St Leonards Primary School

Newsletter 10, 14 June 2019

From the Leadership

Welcome to our last newsletter of the Term. We are already halfway through what has been a busy, yet highly successful year. 


On Thursday of Week 10 you will receive the mid-year report for your child/children. This report is a summary of where our learners are at, at this time of the year. 

As a Partnership of Schools, we all have a common report format so that we are all on the same page.  This was done via consultation with teachers and leadership, ensuring we adhere to our department's policy. Kelly Peterson has also spent many hours formatting the reports for use with our computer system. Our teachers have spent many hours preparing these.  Please take the time to go through this with your child, looking at areas of improvement and also areas of strength.  At St Leonards, we are a community of learners.  Learning certainly doesn't just happen at school. Parents and guardians have a major role to play. 

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that all learners don't learn at the same rate, nor at the same time. Comparing learners against other learners isn't always a wise thing to do. Learning is a life long journey, so please support and encourage your child and remind them learning is hard, should be hard and that you need to show grit when things get tough. 

All parents and caregivers will receive a guide about how to read reports.  This again has been developed as a partnership of schools. Feel free to discuss your child’s report with the teacher.

Community Spirit

We continue to be overwhelmed by the generosity of our parent community.  This week we had a parent who had heard about some learners coming into school without breakfast.  The family have donated a food parcel to the school to help make a difference.  What a wonderful gesture.


Dave Henty-Smith, Principal

Jo Meredith, Deputy Principal

Kathy Baker, Inclusive Education Coordinator

Diary Dates

Week 10

Monday 1 July

  • 6:00pm - 8:00pm Positive Parenting Workshop

Tuesday 2 July

  • School Banking

Thursday 4 July

  • Junior Choir Concert
  • Reports sent home
  • 100 Days of School Celebration (Rec - Yr  2)

Friday 5 July

  • Casual Clothes Day
  • Last Day of Term - Early Dismissal 2:05pm

A Term Planner is available as a link  on the Skoolbag app. Please check it regularly as it is a live document that updates as items are added. 



Thank you to all the volunteers who stepped up and made it possible to keep the canteen running at recess time during Katrina's absence. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Food Allergy Awareness

Occasionally we have celebrations at St Leonards that involve sharing food. Some of our children have anaphylactic reactions to foods such as nuts and eggs. They may also have allergies to dairy and wheat based products, so it’s important at these times that we are aware of this within the group that is sharing food. Please ask your child’s teacher if you would like to know more about food allergies of children in your child’s class or year level. Prevention of serious allergic reactions requires a community approach and we ask for your support to follow the three As:

Premier's Reading Challenge

Term 2 has seen 26% of students complete the Challenge. Our cityscape is beginning to light up and our reading rocket is starting to fill up with colour. We are aiming to beat our previous best of 96%. You have plenty of time to read eight PRC books before Friday 6 September. All PRC books have a sticker with the appropriate year levels on them. If you need any help selecting a book please pop in and see me in the Library or find me in the ICT office. 

Did you know that there are wonderful picture books and graphic novels aimed at middle and upper primary and there are also a growing number of non-fiction books being added to the list?  So there is something for every type of reader. 

In Term 3 I will be reading a book in the Library on Fridays at lunchtime. All are welcome. Some of the stories might even be a PRC book that can be added to your list. 

Kelly Peterson, ICT/Library Manager

Premier's Reading Challenge Form



Vacation Care: The July holiday program is filling fast, with 50% of days already fully booked and others nearing capacity. Wait lists have been established, with vacancies to be allocated according to Priority of Access guidelines.

Families seeking care are encouraged to confirm their needs by submitting a completed Booking & Consent form at their earliest convenience. Program details are available from the school website and OSHC. For queries, please contact Steve on 8294 1990 or

Recycling Tip

E-Waste: Electronic items contain many valuable recyclable components. A useful Rule of Thumb, if an item:

-          plugs into a domestic power point

-          uses a charger

-          or uses batteries,

then it can be recycled, with free drop off at the following convenient locations:

-          Unplug N’ Drop cage, Elizabeth Street, Glenelg (near Grand Hotel), most small items, including televisions, games consoles, kettles etc.

-          Adelaide Waste and Recycle Centre, 181 Morphett Road, North Plympton, televisions and computers only

-          Electronic Recycling Australia, 147 Holbrooks Road, Underdale, ideal for larger items such as fridges and freezers

OSHC Team 

Sports News



On Wednesday 26 June, two teams participated in the South West District soccer selections. They all played well and we wish them all the best for possible selection. 


Ethan L played in the South West District SAPSASA team and they came second in the competition. This moves the South West District team up to Division 1 for 2020. Well played Ethan.

Our basketball clinics have now concluded. All the students really engaged with the players and loved learning new skills.

Thank you to Lauren Wood who liaised with Volleyball SA who provided our Winter Spikezone players free clinics at St Leonards.

With the school holidays approaching there are lots of holiday clinics available for netball, soccer, volleyball and more. Please see the Sports at St Leonards Facebook page for more information.

Heather Pronk

What's Been Happening at St Leonards

Children's University

For our Week 9 workshop we made bead lizards. The children had lots of fun honing their fine motor skills to make these colourful creations.

Thank you to our parent volunteers who came and helped on the day.

