is a FREE pre-kindy program for three year old children to attend with a parent/caregive. KindyLinQ aims to support children's learning and development and engagement in the year before the start kindergarten, enhance the confidence of parents/caregivers as their children's first teachers, and forge strong and supportive links between home, school, early childhood services and the community.

You can collect a registration form from the office. Please see the attached documents below for more information.

KindyLinQ Fact sheet for Parents

KindyLinQ Registration Form

Important Dates

Important Dates

*In the event we need to change a date, this will be communicated via our Skoolbag app. 



Friday 10th June 

Year 3-6 Athletics Carnival 

Monday 13th – Friday 17th June 

Year 6 camp

Tuesday 14th June

Strings concert in the hall from 10:10 – 10:40 

Thursday 16th June 

SER NAIDOC awards from 4:40pm – 7:30pm at Beaudesert SHS

Friday 17th June  

Benevolent Pop Up Playgroup 2:30 – 3:30 in R block. All welcome. 

Friday 24th June 

Last day of Term 2

The SkoolBag app is the easiest way keep up with school events, last minutes notices, newsletters and all school communications.

Chappy Corner

What a shame that we had to postpone our Chappy Colour Run but we are very excited to have a new date of Friday 5th August. You will be able to continue to fundraise up to that date and prizes will be ordered throughout the week following the colour run. Thank you so much to all those who have already been busy fundraising. Your support means so much!!

Coming up this school holidays is the annual Holiday Kids Club at Beaudesert Baptist Church. HKC is always a super fun week, full of craft, singing, bible stories, games and morning tea. It is a free morning program run during the first week of the school holidays from 9am to midday. Please have a look at the flyer for more info or feel free to come and chat to me.

Don’t forget, our Parent Coffee and Chat mornings in the Chappy Room, Thursday mornings from 9am to 10am. Parenting can be a pretty tough job at times and it is so beneficial to be able to share with others in the journey. In week 9 I will be away at the Year 6 camp, but this week and the last week of term please feel welcome to come and join us for some coffee and morning tea.

Our Kindness Challenges for the term are just about to wrap up. It has been wonderful seeing so many students get involved in being kind. It was such a privilege to be able to deliver beautiful colouring pictures to our school nurse, as well as our local nurses up at the hospital, and posted notes and cards of thanks to our service men and women at the Canungra Kokoda Barracks. Both the hospital and army barracks were blown away by our kindness and were so thankful. I would also like to thank our amazing school community for all of the very special cards and notes I received during Chappy week. It is such a privilege to be your chappy and your kindness and appreciation meant so much. Thank you!

This term has been another jam packed and disrupted term with the public holidays, sickness and weather. It is hard to get in a good rhythm and that can be tiring. I hope you can all have a restful holiday break and that next term we can start fresh again. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help you in anyway.

😊 Chappy Jade

Sports Update

With events for the senior sports carnival taking place as we speak we'll have more news to share about these results next week on our Skoolbag app, be sure to keep an eye out for this. Thanks again for your ongoing patience with the weather causing postponements and rescheduling, here's hoping it will be smooth sailing from here on in. 


Congratulations to  Hayden, Omari, Paige and Ryan who took part in the regional Cross Country Trials earlier this week. They were part of an elite group vying for spots in the Regional team and gave it everything they had, doing themselves and their school proud.

Mr. Ed Brimelow

HPE Teacher

Cross Country

Sporting Achievements

If you would like your child’s school sporting achievements outlined in the newsletter, please contact the front office on 5540 1111. A reminder that the P&C offer school sporting sponsorships which can be applied for via the front office. The application can also be found on our school website under Support and Resources / Forms and Documents. 

The Arts Department

Dance Team 

This term the first ever Dance Team has been formed, with talented students from years 3-6. They have been working hard to learn a performance and are very excited to perform for our school community on parade in week 10! We look forward to seeing you there. Any students wanting to join the Dance Team will be invited to our first meeting in Week 1 term 3 on Tuesday at 2nd break. 



