St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Wandal Newsletter

19 June 2019

Casting the Net - Weekly Prayer Reflection


We tend to judge things not as they are but as we are.  Our feelings, our prejudices, even our health can be like coloured glasses that distort how we view life.  Most people reading this live most of the time in an abundance that most people in our world can only dream of.  Yet do we walk around contented, full of joy at our abundant good luck?  I’ll leave you to answer that question.

In the Gospel, Jesus always works with abundance. He turns gallons of water into wine at the Wedding Feast and he multiplies a few scraps of bread into enough for five thousand.  Even more amazingly, he makes his agonising death into the sign of his overflowing, relentless love. 

This coming Sunday we celebrate the Feast of the Body and Blood of Our Lord.   On this day, we strive to appreciate the abundance that we receive when we come to Communion.  Yes, in the form of this little piece of bread, this little sip of wine we believe that Jesus comes to us in all his fullness, with all his love.  We may well find Mass boring, because ritual often is – that is until you ‘get it’ and one only gets it by moving out of our comfort zone and trying to appreciate the meaning of the words and actions. They are so rich; we struggle to hold them with our minds and hearts. Too much, even though it feels like too little.

We can live abundant lives – no matter the circumstances.  We can begin by recognising just what we are given each and every day: the beauty of our children, the countryside in which we live, the food we have.  As we recognise, so we praise and when we praise our minds and hearts widen making them even more capable of living abundant lives.

Loving Jesus, let me appreciate the abundance in which I live. As I appreciate may I give generously in love, as you have given to me.  I ask this in your name, confident that God will hear me.

Sr Kym Harris


A message from the Principal - LEGO STEM Challenge

A huge congratulations to each and every student who designed and built a LEGO creation for this challenge. The Be-Hive has been busy this week as students popped in during their lunch breaks to check out the entries. Ideas included climbing walls, ninja warrior courses, pools, chill-out zones, zip lines, cleaning robots and even a staff room with sunbeds for the teachers! Check out our school facebook page for more photos.

All students who entered have received a certificate and a voucher for a free ice block from the tuckshop.

A special congratulations to the following students who received a small prize for their extra amazing efforts:

·       Roth (Year 1E) for his “Ultimate Prep Adventure Playground” design

·       Bella R (Year 5) for her amazing, heated Olympic sized pool

·       Gabrielle E (Year 3) for her outdoor chill-out zone

·       Lewis J (Prep) for his very practical idea of additional bike racks with roofing overhead.

·       Ben H (Year 4) for his climbing wall idea

While I can’t promise these things will all be built (!!), we were very inspired by the students’ ideas and I look forward to sharing them at my next meeting about our new outdoor learning space, which will shortly be in the design phase.

Disco - this Friday!

Our Pyjama Disco party will be held this Friday night in the quadrangle! Chips, drinks and sausages on bread will be available for purchase. Drinks and nibblies for grownups will be available downstairs in the Tuckshop area. Thank you for supporting our Year 6 camp fundraising efforts.

Year 6 Camp News

Year 6 parents, as you would have worked out by now, we are required to set a price and invoice for the Year 6 camp before all of our fundraising activities are completed. As well as proceeds from the Athletics Carnival sausage sizzle and Handball fundraiser, we still have proceeds from the Disco to distribute as well as the Pizza Lunch coming up in August (thanks Oliver G for the great idea!) We do our best to estimate what the predicted fundraising amounts will be and take these into account before invoicing parents. Our P and F also generously pays $30 towards the camp for each student in Year 6. If proceeds exceed the expected amount, please be assured we will credit the amount owed. This however is rather unlikely; the school usually pays the ‘gap’ between what is invoiced to parents and what the overall cost of the camp is.

A reminder that a Camp Information Session (all families are required to attend), next Tuesday 5.15pm in the Year 6 classroom. 

Instrumental Music Camp & Assembly Performance

Our Instrumental Musicians will perform for us, during morning assembly tomorrow,  Thursday 20 June. All are welcome.


Year 5 visit to TCC

Our Year Five Students will be travelling to The Cathedral College next Thursday to see first-hand what High School is all about. Students will take part in Hospitality/Catering, Information Technology, Manual Arts, Drama, Art and Science lessons. Students are reminded to bring their school hat, a water bottle and lunch. 

Sporting News

The draw for this week of Season B Sport can be found by clicking on this link.

Phone calls will not be permitted for students who have forgotten their uniforms or equipment (including water bottles and school hats) and instead, these students will remain at school to work. We love to see our SJW parents and grandparents at the games to support our students.

No Netball training will take place on Monday 24 June.

