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Letter from the Principal

Tuesday August 18th 2020

Dear Families

Last week was a week of celebrations at St John the Baptist with our Preps celebrating their 100 days of school. They all looked adorable as they dressed up in olden days clothes and did special activities marking this important milestone. Congratulations to our Preps. They certainly have learnt very important life lessons over their Prep journey. They have learnt to be agile, adaptive, positive and accepting of each day. We can learn a lot from them on how to see the good in even the hard parts of life. Thanks to their wonderful teachers Mrs Bearder, Mrs Koroknai and Mrs Butler for making the day one to remember. A special thanks to our families who sorted costumes and joined in the day of learning, fun and festivities! 

Take a look at Oliver and his Opa. Oliver’s Opa took a photo with his matching hat on. Oliver was able to go with his grandparents last year to England to see where his Opa grew up and that’s where Opa brought Oliver the same hat :)

It was a very special time for Oliver and his family spending the time in a tiny village in Lancashire up on the moors.

Staff Welfare Week

We also celebrated staff welfare week. This is an important week in our school calendar where we honour and pay tribute to our school staff. Whilst we were not onsite together our wonderful staff were sent a cupcake treat to say thankyou for the wonderful work they do. They all enjoyed their well deserved treat!

Random Acts of Kindness

Thanks to Aala, Teague and Cohen for our delicious cupcake treat and the beautiful handwritten message. You made our day!

School Photos

Our school photos were originally scheduled for the 29th April. But alas it was not to be with our first stint of remote learning. We then rescheduled for August 20th but that is not to be either. We now have a new date, November 12th. Here’s hoping that date will work.

Just in case the beautiful Patrick and his Mum and Dad thought it best to take matters into their own hands and took a school photo COVID-style. Great idea. Well done Patrick you look fabulous and very proud in your St John the Baptist uniform. 

Champion of our School

Congratulations to Lorelei who won the award for Knox Athletics Club Best Athlete for U9 girls for the 2019/2020 season. A fabulous & well deserved achievement from a very talented athlete.

We are proud of you Lorelei. 

The Leaders Challenge

Open for some fun challenges!


Family Prayer

Dear Families

For those families who may be missing the opportunity to gather for weekly Mass and listen to God's Word as we are accustomed in our Catholic Tradition, included here is a copy of Sunday's Readings and suggestions to live out God's Word, that you as a family community may like to explore. 

Family Prayer: Week by Week

Mrs Marialisa Mandarino, Religious Education Leader

Prep 100 Days

Year 1/2B - Possum Houses

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