Heather Pronk, CU Coordinator

Random Act of Kindness

Mia K from Room 5 knitted a beautiful new headband in her own time to give to her Buddy Malena M in Room 7. She had found out that Malena had lost her headband and wanted to help her out. A wonderful gesture. 

Community Garden

This week we planted our first fruit tree in the ground, a Moorpark apricot. The students went through the process of digging over the soil, adding compost, removing the tree from the plastic and untangling the roots, positioning the tree, backfilling the hole and then watering it in. 

Huge thanks to the Holdfast Bay Council for the Greening our Community Grant which has allowed our garden to grow bigger and better. You can follow our progress on Facebook: SLPS Kitchen Garden

Nicola Ross

Variety SA Surprise Party

On Wednesday 12 June, 13 children from different classrooms, along with myself and Mrs Baker were lucky enough to be invited to attend the Variety SA Surprise Party. The event was hosted by children’s charity Variety SA, who support kids and families who are facing many challenges through sickness, disadvantage or living with special needs. Hosted at the Adelaide Convention Centre, we joined over 1,300 other children for a fun filled day with face painting, airbrush tattooists, balloon animals, SANFL handball activities, a photo booth and an indoor swing. The children had a chance to sing and dance along to interactive music performances live on stage. It was a fantastic experience and it was great to see big smiles from all the children throughout the day. 

Tara Metzger, Yr 7 Teacher

Tree Weaving and Haiku

The students in Room 2 have been working on beautiful tree weaving art work using paper plates and wool. They have also be writing poetry based on Japanese Haiku. Haiku use a 5, 7, 5 syllable structure.

Burning all the time

The oldest thing still alive

Branches fall each day

by Oscar W

Listening to the leaves sing

Hiding away in the woods

The scent is divine

by Jack B

I grow tall and strong

Grow leaves for you to live on

Beautiful nature

by Jackson W

Parmi and Pint Men's Night

Last night the Parmi and Pint Men's Night was held at the Glenelg Surf Club and was well attended. They guys had a great time. We thank the Glenelg Surf Club for supporting this event. 

It will be the ladies' turn next term. Keep an eye out for event details and date to be released soon.

Karen's Corner

How fortunate we have been to have several days of sunshine and good weather (sadly, by the time you might read this, we may have returned to winter weather!)  One must embrace the moments of sunshine that punch through the grey, cold and wet weather, as symbols of hope that better things are to come!  That analogy applies to life just as to the weather really!   An opportunity or change in circumstances can bring about a season of hope and love … sometimes we just have to be aware and open to the signs that at times, abound!

I know that many of you are aware that we have a Community Care Pantry here at St Leonards … it is positioned adjacent to our Wellbeing Room and was set up to allow people to donate pantry and personal hygiene items for those within our community who might be doing it tough, possibly struggling (for whatever reason) to make ends meet.  I think we all are aware that as the costs of living rise, it is often for some, the ability to provide the most basic needs such as food that are compromised.  Imagine having to choose between paying bills and rent etc. and putting food on the table for your family … for many sadly, this is a daily or weekly challenge.   Just this week a wonderfully generous parent of children at our school felt prompted to donate a large amount of food items to our community, for children who perhaps (through no fault of their own) have come to school without breakfast or lunch … she couldn’t bear the thought that children might not have their most basic need of food met!  We are so grateful for the generosity, thoughtfulness and kindness of such like minded people within our school space … it’s just one of the reasons I am so very proud to be a part of St Leonards Primary School.

So if you feel prompted, if you have some spare non-perishable items or personal hygiene products, or if you feel you’d like to purchase an item or two with your weekly shopping to donate, please know that any such items will be gratefully received (and can be dropped off before, after or during school at any time … you can just place any such items in the shelving near our Wellbeing Room.

 That said, you might be experiencing a challenging time at the moment, struggling to provide food etc. for your children/family … if you are, please be aware that the Community Care pantry is designed to help you during this time.  You do not need permission to take anything you might be able to use, please just come and help yourself at anytime … absolutely no questions asked, ever. 

If you are challenged and having trouble and would like to speak to either myself or Kathy Baker about your current situation, please don’t hesitate contacting us via phone or email or just drop in anytime during school hours for a cuppa and a chat.  We have various agencies we can refer you to or offer advise on services that might be able to assist you during this time … all such conversations are confidential and we can promise you discretion regarding your situation at all times.  Please don’t think you have to go through the trials and challenges of life on your own … sometimes to share with another, can make such a difference to how you approach and tackle problems … there is no room for guilt or shame and I can promise you there is not judgment whatsoever here within our Wellbeing space, only a desire to help and assist anyone who is troubled or feeling the pressure of surviving day to day.   It takes more courage and bravery to speak out and admit that you’re struggling than to remain silent, paralysed by fear and shame.  We are all doing this thing called ‘life’ together … we can all make a difference to one another, sharing love, care and compassion without judgement.

Please always remember to be kind to each other … we don’t know what another person might be going through.

Have a wonderful week as we approach the school holidays (haven’t they arrived quickly?!)  Stay safe if you’re going away with your family over the holiday period … we look forward to seeing you all back at school again after the break!  Remember, wherever possible (and it’s always possible!) ‘Sprinkle kindness around like confetti!’

Take care of yourself and those you love!

Karen Thorogood, Pastoral Care Worker

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