Parent Lounge and Report Cards - *4th reminder*

Semester One Report Cards will be available via Parent Lounge next Wednesday (26 June). It is the responsibility of all parents to ensure that you have access (including your parent code and password) to Parent Lounge before this time. As always, school computers are available for parent use upon request. Paper copies of Report Cards will not be distributed. 

Outstanding School Fee Accounts

It would be appreciated if any outstanding accounts could be finalised before the end of the term. If your payment commitment cannot be met, please make an appointment to see me.

P and F Meeting - you are all invited!

Our next Parents and Friends Meeting will be held in the Be-Hive at 5 pm Thursday, 27 June. All are welcome!

The School Board will gather immediately  afterwards at  6pm.


Community Shout-out!

This week’s Community Shoutout goes to Mrs Tracey Black, who gives up her own time, each week to sort and organise our school-banking program. This program has continued to grow in popularity since it began last year. Thank you Tracey!


Have a great week,

Kellie Jenkinson.

From the APRE

Prayer Assembly

Please join Mrs Rutherford, Miss Hinz, Mrs Wilson and Year 3 this Friday 21 June as they lead a Prayer Meditation reflecting on the virtue of forgiveness.  

Year Five will lead prayer Friday 28 June.

Josephite Associates Winter Newsletter

Upon reading the Associates Newsletter I discovered a lovely ‘write up’ about our recent Blessing Ceremony and the SJW teaching staff who are committed to maintaining the Josephite legacy.  

Please find below full article.

Associates Winter 2019 Newsletter


Mini Vinnies

Mini Vinnies Youth Co-ordinator, Samara Thompson visited during lunchtime yesterday with a mission for students to understand compassion, through the experience of a game.

Samara asked the children to build the tallest tower they could with the objects given to them. During the building process:

Amelia said, “This isn’t fair!”

Harriet said, “They got blu-tack to make it easier.”

Samara discussed student observations and the feelings of injustice or the unfairness of the game.  Students were so focused on what others had, that they missed part of the challenge – build the tallest tower you can.  Samara reminded the students that a wonderful man Fredrick Ozanam, the founder of St Vincent De Paul said, “Use your time, talents and yourself to help others.”

Students were reminded that the objects in the pencil case were a symbol of their talents.  The objects in the pencil case are all different, like our talents.

We are all invited to share our God-given talents to help brighten the day for others.  

Sacramental Preparation Dates

A reminder that the next workshops in preparation for First Eucharist will be held at the Kevin Castles Centre followed by the celebration of the Sacrament of Eucharist. 

Tuesday 18 or Wednesday 19 June from 5.30 - 7pm

Saturday  22 St Joseph's Cathedral 2 - 3pm

Sunday 23 St Joseph's Cathedral 9.10 - 10.30am

Parent Ideas and Insight


Children's Liturgy of the Word

A reminder that Children’s Liturgy is held most Sundays at St Joseph’s Cathedral at 9.30am during the school term.   Please click on the link to access Mass times.

With gratitude,

Rheanna Starr.

From the APC

Year 1 Parent Invitation - reminder

We would like to invite Year 1 families to view the learning celebration of our integrated English and Design Technologies unit. Come to see our exciting, fabulous, amazing, terrific, super, magnificent  ‘Adjective Showcase’ this Friday 21 June 2:15-3:00 in the year 1 classrooms. You will see a fashion parade of our costumes that students have created. 

Attention Prep parents:

Prep students have been looking at how to use their face and body to tell a story. We invite you to a performance showcasing these skills.

When: Tuesday 25 June 

Time: 2pm

Where: Court 

Prep A: The Gruffalo

Prep B: Wombat Stew 

Weekly Awards

Congratulations to our Award Winners. Follow this link for details 

Calendar Dates

Please follow this link for term dates.



Outside School Hours Care News

The July Vacation Care break is approaching quickly and OSHC staff are all very excited! Our July Vacation Care booking forms are due back to the service by Friday 21st of June (2019) to avoid a casual booking fee being applied. Please hand these forms to either OSHC staff or to the school office. Alternatively you may prefer to email this form through to us, if so, to ensure we receive your emailed booking form and to secure a place for your child, please email to and title (in subject of email) ‘July Vacation Care Booking Form’. OSHC staff will always reply to your emails to confirm bookings, if you do not receive a reply within the day, please phone OSHC staff to confirm whether your booking has been received.

If your child has not attended OSHC throughout the school term, please be advised that you will need to keep an eye on your MyGov account the week prior to vacation care commencing, to re-confirm their attendance at OSHC for any rebate you may be entitled to, to be applied.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Note – Please ensure you read our vacation care requirements page attached to our program.

  OSHC staff are looking forward to seeing you all this coming vacation care break!

July Vacation Care


Community Announcements - Position Vacant


Community Announcements - Position Vacant


Community Announements - Position Vacant