Choir has started back this term with lots of enthusiasm from students in years 2-6. Along with visiting some old favourites, and sing-alongs which have been great fun, the choir have started to learn our first performance song for the year. Which will hopefully be ready to perform to the Beauy community early term 3, so stay tuned for more details! For parents picking up students after choir, we have 3 pick-up locations on a Monday afternoon at 4pm, the Music room, the front of the school on Tina St. and the side entrance on Eaglesfield St. Please ensure your child knows which pick-up location to go to, to ensure a safe and speedy pick-up! 

P & C News

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop in R Block (near Eaglesfield St) will have an additional day that it is open this year.

Open days will be:

Monday 8:00am – 9:00am

Thursday 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Friday 8:00 – 9:00am

Crystal can be contacted on 0429 024 88 or

Winter Uniforms are now in stock, and available to purchase through Flexischools or at the uniform shop.

The school house sport shirts have arrived! Any pre ordered shirts will be sent to the student’s class or they can be collected from the uniform shop during opening hours. 

Some stock sizes are currently unavailable. Layby welcome.

Eftpos is available.


Mother’s Day Stall

Thank you to everyone who supported our Mother’s Day Stall in the beginning of May. After all the work and endless hours, we spent preparing the Mother’s Day Stall it was fantastic to see how delighted and excited the students were to be able to purchase gifts for their loved ones. The stall proved to be extremely popular and was an enormous success for all. As with any of our fundraising events, all profits made will go towards improving our school. Thank you to our teachers for supporting our stall by taking time out of your day to escort the children to R Block for purchasing.

A huge thank you needs to go to all the people involved in making this stall happen. Without their efforts there would be no stall. Thank you to Mrs. Ford and Miss Wood for helping me with hours’ worth of researching, ordering, and shopping for the items to stock our stall. Thank you to Miss Wood for spending hours of her own time helping me to decorate and prepare items for the stall. Thank you to Miss Grummitt for her advice and help with the labels. Thank you to everyone who participated in the chaos that transpires the afternoon before while we set up the stall, price the items, spot the items and get the displays ready, thank you Miss Wood, Lauren G, Mrs. Petterson, Laura W, Jade, Mrs. Ford, Ethan, Hayden, and Amber. Thank you to Jade, Lauren G and Noela for staffing the stall over the two days. And thank you to Mrs. Becerra for allowing us to take over her LOTE room.

Your time spent ordering, setting up, promoting, and selling was invaluable.

Beaudesert Snack Shack (Tuckshop)

Subway Day

It is nearly time for another Subway Lunch Day as the end of term draws closer. Order forms will be given out over the coming week. Our Subway Lunch Day will be in Week 10, Tuesday, 21st June with order forms and the correct money due back the Friday before (17th June). Lunch will be handed out at the second break. Along with the convenience of not having to prepare lunches that day, our Subway days are great fundraisers as $1 per sub is donated to the school.

Containers for Change

The P&C have obtained some new recycling bins for recyclable containers. Please encourage your children to use these when putting their containers in the bin.

If you would like to donate your next depot, drop off to the P&C, simply give the depot our number at the exchange point C10188286. The P&C extends its thanks for your support.

Camp Australia - OSHC

Camp Australia Newsletter

Click the link to see what's on at Beaudesert State School OSHC.

It's free to register

To attend our program, you must register your child. You can register an account with us at Camp Australia - Parent Portal or by downloading our Camp Australia smartphone app from the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Once registered, it's easy to make bookings and manage your account.

Community Noticeboard

Scenic Rim Inflatable Fun Event - Friday 24 June, 2022

Benevolent Society Information

see attached flyer for information about the Beaudesert Early Years Centre Kindergarten.

see attached flyer for information about the Beaudesert Early Years Centre Activities & Groups.

Family and Child Connect

Helping families through life’s ups and downs

Family and Child Connect is a free, confidential service that can connect families to the practical support they need to bounce back in tough times. Family and Child Connect can connect you to local services that help with:

  • managing your child’s behaviour
  • building better family relationships
  • stopping violence at home
  • budgeting and managing money
  • alcohol, drug or gambling problems
  • accessing housing, health care or other community or government services.

Family and Child Connect services are provided by trusted, local organisations who are experienced in working with families.

To find out more about Family and Child Connect, call 13 FAMILY (13 32 64) or visit Access to interpreters is available.

Vision Impairment Virtual Playgroup